Why Do Guys Brag About Money? Here’s Why!

Although not every guy brags about money, what about those other guys who are exceptionally good at it? What can you say about their behavior, would you term it ‘success’ or ‘self-worth’?

The truth about guys who brag about money is that they are not entirely bad people but someone smarter than them can easily manipulate them. Why talk about the money you make when no one asks you about it? 

If this question does bother you because the guy in question is your boyfriend, a good friend, or your brother. You probably want to do something about it and you are going to see how to do just that at the end of this article.   

5  Reasons Guys Brag About Money 

Why Do Guys Brag About Money?

You don’t need to get offended by a guy who boasts about his money. To him, it is just a way of seeing himself as someone capable of doing anything whenever he wants it. 

Is there anything wrong with that? No.  But is that the only reason why guys brag about money? Well, we are about to find out. Here are the other reasons why they seem to brag about the money they have made. 

They Are Insecure  

Why Do Guys Brag About Money?

If you happen to know a guy that is good at this then the number reason why he brags about money is that he is feeling insecure. This fact seems hard to believe because someone who has made a lot of fortune has nothing to lose or worry about. 

What do we mean when we say ‘insecure’? In this context, such guys are insecure about their source of income, their self-esteem, their lifestyle, and what they feel people are saying about them.

Guys like these don’t trust their instinct, they are always on the move to get your affirmations or praises. This way they feel consoled or loved by the people around who they seem to always talk about their money to.  

And that is what most guys that brag think, no wonder they grade their self-esteem and worth based on their earnings. Although, the things he brags about are of great importance to him the problem is that they can easily be manipulated by smart people.

They Feel Money Attracts Women 

Why Do Guys Brag About Money?

Why do guys brag about money? It is simply to attract women. They don’t care about you as long as they get to sleep with you. To them, money is a way to manipulate most women without saying much. 

Most guys who brag might believe what all women look for in a man is the volume of their bank account. To them, net worth is the most important quality they can have as a man. That’s why they seem to brag about every single money they make.

Guys are aware that women can be extravagant in their lifestyle and most of them would rather date a rich guy than a poor fellow. It is for this reason, that guys who brag about money make themselves known to such women.

They Want To Feel Valuable In Your Eyes

Why Do Guys Brag About Money?

Another subtle yet shocking reason for a guy to brag about money is that they either want to impress you or their peers. That is they want you to see them as people who can afford anything money can buy. 

Guys like these always feel the need to keep up with what’s trendy at the moment or a particular celebrity.

Most times, they lavish a lot on possession like expensive cars, clothes, and luxuries. They can sponsor an entire clubhouse on drinks and food items just to be celebrated by people. 

At their own expense, they borrow money they don’t have just to buy things they can’t afford so that they can impress people they don’t know or don’t like. This way you tend to see them as wealthy guys who have nothing to do with the poor class. 

They Brag Because They Are Narcissists 

It is well known that bragging says a lot about a person. A braggart would always think that they are the only ones who can describe whatever they did in the best possible way. They believe they are the only ones that can do what they have done better than anyone else. 

When a guy brags about money it is a clue that he is a narcissist. He probably grew up that way learning it from his father, and relatives, or he simply acquired the trait from his place of work or environment. 

For example, in social gatherings with friends guys who brags tend to be egocentric and disconnected from their friends. He could brag about how much he made the entire day without realizing that it is unbearable and boring to listen to. 

They Simply Don’t Have The Money

For most guys, bragging about money is a way to cover their shame or poverty. He does not want you to know about his struggles, his source of income, or where he comes from. This way you are left to think that he is well to do and needs absolutely nothing from you. 

It could be that he fears you will reject him or ignore him after knowing that he is completely broke.

He may like you but feels his lack of money to take care of you would disqualify him. In order not to lose you, he just tries to brag about the money he hopes to have in the future. 

In this case, they are neither being sincere with themselves nor you, as bragging won’t change anything or bring them closer to the money.

You can know this type of guy as they are uniquely boring, and you can’t hold a meaningful conversation with them as they just go about what they did.

How To Deal With Someone Who Brags About Money

Truth is no matter how good a guy appears on the outside if he is a braggart you will find him boring most of the time. Unless you know how to respond or deal with his behavior, it is very unpleasant to want to be around him. 

In order not to act in a way that they will consider jealousy or envy. Here’s a way you can deal with someone who always brags about money:

Let Them Know About It

Sometimes guys who boast about money are not bad people, they just need to realize that it is tacky to brag about money because not everyone has it.

You are the one always giving a listening ear but for things about you they are good at changing the subject to their comfort. 

If you don’t know how to tell them this approach might help. You can simply respond by saying, “I am not sure if you have been listening to me, but I felt hurt.

Especially when you started talking about your money after I told you my rent just expired. I feel you aren’t paying attention to me. Can you please be conscious of it?”

You can tell them that it is certainly fine, for having money, but a lot of people and you don’t care about it.

They only care about how much money they have because they are also putting effort into it. It is much better to brag about doing something impactful to the human race.

Remind Them You Are Proud Of Them Even Without The Money

Why Do Guys Brag About Money?

If the guy bragging about his money seems to do it because he wants to impress you, you can make him realize that he is worth more in your eyes without him having a dime. In this case, the braggart simply needs a person who can love them the way they are. 

Most guys who boast about money feel insecure and think that people will only love them if they are cool, rich, and amazing. Explain to him that you are not the kind of person who judges someone for their possessions, or what they have done with their money. 

You can make an effort to tell the guy how much you care about him, and compliment him before you self-correct.

For example, after hanging out with him, you can say “Spending time with you today was going on well until you started bragging about your money.” Once he knows that you are not impressed by his bragging, he may feel uncomfortable bragging around you next time. 

Divert The Subject  

There is nothing so annoying as a guy who understands nobody else but himself. He seems to just want you to listen to him at your own expense and thinks you will value him more whenever he boasts about his money. 

In this context, the basic thing to do is to instantly switch the subject to something you want to talk about or something that is not related to his money that you both can have a say on.

This is not being rude, but courtesy demands that everyone talks a little about himself and a lot about the subject. 

This way nobody feels left out or thinks that he/she is wasting their time while away from home. By doing this, you will make the person realize what they are doing, and if they are sensitive enough, they will apologize and flow in the discussion. 

Give An Instance Of Someone Who Brags About Money

Why Do Guys Brag About Money?

Another practical way to deal with someone who always brags about money is to talk about someone they know that brags almost about everything. This way they can be more aware of what they are doing and how people perceive them as a braggart.

The idea here is not to make them feel bad or judge them instantly but as a way of giving a friendly correction. For example, a gist about how a named celebrity bragged about having the most expensive chain necklace in the world until it was stolen by someone. 

Their reaction should tell you whether or not they think what the celebrity said was wise. Explain to them that the mockery and laughter that you both gave about the celebrity is the same way people perceive them whenever they brag about money.

You Can Walk Out Of The Scene

Although, this happens when the person in question (the braggart), knows that he or she does brag but they don’t want to hear what you want to tell them about it. Sometimes, they feel offended when you divert the discussion to something else. 

They think that way because they seem to have more than you, and they feel you are simply being jealous of them at the moment.

By walking away, you are letting them know that you don’t care about them anymore or you will not keep listening to their same old boring gist about the money they have made. 

If the person is someone you love or someone who loves you, they will always find a way of coming back to you.

But if it’s just a random friend that acts that way, then you have nothing to lose by walking out on them. You are simply telling them that they are wasting your time talking about their money.


It is human nature, to brag when you feel you have more or you are better than your peers at something.

A guy who brags about his money could have legitimately earned it but it does not make ground for the unnecessary showoff. It could also be that he has done something good with his money but boasting about it all the time can be so unbearable to listen to. 

Whatever the reason for a braggart to act in such a manner, we have come to understand that they are not bad people.

They just need to consider the fact that not everybody is comfortable with hearing about the success of the other person. 

However, you should let them know that you care about them no matter what, and there is no reason to brag about the money they have. This way you both can have a worthwhile conversation without stepping on each other’s toes. 


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