Why Does My Boyfriend Like To Wear Heels (7 Possible Reasons!)

Does your boyfriend love to wear high heels? Do you feel it’s absurd or are you okay with this fantasy of his?

The answer to these questions depends on your disposition toward society’s take on gender-specific fashion and also your personal belief.

Interestingly, high heels were first created particularly for males.

The 10th century saw the invention of the first recognized heel design in Persia. On horseback, male warriors wore heels to keep their feet in the stirrups and offer them additional leverage in battle.

Nine hundred years later, the American cowboy adopted the idea, but we’ll bet on that in a minute.

With evolution, we can say that men wearing heels is outdated. Then what may be the possible reason why your boyfriend loves to wear high heels, being that he is not a warrior?

You are in for an interesting ride. In this article, we will be seeing possible reasons why your boyfriend loves to be on stilettoes, and what you can do about it.

7 Possible Reasons Why Does My Boyfriend Like To Wear High Heels?

It can be confusing to figure out the reason why your boyfriend loves to wear stilettos instead of the traditional footwear worn by men.

Men may choose to wear high heels for a variety of reasons. The concept may appear silly to many women who frequently wear high heels and experience distress and pain while wearing high heels, but only until you also take into account the numerous women who continue to experience that agony and discomfort for the clear benefits that heels bring.

Quite a number of men desire to wear heels for the same reasons that women do.

Below are 7 possible reasons why your boyfriend prefers being all dressed in stilettoes.

He Is Crossdresser

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

If your boyfriend happens to be a crossdresser, then he would wear high heels. This is because he prefers looking like a female to a male and desires to be perceived as a female.

Although women also wear sneakers and boots like the males, crossdressers see it as a double standard.

They want to have a distinctive appearance and so would make high heels their footwear instead of the conventional.

It Makes Him Feel S*xy

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

According to findings, wearing high heels increases one’s s*xiness, overall s*xual attractiveness, physical attractiveness, appeal, attraction to the other gender, and readiness to go on a date.

There is a shoe height for both wanting to be approached and wanting to be left alone completely.

Men who wear high heels are often approached by more females. Higher heels can alter the way a man moves by causing his hips to swing somewhat more as he negotiates walking at a more formidable height.

He Loves To Look Sophisticated

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

A Lot of males love to appear sophisticated. They believe it expresses their Alpha-Male personality.

Hence, they may not get their desired fashion statements wearing conventional sneaks or boots.

Without a doubt, high heels give a more sophisticated appearance. If you understand that your boyfriend is someone who loves to look sophisticated in his outfit.

Then his reason for wearing heels isn’t far-fetched from his desire to always look that way.

He Grew Up Having A Lot of Females Around Him And Desires to be Feminine

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

The things we see while growing up, have a grave impact on our choices. Just like a lady who grew up among guys, and develops the desire to dress like them, speak like them, and behave like them, a guy who always associates himself with ladies, tends to behave like them.

After some time of experiencing the way of life of the feminine counterpart, it begins to feel alluring and so desirable.

This fascination of theirs begins to materialize as they proceed with acquiring female wear.

Hence, if your boyfriend loves to wear high heels, he probably got fascinated by the constant view of ladies around them.

He Loves It When He Sees It On You And Wants to Wear it Too

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

In the same way, we often idolize celebrities and desire to associate with them, copy their dress sense, and even speak like them, so also we can decide to copy anyone else whose dress sense fascinates us.

The reason for this imitative behavior is the love and desire to look like that particular individual.

In this context, you stand to be your boyfriend’s celebrity crush and since he loves the way you look when you wear high heels, he doesn’t mind doing the same.

He Is Of The School Of Thought That ‘Fashion Is Not Gender Specific’

If you have a boyfriend who loves to wear heels, he is most likely of the school of thought that – Fashion is a place where people may be whomever they desire to be.

It gives everyone the opportunity to identify themselves however they choose, outside of the strict confines of the gendered standards that are all too frequently instilled by our society.

Fashion is also gender-neutral because its primary objective is to support uniqueness.

It Brings Him Into A More Attractive Feminine Place, Which Is Where He Actually Would Like To Be

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

There are so many speculations the male gender has which is that the female counterpart experience more favors and opportunities than the male gender. For this reason, most of them deem it fit to be in a feminine place.

They begin to dress the feminine way. Therefore, if your boyfriend loves to wear high heels, there is a high chance that he believes he has more chances if he chooses the feminine way of fashion.

Is Wearing High Heels Healthy?

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

No, wearing heels is not healthy. Especially when it is being worn often. 

Our feet have not evolved to walk in stilettos. We are supposed to work from heel to toe. So when we change the angle of our foot when we are in a heel, everything else is affected.

Like our joints, knees, back, posture, hips, and the list go on and on.  The entire body in general can be negatively affected by the use of high heels.

When we wear heels, the lower part of our body leans forward and so the upper half has to lean back to compensate. This changes the normal curing in our back which causes serious damage.

According to research, Experts say that heels raise the risk of arthritis, muscle damage, and trapped nerves.

Heels increase the risk of arthritis by putting more pressure on our joints, thereby weakening the cartilage between joints.

Also, a lot of deformities such as Calluses, corns, billions, hammertoes, inflammation, and tendonitis can all be caused by wearing heels.

As much as you are knowledgeable of the effects of wearing heels on your fees, you must know that it doesn’t mean you should quit wearing heels.

The key to maintaining healthy feet even on heels is minimizing the ‘how often’ you wear them.

For instance, if you are walking to work or taking public transportation,  try more comfortable shoes on the way and then take your heels in your bag and put them on at the office.

If you are going on a date, you can wear your heels right from home since you will be sitting all through the time.

Finally, if you are wearing heels daily, you should choose one with a shorter heel that you know will sort of minimize the effect of the height, instability, and pressure the shoe has on your feet.

5 Things to Do When You Realize Your Boyfriend Likes to Wear High Heels

Are you clueless about what exactly you should do after you realize your boyfriend’s inclination of wearing heels?

It can be confusing if your desire is to have a positive result, void of confrontation and heated arguments.

Below are six things to do when you realize your boyfriend loved to wear high heels.

Keep A Cool Head

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

Society has contributed to giving us a picture of how things ought to go. The way each gender should look, the jobs they should do, and how they should live their lives in general.

If you are someone who sees the male counterparts wearing heels as awkward and totally unacceptable, you are bound to get furious the moment you realize your boyfriend wears heels.

In this situation, the first thing you’ll need to do is keep calm.  Being all furious won’t help get you to any positive result.

Engage Him In Conversation To Learn Why He Wears High Heels

It doesn’t stop at not concluding.  If you do not inquire why you’ll be void of his actual reason for wearing high heels.

Asking clarifying questions is very helpful in maintaining relationships. When specific facts are lacking, asking clarifying questions can assist acquire more information.

Having a precise knowledge of why he is inclined toward wearing heels gives you more clarity on how you should go about it.

Since he is your boyfriend, engaging him in a conversation ought to not be a deal. However, you should be meticulous in how you strike the conversation so that you are not misunderstood.

You simply ask ‘Babe, why do you love wearing heels?’ Or  ‘Tell me about your love for wearing stilettos.’

His response from here gives you a better clue on what to do.

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

Tell Him Right Away If You’re Aware That You’re Unable To Handle His Love For Heels

Imagine your partner all dressed in heels at a family event after he told you about his love for heels.

Even though you’re upset and ashamed, you put on a happy face until you get home and can have a private conversation.

You don’t want to dispute and escalate the situation in front of your extended family.

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

Generally speaking, frequent emotional withholding will not be an issue as long as you eventually deal with emotions in healthy, beneficial ways.

But if it develops into a pattern and interferes with your capacity for genuine communication, it might become a problem.

Plainly let them know that you do not fancy your man bring dressed in high heels. Ensure you give an adequate explanation to back to your reasons why.

Note that – as much as you would want to communicate your disposition towards his wearing heels, you should be bent on making a case out of it.

A gentle way of conversing tends to yield a more positive result than being all haughty.

If You’re Cool With Him Wearing Them, Take Him Shopping And Get Him Heels From His Preferred Brand

When you do not have issues being in a relationship with a guy who loves to wear high heels, one beautiful thing you would want to consider doing is to take him shopping to get him beautiful heels.

You know that feeling of telling someone the things you like and they endorse you and even go the extra mile to support you?

This is exactly how he would feel. He won’t hesitate to tell his friends and anyone who cares to listen that although society neglects people who behave quirkily, he has a girlfriend who accepts him for who he is.

Improve His Gait By Showing Him How To Walk Better On High Heels

My Boyfriend Likes To Wear Heels

Apparently, High heels are known to be “the women’s type of fashion”. Therefore if you have a boyfriend who loves to wear heels, one interesting thing you would want to do is teach him how to walk in his stilettos.

This will not only help in improving the use of his favorite foot wears but also create a much stronger bond between the both of you.


To wrap up this interesting and intriguing article, it is important that you know that your boyfriend also has his fantasies just like you do.

As humans, we have the desire to try something new sometimes. However, whatever his reasons for wearing high heels may be, ensure that you do not judge him.

Always bear in mind that we always want to explore and your boyfriend isn’t an exception. However, if you are not comfortable with it, simply bring it to his knowledge without causing a scene or engaging in a word banter with him.

I believe you now have extensive knowledge of the reason to consider when your boyfriend begins to express his preference for heels over traditional men’s footwear and what to do about it.

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