Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

A scrunchie is a piece of ribbon often worn by a couple to show that they are off singlehood because they are either dating or engaged in a single life.

Despite the fact that this type of ribbon was popular in the past, most men regard it as outdated or too girly to wear.

Hence, you don’t need to force it on him since there is a list of items you can give him which will perfectly replace a scrunchie in this modern day.

In this article, we will be looking at 15 things you can give your boyfriend in place of a scrunchie, which he will definitely love and won’t hesitate to wear.

15 Things You Can Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

You were probably thinking of a ring, but since it isn’t a proposal or marriage, you refrained because it would look too serious. But a ring is a perfect replacement for a scrunchie because it perfectly shows that he is taken.

Also, you can consider giving him a customized shirt that has an inscription of love or images of both of you.

It is just so much you can consider giving him, and we will be looking at a list of them and a detailed explanation of how to go about them. Without any more flurry, let’s dive right in.  

You Can Give Him A Ring

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

Although lately, rings have become a part of fashion and both married and unmarried people wear them, one thing remains, which is that your mind will constantly wonder if the person putting on the ring is either married, engaged, or single.

With this, you may even go as far as requesting to know their marital status. In the same vein, instead of giving your boyfriend a scrunchie, you can give him a ring. 

This ring will be a glaring sign that he’s got a girl. You can go further by wearing the same type of ring yourself, so when people see you both together, there will be no point in asking questions.

You Can Give Him A Cartier Love Bracelet 

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

A carrier love bracelet is one beautiful substitute for a scrunchie. It was designed by a young man named Aldo in 1969 in New York. At the advent of this bracelet, it was given to a high-profile couple, and the idea was that the lady had one and the man had one.

The bracelet can only be taken off with a screwdriver. You would literally have to unscrew the bracelet and put it on like shackles or cuffs. This means a person can’t put the bracelet on by themselves. 

A cartier bracelet serves as a cool substitute for a scrunchie because it is obviously a love bracelet worn by couples. When anyone sees it, they won’t tend to ask the question, “Do you have a girlfriend?” But, “Who is your girlfriend?”

You May Give Him A Customized Shirt

Giving your boyfriend a customized shirt In place of a scrunchie, is also one obvious way that he announces to everyone else that he has a girlfriend.

When he wears the shirt, he expresses to others how much he loves and values you. As regards customizing the shirt, you can have both names on the shirts and take the one that has his name while you give him the one that has yours on it.

Better still, you can employ the use of the heart shape, which depicts love, with some alluring write-ups like “ I love you forever“. Now, this is an obvious way to tell the world your boyfriend is off the single market.

You Might Give Him A Stone Paper Notebook

You could have given him any notebook you wanted, but a stone paper notebook is unique and not the typical book people carry around.

A stone paper notebook is completely waterproof and oil-resistant and can last for as long as you keep it. Since it is quite expensive, it will be one of his most treasured assets, and he will certainly take it everywhere he goes.

The book will be a constant reminder of you, how special you are to him, and the love you both share together.

The book can also serve as a way in which you both have a detailed record of your relationship since it’s inception. Whether or not you both have to upgrade in certain aspects of your lives, and the best way to make your relationship move forward.

You Can Give Him A Locket Necklace

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

Virtually everyone wears a neckpiece. Hence, it may not make much difference if you give your boyfriend one. A locket makes the neckpiece more personalized.

Just as it was used in the 40s when the wearers had a small portrait of their loved one in the locket. It can be reciprocated even in this modern day because its meaning hasn’t changed one bit. 

Giving your boyfriend a locket necklace would serve as a nice replacement for a scrunchie. And anyone who comes into contact with him will ask the question, “Who is she?” Or “is she your girlfriend?”

You May Give Him A Matching Wristwatch

A scrunchie is a matching piece of ribbon worn by both parties. But since it is quite out of style, you can easily replace it with what’s in style. A wristwatch is a suitable piece of fashionable jewelry associated with a man.

You should ensure it matches with yours such that he feels obligated to wear it every time.

Also, regularly wearing the wristwatch will reflect how much he loves you because, even though he has a vast collection of wristwatches, he will always appear in the one his girlfriend gave him.

You can get a wristwatch that has a more feminine look, so it is pretty obvious that it was given to him by a girl who is probably his girlfriend.

You Can Give Him A perfume

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

If you have a signature smell that everyone knows, you can consider giving it to him. Due to the fact that it is your signature smell, there will be some level of suspicion that you are both dating.

To clarify that it is not a coincidence, one can decide to ask him about it and he will affirm that it was his girlfriend who gave him the perfume.

A perfume can serve as a substitute even if he isn’t around people who know your signature smell. As a lady, there is a high chance you are using a perfume with a feminine feel.

Giving your boyfriend the same perfume will make almost everyone question his reason for using a feminine perfume.

This is because there are a thousand collections of masculine perfumes and they do not know him with such quirky behavior. However, his response will always lead back to you, letting everyone know that he is taken.

You May Give Him A Picture Of Both Of You 

Giving your boyfriend a scrunchie was a way to show that he was taken, but it wasn’t so effective because any girl who is attracted to him can still have him. This is because a scrunchie gives an imaginary picture of who your girlfriend really is.

Hence, a picture of both of you is a better way to show that he has a girlfriend and what she looks like. It is possible that the girl who finds him attractive is someone close to you, but since you prefer having a close relationship with him, she doesn’t know he is your man.

And so, the moment she sees a picture of the both of you, she will have a rethink. Also, your boyfriend may not be the type of guy anyone would believe has a girlfriend because of his soft nature.

Hence, no matter how much he tries to convince them, they will persist that he doesn’t have the nerve to court a girl. At this point, the picture of you two will shut them up because they’ve seen it for themselves.

You Can Give Him A Customized Phone Pouch 

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

In this modern age, the rate at which people make use of their phones is flickering. It has been statistically proven that an average person picks up their phone at least eighty-five times a day.

Hence, giving your boyfriend a customized phone pouch is like a mini advertisement for his relationship status.

Even when he doesn’t intend to make an intentional announcement about his relationship status, everyone close to him gets to see it the moment he handles his phone.

You can consider some custom designs, like having a picture of both of you with the love emoji surrounding it. 

And if you think this is going to look too serious or he won’t fancy it, an inscription of “ I love my girlfriend” will be a cool one to use. Furthermore, you can look out for phone case customization ideas for couples and choose one suitable for you.

You May Give Him A Custom-made Hoodie 

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

Hoodies are mostly associated with guys. They don’t even wait until the winter season before they get all dressed in a hoodie because it gives them some sort of “Alpha-Male” feel.

Therefore, if you give your boyfriend a custom-made hoodie, he is liable to wear it almost everywhere, especially on days he desires to be all dressed up in a casual dress.

A custom-made hoodie in place of a scrunchie gives him the fascination to put it on more often.

Because he doesn’t have to displease himself by wearing some sort of outdated band on his wrist just to show that he is taken. He can dress in a more fashionable way and still announce to the world that he’s got you.

You Can Give Him A Piece Of Art 

A framed artwork is a way through which anyone can know if a guy is single or has a girl in his life. You ought to ensure that the piece of art is an obvious pointer that he is in a relationship. It should be one that speaks a volume about love.

Since there are more options to choose from, such as decorative arts, still arts, life-meaning arts, and so many others.

He would be considered a lover boy because he has a loving portrait hanging on his wall. Anyone who visits him gets to see it and would feel that this guy is definitely in love.

You May Give Him A Pet

Most guys would not accept a scrunchie because it is just too gritty. However, a pet will be an interesting gift that he will accept.

A pet in its restless state will always remind him of you and how he ought to take care of the pet. The process of taking care of the pet helps him bond with you. He knows that if the pet isn’t taken care of, it would show his laxity towards protecting your stuff.

Also, his friends will be curious to know when he acquired a pet without telling them. His response will obviously point out to you that ” My girlfriend gave it to me“.

Or when he was out for a walk with the pet, some people would make some sweet comments like “She looks so cute” and, in response, he would say “I know, right? My girlfriend knows how to choose the best things”.

You Can Give Him A Matching Face Cap 

I once saw this guy who was my high school classmate, and it was quite sunny on that day. He dressed so nicely, but the inscription on his cap was what actually captivated me.

The inscription read ” Her king” and I began to wonder, whose king? After relating this to my friend, she explained to me how a matching face cap is one way someone in a relationship can show that their partner is taken. 

This sure can replace a scrunchie. All you have to do is change the customization to suit your needs.

You May Give Him An Interlocking Neck Piece 

Things to Give Your Boyfriend in Place of a Scrunchie

Interlocking necklaces are mostly used by couples to show the bond that exists between them.

Especially if the pendant is a set of matching rings or a buck and doe pendant. This always reminds him that the other half is with you, showing that you are a part of him. 

Also, people are able to decipher that an interlocking pendant is used by two people who are in love, and since he wears half of it, the other hand is with someone else who is most likely his girlfriend.

You Can Give Him A Purse

You can give him a purse that has a picture of you in its inner pockets. Each time he takes out his purse to pay a bill, he gets reminded of you.

Also, people around you can just ask, “Is she your sister?” And his response will be “No, she is my girlfriend” So, they’ll learn that your boyfriend is not single. Big Kudos to your purse gift.


To wrap up this intriguing article, it is important to know that as much as he is in love with you, he wouldn’t want to show the world that he has a girlfriend if the only thing was wearing some outdated scrunchie on his hair or wrist.

However, just as I have been able to point out possible substitutes for a scrunchie, you ought to know which one will blend with your boyfriend’s personality.

If he is a wristwatch freak, then the matching wristwatch option will work fine. Or if he prefers having pets around, and so on.

I believe this article has answered your question about what you can give your boyfriend in place of a scrunchie. Don’t forget to share this post if you find it insightful.

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