My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything for Christmas! What Does It Mean/What to Do?

The yuletide season is a period where love is most appreciated and shown. It is quite a sad experience if you were left behind or out of this wonderful feeling.

One of the various ways through which people show love during a celebratory mode like Christmas is gift giving.

In such scenarios, people build Xmas trees in their homes and allow visitors, friends, and families alike to drop gifts under the tree.

However, the subject of this post doesn’t concentrate on Xmas trees, rather it addresses the inability of your loved one (who is your boyfriend in this context) to get you anything during Christmas.

You might be thrown into confusion and doubt as to why it is so.

Without entertaining further thoughts that may jeopardize your relationship, I’ll explain in detail what this action entails and also discuss other relative topics. Keep reading on!

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Get You Anything for Christmas?

For the record, if your boyfriend didn’t get you anything for Christmas then it isn’t a case of irrational action unless you’re dating a forgetful person which is bad.

However, there are a lot of things that come to mind when your boyfriend gets you nothing in the spirit of celebrating the birth of Christ.

In the bid to answer the question of what it means, let’s look into the following tendencies. These meanings are scattered across many factors and theories, stay with me as I walk you through it all.

  • It means he’s an atheist
  • It shows how insensitive he is
  • It implies you don’t worth much to him
  • It shows he doesn’t have your interest at heart
  • It proves he lies about being caring
  • It shows he doesn’t fancy the bond anymore
  • It could mean he is broke at the moment
  • If shows he is selfish
  • It means gift-giving isn’t his thing
  • It could be that his religious affiliations abhor celebrating Christmas

It Means He’s an Atheist

This is a considerable reason why your boyfriend didn’t get you anything for Christmas. Atheist claims to hold disbelief in the existence of a Supreme Being.

Their criticism against organized religious sects also includes Christianity, and they substantiate their claims by doing deep research and coming up with “facts” that counter and rites and doctrines of the church.

Their inability to celebrate notable celebrations with other people is deeply rooted in their claims.

So, if you’re dating an atheist, there’s a chance he won’t get you anything as a gift because doing so is against what he believes. It also means he’s participating in the celebration, which is unethical to his criticisms.

However, this shouldn’t be an issue if he has been up to the task of getting your gifts every other time except Christmas.

It only says more about how he holds his belief system which he can’t go against, even if it were for the one he loves.

It Shows How Insensitive He Is

Funnily enough, you might be dating an insensitive person who doesn’t read meaning into some events that take place around him.

The philosophy of gift-giving during Christmas is not to show off how much a person has, but to show how big his or her heart is.

This might be too much of an understanding for your boyfriend, which accounts for why he didn’t get you anything for Christmas.

If your boyfriend shows this attitude of deliberate ignorance on other important days, he might as well extend it to Christmas by not getting you any gift at all.

It Implies You Don’t Worth Much to Him

Oftentimes, relationships tend to be a form of easy way of relieving intimate urges for the guys. This accounts for why some men act shady after they’ve had a girl as their girlfriend for some while.

Their action comes from a place of showing they’re no longer that much interested in the relationship.

At this point, if you guessed well that you’re no longer valuable to him then your guess is valid.

I know a couple of guys who act this way when they feel their presumed girlfriend is not worth the stress of getting a gift.

It Shows He Doesn’t Have Your Interest at Heart

My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything for Christmas

Still, on the meaning, your boyfriend may not have gotten you anything for Christmas because he doesn’t have your interest at heart.

At least he did before but not anymore. Some guys find it hard to call it quits with a girl so they resort to using negligence as a tool to pass their message.

You might want to reconsider your relationship with the guy because he doesn’t have your interest at heart.

It Proves He Lies about Being Caring

A caring boyfriend will know that not getting anything for his girlfriend during Christmas and not even giving her an explanation will make her sad.

But given that your boyfriend neither gave you a gift nor did he explain why is a sign that he has been lying about being a caring person.

It Shows He Doesn’t Fancy the Bond Anymore

When the relationship starts turning sour, silly mistakes and actions will start erupting. One of those actions could be your boyfriend’s inability to get you a gift for Christmas.

Assuming you had a serious argument with your boyfriend lately, one which can lead to a breakup. It would be a hint at separation if he doesn’t run up with a gift for you for Christmas.

It Could Mean He Is Broke at the Moment

On the flip side of having an uncaring and inconsiderate boyfriend who didn’t get you any gifts, he may be broke within the period.

There’s this thing with some guys as they find it difficult to telltale about their financial plight. If your boyfriend falls in this group, he may not be able to get you a gift and would find it hard to tell you why.

It Shows He Is Selfish

Selfishness is another reason why your boyfriend would get you nothing for Christmas. This only says one thing, which is that the relationship is not mutual as expected, rather it is now parasitic.

Perhaps, he prefers taking to giving which is bad.

It Means Gift Giving Isn’t His Thing

There are people whose love language has nothing to do with gift-giving. They do not give gifts; instead, they prefer acts of service or cool communication.

If your boyfriend is such a person, he may not get you anything for Christmas.

It Could Be That His Religious Affiliations Abhors Celebrating Christmas

People who are members of the Jehovah’s Witness Church do not participate in the celebration of some highly regarded days like birthdays and Christmas.

Their ideology of Christianity abhors this and they follow suit. If your boyfriend is a member, he may not get your gifts for Christmas.

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Does Not Get You Anything for Christmas?

We’ve already established that it is a quite sad experience if your boyfriend doesn’t get you anything for Christmas.

The next step is how you should react to this. What exactly should you do in this type of situation? Well, I’ve got a few tricks and tips up my sleeve, so I’ll be sharing them with you.

  • You have to cut down on your expectations
  • You shouldn’t blow things out of proportion
  • You have to evaluate his financial and religious status
  • You should try to initiate a dialogue to talk things over
  • You should appreciate yourself more
  • You should decide if you can put up with him

You Have to Cut Down on Your Expectations

This has to be your first response action when you realize your boyfriend got you nothing for Christmas. You have to affirm that expecting huge from people is detrimental, no matter how close they are to you.

By cutting down on your expectations, you relieve yourself of the mental and emotional stress of drooling over the fact that he got you nothing.

This will help you to keep your head held up high even in the face of disappointment.

You Shouldn’t Blow Things Out of Proportion

My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything for Christmas

Just in the same sequence, you have to try to keep your cool when your boyfriend gets you nothing for Christmas.

When you chose to blow things out of proportion instead of calmly approaching the issue, you may lose your relationship.

On the flip side, you can choose to address the issue without reading excess meaning into it. I know this may be hard, but it could be worth the try.

You can achieve this by considering any positive reason why he didn’t turn up with a gift. That way, you don’t become an over-thinker while trying to agitate your disappointment.

You Have to Evaluate His Financial and Religious Status

Another good to take in this case is by considering his financial status at the time when he was meant to get you gifts for Christmas.

If your boyfriend is out of cash during this period, you should be thoughtful enough to acknowledge that. That means he might’ve gotten you something if he was buoyant.

Also, you should evaluate his religious status and find out his affiliations. Oftentimes, people go into a relationship without knowing the religious background of the other person, at least to the core.

They’re all concerned about loving up that they neglect important details. So you have to do that.

You Should Try to Initiate a Dialogue to Talk Things Over

You can opt to talk things over with him. Explain to him how you feel and ask for an explanation about why he didn’t get you anything.

This should be able to provide clarity to the already confusing scenario.

You Should Appreciate Yourself the More

When no one appreciates you, especially your loved one, you have only yourself. The sole responsibility of appreciating yourself is left for you to do.

You Should Decide if You Can Put Up With Him

After all these tips on what to do, you can still decide if you can stay with him. The outcomes of some of these actions above will help you decide.

How Important Is Gift Giving in a Relationship?

To a degree, gift-giving is a very important spice for a healthy relationship. It is much more pronounced if your partner’s love language involves gifting.

The whole concept of giving gifts in non-platonic relationships can be dated to times in past civilizations.

Historical figures like King Nebuchadnezzar of Ancient Babylon also demonstrated it by gifting his wife the hanging gardens of Babylon.

However, these are the reasons why gift-giving is that much important.

  • It reaffirms your commitment to the relationship
  • It shows how caring you are
  • It keeps you desirable
  • It communicates how appreciative you are

It Reaffirms Your Commitment to the Relationship

Gift-giving helps you reiterate how committed to making the relationship work out. It shows you’re still involved in the memory-making task of every relationship.

It Shows How Caring You Are

My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything for Christmas

Being verbal about being a caring person usually needs action to back it. However, giving gifts is a good way to start with.

It Keeps You Desirable

When you give gifts to your partner, it makes them look forward to getting more from you. They’d want to see you happy and you in turn become highly desirable.

It Communicates How Appreciative You Are

As a way of showing your partner that you appreciate them or for sticking with you, you can give him or her gifts. It is always worth it.

How Do You Deal With Nothing at Christmas?

The best way to get over it when you have nothing for Christmas is to learn to be extremely frugal. With frugality comes conscious management of money and any other valuable resources you have, including time.

It is no crime to have nothing for Christmas, so you have to cut the crap about feeling left out. Maybe you were expecting too much and when nothing came, you become reclusive.

Therefore, another way to deal with the situation is to reduce your expectations. You should learn to expect everything and nothing in particular.

Finally, you should steer clear of feeling envious about those who have during Christmas. It will save you from a lot of heartache throughout this period.


It is normal to feel disappointed if your boyfriend fails to get you something for Christmas. But the greater problem lies when you blow things out of proportion.

To avoid that, I’ve highlighted a couple of plausible meanings as to why your boyfriend did that. Understanding these meanings grants you perspective on what could be wrong.

I also discussed what you can do and even elaborated on the importance of gift-giving in relationships.

Having cleared all pending doubts, I’d love to indulge you to drop your comments below.

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