Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl?

Yes! It is absolutely normal for your FWB to call you “his girl.” When he does so, it clearly means that he is in love with you already.

Although in situations involving “friends with benefits,” you are just best buddies who get together occasionally to engage in s^xual activity or other personal relations.

In other words, you frequently engage in physical activity “with strings attached” because you are not necessarily committed to one another.

There is a very high chance that your friend with benefits will begin to desire you to be his girl.

This is because he has gotten used to you, and since you make him happy, he wants to keep that joy by making you his girl.

Therefore, calling you “girl” is normal because it is an expression of the exact way he feels about you.

What does it mean for your FWB to call you his girl

Do you find yourself puzzled when your FWB refers to you as his “girl” and you’re not sure what it means?

Here are five possible interpretations you might take into consideration when your FWB calls you his girl.

He Has Feelings For You

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

Being friends with benefits entails engaging in intimate activities while maintaining a casual state. However, when it begins to transcend to him referring to you as his girl, he is literally letting out how he feels about you.

Which means that he has feelings for you. There is a high possibility that he got so used to you over time that he can’t get you out of his mind.

It’s His Desire to be More than a FWB

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

If your FWB calls you his girl, then he possibly desires that your relationship transcends from bringing friends together with mutual benefit to something more serious and intimate.

Although in the course of your “friends with benefits” relationship, both of you should have played your part in keeping things casual, there are certain and unexpected instances where it can actually become more intimate than casual.

Each time you make out with your FWB, you connect emotions and an intimate part of your lives. Of all, a superficial s^xual relationship does not necessarily indicate a strong emotional bond.

Meanwhile, you two are frequently having s^x as friends with benefits, which makes room for intimacy.

Men are emotional people too, so it’s not just women that experience emotions. Their approach to expressing their emotions is the only difference.

When he is with you, your BF could try to be calm and act as though he doesn’t care about anything other than s^x.

That’s how it might even begin. But after a few months of jumping into bed with you, even if he doesn’t recognize it, he will eventually develop a strong emotional connection with you.

This, in turn, gives him the desire for something real.

It Means Absolutely Nothing

When your FWB calls you “his girl,” it is possibly the endearment term he desires to make use of when referring to you.

This is to say: just as your boyfriend would call you sweet names like “hunnie pie,” “sweetheart,” or “darling,” your FWB may just be more comfortable calling you “girl.”

Hence, it doesn’t mean anything serious, and all you are expected to do is respond to him.

All you ought to understand is how not to take it too personally when your FWB calls you his girl, as this would give you a false picture of the real thing.

With this, you are bound to hurt yourself, even if that wasn’t the intention.

He Is Pleased With Your Bedm^tics

One intriguing interpretation of your FWB calling you his girl is how pleased he is with you in bed.

He starts to feel good when you are around, and when you come into the room, he anticipates having the best moment.

With this, he will surely connect with you on a different level. This is to say that you are the one who brings joy, love, and satisfaction to him, and there is no way he is going to keep you away.

He begins to see your “bed activity” as a special feature he wants to experience in his girlfriend.

As a result of this, it becomes registered in his subconscious, and he begins to see you as his dream girl. In no time, he would begin to call you girl, even without knowing it.

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

He Is Trying To Make Some Other Girl Jealous

When you are friends with benefits with a guy, you both become obviously close, and people who do not know about your relationship will begin to think you are in a love relationship.

If your FWB calls you his girl in public, he may be trying to give some lady the picture of you as his girlfriend in a bid to make her jealous.

He might have been trying to get her for some time without yielding a positive result. Therefore, staging a scene to make her jealous is one of his satisfying options for making her cringe.

On this note, you shouldn’t take it to heart if your FWB calls you his girl in public or at a gathering. He might be using you as bait to get at some lady.

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

What You Should Do When Your FWB Calls His Girl?

Here are three things you can consider doing when your boyfriend calls you his girl:

Seek To Know His Actual Disposition Toward You

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

Jumping to the conclusion that your FWB is desiring to make you his girlfriend is one risky conclusion you wouldn’t want to make.

If you discover that he is probably into his feelings about you, then it is time to sit for a talk.

This will prevent you from getting yourself entangled in some emotional trauma if it doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it was.

Also, you need to employ careful observation while conversing with him.

Engaging your FWB in a conversation doesn’t make his response void of lies. He may be trying to hide his feelings and tell you the opposite instead of admitting that he actually wants you to be his girl.

On the other hand, he may be trying to prey on the glaring signs that you are in love with him even when he doesn’t feel that way.

Watch his actions closely because they also speak a lot of words and might be the precise response you need.

Accept To Be His Girl If The Two Of You Share Mutual Feelings

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

If aware of your FWB’s feelings for you and you also see the potential for something deeper than your casual friendship, then you can take your chances.

You should be open and honest about how you’re feeling with both yourself and your “buddy.”

Make sure you are clear with yourself first, advises House, before sharing your sentiments with your FWB. “Do you really think you’d like to give this a shot?”

Do your emotions go beyond adrenaline and passion? Why do you feel the need for more with your FWB? Is there genuinely long-term potential?

What do you need from a partner, and does your FWB actually provide those needs? First, be sincere with yourself. After that, let him know about your disposition towards him.

If Your FWB’s Desire to Make You His Girlfriend Doesn’t Sit Well With You, Do Well To Let Him Know

Is It Normal for My FWB To Call Me His Girl

There are so many reasons you may be considering in order to accept your FWB’s advances toward you.

If your feelings are not reciprocated, it’s time to end your casual connection as quickly as possible.

When you continue to indulge in it while experiencing sentiments, you may grow more hooked to it over time, which could be detrimental.

Your FWB can start a new relationship since they are not devoted to you, which could cause you great harm by keeping you in emotional trauma.

So, why would you hurt yourself when you can simply walk away?


In conclusion, in the present era, when everyone is consumed by stressful daily events, a friendship-with-benefits relationship is an excellent idea.

However, this type of relationship is unsuitable for those who are weak of heart. It’s possible that you’ll experience emotions if you don’t have a firm emotional foundation.

Nonetheless, it can be a start for a relationship that will have a “happy ever after” ending if both you and your FWB share similar feelings.

On the other hand, it may be a terrible feeling when you are the only one having such an intense feeling while he is all about making out with you.

Whatever the case may be, I believe this article has been able to provide answers to your questions.

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