Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

Are you wondering why he pinches your cheeks? Do you think he’s been playful or just flirting around? Is he being rude? What if he’s not but he is just being nice?  

Maybe you know that he likes you, and he is just being touchy-feely but you don’t feel cool with it. You may need to take your stance and let him know about it.

Being enlightened about his behavior would help you make sense of this physical contact. 

Whatever the reason could be, you will enjoy this article, as it includes 10 possible reasons why a guy might pinch your cheeks. 

10 Reasons Why He Pinches Your Cheeks

Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

Men are good at not expressing their emotions or how they feel straight up. And it often leaves us restless about what they are thinking, and what their actions mean.

Nevertheless, here is the list of reasons why he pinches your cheeks most of the time.

He Is Being Playful 

Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

 This depends on the situation and relationship you both happen to be in. Not just anyone is allowed to touch our faces.

When a guy pinches your cheeks, it could mean that he is being playful or joking with you. He wants you to get comfortable having him around. 

Most guys love it when ladies see them as fun to be with personalities. In this way, they get to hang out with you more often, and if they like you, they will probably start a relationship with you.

If he is your lover, he might give you a bear hug, or hit you on the butt, just to be silly from time to time. 

If you are comfortable with that, he can also touch any part of your body with your permission, of course. He could also slightly slap your cheeks, not in a painful manner, but softly, to communicate the hearty moment you both may be in.

He Affirms And Adores You

Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

We can safely assume that touching someone’s cheek is a great way to show support, acceptance, and love to someone else.

And most times parents do that a lot with their growing kids or elder brothers with their little sisters. 

A pinch on the cheek could indicate a sense of belonging to that person. To him, you are a priority and he won’t easily forget what you tell him.

He knows some basic facts about you, what gets you angry and what tickles your fancy. 

This act is also a great way to physically come in contact with your love. If you like him and you had the intention of telling him, now may be the right time.

And the good thing is that a guy who is into you will respond by telling you how he feels about you. In this case, you both can get to know each other and relate better in other ways.

He Thinks You Are Cute

What does it mean when a guy pinch your cheeks? It may mean that he thinks you are a cute girl, and he needs to tell you.

It is just a friendly way to tell a girl he is close to that she is beautiful. Today, it is very rare to see a good-looking woman without any cosmetic aid. 

If he is just a random guy that pinches your cheeks, it could be that he is sincere or he is being contemptible.

Usually, a pinch on the cheeks comes from people we are related to. In this case, you are known to be cute and that’s their way of letting you know. 

If you’re naturally endowed both within and outside with beauty, it may simply be that he needed to pinch your cheeks because of it.

In other words, he feels that you should stay that way and that he believes you will stay cute forever in that way. 

That Is His Way Of Flirting With You 

Another possible reason could be that he is simply flirting with you and wants to gain your attention.

This is a common pointer to strong attraction. You can slide your face to the side letting him know that you know what he’s trying to do and he should stop at once.

Guys who want nothing to do with you but your body will always play innocent in front of you. He wants you to think that he’s into you, but in reality, he’s just being deceptive.

That’s why knowing a guy’s body language can help you avoid getting into a messy situation.  

Sometimes, if he strokes your cheeks gently, or softly rubs his hands on the side of your face, he’s been sincere while flirting with you.

If he does it looking tense, bold, or serious, such that you get uncomfortable, you should flee from that atmosphere. As most times, if you don’t, he gets to eventually sleep with you.

It Is A Big Sign Of Affection

Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

Do you know that the fastest way you get attracted to someone, whether you like them or not is through their face? 

No wonder people that fell in love at first sight, knew what they saw in the other person.

However, when a guy maneuvers his way to touch your face each time you are together, it is a sign that he has affection for you

There are other ways he could show affection to you, which would mean more than pinching of cheeks.

For example, he buys things for you, he pays you nice compliments, or he makes you laugh anytime you are together. But when he pinches your cheeks, he is trying to take your relationship with him to the next level.  

He wants to get closer to you, or in other words, he wants you to see him as more than just friends.

And this could make him pinch your cheeks whenever he feels the need to tell you. It could be that loves the way you talk, laugh, or act whenever you are with him and he just can’t help but pinch your cheeks. 

He Probably Cares About You 

For most guys, pinching of cheeks is a way they show they care about you. He probably does not want anything romantic to do with you.

To him, a platonic relationship is his unique way of relating with his female friends. And they seem to like it whenever he does it with them, so he feels you will like it too.  

You can decipher the best ways a guy relates with you having spent some time together. If he is in the friend zone, you can be sure that he won’t cross the limit of pinching your cheeks.

Unless you have permitted him to do so. But if he is your boyfriend, it is just a reminder that he cares about you even if he seems to not act like it at the moment. 

If you observe that a particular guy is comfortable being around you and does things for you at his own risk or expense.

It is an indicator that he cares about you, and usually, he does not want to be your boyfriend, just a good friend.

To him, that’s his way of letting you know that you can trust him and he can help you with certain things if you feel the need. 

He Wants To Peck You

Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

Another reason for a guy to pinch your cheeks could be that he has been longing to give you a perk on the cheeks.

He wants to get to look you in the eyes and admire your beauty before doing it. And if you are sensitive to his gestures you could decline or play along. 

Not every guy is aware that touching a lady’s face is going off-guard or trespassing. However, most guys will want to pinch your cheeks before risking things going wrong with romance.

If he starts caressing your cheeks and saying how soft it feels, it is a good sign that he wants to peck you on both cheeks. 

If you do not like your face being touched by any guy, be it your boyfriend or lover, recoil from his hands and let him know that you do not like it.

Usually, some men risk doing it, so that they can know a lady’s stance based on her body language.

He Is Trying To Cheer You Up

 Sometimes life gets tough on us and the only thing we need to get going is a pat on the back, a hug, a smile, an affectionate look, and a pinch on the cheeks.

If you are surrounded by people who are known for such kind acts, then be counted as one who is loved. 

Just know that you are not alone and you have people like him to confide in whenever things get ugly on your side.

At this point, you do not need to find pinching your cheeks offensive but a way to enliven and encourage you. 

For most guys, it is just a way to cheer up someone they love and nothing more. They don’t feel bad stroking or pinching your cheeks, as long as a big smile is drawn on your face.

To them, you are like a baby sister, or if he is your boyfriend then you mean a lot to mean. As it would hurt him to see you in a sad state of mind. 

He Is Being A Jerk

While growing up and even as adults, we encountered one annoying fellow in school, the workplace, or in the streets.

But a good example would be our family members. It could be that he or she is being playful but at the expense of our peace. 

If it’s a guy that always makes you feel upset, then he is simply being rude at the moment. This kind of guy would always do it when you are being angry at something too mundane.

They pinch your cheeks while laughing, getting you more annoyed. 

Sometimes, you just have to ignore them as they don’t take you seriously, or seem to care why you flared up initially. They just do it when something catches you by surprise and they find your reaction very funny.

You Did Something Remarkable

Why Does He Pinch My Cheeks

 What does it mean when a guy pinch your cheeks? It may simply mean that you did something right for the first time.

Can you remember the last time you said a word of encouragement to your boyfriend or did something that made him laugh out loud? 

For example, you cooked his favorite dinner, rode your bicycle without tripping off, or it could be that you changed from a bad habit, and he needs to tell you that he is proud of you or he appreciates your effort. 

Maybe he was impressed by your growth or knowledge in something and thinks you are the most courageous woman he has ever known.

He is being real and honest, and he simply felt the need to pinch your cheeks after what you did.


You do not need to spend days trying to figure out why he pinches your cheeks, as you now have all the possible reasons why a guy might have done so.

Most of the time, it is just a way to show affection to the other person. And it comes from guys you are familiar with or close to. 

When a guy pinches your cheeks, it is a sign that he likes you, he either wants to cheer you up, or he wants more than a platonic relationship In other instances, it is just a flirtatious act, and you don’t need to make meaning out of it. 

A guy could also pinch your cheeks to get you annoyed or pissed off. But this happens on rare occasions, especially if he is your elder brother, cousin, or lover.

Whatever the reason could be, you are now enlightened about such behavior and it is now left for you to respond appropriately.

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