Why Does My Boyfriend keep Calling Me His Ex’s Name: Understanding the Reasons


Have you ever wondered, “Why does my boyfriend keep calling me his ex’s name?” It’s a question that can stir a mix of emotions and concerns. This common occurrence can be attributed to various reasons, from simple habits to more profound subconscious thoughts. Understanding why this happens can provide clarity and a path to address any underlying issues.

7 Reasons Why My Boyfriend Keeps Calling Me His Ex’s Name 

Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Calling Me His Ex’s Name?

Your boyfriend may call you by his ex’s name and this sucks especially if he does it frequently. Whether from a force of habit or forgetfulness, some reasons this happens include; 

  • He is confused.

  • It is a new relationship

  • He made a mistake

  • He is using you

  • He is thinking of his ex

  • He forgot your name

  • He is trying to see if you notice

He is confused

Understanding Confusion: Sometimes, your partner might accidentally call you by the same name as his ex’s name due to momentary confusion, especially in new or stressful situations. This slip is often harmless and can be addressed with open communication.

Confusion is a perfect example of why such can happen. This is very common, especially when tired, sick, or distracted.

During meetings and family gatherings. Your boyfriend can get confused by being in similar situations in this confusion and call you by his ex’s name. 

It’s a part of human nature to sometimes get mixed up. Have your parents ever called you by a siblings name?

It is a new relationship

Your boyfriend keeps calling you his ex’s name because it is a new relationship.

Moving from one relationship to the next can be why he still calls you by his ex’s name. Your relationship is new, and he hasn’t acclimated fully to this. 

This happening to you is not strange; your best friend, husband or boyfriend would slip up from time to time. However, you the girl should know it should not last for a long duration of time.

When you start a new relationship or date, you often carry much baggage from the previous one. Your boyfriend may adjust fully to his new relationship with you.

He will take time to break this habit because he has spent time in the past caring for his ex. This doesn’t translate to anything negative; you remain his girlfriend.

What he is experiencing is a force of habit. Chances are you have also made similar mistakes like calling him your dad or brother’s name. As your relationship progresses, your boyfriend will become more familiar with you. 

Your name would have seeped deep into his subconscious, eliminating such mistakes in the future. If you notice it takes longer for him to quit this habit, take time to discuss this with him.

He is just using you

Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Calling Me His Ex’s Name?

When your boyfriend keeps calling you his ex’s you called me his ex’s wife’s name it is because he is just using you.

If you discover your boyfriend keeps calling you by his ex’s name, take this as a sign that he is using you as a rebound from his last relationship.

It is a pretty common thing to do; he may have just been using you to fill up the emptiness he feels from losing his last girlfriend. 

He doesn’t care about your feelings; you shouldn’t allow anyone to put you in such a position. Sometimes, relationships that start this way become something you would cherish. 

But this is not a chance I will take. You shouldn’t either. I think the duration that is acceptable for him to stop calling you by his ex’s name is two months. 

That is enough time for him to get his ex-girlfriend weaned from his subconscious. Anything that feels different from what has been explained means he is only using you as a rebound. 

Please find out how long his last relationship lasted and use this to judge his reaction. The subconscious can be overwritten with a new habit in recent times.

He made a mistake

Your boyfriend called me his ex’s name simply due to a mistake.

Your boyfriend slipped up, calling you his ex’s name. Such mistakes can be awkward, and you do not know how you feel. 

His ex’s name has been an accident and slipped up from his mouth during jokes. Watch his reaction; if he doesn’t panic and casually brushes this off, you have nothing to worry about.

He and his ex have been together in the past; muscle memory is playing a big game on him.  it only takes a while for him to unlearn a learned habit, as long as he is not doing it purposefully.

He subconsciously forgot your name

Your boyfriend keeps calling you his ex’s name because he subconsciously forgot your name.

It happens especially when you are new to the relationship; you have to be together for a while to get closure from your hurt feelings towards each other.

This is because he gained closure from his ex and after a while became fond of her, this only happens when you have shared a bond with someone, and it takes a while to undo.

He is trying to see if you notice

Your boyfriend keeps calling you his ex’s name because he is trying to see if you notice.

Your boyfriend may be trying to see if you notice him calling you by his ex’s name all to see how attentive you are.

Your attention to little details in the same sex relationship matters a lot, this is a factor that goes a long way to creating confidence and bonding.

He is thinking of his ex-wife’s name

Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Calling Me His Ex’s Name?

Your boyfriend keeps calling you his ex’s name because he thinks of his ex-wife.

Your boyfriend calling you by his ex’s name is a sign that he is thinking of his ex and blurting her name.

He often thinks about his other exes name which is why he calls you by the wrong name, this sign is a huge turnoff as it discloses to you how less invested he is in you.

It would be best if you let him be for a while by giving him space to rethink his actions and make them right. if he wants you, he would not think about his ex to such an extent. 

The reason why your boyfriend is thinking about his ex is entirely his.  It means he has not overcome unresolved feelings for his ex yet and is just messing up your head.

Please don’t hold the guy or yourself responsible for his actions. It is always important to date a person who always thinks about you and not their exes.

What do you do when he calls you by his ex’s name?

Some things that you can do When your ex calls you by his ex’s name

  • Don’t respond

  • Ask him why he did

  • Don’t overthink it

  • Caution him

Don’t respond to the name of the ex-wife

When he calls you by his daughter a wife an ex’s name, I think you should not respond.

This allows you to stay calm and think your actions through so that you do nothing irrational.

Your boyfriend calling you by his angry ex’s name can be upsetting; not responding to him makes you take control overreacting out of the situation.

Responding to him would make you look desperate to be accepted and loved. Once he knows this, what are the chances he will not do worse the next day?

When your boyfriend calls you by his ex’s name, it is best not to respond to him and walk away, as this is a very offensive personality mix-up that shows he does not have respect, regard, or care about your feelings.

I guess you feel if you don’t respond to him, he may realize this and put himself to order; not responding to him allows him to see your countenance.

If careful, he would immediately know something is wrong, this way you can control the narrative and call him to order.

Ask him why he did 

If your boyfriend calls you by the wrong name it is important to ask him why he did that.

Asking him would let you see the true intent of the conversation and why he called you by his ex’s name.

His reactions would explain why it happened but you have to be smart, to tell the truth about such actions.

Subtle reactions can give people away, and mostly have the biggest clue or sometimes even answers.

For instance, if he grins when you ask him why he called you by his ex’s name, then you can tell if he is been mischievous about it or not, 

If your boyfriend calls you by his ex’s name, you should ask him about that directly so he doesn’t deny it.

Why you should ask your boyfriend why he called you by his ex’s name is because he would be forced to give you an answer to your face.

Lying to your face would reveal his true intentions for you.

Don’t overthink it 

Don’t overthink it when your boyfriend calls you by his ex wife’s name, he does this subconsciously because he just had a breakup recently. Sometimes people had a long standing emotional attachment that takes time to process.

If it seems to be an innocent slip than it is totally normal to treat it as not that big a deal. It’s important to support someone as they are processing emotional feelings. And this can be a good opportunity to foster a stronger relationship.

Names and things around us all have a name, mistimes the stuff we use and come in contact with sticks to the head as this is a regular vocabulary in our memory loop.

If you know, your boyfriend loves there is no reason to overthink this, as long as you know he is not doing this intentionally and time is the true test of time.

With time it would prove itself or reveal if he will push beyond what he has learned over the years,

He will get used to you only if you give him a bit of time.

Caution him it can become a big deal

What you should do when your boyfriend calls you by his ex’s name is to caution him.

When you don’t warn your partner or boyfriend about something you don’t like, it helps to create room for communication, not doing this would make you have resentment.

Cautioning: talking to him would let him know you noticed something wrong that he needed to address as this is an issue you have to work on.

If you don’t caution him, it won’t come to his notice that he is calling you by his ex’s name.

This can be a huge turnoff for most women.

Please keep it in perspective

It is very easy for people to make mistakes. Especially if there are unresolved feelings of emotional attachment. This is normal and can last a surprisingly long time. If your boyfriend shows you by his actions that he Loves you, then it’s okay to take a deep breath and let it go.

It’s also important over time that as you share more time together mistakes happen less frequently. Over time they should almost disappear entirely. As your relationship grows and you foster every intimate moment; you can trust that your boyfriend is only thing of you.

Conclusion: your boyfriend called you by his ex’s name

Encountering your boyfriend calling you by his ex’s name can evoke a range of feelings. However, understanding the root causes—from habit formation to subconscious thoughts—can help navigate these situations with empathy and clarity. Open dialogue and patience are key in moving past this issue, strengthening your relationship.

This action always raises different feelings of emotions, you might feel hurt.

You should not fear asking your husband or boyfriend questions about this act especially if it happened and comes as a surprise to you.

Maybe he has just been dishonest about his relationship status, asking questions or cautioning him would help you know what you are dealing with in this relationship. 

There are several things to do when your boyfriend calls you by his ex’s name, you and your boyfriend know the circumstances between you coming together and it wouldn’t hurt to talk and help each other do better.


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