Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Fart?

The reason your boyfriend wants you to fart is so that you can be the truest version of yourself around him. You may find it unbelievably ridiculous when your boyfriend wants you to fart in his presence.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Fart

Perhaps, you had thought about many possible underlying reasons why this could be. Could it be a kind of fet*sh? What’s the best logical explanation for this? Is there any psychological reason this could have?

What is the chemical composition of fart and what could it possibly cause when inhaled? This article promises to analyze the possible reasons why your boyfriend has been looking forward to your farting around him.

Your boyfriend wants you to fart because he seeks originality. There’s no better quality that men seek these days than the truest of character so that they know exactly the type of person they are dealing with.

Farting around your boyfriend is one of the attitudes that opens the portals of being yourself so that your other characters can flow out. He’s most probably not interested exactly in your fart, it is the things the fart spurs that count to him.

4 Other Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Wants You To Fart

  1. It means you aren’t hiding anything
  2. It means you’re comfortable around him
  3. It strengthens bonds and romance
  4. It’s proof of a mature relationship

1. It means you aren’t hiding anything

The true character of a person is known from the little thing he does. Of course, everyone farts.

But when two lovers who have probably spent a long time together haven’t at one point in time seen the other person fart, should know this person has the attitude of concealing things a lot.

While farting in your partner’s presence should be at a controlled level, once in a while isn’t a bad thing.

Farting in your partner’s presence takes a good measure of transparency. And this is one quality that every healthy relationship needs.

All the rigidity and robotics behavior that puts you in a position like one that functions through a machine language wouldn’t bring about the fun that you need. If your boyfriend ever asks you to fart in his presence, this is him saying: “Hey Babe, loosen up a bit.”

2. It means you’re comfortable around him

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Fart

It takes a healthy level of comfort around a person before you can freely and comfortably show how human you are.

And while this might not be a welcome idea at the start of a relationship, wait, who said it can’t be? Of course, it can. And central to a blossoming relationship is farting in each other’s presence.

To think it is even termed a “farting milestone of comfort” says a lot about how comfortable you must have been to fart in your boyfriend’s presence without a spec of embarrassment.

3. It strengthens bonds and romance

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Fart

Picture a lady and her boyfriend in the parlor sitting together on the couch, her head slightly resting on his shoulder, then she farts and bursts into laughter.

He’d join in laughing too while covering his nose and jokingly telling her of her stomach being home to rotten carcasses.

You know how ladies giggle with their eyes almost half closed and progress to being buried in hearty laughter when in the company of their special person? This is what would happen.

Farting in your boyfriend’s presence deepens affinity, creates an ecosystem of humorous conversations, and strikes a kind of bond between partners.

These are the little molecules of life that sharpen life’s bigger compounds.

4. It’s proof of a mature relationship

What defines an immature relationship is how the parties involved have to put up with certain conventionally defined “expected” behavior.

A mature one, however, although considering the emotions of the other partner, still has a room that allows one to healthily be himself.

All of these are captured within the confines of traits and behaviors that don’t negatively affect the mental or physical structure of the other party. It is always to a controlled extent.

This means your boyfriend wants you to fart in his presence to be free around him and have your togetherness reach a mature stage. Besides, it takes a good level of maturity to be able to contain the excesses of one’s partner.

Is it good to fart around your boyfriend?

Yes. It is not a terrible thing to fart around your boyfriend. But then, you may want to consider the “when” and “where.”

This means you have to be emotionally intelligent enough to know when and where to fart around your boyfriend so that you do not come off ridiculously low on emotional intelligence.

For example – you don’t fart around your boyfriend during meal times, when he’s going through tough times, or when you’re out for a picnic in a garden where there are other people not too far from where you’re seated.

Sometimes, it is not exactly the things we do that count, It is the factors surrounding them that do. In all of these, we have seen people that have healthy and mature relationships where intentional farting in each other’s presence is not a thing.

They have fun and are pretty big on fun and humor, this isn’t just their way. This means there is no general rule that fits all situations.

As much as we would want to admit to this, it is still worthy to mention the role that farting plays in romantic relationships.

Advantages of farting around your boyfriend include

  • You become real with less need for impression
  • It makes you know who you’re dealing with

1. You become real with less need for impression

You might think the success of a relationship rests on being on guard and putting up a persona that puts you in good light at all times. But then, it is very tiring when you strive to attain perfection.

Farting in his presence opens up the portals that allow you to be free in your imperfections as long as you do not have other terrible traits that can set the relationship in flames. Unnatural personas have proven to cause more harm than good.

2. It makes you know who you’re dealing with

The farting game makes lovers open up to other aspects of their lives. So when you do, this results in a kind unveiling that gets you to know the type of person that you’re dealing with.

This way, you’d know whether or not to push on with the relationship or call it a quit. It saves you from future danger because you’d have seen signs and deterrents.

It unveils red flags that otherwise would have come as a shock in the long run while you both were living the “perfect” robotic life.

Every person that has been in a couple of romantic relationships knows there are the different extent to the openness of each of their past relationships.

This is because the different types of attitudes given in those different relationships bring about a different depth of openness.

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Some of the disadvantages of farting in your boyfriend’s presence

  • You get fart-shamed
  • It brings dispute

1. You may get fart-shamed

Age and maturity are quite different. Although maturity almost always comes with age, it is not always so, this is the reason you find immature adults.

The same reason a boyfriend fart-shames his girlfriend for expressing her human nature in places and times that are not absurd to be termed uncouth.

There are better ways to communicate dissatisfaction, however, some partners are so much adorned with the ill traits of shaming their lovers in cases where they should communicate their feelings with tact, diplomacy, and emotional intelligence.

2. It may bring about a dispute

Farting in your partner’s presence can lead to disputes, and here’s the reason. The different things we see as true, our realities, and our general worldview are a result of the function of our different environments, people around us, and inborn traits.

So, two people, although brought together by affection and bound by love, can have varying opinions and things they find absurd or fun. And this can lead to disputes especially if both partners are not very mentally flexible to welcome new things.

This is the reason a boyfriend can get angry when a lady who in her past ecosystem (the places and people that she’s been with) sees nothing bad with farting around them.

A part of clinical psychology tells us that a habit is a redundant set of automatic, unconscious thoughts, hardwired emotions, and behaviors that are acquired through constant repetition.

Note that the keywords there are “constant repetition”, so until a person opens his analytical mind to welcome new realities, he’ll always have problems with people of not necessarily harmful contradicting behaviors. 

When can I fart around my boyfriend?

You can fart when you’re on the bed with him.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Fart

Don’t fart around your boyfriend when he’s eating. Some people are pretty big on easily getting irritated that they might throw up at such an instance. There should be a good level of control over this.

You have to make sure the time you wish to catch this fun aligns with his countenance. Check to see if he’s in the mood. Has he had a terrible day at work?

Could there be something eating him up? Connect these dots to be sure. Otherwise, you’d add to his existing bad mood and have him silently walk out on you.

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me to Fart

There is no written time to fart around your boyfriend, but there are factors that you should consider before farting around him.

Farting in some of those times and places would not just make you grossly inconsiderate, it would also make you come off as an immature person and a schmuck.

What is a silent fart called?

A silent fart is called a foist. Silent farts are colloquially referred to as gas, pump, SBD (silent but deadly), etc, depending on the area where one lives.

Other casual phrases that are used to describe general farts regardless of the sound are; breaking the wind, gassing out, cutting the cheese, fizzling, etc.

There are many colloquial names and casual phrases used to describe farts. So much so that one may not recognize what is meant when one of them not commonly used within one’s area is mentioned.

What is the color of a fart?

A fart does not have color. Plus, no one has ever pulled down their p^nts, faced their b^m up to the sky, and farted for all to see what color it is.

However, for all the times that we’ve farted, it was colorless all through. Know that the components of a fart are hydrogen sulfide, methane hydrogen, and some amount of oxygen.

The concentration of each of the individual components is dependent on the body chemistry of a person.

You can use the flame’s color to deduce what’s in a fart. A fart with a concentrated amount of methane when lit, has a blue flame, while that with a high hydrogen concentration has an orange or yellow flame.

In the past, people have subjected themselves to hurt by figuring out what colors their farts were.


People have often hovered around the concept of farting in the presence of their lovers. Ladies especially. There are many sides to this thing. While it can cause problems in certain situations, it delivers an exactly opposite result at other times.

So this calls for understanding the specific case scenario that can be used as a relationship-strengthening tool, the person you’re dealing with, and the current ecosystem the relationship is in.

There’s no one-way-fit-all-cases pattern, so unless wits are applied, you’re most certainly going to have problems. Fart, otherwise known as flatulence, is a byproduct of the metabolism in the body.

There are no proven scientific adverse effects when inhaled aside from the fact that it most times has an offensive smell.

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