Romantic Words That Start With J

 “J” may have just a few words in English but we can find some positive ones that are capable of putting a smile on someone’s face.

Words work in homes, workplaces, relationships, and virtually everywhere. Words can ruin things. Words can also bring things together so we must use our words in the right contexts.

Is your relationship going perfectly? Simple romantic words can take it even further. Below is a list of some positive words to say to your partner.

Romantic “J” Words

Romantic Words That Start With J


Meaning: a feeling of happiness.

Example: /Staring into your eyes gets me Joyful/

Note: You can refer to your lover’s emotions with this word. This will make your lover happy to know that you care about how he/she feels.

You can also refer to your feeling toward your lover with this word. Your partner will be happy to know he/she is the cause of your joy.


Meaning: excited

Example: /I get jubilant when you come around/

Note: This is close in meaning to “Joyful” in many contexts. However, this has to do with a wilder excitement.

A physical demonstration while saying this compliment will be appreciated much better.


Meaning: Joyful or happy

Example: /Staring into your eyes gets me joyous/

Note: This is another way to use “Joyful” in a sentence. The two words are the same in meaning and can be used in the same contexts.


Meaning: Joyous, Joyful, or happy 

Example /You are always so jolly/

Note: This is another word to use in place of “Joyful” or “Joyous”. You will be giving the same romantic meaning and receiving a possibly equal reaction.


Meaning: exciting, or curvy and thick

Example: /You have juicy dance steps/ /You are so juicy/

Note: You can use this word to imply how your partner makes you feel. You will be getting your partner flattered by attributing your joy to him /her.

You can also imply your partner’s attractive curves. Your partner will be happy to know you find him/her attractive.

Just Right

Meaning: Enough or Complete. /Better for consolation/

Example: /You are just right for me. I will never ask for more/

Note: This doesn’t exactly fit as a compliment. You may want to apply these words when you think your partner is feeling horrible.

It is much better if you can also hype one of their good traits after saying this. That way, you won’t be passing the wrong message.


Meaning: This is the feeling of worry that a person is taking your partner’s affection away from you.

Example: /I get jealous when I see you out there/

Note: This will be a nice compliment as long as your partner loves you back. By saying this, you will be implying your desire for your partner and getting him/her flattered.


Meaning: This is the feeling of shock (which may sound like an exaggeration)

Example: /Your presence jolts me all the time/

Note: With this word, you are implying your reaction to your partner’s actions or looks. This will successfully get your partner flattered.


Meaning: This is slang for “Jealous

Example: /I get jelly when you get out there/

Note: This is a word you can use instead of Jealous. You will be implying the same meaning but may be getting a more flattering reaction.

By using this word, your partner can tell you don’t want to say “Jealous”.

Romantic “J” Names

Romantic Words That Start With J

 Jelly bear

This is a cute name for a male partner, though it doesn’t sound masculine. The name will be perfect if your boyfriend is bigger and very cuddly. The name will be found funny when you start using it.


Jezebel refers to a disliked character in the bible. The word also has some negative meanings attached to it in modern English.

However, by using this name for your partner, you are calling her a mischievous Queen. With names that can be misunderstood like this, you have to be mindful of how you sound so it is not received as an insult.


This is a name with a well-known meaning so you may be getting an instant reaction. This will fit a female partner much better.

By using this word, you will be comparing your girlfriend to a precious stone. You will surely be creating a smile on her face


Jasmine is a name given to females already so be careful not to make your partner assume it’s a case of mistaken identity. It’s quite unlikely anyway. The name refers to a plant that emits fragrance and is used for making perfumes.

It is also used for all other fragrant plants used in making perfumes. Use this name for your girlfriend if she is always smelling nice.

 Jelly bean

This is a cute and common pet name. It fits a female partner much better. By referring to your partner with this name, you will be comparing her to a candy.

Most girls consider it romantic when you call them “sweet” names.

Talking of sweet names, there is an emphasis on “sweet!”. If you can call your girlfriend “Sugar” or “Honey”, this is a cute nickname to use instead.


This is another perfect “sweet” name to call your partner. It fits better for female partners, especially thick ladies with voluptuous curves. It sounds a bit sensual and will surely create a smile on her face.

 Jelly boo

This is another cute nickname for your partner. The name was derived from “jelly bean” and “boo” which are commonly used by couples when referring to each other.

Instead of calling your partner “Jelly bean”, you can choose to use this name instead.

You will create a smile on your partner’s face with this. It sounds a bit funny so the compliment may be initially received with laughter.


This is a quite heavy name. This will fit a man much better. The word refers to an unstoppable object that is capable of crushing everything that stands in its path. It is also represented by a character in the MCU.

Use this for your boyfriend if he has huge muscles. He will laugh at the idea but he’ll care about the fact that you thought to give him a nickname.

 Jack Sparrow

This is a nickname for a male partner. It will be even nicer if your partner already bears Jack. This is the name of the adventurous lead character in the popular movie, “Pirates”.

You can choose to call your boyfriend by this name if he is a fan of the movie. You can also choose this name if you think he is adventurous, charismatic, and confident.

Unless he is very familiar with the movie, he may not understand why you use this nickname but he will appreciate the fact that you developed one for him.

 Jennifer Lopez

This is a cute name for a female partner. Like the name above, this will fit much better if your partner already bears “Jennifer”. It is the exact name of a well-known female actor.

By using this nickname for her, you are comparing her with the actress, probably in looks, actions, or character.

You can even say you had a crush on Jennifer Lopez. This will get her a bit jealous but she will be flattered. 


This name has a not-so-nice meaning in English but it also refers to a smooth gemstone so you may have to explain to your partner when you use this nickname so it is not misunderstood. 

 June bug

While a June bug refers to a kind of beetle, this name is still widely used by couples.

The name will be considered funny, due to its actual meaning, but your partner will appreciate the nickname you thought to give her.

The name sounds lady-like so you may want to refer to female partners only.


This is a weird nickname to give your male partner. It refers to a kind of puzzle. It has another English meaning but that is not the case here.

This will be a perfect nickname to give your boyfriend if he is mysterious or difficult to understand. While he may not understand the reason for the name, he will still be flattered by the name.

 Jessica Pearson

This is the name of a female character in a popular TV series, “Suits.” You can give your girlfriend this name if she is a law student or a lawyer. You can also give it to her if she is the dominant type. You will be getting your partner flattered by this name and also supporting her confidence.


While “J” has a few words in the dictionary, we can still find lovely words to use in our relationships. We can find a lot more under other letters in the dictionary.

 While actions may speak louder than words, words do matter. Even saying a few words can be a way to take action. Pick a few words from the list above and spice up your day.


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