Why Does My Boyfriend Sniff Me? (6 Major Reasons We Know!)

You’re probably having sleepless nights, ruminating over why your boyfriend would act like a dog around you. What’s with the sniffing? You may ask.

But the thought of it can even make someone puke if the person is not well-versed in the issues of romance and its intricacies.

Perhaps, he starts from your hair down to your neck, sniffing through your skin like he’s looking for some precious stones while hoping his olfactory receptors would come to his aid.

Since you’re perturbed by this action, you should switch the question format from “why” to “what”. What are his triggers for doing this?

What does he aim to achieve by sniffing you? I wouldn’t want to stress it further, because you found your way to this post, seeking answers to your questions.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll be discussing lengthily the possible reasons why your boyfriend sniffs you. You might want to continue reading through, to get your doubts cleared and done with.

6 Major Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Sniff You?

Artists need a muse to create wonderful pieces of art, and the same goes for songstresses.

Fortunately, there could be some sort of muse behind your boyfriend’s habitual or occasional act of sniffing you. That brings us to a listicle of 6 Major reasons why he does this.

To save you some credits; you might’ve thought about some or any of these reasons, so my purpose would be to elaborate more on it.

To bring precision to your troubled mind, here are the motives behind the sniffing.

  1. It depicts you have an appealing smell
  2. It proves he’s s*xually triggered by his sense of smell
  3. It could indicate that he’s just being intimate
  4. It means you both are genetically compatible
  5. It means he finds comfort in your scent
  6. It shows he’s collecting and storing memories of you

It Depicts You Have an Appealing Smell

There’s this thing about the smell, which often leaves me in awe of how pleasing some people can be. There are people whose smell radiates love and happiness.

And others smell not too terrible, but the radiation isn’t always great. You can call it aura; which is a metaphysical term for the type of energy some people radiate out.

Perhaps, your boyfriend probably likes sniffing you because you’ve got an appealing aura which is evident as a body odor or smell in this case.

With the sniffing, comes premium joy and soothing relaxation in his mind.

You should see it from the angle that your boyfriend sniffs you because he “knows” you smell wonderful; emphasis on knows.

With this realization, you’ll feel less discomfort when he does this, because you now know deep down he’s just feeling you.

You smell nice and he’s probably tired of telling you verbally, so he now resorts to sniffing you. In all, he’s just being appreciative of you.

It Proves He’s S*xually Triggered by the Sense of Smell

The concept of love language is almost common knowledge. But, other elements combine to bring the chemistry between two s*xual individuals to fruition.

Some of them include the sense of touch, smell, and sight. While these are similar to the different components of our human sensory system, ditto, they’re also responsible for responses to s*xual stimuli.

For the sake of this article, I’ll call these factors “triggers”. So, if your boyfriend has a thing for sniffing you, it could be his s*xual trigger.

This would be the case if there’s a pattern for this. Does he sniff you mostly at bedtime? Does he get a boner each time he sniffs you?

What’s the atmosphere like whenever he sniffs you? These are questions that need answers and I guess you have them already.

Therefore, if there’s a recurrent pattern or course of action, i.e. sniffing, then there’s a good chance this could be his s*xual trigger.

On the flip side, if you’re too conscious of what the pattern could be, you might want to start marking up each time he sniffs you.

If you notice any of the patterns I mentioned above, this could be just a case of s*xual responsiveness and not any weird attitude you might’ve been thinking about.

It Could Indicate That He’s Just Being Intimate

There’s more to romance than locking lips and rolling tongues. There’s even more to scanning fingers radically all over a partner’s body.

Just so you know, there’s something known as feet worshipping and it’s also romance. On that note, what makes your boyfriend’s attitude of sniffing you unattractive?

Things shouldn’t always be done like the regular, because sometimes you need to switch it up a bit.

It would only be awful if you feel uncomfortable about it and does nothing to resolve it. But if you enjoy it, and are only asking to know the details, there you have it.

Sniffing you could be one of your boyfriend’s unorthodox methods of being attractive. It doesn’t always have to be the way we’ve always known, oftentimes, weird acts of love also count.

It Means You Both Are Genetically Compatible

The practice of matchmaking via the sense of smell sounds bizarre but is true. This was introduced by a group of NYC researchers under the umbrella called Smell Dating.

Here, people are meant to pick a partner based on how much they like the smell of the other person’s body.

It sounded boring until it started yielding positive results and the hypothesis became something that’s being projected by a lot of social media influencers.

This same phenomenon could be the same thing with you and your boyfriend, in which the relationship was built on the foundation of smell.

For the record, you can’t only find love through your eyes, the nose now plays a viable role too. It explains why your boyfriend likes to sniff you because it shows the genetic compatibility between you both.

A report from Time on smell dating throws more light on this case study. The report also explains the role of the sense of smell in the issue of pleasure and how important it is to ensure that there’s a constant sync between couples.

It Means He Finds Comfort in Your Scent

Just like the smell of a loved one could hint at compatibility, you only feel the connection if you find comfort in the scent.

This is another plausible reason why your boyfriend sniffs you. Does he like doing this when he’s tensed up, or when he just had a rough day at work?

If yes is the answer, then there could be a great chance that he does it in a bid to find comfort in your scent.

This shouldn’t be a cause for alarm as you probably have an appealing smell; else he wouldn’t be sniffing you.

It Shows He’s Collecting and Storing Memories of You

If you must know, there’s a link between the sense of smell and memories.

According to the infamous Proust Phenomenon, the memories recollected from the sense of smell are more vivid than those gotten from other sensory organs like sight and hearing.

This also brings us to further the relationship between the sense of smell and memories as propagated by News Medical.

Judging by the high probability that your boyfriend’s act of sniffing you could be a way of collecting and storing memories of you, it makes his actions less weird.

Funnily enough, he might not know what he’s up to, because some of these sensory-related actions are rather involuntary. Therefore, you can count it as a plausible reason why he sniffs you.

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Sniffs You?

There are two ways you can go about taking action if your boyfriend sniffs you. First is to act positively, in the good faith that you don’t find it less demoralizing or s*xualizing for him to do that to you; OR you can act in the opposite.

To make things clearer, I’m saying you can either move on with the actions or address them.

That brings us to the two groupings of actions that you can take when your boyfriend sniffs you. These are 5 great actions to take which are divided into two categories of acceptance.

You are left to decide where you’ll pitch your tent.

If you fancy it

  • You should oblige him
  • You should also enjoy it while it lasts
  • You have to reciprocate it too

You Should Oblige Him

One thing you should do if you like being sniffed by your boyfriend is to grant more access.

By obliging him, I mean, putting on nice deodorants, taking regular baths, and grooming you to always come out neat and fresh.

I know you might’ve needed answers to why he does that, not because you hate it but because you just want to know.

So, now you have discovered the possible reasons via this article, you owe it to yourself to keep making the moments more memorable, especially if he’s doing that to increase bonding and memories with you as his partner.

You Should Also Enjoy It While It Lasts

In conjunction with the initial tip on what to do, you also have the option of enjoying the moment

I can tell that there’s this feeling of confidence you’ll get knowing that your boyfriend appreciates your body so much to sniff through your skin.

Therefore, instead of living in doubt of what might be his motive, why not bask in the gracious feeling of heightened sensation?

To add icing on the cake, you can capitalize on this to even create magical moments with your partner by getting creative with your love life.

You Have to Reciprocate It Too

Having obliged and equally enjoyed the company of your boyfriend while he sniffs you, it is now left for you to reciprocate this gesture.

However, there’s no mandate on this so it is a willful act if you choose to return the sniffing to your partner.

Pejoratively, my research shows that if you give back on this, there’s a chance that the bonding process between you both will be strengthened more.

If you do not

  • You can talk it over with him
  • You should try new beauty products

You Can Talk It Over With Him

If you don’t like getting sniffed by your boyfriend, you have the option of talking it over with him.

You should be able to walk him through why you feel s*xualized when he does it, perhaps that could be the problem.

You Should Try New Beauty Products

If talking things through with him is producing less effect, you can switch things up by making use of new beauty products.

This could make him keep his distance from sniffing you as he’s probably not accustomed to the new products you’re making use of.

Can You Smell When Someone Is Attracted to You?

Yes, you can smell when someone is attracted to you. This has a lot of work related to your olfactory system.

However, according to a report by The Zoe Report, and an interview delivered by a licensed mental health counselor, Dr. Joanne Federick; the relationship between the sense of smell and attraction is buttressed.

The whole setup is made possible as a result of a subconscious element at play.

Why Does My Boyfriend Sniff Me
Photo Credit: The Zoe Report


This is to say that you can smell when someone is attracted to you. Courtesy of the existence and release of love hormones, medically known as pheromones; you can tell through smell that someone is s*xually interested in you.

There’s this sort of emotional connection that you’ll feel right through your nostrils when you get close to someone who is attracted to you.

Can Your Partner Make You Smell?

Yes, you can make your partner smell. There are a couple of factors at play here, but the main deal is that it is possible.

The foremost factor that plays a great role in this is the case of over-attachment to a partner. If you’re always in each other’s skin and arms, there’s a chance one will blend into the smell of the other partner.

Sharing the same beauty product with your partner also increases their chances of influencing your smell with theirs.

Inclusively, intimacy has its place in contributing to making you smell like your partner. If you’re locked in constant intercourse with your partner, over time you will start smelling like him or her.

If you are into any of these with your partner, there’s a possibility you will pick up their scent over time.


Romance evolves just like life does. It doesn’t always have to be business as usual and to prove this, a lot of people have now devised new means to communicate their feelings.

Sniffing a partner’s body counts as one of these ways, and its unpopular acceptance makes it weird for some people.

Nonetheless, I did justice in this article which exposits on the possible reasons why your boyfriend sniffs you.

Also mentioned in this post are actions you ought to take and also other relative topics to this topic.

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