50 Poems To Make Her Melt

Not every woman is impressed by poems. But if your girl loves poetry and has a way with words, then sending her poems can surely make her melt.

On your part, it may seem difficult to put beautiful words together that she can read and be won over.

That’s understandable. 

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to strike a chord with her heart using words. And you also don’t necessarily have to cull up works from iconic poets especially when you want to sound original.

In this article, I have put together sweet heart-touching poems you can send to her and see how she falls in love over again after reading.

List of sweetest poems to make her melt

Poems To Make Her Melt


Your limitless beauty and cuteness astound,

My commitment to you is forever bound.

Gazing in awe, I’m breathless in your sight,

My dear, you’re the only one who feels right.

I’ll walk the line, never let go,

For you, my love, my heart overflows.


My love for you is boundless, deep,

More than words can ever keep.

Your pain becomes my own,

Together, we’ll never be alone.

Our fights may come and go,

But my love for you will only grow.

You’re the one I need by my side,

My partner, my forever ride.

I’ll cherish you with all my heart,

Till death do us part.

And if fate should call me first,

I’ll wait for you, in heaven, thirst.


In your absence, I’m a mere husk,

Yearning for your touch, oh so much.

Your visage, your kiss, your essence, your being,

With you, my soul is set free and freeing.

Promise me, my love, we’ll never part,

For without you, life is a desolate art.


It’s unbelievable how some pass by,

Unaware of the chance they let fly,

To meet the world’s most beautiful one,

But I smile, knowing my lucky one.

Thanking the universe for my delight,

For showing me the stunning sight,

Of the most amazing woman, my love,

A true blessing from the heavens above.


My love for you is all-consuming,

Deeper than you’ll ever be knowing.

Your pain hurts me, your anger too,

Yet, my love for you remains true.

Though we bicker and fight at times,

I’ll love you until the end of time.

You’re the one I want by my side,

My forever partner, my heart’s guide.

I dream of a life with you,

To say “I do,” and start anew.

Together we’ll share love and kin,

A future filled with joy within.


Invisible to the world, yet breathtakingly rare,

My heart races for you, an amour so fair,

Your mesmerizing eyes, a sight to behold,

Enrapture my soul and never grow old,

Wrapped in my embrace, you find your place,

Together we sway to the rhythm of grace.


I thought I couldn’t love,

But then I met you, my heart soared above.

You fill the void, make me laugh and smile,

Take away my anger, and all my sadness piles up.

You’re always on my mind,

I write poems about you, hoping to bind,

My love for you grows each day,

Hopelessly in love with you, I’ll stay.


Longing for your touch, miss you much,

On the edge of doom, we try to make room,

Tingling swells in my chest, forget the rest,

To have you in my arms is rare and blessed.

Hold on tight, don’t let go,

Fear tries to tear us apart, don’t you know?

Your gift to me, to be in your embrace,

Sweetness, I’m waiting, unleash your violet grace.


This day is more than I ever hoped,

Your beauty leaves me breathless and doped.

Each smile of yours, my world is scoped,

Your allure leaves every boy roped.

Your voice is like a heavenly choir,

All other sounds fade into the mire.

You possess a perfectly poised fire,

I’d be the luckiest boy if you’d be my desire.


I adore your nagging and your stare,

Shows how much you love and care.

I love the way you walk like a man,

Not Hot but fun; I’m your biggest fan.

I cherish you just the way you are,

No pretence, just real from afar.

I love you because you love me too,

Just like the way I’m in love with you.


Words fail to express my love for you

My heart brims with affection anew

Your touch, your smile, your very soul

Entrap me, an eternal hold

If one goal I could achieve

By your side, I’d stay and never leave


Your wine-wet lips, desire aflame,

Eyes lit with Lovelight, passion untamed,

Warm embrace, white flesh aglow,

Enmeshed in hair, our love on show.

In you, I find a love divine,

A flame that burns, a heart entwines.


Love whispers through the passing breeze,

As rivers of love flow with ease.

I’m embraced by the warmth of heavenly heights,

As rays of light fill me with delight.

Like two doves, we sing and dance,

A king and queen in love’s sweet trance.

Forever and ever, our love will last,

As we bask in the glow of an eternal love cast.


Limitless beauty, boundless charm,

You’re the one to whom I’ll never disarm.

My heart gasps in awe, as I behold,

How did I get so lucky, to have and to hold?

My love, I’ll walk the line for you,

For your radiance, I’ll forever pursue.


My world, my angel, please stay,

Forever and always, never go away.

My heart beats true, only for you,

My love for you is deep, and forever true.

No matter what life may bring,

You’re the one who makes my heart sing.

Sweet Poems to make her fall in love with you 

Poems To Make Her Melt


In a sea of beauty, your radiance shone bright,

Distinct and captivating, a sight to delight.

Your open heart drew me in with ease,

A haven of love where I found sweet peace.

Amidst its flowing stream, I swam and drank deep,

And in its gentle embrace, I lay down to sleep.


Love blinded me to all but you,

For in your embrace, all else withdrew.

Distance tried to pull me away,

Yet your love beckoned me to stay.

Ignorance left me lost and alone,

Till love’s response led me home.

My love for you exceeds all measure,

Beyond what words can fully treasure.


A single moment’s beauty fleeting in its chance

True love’s worth in actions, a treasure not alone

My words now hold meaning, thanks to your affection’s throne.


Love blooms with the right heart,

And serenity with a perfect mind.

In you, I find love,

And together, we move right.

We match with a perfect mind,

Our love envelops everything around us.

It’s all because you have it in abundance,

I adore you more each day, my dear.


In you, I possess what money can’t obtain,

Death may claim others, but my life’s love remains.

Your home, where love thrives and reigns,

On your coast, my heart and soul sustain.


Your heart’s depths overflow with love,

Pouring out with every word, every move.

Like rain on desert sand, love abounds,

A foundation on which to build all around.

The air is filled with love’s sweet scent,

A love so pure, so true, so heaven-sent.


With you by my side, we journeyed here

A thousand steps we boldly dared

You care for my heart, my hands with wealth

The riches of love, a treasure of health

No words enough to show my love

But all I do, let it be in love.


My smile belongs to you, my love

You, a dazzling dame with sun-bright eyes

Taught me how to receive and give

Ended my scepticism, shattered lies

In your humility lies the key

To a heart you’ve unlocked for eternity

With my heart, I’ll love you more

My darling, now and forevermore.


Love reigns, and you my queen

Beside me, counsel and wisdom you bring

Whispering words that fill my soul

Empowering me, making me whole

Your love has humbled me to the ground

Yet lifted me to heights unbound

With no conditions, I love thee

My heart forever yours to be.


Rubies, expensive as they may be

Cannot compare to the love you give to me

Priceless, for it knows no bounds

Care and affection, you abundantly surround

Sweet words flow like those of maids

Compassion, never to fade

Your lovely lips, never dry

My dear, I love you till the end of time.


Morning, day, and night herald a day anew

Your love brings care, smiles, and beauty too

The sound of your voice instils hope and joy

Gives me the courage to face what lies ahead, oh boy!


Winds of love, how fiercely they blow

Rivers of love, how peacefully they flow

Having you, my treasure, is a priceless gift

Love bestowed on me, my spirit to uplift

A little love here, a little love there

Makes love abound, no matter where

Each passing day, I feel you more

My heart filled with love to the core.


Countless waters in the ocean blue

From distant seas, each one anew

Carrying the bounty of faraway lands

Your love for me, just as grand

You make my life flourish and thrive

My shores, a beauty to behold and admire

With all my heart, I love you so

Forever and always, my love will grow


In your presence, all needs are met

Nothing is missing, not even a speck

Your absence, a void that nothing fills

But with you, all things fall into place, no ills

Love is the reason for my bliss

Nothing hits harder than your sweet kiss

You, my love, are all I need

My heart, to yours, forever freed.


Love is often claimed, but you are my truth,

My heart’s wellspring, my eternal youth.

Others may seek love, but I have found

A love that’s real, and knows no bounds.

Your love flows deep, a well that never dries.

Love poems for your fiance to make her heart melt

Poems To Make Her Melt


Each day, my grateful heart sings to God

For the precious gift of you, my love.

Long before time began, I knew

That I was meant to share my life with you.

Our bond is fierce, unyielding, and true,

A love that nothing in this world can undo.


A vision of beauty, she captivates my soul,

With her green eyes, and a nose that’s so cute and whole.

Her lips, sweet and tempting, her body divine,

A masterpiece of art, she’s one of a kind.

She tops my chart, my number one,

My heart beats for her, the only one.


I crave her touch, her breath, her kiss,

To be with her forever is my ultimate bliss.

In life and death, I will be true,

My love for her, eternal and anew.

Distance may separate, but it won’t prevail,

For she is mine, and I’ll forever avail.


I gaze into your eyes, seeking to understand,

The life you lived before we became a band.

Your smile and pain, I’ll never fully know,

But I’m grateful you accept me, flaws and all.


You’re a part of me, and I thank you each day,

For loving me as I am, in every way.

If this poem ever annoys, feel free to say,

But now you’re a part of me, here to stay.

Always, Forever, Now.


My love for you will last eternally,

Pure, honest, and true as can be.

Together we’ll live, as family we’ll be,

My very best friend, my life, my destiny

You are everything to me, all in one,

My love, my life, forever began.


Unbreakable bond, love’s pool from your heart to mine enhance

Your eyes a constant reminder of joy’s stance

My love for you forever and always know


In your embrace, I find my home,

For you are my soulmate, friend, and lover, all in one.

Together we journey, side by side,

With a love that will forever abide.


A force that fills me, and never dies.

My love for you grows, with every beat,

And in your arms, my heart finds sweet retreat.


Words may fail to capture all that you are

But your love shines bright like a radiant star

More and more, my love for you grows

With you by my side, my heart overflows.

Love poems for wife to make her fall in love again


You’re my guide in life’s raging flow,

my calm amidst all struggle and woe.

You’re the land to my shipwrecked being,

the path to my lifelong seeking.

You’re the end of my Olympic race,

my light in dark and empty space.

You’re the rope that stops my descent,

my wife, my everything, my content.


My love for you, head to toe,

more than words can ever show.

It pains me when you’re feeling blue,

and when you’re angry, I’m down too.


Though we argue, our love is true,

I’ll cherish and adore you through and through.

You’re the one, I know for sure,

my wife, my life, my forevermore.


Together, we’ll start a family,

and build a life of harmony.

Never will I say goodbye,

my love for you will never die.

If fate takes me before my time,

I’ll wait for you in paradise sublime.


Enchanted by you, my love,

Your beauty ignites my heart

Chemistry so strong, can’t deny

My love grows with each passing day


Trapped in your embrace, words fail

The depth of my love, hard to express

Forever mine, my darling

Enchanted by you, always and forever


Let’s be true, my love, to each other,

For the world is a land of dreams, so diverse and fair,

Yet it holds no joy, love, light, nor peace to gather,

No solace for pain, nor certainty to share.


We stand here, lost in a darkling plain,

Where ignorant armies clash, and confusion reigns.

But my love for you remains and never shakes


Whenever we’re together, I’m the luckiest man alive,

No one can match your unique vibe,

You’re incredible in every way,

Truly amazing, what more can I say?


Our future may be unclear, but with you by my side,

we can face anything without fear or hide,

our bond, unbreakable and true,

will carry us through, forever me and you.

Best times to send poems to her?

You don’t have to wait for a special event to send your partner lovely poems. However, there are special times when they can be the perfect love gesture. For example:

  1. During an Anniversary or special occasion
  2. Valentine’s Day
  3. Just because: Surprise your partner with a heartfelt poem to show how much you care on any ordinary day.
  4. To offer an apology (If you’ve hurt your partner’s feelings or made a mistake, you can use these poems to express your regret and ask for forgiveness.

Also, if you figure that your lady has an all-time favourite poet, you can look up his poem collection and pick a poem from there to write to her.

Before you use any of these poems…

Now that you’ve seen some of the best poems to send to your women, you should think about some things before rushing to use them.

For example, the poem may not really matter to her. What would most likely matter is the sincerity and care for her.

That is the ingredient that makes her fall in love, aside from the words in the poem. In other words, it’s the thought that counts.

Also, these poems you are about to send will make you both think about the words in them and whether your recent actions in the relationship correspond with all you have said in the poem.

Above all, you use this poem to show your girl or wife that you love her and also to melt her heart.

It will also make her feel loved and bring you both together.

I hope you found a favorite poem among the above list that you can send to her.

Good luck!


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