What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Will Be in Touch?

The first dates are the most times when you get to hear a guy say he’ll be in touch with you.

Other times when you get to hear this is after you’ve just had one of the most interesting conversations with a guy you just met, and there seems to be chemistry already existing between you two.

But still, you may be left to wonder what his true intentions were behind that statement.

Are these intentions going to favor you? What are the chances that you’ll see the guy again judging from the tone of his voice?

If you must know, it is completely fine to entertain doubts and questions, but you must now blow things out of proportion while you’re at it.

In this post, I’ll be walking you through a couple of meanings behind the statement and equally other topics that relate to this subject matter. To learn more, keep reading on!

5 Meanings When a Guy Says He Will Be in Touch

Your doubts and uncertainties as to what it means when a guy says he will be in touch are about to get resolved.

For what it’s worth, there is a meaning behind those words and they can go from what you suspect them to be to entirely different things.

Therefore, to save you the suspense, below are 5 plausible meanings as to when a guy says he will be in touch.

  1. It is his intention to be close to you
  2. It could be a blowoff to you
  3. It could be a hint at another date
  4. It means he’s avoiding questions from you
  5. It could be he’s not bold enough to shoot his shots

It is his intention to be close to you

When a guy says he will be in touch, there’s a great chance that he just wants to have a close relationship with you. It may not mean anything far from that.

To buttress it more; in the case of a first meet-up, the guy might tell this after you guys are done with exchanging phone numbers or social media handles.

You can see from the angle that he doesn’t want to take your social media handle or phone number to be in vain.

Therefore to make things lighter, he might say he will keep in touch. That’s just a polite statement with no strong claims or intentions behind it.

Just so you know, the guy who said that didn’t mean anything serious unless he drops further hints on that.

On that note, you can consider this to be a good meaning which represents what the boy means when he said he will keep in touch.

Because it is based on a polite way of furthering a start-up friendship, I guess there’s no need for you to assume anything other than that.

It Could Be a Blow-off for you

Unlike the last meaning which posits that a guy telling you he’ll keep in touch is a polite way of furthering a startup friendship, things took a whole new turn in this meaning.

In this section, the statement is a complete but smooth blow-off to you from the guy.

I mentioned in the previous meaning that there could be no intent behind the statement, but here there’s a possibility that an intention exists.

Here, if the guy says he will be in touch while putting up a smirky face and what looks like a sinister grin then there’s a chance he is writing you off.

Plus, if he says the statement so quickly that he barely grasped what he had said before zooming off, it could also be a blowoff.

On most occasions, guys do this when they’re not interested in a girl. So instead of being blunt and unapologetic, some guys would rather say this line to you.

This way, he tries to massage the ego of the lady and might probably not even “keep in touch” at all. It could also be a blow-off to you if you do not sense any sign of emotional spice in the voice of the guy.

It Could Be a Hint at another Date

There are a couple of weird things some confident guys do when they’re with a girl. And that is, they like to add suspense to the spice of their game on the girl.

When a guy says he will be in touch with you, it could hint at another date. You’re free to pull out your doubt cards, but there’s always room for a possibility.

Because of that, you can tell if it is an invitation for another date if he had shown so much delight in hanging out with you if it is a first date situation.

Similarly, if he looks too anxious to see you again it could also be a hint that he wants to enjoy your company again.

It Means He’s Avoiding Questions from You

What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Will Be in Touch

Just like in the case of a blow-off, a guy might tell you he will keep in touch with you if he’s trying to run off without being questioned by you.

The fact that a lot of guys love using verbal encryption to talk explains why a guy would say to you that he will keep in touch with you.

This means the guy is probably looking for a way to lay you off or kind of leave the place as fast as he can.

I have seen guys storm out of an argument or query using little and insignificant statements as an excuse.

And this may not be anything far from it, as the guy who told you so might probably have the same agenda of avoiding questions from you.

It Could Be He’s Not Bold Enough to Shoot His Shots

Lack of confidence can be another meaning of when a guy says he will keep in touch with you.

Just like some men encrypt their real intents using mundane words to avoid questions, some do it because they aren’t bold enough to tell you how they feel about you on the spot.

Assuming it is a case of a meet and greet dinner with a guy and after the whole fun time, he shyly says he will keep in touch after requesting your social handles and phone number; that guy wants to shoot his shots but can’t.

This is evident if he has a shy countenance and any other compromising body gesture that may give him up.

What to Do When He Says He Will Be in Touch?

Since y’all can now tell what it means when a guy says he will be in touch, do you have any idea what you should do?

Taking action is the next thing you should start considering after you’ve verified the cause of his statement.

As against what you might’ve heard, keeping quiet on a guy because he said he’ll keep in touch and fails to, is not a good idea.

You can get over the normal things by following any of the tips on actions to take.

  • You should try to initiate further dates
  • You shouldn’t push anything on him
  • You don’t have to expect too much, but try to
  • You should consider how he reacted to you
  • You have to evaluate your relationship with him
  • You should then decide what you want

You Should Try to Initiate Further Dates

When you see a guy who says ‘I will keep in touch with you’ as an attempt for the guy to blow you off, that shouldn’t stop you from being intact with the guy.

If you love someone, there’s no need for you to slack back just because he doesn’t look interested.

On that note, you should try to initiate further dates with the guy if it is a first-date scenario. You can put calls across to him, send text messages, and/or even ping him via social media.

The idea is to put up resilience for as long as you can in the faith that he will come around.

You Shouldn’t Push Anything on Him

Just like you’re trying to set up more dates with the guy who said he will keep in touch, you should endeavor not to push anything on him.

To do this, you have to keep your distance even while you’re making your intentions known. You should do things in a way that doesn’t give off the obsession vibe.

With this in place, your stand with him remains neutral and considerate. There won’t be any need to label you an obsessed person.

Plus, you shouldn’t be defeated and lousy when you eventually meet him next.

You Don’t Have to Expect Too Much but Try To

While you set all your monitors out to get him for yourself do well to expect nothing. Do not keep your hopes higher than they should be, because it shows desperation You have to remain as calm as possible.

However, this doesn’t mean you won’t keep alive. Since there’s always a chance to break through, you should try to have a moderate level of hope.

This will help you avoid something as bad as an emotional breakdown due to disappointment.

You Should Consider How He Reacted to You

We’ve been discussing surviving techniques all these while we’re looking at things you should do after a guy said to you ‘I will be in touch.’

How he reacted to you just after saying what he said would help you make a lasting solution on what to do.

Did he look funny, serious, or just normal? Was he with a smirk on his face? What about any sinister grin on his face?

Once you have answers to this question, solving your problem is almost done.

You Have to Evaluate Your Relationship with Him

Another good action you should take is evaluating your relationship with the guy in question. What type of friends are you guys on?

You’ll also have a bit of closure after you’re done with this sort of self-evaluation.

You’ll decide between a platonic or intimate relationship. This can equally help you decide what next move to take since you might want to have a thing with the person after.

You Should Then Decide What You Want

What Does It Mean When a Guy Says He Will Be in Touch

The last step on what to do is to take action itself. It is pointless if after cramming up the answers, and then I also failed.

But before you do that, you should first pick which action suits you the best. When you’re done with deciding and acting, it is now left for you to watch out for the outputs.

How to Tell Someone to Stay in Touch?

Sometimes, all that some people need in their life is someone to make them feel wanted. They want to share in the company of someone who makes them feel appreciated and loved.

When you meet such a person who gives you Goosebumps and joy in one, it is in your place to them to stay in touch, which wounds up as a good move.

Forget about appearing desperate; I call this being decisive. However, we can’t deny the fact that there are people who find it difficult to express this craving verbally.

And because of that, I’ve put together a couple of lines that can help make your intent disclosure more seamless and concise. These lines include.

  • We should meet again to talk more about this, don’t you think?
  • Would you like to meet again?
  • I’d like to keep in touch
  • How about the same time next week?
  • Same time tomorrow?
  • Shall we stay in touch?
  • Let’s reconvene some other time
  • What’s your schedule looking like for the weekend?


The details in this post have shown that nothing is nothing after all. It used to be just a compliment when a guy says he will be in touch, but there’s more to that.

I’m convinced that I’ve trashed your doubts using this article and equally given you more perspective on what could be the situation.

You also got to know what to do when caught up in such a situation and how to salvage it. Kindly hit the share button and drop your comments below as it will help afford you more clarity.

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