Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable In Feminine Clothes

Feminine clothes may be discomforting to some people while to others it may be a perfect style. You might be wondering why feminine clothes make you feel so uncomfortable whenever you try them on. 

If you’re part of those that see and feel feminine clothes are discomforting, you should read this article to know the reason why you always feel that way. We’ll check out 10 possible reasons why you may be feeling discomfort in feminine clothing.  

10 Reasons Why You Feel Uncomfortable In Feminine Clothes

Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable In Feminine Clothes

  • Feminine clothes are not your style
  • You feel they make you slow
  • Most feminine clothes are physically uncomfortable
  • You feel they’re revealing
  • You love conservative dresses
  • You are a guy
  • The quality of feminine clothes can be low
  • Social influence
  • You don’t like how it looks on you
  • You use a male size guide

1. Feminine clothes are not your style

One reason why you don’t feel comfortable in feminine clothes is that feminine clothes are not your style. When something is not your style, it simply means that it’s not how you do things. 

It also means that you don’t like it and it’s not your way. Feminine clothes not being your style could be that you don’t like putting them on because they don’t suit you or your personality. The cloth which is more of your style is masculine clothes. 

This could mean that you don’t enjoy wearing feminine clothes such as; skinny jeans, crop tops, skirts, high heels, and so on. You don’t see them as what makes you look fashionable.

You see sneakers as more fashionable than high heels and you see pants as more fashionable than wearing skinny jeans or bootcut jeans.

2. You feel they make you slow

Feminine clothes such as skirts and crop tops may make you act or move slowly. This is because they are tight or too baggy and can restrict your movement sometimes. 

For instance, you’re working at a place where you always need to bend and stretch your body or a job where you need to walk as quickly as possible. You would not want to put on any cloth that would make you feel uncomfortable like a short and tight skirt. 

This is because the skirt may not allow you to bend freely as you should. You would prefer to put on pants and blazers to keep you comfortable and offer free movement all day long. You would also love something smart and comfortable.

For instance, when you put on high heels you cannot walk faster or even run compared to someone who’s putting on sneakers.

Flared jeans and tank tops too can restrict your movement as flared jeans may be too baggy at the bottom and as such make you walk slow and tank tops may be revealing.

3. Most feminine clothes are physically uncomfortable

Female clothes can be very uncomfortable sometimes. They may be too revealing, make you slow, or even restrict your movement. 

For instance, Skinny jeans may be uncomfortable because they are too tight. Someone who hates tight clothes can’t feel comfortable wearing them. Wearing high heels may also be uncomfortable as it may make you very slow in walking. 

You may not be patient enough to wear it and may prefer sneakers. Also for a tomboy, she may want to feel like a guy, so wearing female clothes may be naturally uncomfortable due to her self-consciousness.

Probably you do feel uncomfortable in feminine clothes because you feel they are all physically uncomfortable and the ones which would make you uncomfortable are the masculine clothes like shirts, polo, pants, boots, and sneakers. They offer you the type of comfort you’d need all day long. 

If you are a person that doesn’t like to wear tight clothes or you can’t stay in them for so long, then you’ll not feel comfortable in most feminine clothes. Because most feminine clothes are usually tight.

4. You feel they’re revealing

Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable In Feminine Clothes

A reason why you might be feeling uncomfortable in feminine clothes is that you feel they are the most revealing clothes.

Women dress to impress and this may make them wear revealing outfits. Women also dress for attention, this may make them wear things that would catch attention. 

You may feel wearing an off-the-shoulder dress is too exposing or skinny jeans might show your shape too much because you’re very conscious of your body.

You may prefer to go for a shirt and pants which you’re sure will not reveal curves or cleavages. 

This usually happens to people that are too conscious of their body and its shape.

They have issues with people looking at their bodies so they like to wear masculine clothes or baggy clothes to cover up.

Due to situations like this, wearing any kind of feminine clothes may make the person feel uncomfortable, especially if she needs to wear them for the whole day or a long time.

5. You love conservative dresses

Why Do I Feel Uncomfortable In Feminine Clothes

Conservative dresses are dresses that don’t expose your body. They cover up your body and hide sensitive parts of your body.

You may be a person who loves to cover up very well and this could make you feel uncomfortable whenever you put on feminine clothes.

You may prefer a turtleneck T-shirt that you can button up to your neck which is conservative and can hide your body.

Though they are feminine clothes that can be conservative you might still be feeling a little uncomfortable in them and will prefer masculine clothes to them. 

However, even though some feminine clothes can be conservative, you may feel that masculine clothing would do a better job.

At least you’ll be sure that masculine clothes will cover up your body well, or any attractive shape you might have rather than the feminine clothes that would make you feel uneasy throughout.

6. You are a guy

Of course, you are not a girl if you are a guy. You can tell your gender. This is not the reason for your discomfort in female clothes if you are a girl. Female clothes are specially cut for the female body.

There are clothing items that fit both males and females perfectly. They are called *Unisex* clothes. However, Feminine Clothes are built to fit the female body only. This doesn’t mean the body of a male will not fit in. Some guys do great and look perfect in feminine clothes.

However, if you are a guy and female clothes feel very uncomfortable to you, it is normal. There are jeans for the female body.

There are shoes for the female body. There are shirts for the female body. Almost every piece of clothing has a style that is made for females only.

While some of these clothes are only feminine with how they look and the colors they are available in, some feminine clothes will have a weird fit on a male body.

For every male, feminine clothes can fit perfectly and comfortably at first. After a few times of wearing, there is a high chance that you will start to get used to the clothes and you will no longer feel the littlest bit of discomfort anymore.

7. The quality of feminine clothes can be low

This is an issue that some females have trouble with. It may be considered an unpopular opinion and, probably, some brands do great with feminine clothes. However, they tend to be issued with feminine clothes.

While feminine clothes are cut for the female body, females do not have the same body. A tomboy may have a particularly feminine style that she loves. Even normal girls can have different styles with some preferred over the others.

 For a female who happens to be stronger or bonier, some feminine clothes may not hold up for long.

Some feminine clothes are very soft and flexible to aid the movement of the female body. Some females may prefer clothes that are tougher and may consider male clothes to be the way out.

Not all feminine clothes are soft and flexible. This may not be the issue so it is important to study what makes you uncomfortable in a particular cloth and what makes you feel better in another cloth.

If it’s the quality issues that make you feel uncomfortable with feminine clothes, you can get feminine clothes of better quality and try them out. There is a high chance they will help. If they don’t, check out other possible reasons for your discomfort.

8. Social influence

Have you ever had issues with a particular thing and you just don’t understand why? There is a high chance you have friends who use better options than you want to go for and your desire for the “better” options is dampening your satisfaction with what you have.

The same applies to these clothes. If you are a guy, there is a high chance you will find feminine clothes to feel funny on you. There is also a high chance you will get used to how they feel and they will become perfectly comfortable.

However, if you move to an environment where boys have to be boys and feminine clothes are looked down on, you may start to feel uncomfortable with how different you look from others. That is for a guy.

If you are a girl, you can still have social Influence as a cause for your discomfort in female dresses.

If your friends have better dresses that you can’t afford, there is a chance that you will lose interest in what you have while desperately wishing you had a “better” option.

If that is the case, you may not only lose interest in the clothes you have but also lose interest in hanging out with the same people that make you feel inferior.

All you have to do is push your desire and your thoughts of inferiority aside. 

9. You don’t like how it looks on you

Feminine Clothes may be made for the female body but females have preferences. A tomboy may have no issue with feminine clothes while she acts like a guy. However, a normal girl may find interest in making clothes and how they look.

If you are a guy trying out feminine clothes for the first time, there is a high chance you will hate how you look. Most guys like to feel tough and feminine clothes might make them look the opposite of that.

If you are a female, it is still very possible for you to hate how your female clothes look on you. If you order the wrong size, the cloth will look weird on you. If you wear a style that does not fit your body type, the cloth will look weird on you. 

Those are natural but avoidable causes. However, you may also have a preference for how you want to look in any cloth you wear and none of the clothes you wear seem to be giving you that look.

You can just recognize the style that makes you feel comfortable and goes for them only. The way we look can affect our confidence. Without confidence, one might get nervous and uncomfortable.

10. You use a male-size guide.

This dwells mainly on the size of the clothes you order. A girl who is used to male clothes will feel comfortable in them. If she tries female clothes, she may not feel actual discomfort since the clothes were made for the female body

However, male sizes tend to be different from female sizes in some fashion brands. For shoes and clothes, they may have a different size guide.

If you are using the male size guide to choose the female clothes for you, they may turn out too big or too small. If you keep comparing the size to your male clothes, you may think you have chosen the right size and that is just how female clothes feel.

Be sure you are wearing the right size for yourself. If you are wearing your correct size and you still feel uncomfortable, consider other options on this list and troubleshoot your issue.


We’ve seen different reasons why you feel uncomfortable whenever you put on feminine clothes. Some might just be natural while others may be due to the habit you picked. You can check each point all over again.

However, if it’s masculine clothes that make you more comfortable, then you should wear them and if it’s feminine clothes that make you comfortable then you should go for it.  


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