Why Do Guys Ask What Are You Wearing?(ANSWERED)

A guy would ask this because he wants to flirt with you. He asks so that he will start an erotic conversation with you. 

Normally, when a guy throws this question in your direction, he wants to connect with you on a level that will be more interesting than being just friends. 

He wants you two to be intimate.The above reasons are the most common, but they are other reasons why a guy would ask this. 

It could be a casual question because he is just curious to know what you are wearing. 

Other times he might just be trying to make small talk.

When a guy talks to you in this manner, it’s often because he wants to engage in a flirty conversation. 

If you have no interest in such talks, act appropriately. Above all your instinct, your relationship with him should be the context that tells you the reason he is asking what you are wearing.

If you are wondering what this means. You are in the right place. 

I will mention in this post 5 reasons a guy would ask you what you are wearing. 

We have filtered through many meanings to give you the most common and relevant reasons. Keep reading

5 Reasons Guys Ask What Are You Wearing

A guy asking you what you are wearing can seem like an odd question out of the blue. 

It can be confusing to respond to that. What is important to know is the reason he asked this question. 

By knowing the reason, you can tell which reply is best suited for them.

1. He Is Flirting With You

A guy asking you what you are wearing because he is flirting with you. 

This kind of question is used as an opener for a flirtatious conversation. He wants you to engage in flirting behavior with him. 

Flirting between adults is common especially if he has a romantic interest in you.

If a man flirts with you, it’s because he wants you to become a romantic interest. 

He may have been your friend or someone who you know but haven’t dated. 

By starting such a conversation, he hopes to ignite your interest in him. This also gives him the chance to tell you how he feels.

By flirting with you, he is expressing his feelings for you. 

This shows you he is attracted to you, and willing to take your friendship to the next level. 

It is exciting to flirt with the right person. It increases your attraction for one another, stimulating things in the right direction.

There is a chance that he is already a friend of yours, that’s why he can ask you such an intimate question. 

If you have a crush on him or want to give him a chance, there is no better opportunity than flirting back with him.

2. He Wants An Intimate Relationship

A guy asking what you are wearing is a personal question. It means that he is trying to get you to be intimate with him. 

Asking you this is his way of determining your level of desire or interest in pursuing the same intimacy with him.

He wants to know what you are wearing because this creates a satisfying mental image in his head. 

He wants to be with you and he wants you to know this. For someone who you are already dating, he is trying to get you warmed up for action later.

Playing erotic games can lead to intimacy between people who have an attraction for each other. Asking such questions is the start of many of these games. 

By gauging how comfortable with his questions, he will know if you are down with his suggestions.

What this does is show him how much explicit conversation can he have with you without crossing your boundaries. 

This will let him know how much chance he has of being with you.

3. He Wants To Get A Read On You

Context matters when a guy asks you such a question. The relationship between the both of you matters, where he asks and how he does this also matters. 

Depending on the situation it’s easier to gauge and determine his reason for asking you this.

He wants to get a read on you. That’s why he asks you what you are wearing. This small talk is a way to get you into a conversation with him. 

Asking a personal question is a great way for starting a conversation with anyone. This is what he hopes to achieve.

A question like this will tell him much about your character, how you speak, and the level of trust you have for him. 

So, there is a chance guys only ask this question casually because it’s a good conversation starter.

4. He Is Simply Curious

Curiosity always gets the best of us sometimes. I know I have allowed myself to ask a personal curious question once or twice. 

A guy asking what you are wearing can come from a place of a curious mind. He is interested because his curiosity got the better of him.

Guys that are curious by nature will never miss an opportunity to ask you anything. 

When this is the case, he simply wants to know how and what you are wearing. He is interested in fashion sense or how you appear when you go out. 

Friends do this all the time, accessing each other’s wardrobe choices.

He genuinely is interested in how you look and telling him what you are wearing tells him this. 

You might indeed have informed him of an event you are attending, and asking you this will reveal to him how you dressed up for the event.

With so many designers and stylists on the fashion scene, he might want to know which designer brand you are into. 

If his reason alone is curiosity, it isn’t hard to determine, because his follow-up questions will point away from anything erotic.

5. He Wants You To Dress To Match

When a guy asks you what you are wearing, he wants to dress to match. 

Friends or lovers can dress up by wearing similar clothing to an event. When a guy asks you what you are wearing, he wants to dress similarly to you.

He wants your dress to match hence his question. This is true especially if you are attending the same event or going to show up in the same location. 

This is fun and can create a stronger bond between the two of you.

If he’s your lover, dressing to match is a common thing that happens in a relationship. 

You are guaranteed to turn heads when you go out looking the same. This is good for great pictures and also for creating fun memories.

He asks you what you are wearing, including trying to know what brand you are wearing, type of clothing, color, and style. 

With this information, he knows how to look like you.

What To Do When Asked What Are You Wearing

What to do when a guy asks you what you are wearing comes down to understanding the context of the question.

Is it coming from a romantic or erotic interest?Is it a casual question or just used to begin a conversation? 

There is no easy way to determine this, so I have written a list of things you can do.

Follow your instinct, combining them with the reason you deduced for him asking you a question like this.

Ask Him A Question in Return

What to do when a guy asks what you are wearing is asking him a question too. 

This will turn the tables around and you don’t have to answer questions yourself. Now you have put him on the spot and he has to find a way of getting out.

Here, you have shown him your wits and he will be interested in you even more. 

He will have to spill more knowledge about himself because you asked him a direct question. 

This way you can avoid answering a question immediately, especially when you don’t have a reply handy.

It is also a good way to stall answering while you gather information on his reason for asking what you are wearing. 

You also have enough time to come up with an answer yourself.

Flirt with Him

When a question like this is directed our way in a flirty manner. 

You can respond in kind. If you are open and interested in him, now is a good time to return the favor.

You can get in on the question and get some action for yourself.

This is a good way to know him better and see how much chemistry lies between the both of you. 

Flirting when done right can lead to beautiful relationships and moments. 

Only do this when you see him as a potential lover or romantic interest.

Flirting with him doesn’t require many skills. Simply smiling and keeping the conversation rolling is the right thing to do.

If you want to be coy, you can redirect the question away from his angle. You can talk about topics that you have an interest in. 

Set Boundaries

Questions like this are personal. 

You are not compelled to answer them or allow a person who doesn’t know your boundaries to address you in this manner. 

If a guy asks you what you are wearing, and you feel uncomfortable, tell him directly you do not wish to be spoken to in that way.

Set your boundaries with him b saying you do not wish to discuss such topics or any similar to this kind of topic with him. 

Setting such boundaries will save you from having an unsolicited conversation with him.

He will respect you and learn to have conversations with you. Without the right boundaries, your ideals can be trampled upon.

Tell him the truth

Aometimes a question is simply a question. There are not always hidden agendas or reasons behind them. 

When a guy asks you what you are wearing, there is no reason why you can tell him the truth.

The answer to the question lies in whatever you will tell him. 

You can choose to reveal the brand, style, or design of clothing you are wearing. 

If you are comfortable with him knowing disinformation then telling him brings no harm.

It can lead to a more stimulating and interesting conversation between the two of you. 

You can never know how such things end, only the beginning. It is fun to discuss style and fashion with someone who knows a thing or two.

Cut off their access to you

When a guy asks such questions, it is usually because he has access to you.

He has your contact information and can message, text, email, or chat you up. 

Without having such reach to you, he won’t be able to ask you what you are wearing.

If you follow or friend them on social media, you can block and delete them so they don’t have any means to message you there. 

Have their numbers blacklisted on your phone and you will be free of such harassment.

You can also inform the authorities when you notice the behavior is out of the ordinary or makes you uncomfortable.


When a guy has an attraction to you and wants to get intimate, he will try to flirt with you. 

A question like this is an attempt to flirt and engage you intimately with romantic talks. 

This will pique your interest in him, leading him to ultimately have you as a girlfriend, partner, or lover.

It is also a great way to get you hooked on an interesting conversation with him. It’s a way for him to look inside your mind. 

This way he knows what makes you tick.

The best thing about this is that it’s entirely up to you how you want to play this. 

If you vibe right with him, you accommodate this question. But if you feel uncomfortable with such a question, you immediately let him know.


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