When a Boss Sleeps With an Employee, What Is It Called?

It is simply known as fraternization. Fraternization is simply defined as when there is a romantic relationship between two people employed by the same company.

In general, fraternization could be defined as romantic relationships between co-workers or managers and employees. Whichever one it is, as long as the relationship is between two people working in the company.

Company policies differ, so the way one company reacts to fraternization may be different from another. That is why it is important you know the policies of whatever company you are employed by.

This is important in situations where you might be in that situation. You will be aware of the policies guiding it, and you will also know what to do about the situation.

Why do bosses sleep with their employees?

Bosses sleep with their employees because they find the employees attractive or vice versa. It happens in a lot of companies these days because relationships are strengthened because of social media.

As long as a boss has contact with the employee, there is no limit to what they can do on social media. These are the things that help relationships between boss and employee.

There are other reasons why bosses sleep with employees.

  • They find themselves attracted to each other.
  • The boss could just be a player.
  • They genuinely love each other.
  • The employee wants something from the boss(probably a raise).

They find themselves attracted to each other

When a Boss Sleeps With an Employee

This is usually the most common reason why bosses sleep with employees. Most of the time, someone will sleep with you if they find you attractive. That is the same scenario I am trying to explain here.

A boss may see a new employee or an existing employee that seems to be so attractive. It could be a man or a woman. Most of the time, it is usually a male boss who wants something to do or wants to sleep with a female employee because he finds her really attractive.

However, female bosses do this too, but we have more male bosses doing it these days. This physical attraction is usually perceived as infatuation most of the time.

The relationship does not usually lead to anything positive. Once the boss sleeps with the employee, their relationship usually goes south.

It is only in a few situations that you find the relationship staying strong after they have had intercourse several times.

The boss could just be a player

When a Boss Sleeps With an Employee

Yes, a boss can sometimes be a player. Someone who likes to sleep with one person then finds another person to sleep with, and so on and so forth. A player finds it difficult to stay true to one partner.

If your boss is a player and you are an employee who is an attractive young lady, you may notice that your boss will start making advances towards you. Yes, you got it right. He is a player.

He does not want anything serious from you. All he wants is to get in between your legs. Give him a week after he has slept with you, and you will see him with another lady.

Do not be surprised if you see him with another lady and he has already slept with her.It does not mean that it is only men that do this; women do this too, but it is common mostly among men.

If your boss is a player and he gets to sleep with you, that is all he wants from you. He does not want anything else other than to get in between your legs.

They genuinely love each other

When a Boss Sleeps With an Employee

It is true that a boss can have genuine love for his employee. There are several cases where an employee gets employed in a particular company only for the boss to set his eyes on the employee after a few weeks of her working there and genuinely fall in love with her.

He may sleep with her and still have genuine intentions for her, intentions like making him his wife. This happens a lot. There are companies where the boss is married to one of their employees, and vice versa.

So, understand that a boss can actually have genuine love and interest in his employee and go ahead and wed her.

In situations like this, the woman is also interested in the man, and that is why they have both agreed to get intimate and probably get married.

The employee wants something from the boss(probably a raise)

When a Boss Sleeps With an Employee

There are situations where an employee wants something from a boss, probably a raise in salary or a promotion, and the boss asks for something in return.

Most of the time, the boss usually asks the employee to sleep with him for her to be promoted or for her to get a raise in salary. This is a common thing that happens.

Even though it is something that needs to be heavily frowned at, it still happens in society today. This is just another instance. I am pretty sure that this is something you can relate to.

Even though you have not experienced it before, you must have seen or heard of someone that experienced it once. When the man sleeps with the woman for a raise or for promotion, it is not usually forced.

Most of the time, the woman also agrees to this term, probably because she is desperate or because at that point she did not have any other option.

I would not encourage men to do this. In fact, I frown at it. Men that sleep with their employees just for a raise, for promotion, or even for a job should stop it.

What happens if a manager sleeps with an employee?

If a manager sleeps with an employee in a company, it can get both of them fired or punished, if and only if it goes against the policies of the company.

That means there was a breach in the agreement and it could result in both of them getting fired from the company. There are other things that could happen if a manager sleeps with an employee.

Take a look at the following things that happen if a manager sleeps with an employee:

  • It can get you fired if it’s against your company’s policies.
  • It can lead to favoritism.
  • It can lead to bad management decisions.
  • It can lead to pay disparities.

It can get you fired if it’s against your company policy

Yes, this happens not only when a manager sleeps with an employee, but when you breach an agreement in a company and the penalty is getting fired, you will definitely get fired.

If your company frowns on a manager sleeping with an employee, then you can get fired if you happen to breach such an agreement. That is why you need to be aware of your company’s policies the moment you get employed.

If it is against your company policy for a manager to sleep with an employee, then you will most likely get fired or punished for it.

If it is against your company policy for a manager to date or sleeps with an employee, if you are in that position, try to look outside your company for someone you can date or sleep with. This is for your own safety in the company.

It can lead to favoritism

This is true, no doubt. When a manager and an employee of the same company start to sleep with each other, you will start to notice that favoritism is setting in.

This means that the manager will favour one employee over the other. This is not a good thing because it can lead to hatred and jealousy among employees, which is not healthy for the growth of the company.

If as a manager you notice that jealousy and hatred exist between your employees and in the company at large, you will notice lapses in supervision, and this has a way of bringing the company down.

Instead of the employees working on ways to improve and make the company better, the employees will start unhealthy competition against one another.

That is why it is not advisable that a manager sleeps with employees; this is one of the unforeseen circumstances it can cause.

It can lead to bad management decisions

It happens a lot. When two people from the same company, say a manager and an employee, start sleeping with each other and also getting intimate, the employee has a slight influence over the manager because of the simple fact that the employee sleeps with the manager.

This can also alter the assertiveness of the manager and how he makes decisions about the company and other company affairs.

This can turn a manager who stood by his words and made firm decisions for the company into a manager who makes terrible decisions simply because the employee with whom he sleeps has a hand in making him make bad decisions simply because of bad influence.

It can lead to pay disparities

This is another common issue that sets in once a manager starts to sleep with an employee.

Because they both share the same bed and because the employee allows him to have intercourse, she can make him pay her more money than her co-workers.

This means that two people can actually be doing the same job at a company, but one person will earn more than the other simply because she sleeps with the manager.

If other employees get to hear of this, it can lead to so much jealousy and hatred, which can further lead to the failure of the company at large. Unless something is done about it, it will not eat deep into the company. Some companies have experienced this in the past.

That is why there are company policies guiding romantic relationships between employees of the same company for the safety of the employees and the company itself.

What do you do when your boss is dating an employee?

When your boss is dating an employee, what you need to do is to report it to higher personnel in the company.

You should take note that you should report them only if you notice that their relationship is making your boss make bad decisions for the company and that it is causing the failure of the company.

Also, if it is against the policy of the company for a boss to date an employee, then it is a good thing you report to a higher official in the company. You are only doing this for the betterment of the company and its growth.

If the relationship between your boss and an employee has no adverse effect on the company and other employees at large, then you should most likely let them be and let them have fun, as long as there is no adverse effect and both of them are cool with it.

Your boss has probably just met his soulmate.


Fraternization is treated differently in different companies. Some companies frown at it, while some do not. If the company you work for frowns upon fraternization, then you should not engage in it at all. for your own safety and also for the growth of the company.

However, if your company does not frown upon it, you are free to do what you want. So long as you both agree to have intimate relations and it is not forced or your boss threatened to fire you if you did not sleep with him.

Sometimes, managers sleep with employees because they genuinely love the employee; sometimes they are just doing it because they want to give the employee a raise or a promotion in return.

Sometimes, it could be that the employee is just a player. He could be someone that loves to sleep with different ladies. He may have just found you attractive.

Then he feels he can do to you what he has done with other ladies. It is possible he is also sleeping with other women in the same company.

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