I Have a Surprise for You Meaning

Most statements have meanings that go beyond their surface interpretation. With this said, you’ll realize that there’s more than one way of seeing life and even the things we say day to day.

This also goes the same way when someone says I have a surprise for you.

You might be on the look for the meaning behind this statement. It goes from simply being a promise to signifying many things all at once.

Therefore, you will get to find out the possible meanings surrounding the statement I have a surprise for you.

In this post, you’ll get to discover the fine points regarding the subject of surprises and how to respond/react to one. Read on to know more!

3 Possible Meanings of I Have a Surprise for You

‘I want to drink’ can mean different things, from drinking wine to beer, drugs, or even water. Likewise, there are diverse ways to view it when someone says I have a surprise for you.

Since it is now clear that there is more than one meaning to the statement, let’s look at the plausible meanings.

  1. It could mean an unexpected news
  2. It may be an unsolicited favor
  3. It may mean an unaware appearance

1. It Could Mean an Unexpected News

I Have a Surprise for You Meaning

It is undeniable that a surprise comes in different ways. So when someone says I have a surprise for you, you have to look at the elements behind the statement.

Without thinking off the line, the statement may mean that the speaker, who is either a male or female, has some kind of news that they wish to share with you.

To further make it more clear, this person knows you’ve not heard about this occurrence which prompts them to tag it as a surprise.

This is because it is no longer a surprise if you already know about it. Also, it is won’t be news if you’ve heard about it too.

Therefore, the new meaning or interpretation of the statement becomes a viable implication of the statement.

On a larger scale, the news differs depending on the nature of your conversation with the speaker. A merry tone depicts good news (surprise) while a gloomy tone signifies the opposite.

Having known the disparity between the two angles of the surprises in the form of news, you can now detect that which applies to your case.

2. It May Be an Unsolicited Favor

While surprises can come in the form of unexpected news as illustrated in the first meaning, the statement I have a surprise for you can also mean an unsolicited favor.

Have you ever been done well by someone, even without asking for it? Well, if that is so then you have experienced what I call unsolicited favor. This is goodwill done with you applying for it.

This could be another meaning or way to look at the statement, I have a surprise for you.

So, when someone says this to you, it could be that he or she is trying to suggest that they have a favor to do for you, but which you didn’t ask for.

You can picture this type of surprise in a scenario where you’re stranded with a workload and someone in your workplace just decides to help you sort things out without you even asking.

Perhaps, the person used the line I have a surprise for you before swinging into action to help you get some air with the work and also be productive while maintaining punctuality.

3. It May Mean an Unaware Appearance

The line I have a surprise for you does not elude our lovebirds. And that is where this meaning plays out.

Your partner may say this line to you without any hints and then shows up either at your house, office or anywhere else less imaginable, probably dressed seductively.

This line and meaning work well for the ladies against their male counterparts.

This meaning shows that the surprise talked about coincides with your partner’s unaware appearance at either your house or office.

In like vein, the unaware appearance can take another form if you’re living with your partner.

He or she can pull through with the surprise during a dinner party by appearing in stunning attire for the men or an alluring dress for the female…one which you can’t easily ignore because of the magnificence.

Summarily, this last meaning crowns it all for the meaning of I have a surprise for you. There’s a great chance that your experience can be categorized within these meanings.

So, you might want to study them carefully and have them in mind in case of necessity.

How Do You Comment on “I Have a Surprise for You?”

In this section of the article, I’ll be discussing mainly the possible reactions that can come out when someone says I have a surprise for you.

While the usual reactions would be that of being overwhelmed, there’s also room for other reactions such as doubt and a show of appreciation.

Let’s take a look at the highlight of these comments before going into their details.

  • You’ve never failed to amaze me
  • What’s it with you and taking people unawares?
  • I am so dumbfounded right now
  • I wasn’t expecting that at all
  • You always outdo yourself
  • Well, I never saw that coming
  • Funnily enough, you always do your thing
  • Are you planning to knock me for a loop?
  • You had better not be joking
  • I hope this exceeds the past ones
  • And do you expect me to take you seriously?
  • I’m sure I don’t have a clue about this
  • Thanks so much, this is great
  • Who would’ve thought you’d come through for me

You’ve Never Failed to Amaze Me

This is the first statement in this category of comments for I have a surprise for you. Just like the category, this line emphasizes the non-expectancy of the surprise statement.

It is more like saying that you are swept off your feet by the statement. Additionally, the line somewhat suggests continuity as a prerogative that makes the overwhelming feeling to be evergreen.

You can say this in response to when someone tells you ‘I have a surprise for you, but you need to make sure your facial expression is in sync with the words coming out from your lips.

This is because a deficiency in any of these two parts will lead to an unauthentic interpretation by the person who is at the receiving end.

What’s it with you and Taking People Unawares?

There’s always room for questions in any form of comments for any statement. This particular line of comment doesn’t fall short of the standards; rather it ups the game because it is a rhetorical question.

It is a comment that questions the speaker’s alleged talent of taking people unawares.

Since this is a rhetorical question, you shouldn’t expect any answers from the person. With that said, you have to make sure you only use this line when you’re sure that the speaker is habitual about wanting to take people unawares.

I Am So Dumbfounded Right Now

I Have a Surprise for You Meaning

There’s no denying that some surprises leave you short of words. If that’s what you feel each time someone says I have a surprise for you, you shouldn’t shy away from speaking up.

Expressing yourself doesn’t only do you good, but it also proves to the speaker that their efforts are not in vain after all.

Proclaiming that you’re dumbfounded is a type of positive response to the surprise, so you might want to bring in all the drama and expressions.

For the ladies, I know this is a big deal, as you guys somehow know how to turn mundane comments into emotional masterpieces.

I Wasn’t Expecting That at All

The watchword of most of the comments under this category all surrounds the scope of being expressive.

Regardless of any predetermined prejudice about the person, it pays to show that you are astonished by the person’s statement I have a surprise for you.

If you examine closely, you’ll discover that this line of comment sounds more masculine than the previous one, so I don’t expect you to be all merry when you pass this on as a man.

You Always Outdo Yourself

With this comment, you’re equally giving accolades to the speaker just as you’re portraying how surprised you are.

There’s also a bit of masculinity in this line, so I’d recommend it for the guys just like the previous one. Similarly, there’s a somewhat serenity embedded in this line too.

Well, I Never Saw That Coming

If you want to sound surprised without being too loud about it, you can make use of this line of comment. Since “you never saw that coming”, it also transcribes to mean that you are taken aback by the person’s statement.

Funnily Enough, You Always Do Your Thing

Just like other comments, you’re sure to jump on this one to convey your astonishment when someone says I have a surprise for you.

Are You Planning To Knock Me for a Loop?

This is the second question in this category and luckily, it is not a rhetorical question. It is a straight question that requires answers.

You’re simply asking the person if he or she is going to blow your mind with their proposed surprise.

You Had Better Not Be Joking

Sadly, things do not always look real to everybody, so if you question the possibility that the speaker will surprise you, you can use this comment to express that.

Being out to portray your doubts is not bad, instead, it’s a safety measure to always wear your heart on your sleeve.

I Hope This Exceeds the Past Ones

Here, you’re expressing your doubts about the chances of getting a surprise that will surpass those you’ve gotten in the past.

And Do You Expect Me To Take You Seriously?

I Have a Surprise for You Meaning

Being the first rhetorical question in this category, this line proposes that you do not trust the speaker.

Perhaps, he or she made the statement without putting up a serious countenance. It is understandable to use this line if the person doesn’t look serious when they said I have a surprise for you.

I’m sure I Don’t Have a Clue About This

Even in doubt, you have to be open-minded and that’s what this line of comment affords you.

Thanks So Much, This Is Great

Being appreciative when someone says I have a surprise for you is a good approach to the statement. It shows how reserved you are in such situations.

Who would’ve Thought you’d Come Through for Me?

This is the only rhetorical question in this category and the last of all the comments. It does the function of putting the speaker in the mode of thinking and self-appraisal.

Good Surprise Quotes to Say

Surprise is a spice on its own and acts as a stimulator or a bunch of phenomena, such as mystery. Let’s look at my personally formulated quotes to say about surprises.

  • If you want to be fulfilled, be frugal with surprise and cut down on your expectations
  • Surprises seem short-lived. How about you make it forever by basking in constant joy?
  • Continuous gratitude to the source that creates life makes surprises more lucrative
  • Since life is full of surprises, you have the duty of picking out the joy in each one
  • Surprises make humor worthwhile
  • To stay happy, you should expect everything while expecting nothing in particular
  • Don’t sit back and watch the universe surprise you. Learn to be a part of the creative process
  • If there’s no surprise in the creator, the effect won’t have any
  • What brings the rush of feelings aside from love and fear? Surprises!
  • To mystify anything, you have to add surprises to your recipe


The chief context of surprises is not being told something like I have a surprise for you, rather it is in how you react to it.

Since the meaning behind the aforementioned statement differs, it is pertinent to discover its various tenets to it and that’s what we’ve achieved in this post.

This article discusses lengthily on the subject of surprises, including comments and quotes that play a part in reliving the ecstatic impact accompanied by surprises.

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