What It Means When Someone Calls You A Robot

Robot can sound pretty weird word when used to refer to a person. You may find it hard to know what it means when you are called by this but it is quite simple. You know how robots are or how they are believed to be.

 A robot is believed to be strong and incapable of tiring. It could be used to mean this and it would be a compliment. A robot is believed to be wooden, that is it shows no emotions. It could also be used to refer to a heartless person.

 A robot is believed to have no mind of its own. Check the lists below for the basic meanings and what to do when a person calls you a robot.

What Does It Mean When Someone Calls You A Robot.

What It Means When Someone Calls You A Robot

  • You have a unique accuracy
  • You are annoyingly and tirelessly hyperactive.
  • You are very determined
  • You are heartless
  • You never get tired.
  • You show no emotions
  • You are controlled by someone else
  • You are stupid

You have a unique accuracy

When a person calls you a robot, it could mean you are perfect at something or you have performed a feat with great accuracy.

 While humans are believed by most to be the most intelligent creatures on the Earth’s surface, computers and machines are sometimes believed to be flawless in performance.

That is because they are programmed to perform a certain task and that is all they do. They never make mistakes unless something steps in or someone causes the machine to malfunction.

You will know if this is what the word was intended to mean. That is because it should come after you have performed an awe-inspiring feat in front of people. It is a compliment and you should take it as one.

You are annoyingly and tirelessly hyperactive

Robots are machines and machines are known to be very energetic. A machine never complains about work or gets tired.

Robots are believed to be able to do one thing again and again for a very long time without taking any breaks.

While this can be used in a positive way to commend a person’s enthusiasm and display of strength, it can also have an insulting meaning. It can refer to a person who keeps jumping around tirelessly and the expression of the speaker will show it’s not meant as a compliment.

This insult will most likely come after you have messed up with your energetic nature. When you have done something wrong or made a mistake while being hyperactive, you can be called a robot.

You are very determined

This is pretty easy to understand. Robots, machines, and computers are programmed to perform certain tasks, just as mentioned earlier.

 When something is programmed for a particular time or activity, it can’t fail on its own. Asides from the unarguable accuracy that machines are believed to have, they also stick to the programmed time and the programmed activity.

Robots always perform the activity they are programmed to perform at the programmed time. This can be compared to determination in humans.

 Unless something steps in to disrupt the activity of a robot or affect the time of the activity, a Robot will always perform its activity at the stipulated time.

 When you are called a robot and this is what it means, you may not know this is what it refers to. However, you can always tell whether it is an insult or a compliment from the facial expression of the person talking and the moment the conversation is happening.

You are heartless

This is very literal. You can’t easily tell when a person is saying you are heartless by just calling you a robot but it should be noted that a person won’t just call you a robot without saying anything more.

 A Robot is known to show no emotions and this goes beyond facial expressions. While this can be used to refer to facial expressions, that is not the case.

Rather, it refers to the feeling of sympathy or care. A robot will always perform the task it is programmed to do at the time it is programmed to work.

However, if its programming works against your wish or even that of its programmer, it won’t stop working for that reason unless someone steps in to stop it.

Even if there is an emergency that is obvious to everyone, you can’t simply tell that to a robot or a computer and expect it to stop working on its own. That is what it means when robots are called heartless.

If a person calls you heartless by referring to you as a robot, you can’t just guess this is what the person is trying to say but you should know from the situation around.

The person will probably say this, immediately you have demonstrated the act. There is also a chance that while you are getting insulted, the person calls you a robot and goes on to say other things that explain what robot was used to mean.

You never get tired

Just as mentioned earlier, computers and robots don’t take rest. They do their jobs as they are programmed to do. This is a kind of compliment.

You may argue about the hibernation of computers and the standby mode of machines but machines don’t decide to be in that state. If a computer is not programmed to go off, it will not go off unless something or someone makes it go off.

A computer will not complain of weariness or stop working unless a part of it makes it break down. If the battery in a computer is taken out, it will go off. However, if the battery is put back in, it will continue working as it should.

 Before a robot or computer can stop working, something must be there to make that happen. If you are called a robot, it could be because you have demonstrated great energy or you have been doing something for a long time without stopping. In this case, it is just a compliment.

You show no emotions

This has been mentioned earlier. A computer will not choose to wear a smiley face unless someone makes it that way. The computer will not remake itself to its will.

Robots are made in a physical form and will not change unless they are made to change their shapes.

This word can be replaced with wooden. If you are called a robot, it can be because you have refused to react in a way that you are expected to or you always hide your emotions.

Sometimes, you may be able to tell that this is what the word means, especially if it seems the person is expecting a reaction which you are hiding.

Other times, the name is used randomly because of what you have done in the past. However, if you are called a robot in a conversation, there is a chance what the person says next will show if this is what it means.

 It is not a compliment but it isn’t an insult either. You don’t have to overthink it unless you don’t like the name.

You are controlled by someone else

You can always tell if this is what a person means by calling you a robot. There is a chance the person would have made this accusation before calling you a robot. There is also a chance the person will make this accusation after calling you a robot.

 A robot tends to be controlled by a person. There are so many kinds of robots and machines that are not programmed for tasks. They do not work till a person starts them up and when they start working, there is always someone giving the directions on what to do.

 This word can be used as an insult if you are taking orders from a person or acting in a certain way because of another person. This is an insult but it can be said in a light note. However, from the situation at hand or what the person says next, you may be able to tell if this is what the person is insinuating.

You are stupid

This is an insult. You can’t jump to the conclusion that this is what a person is insinuating by calling you a robot.

However, when a person is insulting you with the word, it should be very easy to tell. From the situation or what the person says, you will know if the person is indirectly calling you stupid.

 Robots and computers can be considered stupid since they don’t think on their own. This is similar to the point above.

While the point above can be said in a fair manner, this one is blunter. It shifts slightly from being controlled to being unable to do the right thing because someone else is dictating.

 If a person is insinuating this, the person will be very blunt and, even if the next words sound indirect, they will clearly mean you are being stupid.

What To Do When Someone Calls You A Robot

  • Stop talking to him/her
  • Accept the compliment with a smile
  • Change the topic
  • Ignore him/her

Stop talking to him/her

While this is not the best thing to do, some people choose this option anyway. You may also want to do this. If it is said as a compliment, cutting ties with the person is not going to be a good idea. It will only show that you are not socially intelligent.

 However, if a person keeps insulting you with this word and you think you don’t deserve it, you can simply stop talking to the person.

Accept the compliment with a smile

You don’t have to do anything if you have been complimented. To be honest, stopping people from saying compliments to you doesn’t speak well of your social and mental well-being. You should only do this when you believe a person is trying to deceive you.

 However, when you are called a Robot as a clear compliment, you can simply smile and say thank you.

Change the topic

Like some meanings in the above list, the word can be quite neutral. It won’t be an insult but it won’t be a compliment either.

 It could be used to mean that you are being controlled but in a way that is not insulting. If you don’t like the accusation or just the word, you can find a way to change the topic.


Most people choose to ignore when others keep calling them by this name. When it is an insult, it is considered a bad idea to ignore but you can simply do that.

 If you believe they won’t listen to why you do your things your way and keep accusing you of being controlled, you don’t have to do anything. Just stop listening when they start their problems.

What To Say When Someone Calls You A Robot

  • What does that mean?
  • I often get tired though.
  • Stop calling me that.
  • Can you focus on yourself?
  • You’re not better than me.
  • How does that affect you?

What does that mean?

There are times a person will use the word and you won’t know what it has been used to mean. You can simply ask the person what it means unless you already know the meaning. 

 A person can choose to call you robot instead of your name. It is much harder to tell what it means so this question will be perfect.

I often get tired though

 If the word has been used to compliment your energy, you can respond with this. You won’t be rejecting the compliment. Rather, you are being modest.

 This will only be nice to say when the word is used for the first time. The next time you are called a robot, you should just smile.

Stop calling me that

If the word is used as an insult, this response can make you sound weak. However, if it is used in a neutral form or used to replace your name, you can respond with this.

 If you have been insulted, you should choose another response.

Can you focus on yourself?

This is a question to respond with if you have been insulted. Virtually every meaning associated with robot is about yourself. This is a great response unless your actions have affected the other person.

 If the other person is affected by your actions, you should be sober instead of getting defensive.

You’re not better than me

 This is a nice way to respond if you have been insulted with the word. It will most likely lead to an argument but you have to be able to express how you are better than that person.

 After that argument, there is a chance the person won’t call you a robot anymore.

How does that affect you?

This is a nice comeback question and it is perfect unless the person you are talking about is affected. Then, saying this will make you insensitive.

 However, this response should shut the person up.


When you are called a robot, it is more likely a compliment than an insult so you can take a deep breath and listen first. However, if you need a comeback or a guide on what to do, this article must have adequately guided you.

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