What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

Most times, our eyes speak louder than the mouth itself and as humans, we often rely on body language to get along with people. A good example of how we relate is when we compliment what we see on the other person. 

When someone tells you that you have soft eyes, what could they mean? Could that be a way of indirectly saying that you are weak and soft in the heart? What if it’s not but that you are simply nice and transparent? 

There is a lot of meaning to ponder upon on this subject, and you probably don’t want to do this alone. That is why this article is a list of all the possible meanings of when someone says you have soft eyes. 

8 Meanings To When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

If you find such words as a compliment, it means that you are aware of having soft eyes but you might be unsure of what he or she thinks when saying such. 

If you consider it untrue, it could be that they said it based on your reaction to a particular event. Whatever the reason could be we are about to find out. 

Here is all you need to know when someone says you have soft eyes. 

You Are Not A Judgmental Person

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

It is undeniable that if you are non-judgmental with people, or you are being emphatic towards other people’s feelings you will find it a lot easier to understand people.  

A soft eye is an indication of openness and transparency. It makes people want to talk about their problems and issues they are facing without being conservative.

They see you as someone who is not critical and won’t easily condemn them for their action or mistakes. 

Empathy is a great way to make many friends and meet new people. It could be that you know the kind of words to use while conversing with them even on sensitive issues.

If you don’t easily criticize but get to find out why people act in a demeaning way in certain circumstances. This is enough reason for someone to say you have soft eyes.

You Are Inexperienced 

Sometimes when someone says you have soft eyes, especially if he or she is older than you or the person has a bit of advantage to something than you. It could be a subtle way of telling you that you are inexperienced at something and still have a lot to learn. 

For example, a martial art teacher would say this to his students often as a reminder that there is more to learn. This would be a motivation for them to train harder but you may need to relate it with your situation to make the most meaning out of it.  

However, it is a very common activity for people to show some level of expertise in what they are doing because it is part of human nature.

As such, you don’t need to get upset or annoyed at the person because of what they meant. Rather the best way to go about it is to try to get the experience and be better off than before.

You Are Simply Gentle 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

Don’t be surprised that people tend to say you have soft eyes because you are just gentle, from the inside out. As social beings, we tend to rely on body language to get along with others, especially when we are still strangers. 

Being gentle is not a sign of weakness or helplessness, instead, it is a state of mind. However, certain things come to play in making a person look gentle and calm before exhibiting that soft eyes. 

It could be that you are like that since birth, you were rehabilitated recently, or you changed from a rugged lifestyle. Whatever reason you could think of being gentle, having soft eyes is a reflection of your personality type.

You Want To Get Laid At The Moment  

Having soft eyes is also seen in the context of intimacy. If you are with your lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, or someone you seem to have an affair with, this is a way to communicate your feelings towards that person. 

You might be feeling aroused at the moment but don’t know how to let your partner know. At this point, you are said to have soft eyes because of your body language and how you are being vulnerable at that moment to the other person. 

If you are in a dating process and the guy you are dating looks at you with soft eyes, it is a sign that he wants to get laid at that moment. And if you are not ready for that, you can maneuver your way out. 

You Are Probably Scared Of/ Thinking About Something  

When someone says you have soft eyes, they may be describing a moment when you are carried away by something or someone. The thought of a good feeling could make you look that way at that particular moment. 

For example, if your crush has finally confessed his/her love to you, you could fantasize about the day he proposes to you or you propose to her. This could make you seem lost in thoughts and give a soft eyes impression.

Another reason for someone to say that you have soft eyes is when you feared engaging in something. For example, it could be that you wanted to go on a roller coaster ride and the belt attendant saw the look on your face.

You Seem Not To Overthink  Any Situation  

What does it mean when someone says you have soft eyes? It may simply mean that they think that you are good at maneuvering unpleasant situations and they needed to tell you.

People who don’t overthink or become wearisome of their present state in life seem to be living happily.

Because they don’t try to change situations instead they walk through them and come out strong on the other side of the tunnel. 

If you are such a person, you seem to work at the solution and forget about what the problem is entire. For this reason, you are known to have soft eyes.

You Seem To Care A Lot

If you are known for making new friends, starting a new relationship, and thinking about other people. It could be that people find you attractive because of your soft eyes, and the way you relate with them.  

You may be in a situation where you are the breadwinner or you work in a place that requires you to care for people of all age groups.

For example, a day in a life of a nurse or doctor will require lots of emotions as you want to make your patient get well soon. 

In this case, people will say you have soft eyes based on what you do and how you make them feel when they are around you.

It Is Just A Compliment 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

What does it mean when someone says you have soft eyes? It is simply a mere compliment that does not have any implied meaning to it. In this scenario, it has nothing to do with your relationship with them or your personality type. 

For example, you could apply some facial cream to your eyes or do a quick skincare routine for that day.

Someone who notices it would compliment you based on your look and nothing else. So, this is a good reason for someone to say you have soft eyes. 

There are many ways to compliment the people we know or love. We do this by considering the way they look at the moment, how they walk, their mode of dressing, and many more.  

What You Should Consider Before Reaching A Conclusion That You Have Soft Eyes

Before reaching any meaningful conclusion to what they mean by soft eyes, you may need to be aware of the following factors. They could play a major role in deciding whether you have soft eyes or not.

The Situation You Are Into

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

Some situations we find ourselves in tend to make us act or react differently no matter how strong we may be. For example, when you were caught in the middle of a lie you told earlier.

You texted a friend that you were off town that day only to bump into each other in the shopping mall later in the day. What a great surprise it would leave you in. 

In a way to comfort yourself and in an attempt to explain, your facial expression changes, and your eyes appears especially soft. 

Another scenario, that can make you look with soft eyes, could be when you see someone so attractive, handsome or beautiful at first sight your body senses such as your eyes tend to blink very fast. 

At every gaze, you find it mirroring the direction of the person’s movement involuntarily. This gives your eyes a softened look before your whole face is accompanied by a very tender smile. Anyone who witnesses this instantly can attest to the fact that you do have soft eyes.

What Do People Say About You? 

This is another important factor to consider when someone says you have soft eyes. You may be known for a particular attitude towards a subject matter and this is the only way they can tell you or compliment you for it. 

What role do you play in the life of the people around you? Are you described as one who is compassionate and caring? How do you understand people? Do you find yourself surrounded by people? 

If you are not sure of which category they place you in, a practical way to get to know what they mean by saying you have soft eyes is to hang out with them.

Your Skincare Routine Or Medications 

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

We can safely assume that the type of skin care products and the nature of your skincare routine can affect the way you look. The products you use on your eyes such as eye cream could give you that soft eyes impression. 

It could be that you don’t have soft eyes naturally but considering what you use on your face, these create that natural look such that the people you meet and interact with will always notice and compliment you. 

Also, some medication could leave you looking with a soft eye without you realizing it. If this is the case, then don’t be surprised when someone compliments you with a such phrase. 

The Nature Of Your Work

What Does It Mean When Someone Says You Have Soft Eyes

Another strong explanation for why people say you have soft eyes is the nature of your work or your occupation. Some jobs require subtle human interaction and this needs people that are fit for it. 

For example, categories of work such as plane attendants, bank receptionists, restaurant waiters, and ushering jobs require meeting a lot of different and highly profiled personalities daily.  

By constantly rendering your services and passionately talking to your clients, your facial expression would tell a lot.

To them, soft eyes are all they need to get the necessary information they need from you. So, all of these should help you see the reasons for your having soft eyes.


In an attempt to figure out the meaning of someone saying that you have soft eyes, we have reviewed 8 of the possible reasons for that.

One thing is apparent and it is how you relate with the people around you. This is pivotal and a good reason for someone to want to compliment you that way.  

You were also enlightened on what you need to consider before deciding whether you have soft eyes or not. We were able to make some deductions and one of such is your occupation.

If it is the nature of your day’s job, having soft eyes is a necessity to get along with your clients. 

So, with all said and written, you now have a list of meanings as to why people say you have soft eyes. It is now left for you to understand the context and the intent behind why they tell you that.


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