20 Powerful Things to Say When Someone Comments on Your Appearance?

Even before someone starts to evaluate your character and personality, they first consider your appearance. Hence the saying, you’re addressed as you dress.

This means that your physical outlook is of big relevance in grading you, at least that’s the societal standard.

This also suggests that you have to be ready to entertain all sorts of comments and hot takes on your appearance.

Most times, those who do, say these things behind your back while there are staunch fellows who would rather say it to your face no matter how inconveniencing it could be.

However, this post is not about any particular divide as it covers both when someone is pesky with their comments on your appearance and when the person is cool with it.

In this post, I’ll be discussing a couple of interesting responses which suit the situation when someone comments on your appearance. To learn more, keep reading!

20 Best Things to Say When Someone Comments on Your Appearance

While considering what you can say when someone comments on your appearance, you should take note of the person’s tone, use of language or choice of words, and lastly, body language.

These factors can help you decide whether you sound cool, calm, and collected or even appreciative of the person’s comments, or if you’re to cook up and serve them the best comebacks you can find.

Luckily, I’ve got these two sentiments covered in this post. To reassure my commitment to serving you well, I have a collection of comebacks that is befitting for the situation.

These responses are divided into two categories which are the cool or appreciative response and the sarcastic comeback responses.

  1. You’ve really got good eyes
  2. I’ll take that as a compliment
  3. Thanks for the fine gesture
  4. That was so insightful for you to say
  5. I appreciate your flattery remark
  6. It’s commendable how you speak so sweetly
  7. It’s sad, you cannot change anything about it
  8. I wish I cared more about what you say, but I’m being careful with what I wish for
  9. We both have lost things in the past. I obviously lost weight while you let go of your senses
  10. You’re as ugly as your bad comments
  11. If you’re expecting me to feel bad. Let it be on record that you failed at yet another thing in your life
  12. It seems you’re always this negative. Ewww
  13. I didn’t ask you to comment on yourself
  14. If you’re being sensitive, I deserve more than that. Don’t you think?
  15. We should really fast-track to the point where you shut up
  16. What you think of me doesn’t count
  17. It’s a free world; free to say trash like you
  18. You could’ve just told me you needed attention than being unintelligent
  19. I’m yet to figure out why you think you make sense
  20. I already know I look good, so your comments are futile

You’ve really got Good Eyes

When someone drops a nice comment on your appearance, you can make the person feel a lot better by using this line of response.

The tempo around this response shows that you really have your taste when it comes to commending someone who goes out of their way to make you feel nice by commenting graciously on your appearance.

However, the emphasis on ‘good eyes’ doesn’t mean that every other person has bad eyes.

Rather, it is a metaphorical statement that suggests that the person is visually gifted to spot the goodness in your appearance. This response doubles as both a cool and appreciative line of reply, and it bodies it very well.

I’ll take that as a Compliment

Sometimes, people sarcastically say well about us, and some pick offense to it because of the infusion of sarcasm. In this case, the sarcastic remark has to do with your appearance and that’s a big deal for many people.

Because of this, you have to devise a way to feel less humane even though the sarcasm says well about you. If you’re wondering how to do that, then you should count heavily on this line of response,

This line posits that you’ve looked beyond the presumed hurtful sarcasm employed and you now see it as nothing more than a compliment.

This way, there are no hard feelings and even if there were any, it wouldn’t be much to cost your happiness and serenity for the day.

Thanks for the Fine Gesture

Appreciation goes a long way to make you feel better when someone comments on your appearance.

Saying thank you to the person for dropping a good remark on you has to be one of the best things to say in response.

You don’t have to stress yourself with knowing how to manage your words to get the perfect result because I have this line readily made available for you.

This is a simple reply from a simple person regardless of gender.

That Was So Insightful for You to Say

Were you called anything related to being ‘artistic’? If so, then you should count on this line of response to get you covered.

There are no side words, just you being the best version of yourself. Having heard this, you may decide to romp up a perfect response to the person.

How about I announce to you that you don’t need to do all that, because this line is so good for a response, that you won’t have a choice but to choose it? Well, that’s the facts and I just stated them for you.

I Appreciate Your Flattery Remark

It is common for someone to comment on your appearance, especially for women.

Whoever, if the person in question decides to read you epistles of love poems just to comment on your look, then you could be in for a smooth and cool ride of flattery.

While stuff like flattering a lady barely yields fruits, it is also beneficial to ensure that you water the ground. Flatters have now turned into playground poems so no one fancies them.

Away from all that, you can use this line of response when someone comments on your appearance but decides to be poetic about it.

It’s Commendable How You Speak So Sweetly

When Someone Comments on Your Appearance

If the person who commented on your appearance did so why exceptionally praise you, with sweet words and a lit facial expression then you can use this line of response to give them a befitting reply.

With this line of response, you’re commending the person for how sweetly they speak. For what it’s worth, they could only be extending this mild commendation to you so your recognizing them is a good move.

It’s Sad, You Cannot Change Anything About It

Here we are, with the replies that could make the heart of your oppressor shrink and want to fall off so badly that it can’t.

When someone tries to demean you judging from your physical appearance, it is not always pleasant or even bearing for you. Therefore, you might get uneasy or upset due to the person’s choice of words.

But if you do so, that means you succumbed to being ridiculed by merely a person’s words. To prove the person wrong and give them what they don’t expect, you can come up with a nice comeback just like this one.

This line posits that although the person has pointed out something wrong with your appearance, which you may know, it still doesn’t mean you are perturbed by it.

You’re simply telling the person that it is sad that they can’t change anything about it as that’s what they probably want to do with you.

I Wish I Cared More about What You Say, but I’m Being Careful with What I Wish For

When it comes to savage replies, I hold some kind of distinction in my own right. This response is suggesting that although you wish you cared more about what they say, you’re still careful with what you wish for.

This means you never really want to give a hoot about what the person thinks or worse says about you.

We Both Have Lost Things in the Past. I Obviously Lost Weight While You Let Go of Your Senses

I’d suggest you hold this response dear to your heart if you’ve recently gone through a huge physical transformation but someone is still out to ridicule you.

In case the person drops a silly comment on you, you just have to remind them that you only lost some unnecessary fat, while on the other hand, the person lost more than that; they lost their senses.

If nothing else defines a “big blow” to you, then this line should be sufficient.

You’re as ugly as Your Bad Comments

When Someone Comments on Your Appearance

A lot of times, people fail to acknowledge that they have an awful attitude, especially when it comes to what they say about others.

This is usually common among hypocritical folks, who say bad things about people and are also guilty of the same thing.

So someone could try to put you away by dropping a discouraging remark on your appearance but there’s always room for you to resist and counter their obvious attack.

To do this, you need a good and concise line of comeback such as this one. In this reply, you’re comparing the person’s physical outlook to how bad their comments are.

I guess the person will have to speak nicer next time to look ‘good’ to you.

If you’re expecting me to feel bad; let it be on Record That You Failed at Yet another Thing in Your Life

Are you supposed to feel bad when someone says something dirty about your appearance? Yes. Should you let your oppressor know the amount of damage they have done to you? No.

On this note, you can use this line of response to disappoint the person who said something bad about your appearance, while expecting you to drop down in tears.

It seems you’re Always This Negative. Ewww

Does the person who made a bad remark about your appearance look like trouble? If so, you can use this response to label the person once and for all.

I Didn’t Ask You to Comment on Yourself

When someone says something bad about your appearance, you can turn the table over on them by using this response.

The line suggests that the person is not referring to you but to themselves. This way, you won’t find the weight of the bad remark on you because they’ll share in it.

If you’re Being Sensitive, I Deserve More Than That. Don’t You Think?

Pushing sarcastic rhetoric questions on the person who had remarked badly on your appearance could just be a good response to the person.

This line not only suggests the person is insensitive over what they had said, but it also points out that they are not qualified to rate your appearance. The latter point is substantial because it is a manifestation of the former.

We Should Really Fast-Track to the Point Where You Shut Up

Sometimes when someone remarks badly on your appearance, all you can likely wish for is to see the person shut up.

This is not a wrong thought, as you’re just fed up. Well, you can do that using this line of response.

What You Think of Me Doesn’t Count

If you cared less about what people think or say about your appearance, you can use this particular response to say debunk the effectiveness of the person’s bad remark.

It’s a Free World; Free to Say Trash like You

Indeed, speech is free, especially in this part of the world where democracy is mostly practiced.

You can use this as a reference to the person who comments badly on your appearance to posit that whatever the person had said is just trash like them.

You could’ve Just Told Me You Needed Attention than Being Unintelligent

Some of the times when someone says something bad about your appearance, they could just need your attention.

There are just looking for a medium to get you to have a word with you, so when they can’t nicely do that, they resort to badmouthing your physical outlook.

I’m Yet to Figure out Why You Think You Make Sense

It doesn’t look nice or make sense when someone badmouths your outlook. Yet, the person who does this would probably think otherwise.

However, you can use this line to let them know they’re making no sense.

I Already Know I Look Good, so Your Comments Are Futile

Does it matter whether someone comments on your appearance or not? It does matter a bit but you shouldn’t dwell attention on that. When you do so, you can then affirm that the person’s comments are futile.


Your physical appearance is the first window people peek through into your life, so when someone makes a statement about it, it has an effect on you.

However, you shouldn’t be overwhelmed by any of that because this post provides you with enough replies to throw in when someone comments on your appearance.

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