He Said He Liked Me But He Stopped Texting Me: 15 Possible Reasons Why!

As a girl, the minute a guy tells you how much he likes you is one of the most blissful moments of your life. You’re immediately plunged into the stream of many thoughts.

Is this happening? Is he really serious about his or just playing around? If you already have a thought at it and are beginning to give in to the guy’s confession, then the thing is starting to take shape between you two.

However, you could get worried if he suddenly stopped texting you and may have to find out why. Did I offend him? Is he fine or is it just intentional?

These and many questions will come to your mind but will remain there if not attended to.

On that note, I will be discussing deeply all there is to consider regarding this subject matter starting with questions you need to ask yourself.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

Before you start doing anything about the reason why a guy who once told you he likes you but suddenly stopped texting you, you have to put yourself under scrutiny.

To do that, you have to question yourself about the whole situation. You need to have some moments of personal evaluation of what you want, why you’re overthinking, and all the other questions.

There are a couple of questions you should ask yourself, and they include.

  1. Why am I feeling bad?
  2. Should this be my priority?
  3. Did I change from what he knew?
  4. What did I do wrong?
  5. Do I care or like him?

Why Am I Feeling Bad?

This is one of the questions you should ask yourself when you find out that the guy who told you he likes you is nowhere to be found.

Perhaps, he started leaving your sight by dropping his frequency of phoning you from daily to twice a day, and then no more.

And you saw the latest happening is that he has stopped texting you. But, before you get upset like a concert latecomer, you should ask yourself why you’re even pained in the first place.

Could it be that you actually love him or is it just beginning to make sense to you? Or do you feel sad because you pity him for losing out on hitting on a fine chick like you?

This is because anything you feel for the guy would determine if you can do something about the situation. If you truly like him, then you’ll have to work your way to it.

On the contrary, if you don’t have a connection with him you can bury the hatchet. Hence, you should consider this a good question you have to ask yourself about the situation, and hopefully, you’ll find some answers to it.

Should This Be My Priority?

Asking the ‘priority question’ is one of the best questions I love to ask myself and including other people.

This is because of the phenomenon of ‘misplaced priorities’ which I’ve done a couple of times in the past and am still seeing people walking that path.

It is truly a sad feeling when you realize you’ve focused on the wrong part the whole time.

This is also true about the situation you have with the guy who told you he likes you and stopped texting later.

Should you be worried about this particular thing? Has this become your priority or are you misplacing it? I feel worried, but does that mean I truly like him too?

Finding answers to these questions is a way to begin your journey to save love. But you don’t just get them without going inward to look for them.

Look at how much you spend being worried about the turnout of the guy’s love confession. If you’re prioritizing it, then you shouldn’t give up yet.

Did I Change From What He Knew?

You should not forget to put yourself under the lens to be checked and graded. Perhaps, you no longer act like you used to be and he found out about it early enough to pull out.

This may not be the whole story, but it’s also possible to take place. So you have to bear in mind that this could constitute a problem.

All of these questions and more sum up what you have done in the past which made him stop texting you. This is another crucial question that decides the becoming and unbecoming of your relationship with him.

So, if you can be able to attempt a change of lifestyle for him, it hints at a fruitful relationship is incoming. But if you see him as one of those guys that are not serious, you can toss it aside.

What Did I Do Wrong?

He Said He Liked Me but He Stopped Texting Me

You should be looking out for the things you did the wrong way because they’re liable to be part of the problem.

You can ask questions like; when did I stop greeting him in the morning? Did I forget his mom is late and asked him about her? Was I too easy to get along with?

You have to have all of these flaws marked out and you plan on eliminating them. If that’s the direction you’re thinking, then you could try to save the situation.

I know this because there are guys who are impatient and they don’t mind backing out even after confessing love to you.

Do I Care or Like Him?

In all you ask yourself, you should make sure you throw yourself this question and attempt to answer it. It is a simple question that requires finding your innermost desires and seeing if he’s anything close to it.

In the absence of that, then there’s no need to worry about it. And I suggest you move on pretty quickly. But on the contrary, it means you should continue reading the other parts of this post.

This is because you’ll find more reasons why you should give it a shot and also how to try it.

15 Possible Reasons Why He Said He Liked You But He Stopped Texting You

In the ensuing part of this article, I’ll be discussing the reasons why the guy who said he liked you suddenly stopped texting you.

Whatever it is that can cause a guy to do that seems to be big, but in the real sense, it could be a little misunderstanding over some mundane thing.

It could even be you guys don’t have a lot in common, which is what most guys love.

Nonetheless, the following is a list of 15 reasons why a guy can stop texting you after saying he liked you.

  1. It is because he wants to evaluate before committing
  2. He probably wants you to recognize his value
  3. He wants to know how much you’re by testing you
  4. It could be he lost the vibe
  5. It could be that what he felt for you was just infatuation
  6. It might be you might’ve done something wrong
  7. He could’ve thought he was pushing things solely and also too much
  8. He figured out about your dirty past
  9. He’s stuck with other activities
  10. He could be a player and you’re not the only one he’s texting
  11. Because he’s not stable
  12. It could be that he thinks he isn’t worthy to have you
  13. It might be that he’s confused
  14. It could be he’s playing the hard-to-get game
  15. It could be because there’s no physical contact or bonding

It Is Because He Wants to Evaluate Before Committing

One of the most obvious reasons why the guy who told you he liked you stopped texting you, is because he is trying to think about what he stands to gain if he commits to you.

I get this feeling of heightened consciousness that a guy has to put himself through before he continues with any move or advances on a girl.

I’m a guy and I can tell you for sure that this is a thing, because there are times when I had to go back within myself to process the likelihood that I can build something convenient for both me and the girl I just told I liked.

The silence is not usually done out of the blue but comes after some while of talking with her and kind of like processing how she responds to messages.

Sometimes, the guy will be like; ‘I gotta talk this out with myself’. In this case, it doesn’t mean he is interested anymore, instead, it is a way of making sure he’s not walking into a dark room blindfolded or stepping into shallow waters without preparing his mind for it.

If this is the case, then you don’t have to panic as he could probably come back.

He Probably Wants You to Recognize His Value

Men are beings of value and respect, and I can tell that because I’m a guy and I know it when a guy is trying to communicate his worth.

While some do that verbally by telling you straight up, others do not speak, rather they let their absence do the talking for them.

This could be what the guy who stopped texting you is trying to also do. He wants to know if you take him for something or if it is just some joke for you.

He wants to know if you recognize his value. And to think that you’re worried about him not texting, means you do value him.

But that’s not enough, as you have to act in some way to let him know you do. That’s where you have to make efforts to revive your conversation with him.

This is another decision-related reason from the guy’s angle; hence, you don’t have much to worry about. It will only be an issue if it is your fault that he stopped texting.

But here, you cannot do much, but just sit it out and see what happens as time goes on.

He wants to know how much you’re in by testing you

Have you given it thought that the reason the guy stopped texting you is that he is testing you? You might ask; testing me? How?

Well, those questions are impulsive and I’ll break them down for you. I mentioned before that no guy wants to walk into a dark room blindfolded, especially when it has to do with a relationship.

Because of this; they make sure there are no stones left unturned. The guy is being adamant because he wants to know how much you’re in.

His absence could’ve started after he asked himself questions like, Is she going to reciprocate my love advance?

Does she want this feeling to exist between us? These questions need answers and what you do or say in the course of his absence determines the response to the questions.

Therefore, his absence could be nothing less than a test to see how ‘in’ you are.

It Could Be He Lost the Vibe

Just as memories can be lost, vibes can be lost too. It is all about the energy of the guy and what he brings to the table each time you guys talk.

Most relationships or even small friendship that ensues after a guy has confessed his feelings for a girl need a huge deposit of energy to thrive. Without that, the connection will collapse like it was never there.

On that note, if you notice that the vibe of the guy who stopped texting you hasn’t been stable for days until his final absence, then he could’ve completely lost it.

It Could Be That What He Felt for You Was Just Infatuation

He Said He Liked Me but He Stopped Texting Me

You can also blame the feeling of infatuation as the reason why the guy stopped texting you. It could be that the guy was just infatuated with you and he proceeded to tell you he likes you.

Since there were no true feelings, you’ll notice his slow but evident disengagement until he stops texting.

You don’t have to blame him or yourself, because you wouldn’t save the day even if you pursue an interest.

What he felt for you might’ve been influenced by looks and since he’s no longer physically available to behold your beauty, he may stop texting.

Just so you know; the feeling of infatuation is a short-lived one and can easily blow over with time.

If you mistake infatuation for love or any other true feelings, you’ll end up being disappointed and that could’ve been the fate of the guy who confessed his emotions to you.

It Might Be You Might’ve done something Wrong

You might also be the reason why the guy stopped texting. Yes, your attitude, opinions, and even likes and dislikes can either make the guy stay or leave. But in this case, they made him leave and that’s not good.

Things can go from smooth to rad for him if you’re fond of picking arguments at the slightest of opportunity or you’re a fan of a school of thought that he strongly condemns.

In the long run, having such views may not necessarily be the problem, but how often you bring up the topic.

If you had continued stressing the differences between you two, it is capable of making the guy lose interest and back off.

And because he doesn’t want you to feel like he’s judging you, he will rather leave calmly than bring it up and have you correct your mistakes.

He could’ve Thought He was Pushing Things solely and Also Too Much

No one wants to feel like a nuisance in society, not to talk of an intending relationship. Once it starts feeling like you’re forcing things, it can become dull for you to continue.

And this could be the reason why the guy stopped texting you.

He probably figured out that he’s been forcing the energy on you, so he choose to back down because it’s clear it will never feel natural enough for you and him.

If you’ve been in any relationship before this, you’ll understand the pain of feeling like you’re pushing things.

But, you guys are not even in a relationship and he’s already having the feeling that he’s just pushing it on you.

He Figured Out About Your Dirty Past

Could it be that the guy is judging you by your past? Well, that may be a cause for his sudden silence from both calls and texts.

The issues of having toxic ex-boyfriends, or high penile mileage can discourage a guy from furthering anything with you even after he has confessed he likes you.

I disgust it when a girl has so much exploitative past and is now acting all saint and peaceful. If he eventually finds out about this without hearing it from you, it can impede him from continuing with whatever plans he already has.

He’s stuck With Other Activities

If you must know, the problem in this scenario may not necessarily be about how you acted or whatever transpired between you two. It could be something as simple as work or studies.

I can also relate to this point because there are times I had to pause my engagement with the opposite gender.

After all, I needed some premium time to figure things out. Whether it’s relative to my studies or work, all I need at that moment is serenity, and talking to a girl can disrupt my focus.

The same goes for the guy who stopped texting you. He could just be TOO occupied with other activities to give thought to texting you.

He Could Be a Player and you’re Not the Only One He’s Texting

Who knows? The guy who told you he likes you might’ve also told other girls the same thing. This means he’s a player and you’re not the only person on his radar.

And he probably stopped texting you because some other girl is more responsive than you. Some guys go for girls who show them true desire than those they have to run around with for ages before they get a hearing from them.

If this guy shares the same view, he can ditch the idea of texting you immediately after he sees some other girl who shows more interest than you.

Similarly, if the guy has a lot of girls on his contact list, he can starve you of text messages while he goes on to entertain the other girls. This is a typical mode of operation for a lot of guys who parade as players.

First, they go about confessing feelings to girls and then proceed to stick with the girl that doesn’t play too hard to get.

You, on the other hand, can be laid off if you didn’t up your communication game with him.

Because He’s Not Stable

It is easy for an unstable guy to initiate a relationship, but it’s hard for him to continue and persevere. This has nothing to do with the girl, rather it is just a flaw on his side.

This could’ve been why the guy stopped texting you, and that’s because he’s unstable.

It Could Be That He Thinks He Isn’t Worthy to Have You

The guy who stopped texting you must’ve thought he isn’t worthy to have you. This thought stems from a place of impostor syndrome. If he has this, then he will shy away from continuing anything with you.

It Might Be That He’s Confused

Being confused and disoriented is another factor that could account for why the guy stopped texting you.

Perhaps, he told you he liked you to win a bet and now he doesn’t know if he likes you or is it just a flying thought.

It Could Be He’s playing the Hard-To-Get Game

It is not paranoia if you think guys also play hard to get. Truth is, they do, especially pretty handsome guys.

If this type of guy told you he likes you and subsequently stopped texting you then he could be playing that card on you. He wants you to join the chase and see how it goes.

It Could Be Because There’s No Physical Contact or Bonding

A lot of people are moved by what they see, and some are moved by the sense of touch. If there’s no physical contact or bonding between you and him, he can opt-out of the intended union with you.

What to Do?

Even after you’ve identified the cause of his absence, you have the choice of following through with him. This is only advised if you figure out the problem from your side, or you like him.

However, you can follow the tips below if you’re looking for what to do about the situation.

  1. Go after him
  2. Be optimistic but not overly expectant
  3. Be expressive of what you feel about his absence
  4. Be intentional about kicking things off
  5. Don’t also force things
  6. Amend any foul attitude you put up before
  7. Know when to walk away

Go After Him

You have the sole decision to make whether or not you’ll make things work out between you two. You can do this by going after him.

Sending calls and texts across are good indicators. If you know anyone close to him, you can also try to reach him throw them.

You should get to know why he suddenly stopped reaching out to you, and get to talk things over with him.

Be Optimistic but Not Overly Expectant

While you’re being hopeful things will turn around between you two, you should also make sure you’re not giving a lot of thought to expectations.

If you start expecting too much to happen and a little happens, you’ll be disappointed.

Be Expressive of What You Feel About His Absence

Being able to express how one truly feels is something that a lot of ladies fail at. They find it hard to do and so a lot of guys slip through their fingers.

You can beg to differ by being expressive of what you feel about his absence. Whether or not you feel bad or disgusted about his absence.

However, this should be after you’ve reestablished communication with him.

Be Intentional About Kicking Things Off

You have to pattern your words in such a way that they give off hints that you’re intentional about having an affair with him.

I know this could translate to you instating the affair, but there’s no harm in going for what you want.

Don’t Also Force Things

In all you do, you should endeavor to stay neutral and convincing at the same time. Don’t cross certain lines and make sure your moves and statements also back that.

When you force things, you can push him farther away, especially if he left because of your attitude of not giving up during arguments.

Amend Any Foul Attitude You Put Up Before

In a bid to be better and have a good record, you have to amend any foul attitude of yours that might’ve put him off in the first place.

If he recognizes the changes, it could revive the once-lost connection between you two.

Know When to Walk Away

He Said He Liked Me but He Stopped Texting Me

The last piece on this list of tips is the act of knowing when to walk away.

To take a bow doesn’t mean you lost out, but it shows you’d prioritize your mental health over some intangible intending love affair with a guy who’s not showing interest to further his love confession to you.

And you should walk away if;

  • He gives you an attitude
  • It seems like you’ve done enough already
  • You couldn’t get to him
  • What he felt was infatuation, etc.


As a girl, it is just normal for you to feel bad if a guy who had just told you he liked you stopped texting you, especially if you’re already catching feelings for him.

However, it doesn’t have to be a problem because I’ve given you a detailed explanation of a lot of questions and ideas concerning this topic.

Starting with questions you have to ask yourself; this article takes a different turn as it also exposits on what could’ve prompted him to put you on the sideline.

Finally, it features a couple of tips you can follow regarding the subject matter, with which you can salvage the moment.

I’m glad we’ve come this far, as your doubts have been cleared. Kindly let us know about your thoughts under the comment section and help share this post too.

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