My Boyfriend Didn’t Get Me Anything for Our Two Years Anniversary

Anniversaries are one of the special occasions couples love to celebrate. It’s customary to want to spend that day on dates and picnics.

However, it isn’t unheard of that some people forget that day or don’t seem to see it as a big deal.

On the other hand, some pay more attention to the first anniversary and may not give the same attention to the second anniversary or other anniversaries.

And if your boyfriend doesn’t get you something for your second anniversary, it can be heartbreaking, because to us ladies, it can be such a big deal.

Unfortunately, for the men, forgetting special dates seems to be part of their culture. And of course, they don’t place much importance on such things as ladies do.

To help you understand why your boyfriend didn’t get you anything for your second anniversary and what you should do, here are the things you need to know. 

Why Your Boyfriend Didn’t Get You Anything for Your Second Anniversary

My Boyfriend Didn't Get Me Anything for Our Two Years Anniversary.

There are a lot of reasons your boyfriend may not get you anything for your second anniversary. It may range from forgetfulness, stress, or a lot going on at that time.

Also, it could be that he doesn’t see a second anniversary as a big deal, or he doesn’t care anymore. Let’s get into the details below.

He Forgot Your Anniversary

Forgetfulness is a natural occurrence. It happens to the best of people. Many times we get distracted by so many things and important things pass us by without us knowing.

If your boyfriend doesn’t get you anything for your second anniversary, your first thought could be that he doesn’t care. But hold on, it’s probably he forgot.

We ladies are more sensitive towards these dates and may have it on our minds for a long time while it may never cross our boyfriends’ minds.

If it’s the case that he didn’t remember, then he probably may be showing signs of guilt afterward after talking with him about it.

However, if you didn’t notice these signs or he didn’t apologize afterward, then maybe there’s more to think about.

He Didn’t Think You’ll Expect a Gift

Did he remember the anniversary? Did he kiss you and wish you a happy anniversary but end up not giving you a gift? Then, it’s probably because he didn’t realize you expected a gift.

Some boys are like this; oblivious of some things that are important to ladies.

And this is probably due to how they were raised. Maybe they don’t exchange gifts much in his family. And naturally, men are not wired to think as ladies do.

Some men may not see a gift as something necessary for your anniversary or have no idea how you want to celebrate it.

They may take you out and think it’s enough and wouldn’t know you expect a gift unless you let them know. 

He Didn’t See a Second Anniversary As a Big Deal

Some dating couples don’t place much importance on anniversaries. Even married couples too, may not place any importance on their wedding anniversaries.

In addition, while some dating couples might celebrate the first anniversary, they may not celebrate others or all.

If your boyfriend had given you something for the first anniversary and didn’t do it for the second, it’s probably because he didn’t see a second anniversary as important.

But, if it’s so that he didn’t give anything on the first anniversary, then it could mean that he doesn’t see anniversaries as something worth celebrating. Then, you should let him know that these things matter.

He Was Stressed

Another reason your boyfriend may not give you anything for your second anniversary can be as a result of stress.

Maybe in his workplace, he is under a lot of pressure or there are some problems he’s facing that are telling on him. This could make him not think much about your anniversary.

Stress could lead to a lot of things including not being yourself. Has he mentioned some difficulties he’s facing with work, school, or family of late?

This could put a lot of pressure on him and a gift for an anniversary becomes secondary to him.

There Was a Lot Going On

Another reason you may not get anything from your boyfriend for a second anniversary is that a lot is going on at that time.

If you’re sure he didn’t forget the date and he ends up not giving you a gift, then that could mean a lot is going on that may take the place of an anniversary.

Maybe he got too busy with work, and school activities. Was there an exam during that period? 

These are some of the things that could make him not celebrate your second anniversary or get you a gift.

He Doesn’t Have the Money

Financial constraints can also contribute to you not getting a gift on your second anniversary.

Your boyfriend may probably have it in mind to get you something big but lack the financial capacity. So, in order not you get you something you wouldn’t appreciate, he might do nothing.

He Doesn’t Know What You Want

If he remembers the date, wishes you a happy anniversary, and probably takes you out on a date or cooks you dinner without giving you a gift, then maybe he doesn’t know what you want. 

Even though you’ve spent two years together, some men are just too poor at knowing what women want. And some may not be keen to ask.

So, in order not to get you something you don’t like, your boyfriend may end up doing nothing or taking you on a date only.

He May Be Planning Something Big

You may not receive a gift on your anniversary because your boyfriend is planning something big; maybe a vacation or the like.

Although you may be expecting the surprise on D-day, he may want it to fall on a more convenient day.

In this case, whatever he’s planning may likely come some weeks after or after a month.

He Doesn’t Care Anymore

Yes, you may not receive anything on your second anniversary because your boyfriend doesn’t care anymore.

However, before you draw up this conclusion, you should check back on how your relationship has been. 

Has it been cool? Has he been showing signs that he doesn’t care anymore? Have you had a lot of fights? Has he been more reserved, closing off on you?

Also, check out his reaction after. Was he unapologetic even after telling him? Did he try to make up?

These are some of the signs you should check out if he didn’t get you a gift or celebrate your anniversary in any form. 

He is Selfish

We may not want to talk about this, but it’s possible your boyfriend is selfish and doesn’t like spending his money.

If you didn’t get anything on your second anniversary, then maybe you should check back. Did he get you anything on the first?

Does he get you anything at all except you request or pressure him? Does he generally not like spending on you?

Some men have this behavior  They only like to take and take without giving. And some may decide not to give probably because they’re not getting anything from the girl.

So, check out for this. If your boyfriend is the type that only takes and takes without giving, then you should know this is a red flag.

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Give You Anything on Your Anniversary

There are many ways to handle a situation when your boyfriend doesn’t give you anything on your second anniversary; the goal is to ensure you don’t jump to the wrong conclusion.

Think About Why You Are Hurt

My Boyfriend Didn't Get Me Anything for Our Two Years Anniversary.

First, you’ve to think about the real cause behind why you feel sad. Yes, he didn’t get you something as you’d expected, however, is that the reason you feel sad and angry?

Or are you sad because he has been disappointing you? If it’s the case that you’re upset because you’re surprised he didn’t meet up to expectations, then it could mean he has a good reason for that.

But, if he has been disappointing you then it’s about time you think about your relationship and the next line of action.

Ponder on Your Relationship

After understanding why you feel hurt, you’ve to think deeply about your relationship. Are you the one giving in more in the relationship?

Does he care as he should? Do you think you’re not getting what you deserve? Does he make you feel loved? 

If you feel you’re unhappy in your relationship, then you should call it quits.

Tell Him How You Feel

My Boyfriend Didn't Get Me Anything for Our Two Years Anniversary.

Next, you’ve to talk to him and let out your feelings. Ensure you’re calm before bringing up the topic.

If it’s the case that your anniversary passed without him acknowledging it in any form, then let him understand how that made you hurt.  

But if he remembered without doing anything, then tell him how gifts are important to you, especially on special occasions like your anniversary. 

Listen to him when you’re done speaking without interrupting. Hear him out and process everything; it doesn’t have to be immediate.

In this way, you’ll be able to understand where you stand in your relationship 

Remind Him of the Next Anniversary

My Boyfriend Didn't Get Me Anything for Our Two Years Anniversary.

If you’re continuing with your relationship, then you’ve to prepare him for your next anniversary. Talk to him about it and why it’s important you both plan together. 

Also, you can ask him what he’ll be getting you to give him the hint that you’ll like a gift. Make sure to let him know that it’s the thought that matters and not the cost of the gift.

In addition, you mustn’t be the girlfriend that only receives without giving. Get him gifts too, for your anniversary, his birthdays and any other day.

Getting him gifts will make him more conscious and sensitive to things like this. So, even if he’s the type that wasn’t brought up with giving gifts, he would learn with you.

Is forgetting an Anniversary a Big Deal?

Forgetting an anniversary will be a big deal or not depending on the context of the act. As humans we’re prone to forgetfulness; it’s a natural act.

So, before jumping to a conclusion as to why your partner forgot your anniversary, it’s important to understand why it happened. It could be that they were seriously caught up with so many things.

However, if it becomes a frequent occurrence in your relationship, then you should give it a good thought. 

Maybe after reminding them and they keep repeating it yearly, then it could probably mean there’s something wrong with the relationship.

Celebrating anniversaries is part of the ways to strengthen relationships and if your boyfriend keeps neglecting this even after letting him know, then this is a red flag. 

Is Two Years’ Anniversary a Big Deal?

It’s always good to celebrate anniversaries either as dating couples or married couples. However, whether a second anniversary is a big deal will depend on the type of relationship.

Some married couples may decide not to celebrate all anniversaries. Some may celebrate the first year, fifth, tenth, and the like.

For dating couples, this will also depend on how they see it. Not all dating couples remember the day they met or choose a day for their anniversary. 

So, a second anniversary is not always a big deal for all.


Anniversaries are important occasions in a relationship; whether the second anniversary or not.

Keeping them in mind and celebrating can help strengthen the relationship and keep the love burning either as dating or married couples.

If your boyfriend doesn’t get you anything for your second anniversary or celebrate it, then you must talk with him and tell him how it hurts your feelings and how gifts are important to you.

However, if you feel that that’s the climax of our hurt you’ve been in the relationship, then it’s important to call it quits rather than remain in an unhappy relationship.

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