When a Guy Jokingly Calls You Names! Why/What to Do?

Name-calling is an all-too-common act usually wielded by most people to checkmate the reaction o the person at the receiving end.

Often than not, people call each other names but with a fun-filled tone and to crack jokes for others to laugh at.

Other times, some people indulge in name-calling just to piss off another person. That’s exactly the point where name-calling becomes oblivious.

It is understandable to say that you might’ve been a victim of being called names by a guy, especially if you’re a girl or a lady.

And you sort of wonder why this is so. ‘Why would he call me a tease?’ ‘Was he right about what he just called me?’ These and more questions will cradle up in your mind.

However, I’ll be allowing you to uncover why a guy would jokingly call you names. Keep reading on!

6 Possible Reasons Why a Guy Jokingly Calls You Names

In this section of this post, I’ll be discussing the plausible intentions behind getting called names by a guy, but in a joking manner.

Just like there’s no smoke without fire, there are also reasons why a guy would do such a thing but we’ll be looking at this from two angles. The first is from a fellow guy’s perspective and then from a lady’s point of view.

Some of these reasons include.

For Guys

  • It shows he’s trying to establish familiarity
  • It points to how well he knows you
  • It is an indication that he’s in banter mode and wants you to join

For Girls

  • It shows he’s probably being a regular jerk
  • It probably means he’s hitting on you
  • It means he just wants to sound convincingly funny

For Guys

1. It Shows He’s Trying to Establish Familiarity

I know a bunch of guys who would talk down on you jokingly just to get along with you. They probably do this to feel in your circle, thereby building a kind of familiarity with you.

You’ll notice that the joke embedded in the name-calling is subtle and doesn’t necessarily sound too offensive.

This makes familiarity one of the reasons why a guy would call you names jokingly. It is an indication that the said guy is looking for a soft spot to get closely acquainted with you.

And he probably figures calling you names in a funny way will create such an atmosphere for him.

2. It Points to How Well He Knows You

Aside from the above instance, you’ll notice that the lots of persons who call you names jokingly are usually close relatives or friends.

And a closer observation shows that their choice of funny names to call you directly or indirectly reflects your attitude.

This is also applicable to the guy who calls you names jokingly. Perhaps, he’s trying to tell you how much of a person who knows you.

If the person is not closely related to you and not even a friend, it further proves how much he has discovered about you.

This is another move that leads to acquaintanceship because you’ll be intrigued to find out how and why the guy knows so much about you, to the extent of jokingly calling you names.

Therefore, you might consider this as a viable reason why a guy would jokingly call you names.

3. It Is an Indication That He’s in Banter Mode and Wants You to Join

Guys love banter as much as they love beers. This narrative becomes more understandable if the banter is about sports such as football or soccer, F1, or even basketball.

People from the opposition teams have a way of ruining the evenings of their contenders, especially if they’re on a winning streak.

In all of this drama, a guy might call you names jokingly. But the difference here is that the mode depicts banter, and as such, you shouldn’t take it too hard on yourself.

The reason for this gesture of his might be to beckon you to join the banter that is if you’re not already involved.

Likewise, he might do that to turn up the tempo of the banter. Either way, it’s a guy thing and you shouldn’t see it as anything more.

For Girls

4. It Shows He’s Probably Being a Regular Jerk

The issue of name-calling is quite different for the ladies just as a man differs from a woman.

Women have their unique way of viewing things, and a guy calling them names is certainly getting on their nerves. This is where the thing about tagging a guy jerk comes into play.

If as a girl, you are jokingly called names by a guy it could mean that he’s trying to be a badass jerk. Oftentimes, verbal war is only valid between people of the same gender.

This means that if a guy engages you in a verbal war but funnily does that, he is being a yank.

5. It Probably Means He’s Hitting on You

When a Guy Jokingly Calls You Names

When a guy has no game at hitting at a woman, there’s a chance he’ll keep beating about the bush but to no avail. That could be the case when a guy funnily calls you names.

The dude is probably looking for any possible way to sound welcoming enough to start a proper conversation with you, one that can lead to a relationship.

But that is a simp move and does not pan out as most of the guys who do that think.

6. It Means He Just Wants to Sound Convincingly Funny

Just like the previous point or reason, a guy who likes you would try to sound funny enough to get your attention. Perhaps, he figures that calling you names will work that magic and get you to hit off a conversation with him.

Does this work out? It does work out, but seldom. Therefore, here you have it…another reason why a guy would funnily call you names.

What to Do When a Girl Calls You Names?

Are you in search of what to do when a girl rains down names on you? If that’s so, count yourself lucky because you’re at the right place to get admonished on the necessary and best steps to take in such a situation.

I would’ve divided the tips into two respective genders, but that won’t be necessary as they address the situation despite the genders involved. These tips are as follows.

  • You have to remain calm and reserved
  • You should try to ignore the bad gesture
  • You have to affirm that you’re not what she said about you
  • You should treat it like a joke
  • You should leave the spot if necessary
  • You might want to drop your two dice on how you feel

1. You Have To Remain Calm and Reserved

The foremost step you have to take when a girl calls you names is to stay cool, calm, and collected. This is to ensure you do not give off any signs that you’re pained or disappointed with what she has said.

Women know how to play upon emotions as poets play upon words, so they can capitalize on how you react initially to further wreak havoc.

I know this is easier said than done, but it is not impossible to do. You can do this by maintaining a more focused eye-to-eye contact with the abuser and don’t bring down your gaze no matter what.

This way, you show her that you’re barely perturbed by her hurtful words.

2. You Should Try To Ignore the Bad Gesture

Likewise the previous tip, this right here proves to also be a hard task to do. It gets harder if you’re a girl as you lot are very emotional. However, this is still attainable if you put in the work.

You can put the whole drama to the side by paying deaf ears to whatever demeaning words the girl has to say or has already said to you.

You can achieve this more easily by leaving the spot. She might see it as a weakness if you’re a man, but don’t think like her.

See it as a remedial move for your mental health, one that you shouldn’t compromise because of name-calling.

Once you ignore the bad gesture, you avoid being seen as the victim and also save yourself the ache of watching a girl curse down on you.

3. You Have to Affirm That You’re Not What She Said About You

It is one thing to ignore name-calling and it is another thing to deny anything that was said about you in the course of the name-calling.

Women have sharp pairs of lips that can cut deep into your skin if they were machete. A girl who calls you names might say unrealistic things about you just to win the fight.

But it’s up to you to either bask in the thought of what she has said or to look beyond it and affirm that you have nothing close to what she said of you.

This is an inner exercise as you don’t have to voice it out. Meanwhile, you have to remain calm or even throw in unbothered facial expressions in-between conversations.

4. You Should Treat It Like a Joke

On a normal note, you can get called names in a comedy show you paid to be in. The funny part of it all is that you see all those as jokes and laugh it out, without even giving it a thought.

That’s for a paid comedy concert, but how about you replicate the same energy when a girl calls you names?

You should treat the name-calling as a joke, just like you treated the ones thrown at you in a comedy show. Even if you haven’t been in a comedy show before, you can still feign this energy and bring on the laughter and boos when a girl calls you names.

5. You Might Want To Drop Your Two Dice on How You Feel

This last tip is a go-to move if you’re a woman and was called names by another woman.

You should be able to tell her how bitter she looks by calling you names. I’m sure this will make her think twice before saying anything hurtful to you next time.

Should You Stay With a Man That Calls You Names?

No, you shouldn’t stay with a man who calls you names, especially if you’ve tried to address it but to no avail.

Name-calling is an awful and abusive act that is a tactic to manipulate how you view yourself. It is a quick way to make someone belittled.

It is verbal abuse as much as emotional abuse. And you don’t have to put up with any man that calls you names if you’re not already deeply committed to him.

But if you have, there’s still time for redress. Perhaps, a marriage counselor will help out.

How Do You Feel Better After Someone Calls You Names?

The thing is; no one feels better after someone calls them names. However, you can get back to being cool by doing any of the following.

  • You have to stay calm
  • You should positively confront the abuser
  • You can shrug it off
  • You can equally blow off steam with a not-too-salty comeback

1. You Have To Stay Calm

You can feel better after being called names by just staying calm and collected. This is because having a rushed-up feeling worsens the effect on you.

2. You Should Positively Confront the Abuser

You don’t have to play mute every time someone calls you names. There’s an option to address their insensitivity, but with a positive tone.

3. You Can Shrug It Off

Yes, you can shrug it off and continue being the beautiful soul you’ve always been. Basking in the thought of what was said to you will make you feel dejected and depressed, so throw the weight of being joyful on top of the bad names.

4. You Can Equally Blow off the Steam with a Not-too Salty Comeback

Comebacks have their way of making a statement; one that proves you’re not a weakling. Therefore, you can choose to drop subtle comebacks when someone calls you names.

Comebacks like, ‘We’re made of the same material’ or ‘Jealousy is your drive force’, can help salvage the moment.


Don’t you think you need to slam a baseball stick on the face of anyone who calls you names? At least, you’d have a better feeling when you do that.

However, history brims with the outcomes of those who paid back wrongdoing with violence so you don’t have to be included in the text.

This post contains well-thought reasons, tips, and details surrounding the issue of name-calling and how to jump through the hurdles of being a victim. Hope it made your search productive.

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