My Ex Boyfriend Sent Me Flowers

A lot of things happen after two people who were once in love go their separate ways. While there could be feelings of disgust for the first few days or weeks, over time these persons start entertaining the thought of regret and wanting to go back to each other.

I’ve seen girls cry their eyes out even after spending months outside the relationship, while some guys would try to send messages across to the girl via social media to express their feelings.

Either way, these actions come with lots of questions and assumptions. If you have questions like what to do if your ex-boyfriend sends you flowers? Then I guess you’re on the right post.

I’ll be taking you into the details of possible reasons why your boyfriend sent you flowers and what you should do. Read on to get adequately informed about this topic.

Is It Okay To Send Flowers to Your Ex?

My Ex Boyfriend Sent Me Flowers

No, it is not okay to send flowers to your ex. I would have ruled it as an absolute mistake, but again I’d you guys parted ways on a good note then it can be a reason for sending flowers across to them. Other than that, it is wrong and ridiculous to send flowers to your ex.

What are you trying to do? Incite more pain? Bring back flashbacks of sweet memories that now seem bleak and blurred. Outside the auspices of courtesy and good faith, I do not agree with you sending flowers to your ex. 

Even though it sounds good and right, it is not. You can liken it to rubbing salt on an open wound, which will hurt the person the more.

Just keep normal cordial communication; sending flowers sprouts new questions and assumptions. Unless you’re trying to show your condolences if the person lost someone.

What Does It Mean?

There are a lot of meanings which you can read into the question of, why my ex-boyfriend sent you flowers. It could mean a lot of things, from missing you to feeling jealous about your new and flourishing relationship.

It could also mean he’s just being friendly or maybe he’s still trying to apologize for the hurt he caused you. You can’t tell which one is the real reason, which is why I’ve put together a couple of reasons as to what it means.

It Could Mean That He’s trying to Apologize for Something

My Ex Boyfriend Sent Me Flowers

I know of my friend whose girlfriend broke up with him because he wasn’t giving her enough attention which she needed.

He was always busy, and even when he comes back home to her he was so engrossed in his phone or video game that he barely noticed she was around. He loves her but was too withdrawn from life that he forgot most times that she exists.

The girl had to put up with it until she couldn’t stand the neglect and she left him. Now an ex-boyfriend, my friend kept trying to get across to her to apologize and tell her he’s now a changed man. But all of these didn’t work. One of the things he did last was to send her favorite bouquet of white rose flowers.

I bet the girl had to think about a million and one things, why he did that. But the intention was just to convey an apology. So if your ex-boyfriend sends you flowers, it could be his way of saying “I’m sorry for hurting you”.

It Shows That He Still Wants You Back

Guys can do a lot of things to get you back, especially if you left a huge vacuum in their lives. I was once in this position, but I didn’t quite linger with it for long as I snapped out of it within days.

But within the period I tried to get her back, I did a lot of things. I sent her messages on various social media platforms and even sent mobile messages too. All of these yielded no result which made me stop.

This could be the case with you, as your ex-boyfriend could be trying to get you back. Sending flowers has some kind of significance as regards love and affection. Therefore, the flowers which your ex-boyfriend sent you could be hinting at a possible reunion. 

It Could Be That He Wants You to Go Back in Memory

This is another possible reason why your ex-boyfriend could’ve sent you flowers. Some people are fond of metaphorically rubbing salt on other people’s open wounds, and you could have this type of person as an ex-boyfriend.

If that’s the case, you have to be worried about the form of communication you keep with such a person.

If the person sends you flowers, there’s a chance he’s trying to get you back in memory to reminisce on your past experiences with him. He wants you to reflect on the lip-locking, the memorable beach picnic, walks, or even your childish plays around the park.

All these memories bring about a surge of feelings in you and trust me it won’t be cool if you’re trying so hard to get over this ex-boyfriend of yours.

Such a move by the person aims towards making sure you have a bit of flashback of the memories. Sometimes, he might want to use it as a medium to lure you back into his arms because once you start missing those moments, there is also a chance you’ll miss him too. 

But if you don’t want to have any of this seemingly buried feeling, you can talk to him about it.

It Could Be That He’s just being Friendly

There are a lot of preferences about how people portray that they’re friendly. While some will give you hugs at the slightest sight, others prefer smiling at you. In the same vein, your ex-boyfriend could be just trying to be friendly by sending you flowers.

This action is understandable if you guys left each other on a friendly note, or via a well-thought conversation. Most relationships that end in such notes continue to flourish as mere friendships. Because of this type of parting, your ex-boyfriend might’ve sent you flowers to keep to his end of being friendly.

But it could be hinting at something else if he does this regularly. If you feel any type of tingles when you see these flowers, it could also be pointing towards something else. It gets really ugly if you’re in a relationship and still receives flowers from your ex-boyfriend.

It Might Be a Move to Ruin Your Current Relationship

I know this sounds gross, but it is a plausible motive for getting flowers from your ex-boyfriend, especially when he knows you’re into some new relationship. If he is yet to find a partner, he could feel bad that you moved on so easily and then try to plot the ruin of your relationship. 

As I live and move through life every day, I’ve learned to avoid surprises. And my better guess is that you need to develop the same tough skin because this point will leave you in shock if it turns out to be the reality.  

It Could Be That He Wants To Appreciate You

For whatever reason it is, your ex-boyfriend could send you flowers as a form of appreciation for something. It could be to thank you for leading him to the path of self-discovery or he just wants to appreciate you for being there for me while you guys were still together. 

It could even be more than just an appreciation for the good you did to him directly; because if your ex-boyfriend is now married to a better woman…he may send you flowers to thank you for breaking up with him and thus leading to his marriage. It is a wild world out there, so people can be thankful for a lot of mundane things.

What to Do?

After knowing what could be the reason why your ex-boyfriend sends you flowers, it is normal to ask yourself what next you should do. The thing is, the actions you take depend on the perceived motive of the guy who sends you flowers.

You could choose to send a warning message to the guy if you do not find it cool to receive flowers from him. You can even make the moves known to your current partner.

But like I said, your line of action is reflective of what you make out of the flowers sent to you. Hence, I will be dividing my tips into two sections so read on.

If You Like It

If you embrace the idea of getting flowers from your ex, then you can consider any of the following as your next line of action.

  • You should accept the flowers
  • You can appreciate their effort

You should accept the Flowers

You can choose to accept the flowers sent to you from your ex-boyfriend if you feel that it doesn’t convey any deep message. There are cases where you can accept the flowers, and some of these cases entail when it comes as a form of appreciation for something you did for him.

Meanwhile, your ex can send you flowers if you lost someone close to you recently. In a case like this, accepting the flowers with their condolence message is not a bad action to take.

You can appreciate Their Effort

My Ex Boyfriend Sent Me Flowers

After accepting the flowers, you can send a message of gratitude to the person. It is just a move sponsored by courtesy, so I don’t find it bad if you do that. You can even try to place a call to the person to show how grateful you are for the beautiful flowers he sent your way.

If You Don’t Like It

Most dual circumstances always come with either an affirmative or negative reaction. Since the first section dealt with what you should do if you like it, I’ll be addressing what you should do f you don’t fancy the idea.

  • You should reject the flower
  • You can call him and shun or warn him about it

You should reject the Flower

On a very sensitive scale, this is what I expect you to do if you don’t like the idea of accepting flowers from your ex-boyfriend.

The point here is to show you’re not happy about the development and you can do that by simply rejecting the flower offering. If a dispatch service delivered the flowers, tell the deliveryman to take them back.

You Can Shun or Warn Him About It

Just after you rejected the flowers he sent, you can send a message across to him and shun him not to send you flowers again. Not only are you warning him about it, but you should also try to explain why you do not want to receive any of those flowers from him.

It could be that you’re yet to forgive him for the hurt he caused you or anything else that still makes you bulge in giving him a second thought. If he understands enough, he’ll heed your warning and desist from sending you any more of the flowers.

Either way, if you’re already in a relationship with another person you should make it known to the person that your ex-boyfriend sent you flowers. While this move is good, you should do this if you’ve exhausted all available options and he’s yet to yield.

Your boyfriend can try to initiate some kind of conversation with your ex and find out why he’s doing that. Also, their dialogue can entail giving him more warning to stay off of you.


Getting flowers from your ex-boyfriend have lots of meaning, and I’ve done a great job of highlighting it all in this post. I also gave tips on what you should do when your ex-boyfriend sends you flowers. 

The bottom line to acting towards his move is to know what you feel like or your level of acceptance. Moreover, I’m convinced you got value in this post, and I’d love to indulge you and extend it to others by hitting the share icon.


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