Why Does My Boyfriend Go To Sleep So Early?

The reason your boyfriend sleeps early is discussed extensively in this article. How long have you been wondering why he sleeps almost immediately?

Realistically there are many reasons why this can happen to you, from health-related issues to stress from everyday work.

The importance of sleep cannot be overemphasised. It is vital for humans to have quality sleep to remain healthy.

However, if you discover your boyfriend sleeps early and this gets you worried, I have some answers that can help in this post.

Ten Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Sleeps Early


Why Does My Boyfriend Go To Sleep So Early?

 Does your boyfriend sleeping early bother you? Ten reasons why your boyfriend would sleep early are 

  • He is old
  • He is under the influence of a substance
  • He is avoiding a conversation with you
  • He is suffering from a psychological issue
  • He is tired from work
  • He needs a break
  • It’s his sleep routine, 
  • He is bored with the relationship; 
  • You don’t give him enough attention;
  • He is angry with you.

1. He is old

Why Does My Boyfriend Go To Sleep So Early?

The reason Your boyfriend goes to sleep early is that he is getting old. A sign that your boyfriend is getting old is that he goes to sleep early. The vigor attached to being young has left him. Your boyfriend goes to bed early because he can’t help it.

Old age comes with a lot of new health challenges. If you notice your boyfriend sleeping early, it may be because of the effects of old age. One things you can do is to ensure that you spend time with him before bedtime.

As men age, the control over sleep is lessened, and this has nothing to do with you.

2. He is suffering from a psychological issue

One reason your boyfriend opts to sleep early is that he suffers from a psychological Issue.

Does your boyfriend suddenly start hitting the sack early? One reason for him doing this is that he is either depressed or suffers from anxiety. People do strange things when they are affected by psychological problems.

I can tell you from experience that men who sleep early are often haunted by emotional traumas. Maybe he knows you become active at night, and sleeping early is the best way to avoid dealing with these problems.

I think the best response, in this case, is to ask him directly before he sleeps. He will have no choice but to face you, chances are he will tell you how he is feeling and you can also get a good read on his emotions.

You can make things better for him by putting up new activities, you both can share. This would force him to stop acting in such a manner, face his emotions and define them.

You can try to figure out what is wrong with him, and for how long this has been troubling him. This way you both can seek professional help for him, and save your relationship also.

3. He is under the influence

A good reason your boyfriend goes to sleep early is that he is inebriated. Have you taken a discreet look at your boyfriend? You may be surprised that his early bed routine is due to him being drunk or affected by some substance.

I think the question you need to ask is how aware are you of his activities before bed. If he hangs out after work or drinks at home. This would point out clearly, where and why he sleeps early.

Signs of intoxication or drug use can be obvious or well hidden. After such activities in the early evenings, your boyfriend would find it difficult to stay awake. Trying to prevent this can be tricky, ensure to seek professional help before attempting to do so yourself.

What can also help is spending more time with him so you can be a good influence on his activities.

4. He is avoiding a conversation

If your boyfriend goes to bed early, the reason is that he is avoiding having a conversation with you.

When he is asleep, he can’t have a conversation with you and he knows this. So he goes to bed early knowing you won’t wake him up for discussion.

A tough conversation is not easily started in a relationship. One party may talk things out, while your boyfriend is not ready for a conversation. He dodges having this conversation by feigning sleep.

What you should do is accost him immediately after he gets ready for bed. He will have no excuse but to face you and have a conversation. Taking him on a date, picnic or walk is a great way to easily have a good conversation with him.

You should also ensure that you have a positive outlook, when he feels anxious or cornered his willingness to have a conversation diminishes.

Playing card games and setting plans for a movie night with just the two of you is another way you can prevent him from sleeping early.

5. He is tired from work

Why Does My Boyfriend Go To Sleep So Early?

This reason is quite common; your boyfriend goes to sleep early because he is tired from work.

Your boyfriend is just stressed from working all day, and sleeping early is a side effect of this.

The toll from working long hours can show negatively on a relationship and the health of anyone. After a long day, hitting the bedroom becomes all your boyfriend thinks about.

He may have made plans for you both, but you soon find him sleeping. I know this can frustrate you. A way to solve this is to help him reduce his stress, I advise you to show him better ways to manage his duties.

Excessive workload adversely affects the sleeping cycle of your boyfriend, and his sleeping early means nothing else.

You can select off days and weekends for you to spend quality time together. I think it will do you good to teach him to reduce his stress from work.

Show him examples of how this is affecting both of you and the health of your relationship.

6. He needs a break

There is a chance that your boyfriend needs a break from you that is why he goes to sleep early.

He is overwhelmed by having you constantly around and wants some space for himself. Sleeping early and leaving you awake is a subtle signal to let you know he wants solitude.

Sometimes taking a break is healthy in a relationship, especially when one person feels too anxious or closeted.

No one likes to feel trapped, hence drifting off to sleep early makes him feel alone even when you are there.

I always know when it’s time to give my partner a break. Knowing this can help you avoid unnecessary heartache.

An honest conversation with your boyfriend would inform you of his actual feelings. You both can come up with the best solution that is good for both of you.

Relationships are tough as they are sweet, and no manual exists on how they are supposed to be run.

When things like this happen, I face them head-on for what It is. Making assumptions about why he goes to sleep early can hardly help to solve anything.

Trust in your instinct and also understand how he feels. By doing this, you would improve and feel positive about the situation.

7. It is his sleep routine

There is no special reason why your boyfriend sleeps early other than it is a sleeping routine. So many folks today have a strict routine of what time they go to bed.

I had an ex that slept at 9 pm every day like clockwork. Changing from his routine usually requires an unusual circumstance.

He may have personal reasons why he does this. It has been a habit he has practiced for a very long time, maybe even from his childhood.

While it may not be easy to break such a habit, telling him how you feel neglected by his action would have him consider.

A relationship is founded on compromise, especially if it’s going to work. If your boyfriend loves you, he should alter some routines for you.

This early habit of his is because he wants to meet up with his work schedule. Jobs on shifts would require him to work at odd hours and if this is the case, he cannot sleep past certain hours.

Understanding his habit goes a long way to help you judge properly why he acts this way. It will help your mental health and keep you less worried.

8. He is bored with the relationship

 A reason that shows your boyfriend is bored with the relationship is that he will choose to sleep early rather than deal with you.

It is very easy to lose yourself quickly in the swirl of romance, new love gets the heart pumping with joy.

The initial thrill of spending time with you dwindles over time and now he prefers having to sleep.

Common activities you undergo together have become monotonous and boring. When everything you do daily becomes predictable, boredom creeps in unnoticed.

You can prevent this and salvage your relationship by having a new zest for life.

Take out time to perform stuff you haven’t done with him. I suggest you ask him what his hobbies are and enjoy this together.

The fires that burn to keep a relationship alive need to be stoked frequently. Its embers need fresh wood to keep them burning.

Spend special date nights just for the two of you, vacation is also a good way to spice things up.

I guarantee that a spontaneous action from you would have him acting differently. 

9. He is angry with you

One reason your boyfriend sleeps early is that he is angry with you. Anger is a strong emotion, and different people have their mechanisms for handling it. An angry boyfriend who doesn’t want to confront you would do everything to avoid you.

When your boyfriend sleeps early, this prevents him from spending time talking to you.

He is worked up about a recent fight you both had, or something he knows you don’t. This can annoy you since you will be confused by his actions.

The early hours before dawn is a good opportunity to ask your boyfriend why he is angry with you. He will be calm and more receptive to explaining why he is angry with you.

10 You don’t give him enough attention

When you don’t give your boyfriend enough attention, this can be a reason he goes to bed early.

Men’s feelings should not be neglected. These feelings are shared between a couple in a relationship. However, when he lacks a certain level of attention from you, he will gradually withdraw from you.

If you are fond of getting caught up in your activities that you don’t have time to notice your, man. He becomes emotional and will feel distant from you. This is not a healthy or good look for you. Your boyfriend needs attention from you.

A sign of this reflects in his early-to-bed routine. He probably doesn’t see why should he talk to you when you pay no attention to him.


These reasons mentioned in this article are the most likely reasons your boyfriend goes to sleep early. Sometimes it will help keep you from being worried if you go directly and ask your boyfriend why he does this.

If it is time you need, understand that late evenings are not ideal for hanging out or talking, especially when they have to go to work early the next day.

It is important to note the difference between a regular sleep schedule and one that is abnormal.

This will save you from having to worry unnecessarily. The duration of your relationship is also crucial in telling if your question is premature or not.

Sometimes it takes a while before you get used to a person’s habits and behaviors. I hope you use this article as a guide for yourself and it helps you to help your boyfriend.

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