Why Does He Hum Around Me? Here’s Why!

Pulling the petals off a daisy to figure out why a guy hums around you, would be hard physical work to complete. Because issues like these are as confusing and frustrating as trying to figure out if a guy likes you or not.

Is that his way of being happy? Or is he being rude? What if he’s just being nice? Pondering this can be burdensome for sure.

If this is you, then you may need some little direction. In this article, I’ve compiled this list of reasons as to why he hums around you, to help you (and the guy in question) out.

10 Reasons Why He Hums Around You 

Why Does He Hum Around Me? Here's Why!

You don’t need to overthink his behavior or embarrass him and yourself in front of each other because of it.

This list of reasons will help you understand what it means when a guy seems to hum around you all the time. So that you can know the best way to relate with him.

He Does It Naturally

Why Does He Hum Around Me? Here's Why!

For most guys, it’s just their way of life or we can call it their habit. It could be that he loves humming as a person, not because you are around.

He does it while showering, getting the trash bags from the kitchen, or walking his dog down the streets. To him, it’s an unconscious act that does come up whenever he’s doing something. 

It could be that you just happen to be around whenever he’s trying to get important things done. You might feel it’s because you are around while in reality, it’s not.

He isn’t able to justify this act of humming around you unless you make him realize it and he’s willing to make you understand that it has nothing to do with you. 

Also, a guy who is into music whether hip pop, rap, or R&B will hum to the song he wants to learn or record.

So, a good way to deal with this issue would be to ask him whether he is a lover of music. This will help clear any doubt of him humming because you think he likes you. 

He Does It Because He Likes You

Why Does He Hum Around Me?

Another possible reason a guy hums around you might be that he wants to get to know you better, and if possible make you his girlfriend.

Maybe he’s enchanted by the way you talk, smile, or do things whenever he is with you. He feels he wants more of you and wanted to find a way of telling you that he’s into you. 

If it’s a guy that always makes you feel like you are in Disney land, then he’s simply being real at the moment.

This kind of guy would always notice your presence on any occasion. They hum when you are around them, getting you to become more conscious of their presence. 

Most guys maneuver their way to get to talk to you, and it is a sign that he has feelings for you. If you think he might be a good fit, get to hang out with him and find out why he hums around you from time to time.  

He Acknowledges Your Presence 

Do you know that a great way for couples to acknowledge each other without saying anything is to hum to a song they like? In this way, they get to laugh out loud or ease out stress while having fun. And this is not different when a guy hums around you. 

To him, he’s happy to have you around and he feels the need to tell you. It could be that he noticed you had a stressful day and wants to help you feel better.

Asking lots of questions might not help, he just listens to you and gets to know how to cheer you up faster by humming. 

However, not many people enjoy listening to a humming sound. If you do, it means that he’s just being emphatic at the moment nothing more. Most times, he tries to sound funny so that you can laugh it off. 

He Said Something Insulting

It could be that he’s trying to be funny, but accidentally says something that is mildly insulting.

This is not a bad thing though, after all, he’s being playful and could be a sign that he likes you. He does not know how you may take it, that’s why he hums after saying such. 

Sometimes guys can act silly, or tough by bringing up issues that get their girlfriends annoyed.

And the only way they can escape an explanation is a pinch on the cheeks, or by humming. If he’s fond of teasing you, then don’t be surprised he hums around you because of this.

You can tell a lot about a guy by how he reacts after acting weird. Could humming be his way of apologizing and laughing it off?   

He Is Bored

Can you remember a time when he was tired out from an activity? Or when he became impatient for you to prepare something for him to eat? He instantly goes mute and looks for ways to help himself out, then it may be a reason he always hums around you.  

Do you guys talk much when you are together? Are you a petty person, who always finds faults in everything he does and complains over mundane things?

It’s a clear sign that you don’t respect him anymore. And that’s exactly what some guys are thinking when they hum around you.

Also, it could be his way of overlooking certain attitudes you put out in the relationship. His spending time with you seems wearisome and uninteresting. And this is another strong reason why he hums around you.

He Is Probably Shy Around You 

It could be that he is simply shy about being with you and does not want you to notice it. Humming is a pretty subtle sign, of being shy as he may be braver relating with you through his phone than in real life!

At first, act friendly and warm with him until you feel he is relaxed a bit. You can do this by saying, oh I know that song! or by asking him if his into music.

There are other ways to go about a shy guy who seems to hum around you. The best thing to do is to be creative and use the situation to your best fit. 

A guy who hums around you might have a crush on you but does not know how to tell you. He wants you to notice him every time he’s around. And the only way to get your attention is by humming around you.   

He Is Trying To Break The Awkward Moment Or Silence

There are times in a relationship when you don’t always have what to say or ask each other. A moment like this calls for a brief silence, which is usually followed by a subtle change in one’s reaction.

This change may be in the form of singing, dancing, humming, or just randomly doing stuff.  

Most guys don’t like silence, especially when they are with a lady.

They tend to play loud music, or any form of entertainment while having a conversation with her. In this way, there’s no awkward moment of silence or boredom. 

However, if you are in a situation with a guy and it seems there’s nothing to talk about, don’t be surprised that he hums around you. That could be his way of making you stay with him for long. 

He Is Trying To Tune You Out

When someone is humming in a way that makes it obvious that we can’t stand it. They are simply saying that we are wasting our time talking to them.

In this case, the person is trying to avoid having a discussion or just wants to make you leave the room at all costs. 

For most guys, this is a way to show that they are more important than whatever it is you want to say or suggest.

It is highly indicative of an unhealthy relationship, where one partner is being unnecessarily unkind or does something to intentionally annoy you. 

If a guy hums around you in such a manner, there’s a high probability that he’s been selfish at the moment.

If you can ignore him by walking out of the scenario, or using your headset to block out his voice. You have saved yourself some peace of mind and energy as they won’t take you seriously if you tell them to stop.   

He Is Trying To Get Your Attention 

For most guys, humming around a girl they like is a way they show that they will do anything to get her attention.

He wants you to consider him a boyfriend material because of his physic or his advantage over your ex or other guys you have known. He wants more than a platonic relationship and humming around you is his unique way of relating his feelings towards you.  

There are other ways a guy will try to impress a girl, especially if he is still in the friend zone. For example, some may brag about money, bring up stories about their life, or try attempting daredevil stunts just to get your attention.

Creative guys might go a bit further to show you how unique they are and why you should be interested in them.

If he seems to be the only guy showing up at your stage performance or humming around you even among your friends, he might be trying to tell you he likes you.

He Doesn’t Know The Words

Maybe he’s trying to sing you a love song and he forgot the lyrics to the song he wants to sing to you. It could also be that he is not so good at singing.

So, he’s trying to avoid sounding stupid a such a wonderful moment. But some guys don’t mind singing and letting you laugh at them while at it. 

To him, he feels there’s no other way that he could make you fall in love with his voice, other than humming around you.

He wants to get closer to you, or in order words,  he wants you to see him as more than just friends. And this could make him hum around you whenever he feels the need to tell you.

It could be that he loves the way you laugh, or act when you are with him and he just can’t help but hum while you are around.

For example, he must have heard a nice song playing by the radio station, and he feels you need to hear it too because you will like it.

Or you are a singer and he wants to appreciate that fact by humming the tune to your song.  Doing this he’s saying his your number one fan and you should keep singing your songs.  


To conclude, there are many reasons why a guy always hums around you, especially if you think he likes you. One factor however is apparent; that you both are familiar with each other before he can think of humming around you.

There is a need to be observant as this will help you avoid reading wrong interpretations into his act. If you don’t, you could act in a way he will consider absurd.

You can look into those moments where you feel he wants to get your attention, humming could be a sign. This will help you decide whether he’s into you or not. If he does it in a manner that gets you annoyed, he’s being petty. And you don’t have to listen to it.

I believe after reading this article, you can now make a reasonable deduction from his action. And if you realize the feeling is mutual, why not tell him about it? Who knows you both could make a good fit!

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