13 Reasons Why A Guy Would Stand And Stare At You And How To Respond To Them 

A guy would stand and stare at you because you have captivated his attention. His stares are because of an undeniable attraction he feels towards you. 

He could also watch you or try to figure out who you are. It’s no secret that when we find something attractive, we stop and admire it. We try to take in every detail so that the image is well-printed in our brains. 

Much information can hardly be gotten from a glance in your direction. So he gazes to make himself more familiar with your features.

I am now going to show you 13 reasons why a guy would stare at you and what you should do in such situations.

13 Reasons Why A Guy Would Stop And Stare At You And What You Should Do

1. You captured his attention

What you didn’t know is that your physical appearance is a reason why a guy will stare at you. 

He is drawn and attracted by how beautiful you look, causing him to focus all his attention on you.

He thinks you are pretty and wants to admire all your features. 

There is no real manual that defines why we are attracted to a particular person. 

But, your features, dress, appearance, or simply the way you smile might have drawn him in.

What you do in such a situation would be to smile back politely or move on. 

He is admiring you from a distance and you can choose not to interact or acknowledge this. 

However, you can reciprocate with a smile that acknowledges his gesture. This boils down to the human connection.

What you feel in the moment is often the best reaction you can give such a situation.

2. He finds You Interesting

A guy that finds you interesting will stare at you for a while. He wants to mark every detail of what he sees so that he can gauge you more. 

This is good because it shows that he likes what he sees and wants to know more.

His gaze in your direction proves he locked onto you and wants you to know this. 

It is proven that when eye contact happens between persons for longer, a bond and attraction are ignited. 

This interest can be him hoping to start a conversation with you.

Things to include holding eye contact with him for longer and seeing who breaks away. 

This is a fun game that creates an instant friendship between you. If you find him interesting too you can hold his stare and smile, this tells him you also find him interesting.

It’s an invitation for him to come over and chat with you. 

Long-lasting friendships and relationships have started from an interesting look.

3. He wants to catch your attention

Topically, when a guy stares at you he is trying to get your attention. He stands and stares because he needs your gaze to link with his and get your attention. 

Guys do this when they are trying to signal to you they will come over to you.

Depending on the situation such as a bar, club, sidewalk, mall, park, or office. 

He is staring so that he creates an awareness of him in your conscious mind. 

When he has gotten your attention, he will either signal to you his information or use the opportunity to tell you how he feels.

When a guy wants your attention, he may want to alert you or pass you a message. 

You can give your attention to him and listen to what he has to say. Sometimes he might want you to check him out and see if you find him attractive. 

Here you can show him your approval or disapproval.

4. He wants to talk to you

Sometimes when a guy has something to say to you, he stands and stares at you. 

This is because he hasn’t worked up the courage to start a conversation with you. It means he is nervous about the encounter.

Guys that are shy will feel uncomfortable with a direct face-to-face with you, so they end up staring at you, hoping to muster the energy to talk. 

This is common where the guy doesn’t know you well but still wants a chance to talk to you.

What to do in a situation like this is to keep being relaxed. If your body language reads no hostile expression, he might finally get to converse with you. 

Sometimes, you may bail him out by taking the step and striking up a conversation with him.

5. He is thinking about you

A guy can be so in thought when looking at you that he is lost in them. 

He is pondering over you and creating a fantasy in his head that he stands and stares at you without realizing it.

Many people have wild fantasies and this causes them to daydream a lot. 

Seeing you has activated one of his fantasies because he secretly has a crush on you. 

When a guy is lost in his thoughts thinking about you, he has feelings for you.

In a circumstance like this, snap them out of their fantasies and bring them to reality. 

A simple waving of hands across their face will remove their daydreams. If he is a friend, you can playfully tease them for being lost in thoughts.

A guy stares at you because he’s thinking about you. Understand you cannot be responsible for what he thinks.

6. He wants you to notice him

Guys always want to show how confident they are and never miss a chance to impress a woman that they like. 

If a guy stands and stares at you, he signals you to look at his body language, dress sense, style, and charisma. 

All the good qualities that he possesses and needs to sell himself to you.

He knows that by staring at you, and you notice him. 

You will be attracted to him once you see all his best features. It’s known that attraction to something good is a universal human trait.

What you can do solely depends on you, you can decide to smile, face another direction or simply walk off. 

If you find him attractive or interesting enough, you can accept his woos by flirting with your eyes.

7. He is curious about you

If he is someone that isn’t close to you, he may stare at you because he finds you fascinating and wants to know you more. 

He is curious about you and this curiosity will cause him to look at you in an observing manner.

He doesn’t care if you are watching him or not, he only wants to get enough information on you to make a good guess about your personality, or what you will be like. 

This is because he finds you attractive and interesting.

What you can do is also show your interest in him too. A smile will draw him in for a direct conversation with you.

Curiosity gets the best of him, and if you did not desire to be stared at, leave the scene immediately.

8. He’s lost in thought

Sometimes people space or zone out so frequently that you might think they are staring at you. 

This happens because they are deep in thought and stare out into space while doing this. You can rest assured when this happens, they are not even registering your presence.

Guys who daydream are guilty of this. They would pick a trail of thought and get lost in their head as long as they can afford to. 

When you get caught in their gaze, it looks like they are staring right at you. But alas, they are in some fantasy landscape in their brains.

What you can do is ignore this ever happened and move on with your life. 

Daydreamers are going to dream and stare into space. If doing it creeps you out, wake him from his dreams every time he stares at you 

9. He’s not happy with you

When a guy has a beef with you, he will stare at you whenever he sees you. 

This is possible if you have had an altercation or quarreled with them in the past. Unresolved problems can cause feelings of resentment against you. 

The result is them standing and staring at you.

Sometimes it may be an admirer who desires but can’t have you. 

This frustration is translated into a hard stare when they see you. It is possible you may have nothing about them, but they have some information on you that causes this resentment.

When a guy stares at you with malice or a frown, follow your instinct and stay clear of them. 

If you are estranged friends, you will extend the white flag, and question them about the problem.

A solution can be easily gotten with effective communication. You are in control of how this affects you. If you do not feel safe, quickly involve other parties and the authorities.

10. He is sizing you up

When a guy sees you as a potential girlfriend or lover, he will stand and stare at you. 

He is checking you out to see if he can see qualities that increase his interest. 

Some attractions are not instant like many would like to believe; a lingering gaze can expose you to two more qualities of a person.

It’s common to see a guy looking at you in a focused and particular way. 

His eyes have locked on you, ensuring he takes every minute detail of your figure and body. This is also frowned upon in most social communities and seen as rude.

What you can do in such an uncomfortable situation is to leave or reposition yourself from their line of sight. 

Some guys lack the self-discipline not to ogle at someone, cautioning them about their insistent staring can also help if they are a colleague.

11. He stares because of boredom

Boredom handles many things and standing and staring into the open or anything in sight is the result. 

A guy that is bored out of his mind will stand and stare at anything in his field of vision. 

Standing in his line of sight will make you the newest interesting thing for him to occupy his time with.

Looking closely, you notice his gaze is lazy, and he has nothing better to do with his time. 

It’s possible you are just the most interesting thing he is seeing, and he’s observing and enjoying looking at you perform your routine.

Lots of stuff goes on in a guy’s mind and you are not responsible for what happens in there. 

If you have no issue with his continuous observation of you, he will eventually move on to other things. 

However, if it makes you jittery, you can tell him to stop staring or change your location.

12. He wants to be your friend

If a guy wants you to be his friend and doesn’t know how to go about this. 

You can catch him staring at you from time to time. This Is because he is thinking of the best opportunity that will bring the both of you in talking proximity.

It’s known that eye contact can create a bond between two people even though they haven’t said a word to each other. 

He hopes to keep consistent eye contact with you to create such a bond between you guys.

Doing this long enough and you felt like you already know them. That’s the power he is trying to harness. 

By staring at you, and holding eye contact he easily falls into a conversation with you that leads to a great friendship.

What you can do is accept his gesture of friendship if you will share this with him. 

You can also wait and do nothing until he either moves on or talks to you. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything, let things just play out.

13. You remind him of someone

It’s a secret that we all have doppelgangers somewhere on the planet. 

If you see a guy standing and staring at you, it means you remind him of someone he knows. This is just a coincidence and does not have anything to do with you.

Who you remind him of can be anybody from grandparents, children, siblings, or even a famous person. 

Some people have one of those faces that always looks familiar. 

Here, he stares because he wants to be sure you aren’t the person; he thinks you are.

He could also be fascinated with the striking similarities you have with other people he knows. 

You automatically become more interesting because of this resemblance.

What you can do is leave him to his fascinations. If he’s courageous, he will walk up to you and tell you who you remind him of. 

Other than this, you are free to do as you, please.


A guy standing and staring at you is mostly because of the attraction he has for you. 

It is something you have done that has made you interested in him. 

The way you speak, dress, look, or laugh has captivated his being drawing him in like a moth to a flame.

He can only hope to stare especially when he doesn’t have the means or wit to engage you in a conversation. 

Sometimes it is possible for a guy to just enjoy staring at you and doesn’t want more of it.

When you are being stared at by a guy, ensure it’s not a creepy stare. 

If you feel uncomfortable or don’t trust them, it is okay to remove yourself from such scrutiny. 

Confrontation should always be the last resort.

I end this by saying a guy staring at you wants to create a connection. 

This connection works better if he locks his gaze with you, and you can always tell the intention of someone by looking at their eyes. 

It’s almost like you can read their mind.

Having this sensitivity will inform you of the best cause of action while allowing you to define the context clear.




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