What To Say When a Girl Calls You Cheeky

When a girl calls you “cheeky,” she may attempt to tell you you appeal to her, but she uses the word “cheeky” to avoid being plain about it.

So, your response should be in line with the name she calls you.

In most cases, a girl may not call you cheeky for a good reason, and if that happens, what you should say to her should be to repent, admit, or defend yourself.

In this article, you will learn what to say when a girl calls you cheeky.

20 Things To Say When a Girl Calls You Cheeky

What To Say When a Girl Calls You Cheeky

When a girl calls you cheeky, it could mean a lot of things. However, it is almost always used in a jocular manner. A girl can call you cheeky if she feels you are bad-mannered, disrespectful, and do not have regard for her.

At this point, you shouldn’t act as nothing happened between you two. You can address the issue by saying, You are not careless, you are only giving her space. Below are some other responses you can say.

“I Was Simply Ignorant, Not Bad-mannered”

What To Say When a Girl Calls You Cheeky

In the instance where a girl refers to you as cheeky, you need to refrain and check. She may have called you that because she believes you have flaws like you are bad-mannered.

If that happens, you should explain things to her, especially if your attitude towards her was unintended. Tell her that your intentions were never to take your friendship for granted, and that you are sorry that things ended the way they did.

When she misinterpreted your actions or concluded based on personal opinion, admit that you were ignorant and that was why you did what you did. You can further add that you will change your behavior since it was a slip in character.

“After All My Sacrifices, Why On Earth Do You Feel I Don’t Have Regard For You?

A lady may call you “cheeky” if she believes you disrespect her. A lot of women who show respect expect the same to be replicated for them.

And if you know beyond doubt that you truly respect her, unlike the picture she is trying to portray, you need to make things clearer to her. You can ask, “After all my sacrifices, why do you feel I don’t have regard for you?”

This may prompt a reminiscing of those times when you made things happen for her. Also, that may change her idea of your disposition towards her.

“I Am Not Hating On You In Disguise. I Sincerely Admire Your Uniqueness

Finding an amazing girl is nothing strange. But it could be one-sided, especially if she doesn’t trust you yet. So, if you smile at her while she’s working on a project, she may feel embarrassed that she isn’t doing something right.

If she is singing, walking, or exercising and she notices you are staring at her, she can call you cheeky, meaning that your intentions towards her may not be positive.

In that case, you need to tell her, with a smile, that you admire her and you wonder where she gets the energy to do what she does. By telling her she is full of beautiful surprises, she redeemed her wrong assumption, which made her call you cheeky.

“Don’t Judge Me Too Quickly. Everyone Makes Mistakes, Including Me”

Your actions towards a girl may cause her to judge you, including her first impression of you. So, if you make a mistake that has an adverse effect on her, she may call you cheeky because of that.

Since errors can be unplanned, you ought to admit that you made a mistake. And because everyone is prone to making one, especially because of ignorance, she shouldn’t judge you too quickly.

“Please Laugh Sometimes. You Always Take Things Too Seriously”

One reason a girl may call you cheeky is when you act mischievously. When you love to crack people’s ribs or laugh in a way that she finds troublesome, she may stay away from you.

If you notice that that is the reason she calls you cheeky, advise her to at least laugh sometimes and not take things too seriously.

“I Am Not The Only One Who Called You Lazy. Am I?”

It is possible that you had a conversation with someone and in your discussion; you referred to a girl as’ lazy‘.

On hearing this, there is a possibility that she will call you cheeky because she finds you offensive.

Since you were not the only one in the discussion, you can use ‘joint pleas’ and implicate the snitch by asking her if you were the only one who called her lazy.

“You Can’t Make Me Feel Less Of Myself All Because I Didn’t Act According To Your Terms”

A girl can misinterpret your show of healthy self-worth as arrogance, particularly if she isn’t on the same page as you. Also, there are so many ladies who want you to act according to their terms.

 If her choice does not tally with your values, you can go on and explain things to her. And if she calls you cheeky, ensure that she doesn’t trample on your emotions. Then tell her you won’t allow her to make you feel less of yourself because of her selfish purpose.

“Hearing You Say I Am Daring Makes Me Feel Elated”

In a playful manner, a girl can call you cheeky., she may touch your forehead or nose as she smiles or winks.

This is a good sign, and for neglecting her vulnerability to her in the nicest manner you can. You can start with, “Hearing you say I am daring makes me elated.”

“Don’t Be Mad At Me. It Is Not Intentional To Get You Upset”

The name “Cheeky” can be the next word you get from a lady who is upset with you. However, you shouldn’t act insensitive to the way she feels because she called you cheeky.

If you are at fault or the situation on the ground requires that you apologize so that no one is hurt, then you should. Ask her not to be mad at you as you didn’t upset her on purpose.

“I Wish You Could Just Brace Up And Show Confidently”

Because of the way you boldly embark on your endeavor, a lady may refer to you as cheeky.‌ She means well as she likes your loud confidence. It may be another way of saying, “kudos, you are doing well.”

And if she looks up to you in the same regard, you can use her comment to prove to her she can also brace up and not act fearful.

“I Apologise For That Funny Move”

What To Say When a Girl Calls You Cheeky

There is a likelihood that that girl calls you cheeky because you act immorally. When she begins to feel that you radiate an immoral aura, she may no longer tolerate you around her.

You might have noticed the same when you told her you don’t like the kind of pictures she sends and you expected more, or she gets upset when you unbutton your shirts and stay bare-chested close to her. If that is the case, you ought to apologize for not asking her if she is interested or not.

“Only Tough People Win In Life, And I Am Privileged To Be One”

Your display of toughness can make a girl call you cheeky.

After observing your uncommon skill of resilience or hearing you speak about how you attained certain heights, she may pat you on the shoulder and call you cheeky as she recognizes your toughness.

Your comment to her could be, “Only tough people win in life, and I am privileged to be one.”

“Woa. I Get An Electrifying Feeling Anytime I See You Too”

Many ladies won’t completely hide their feelings from you. They may not show it, but you can decipher it through their non-verbal actions.

In that case, when a lady overlooks the tendency for her to be vulnerable when she shares her feelings with you, you shouldn’t act like you don’t feel anything for her in return.

When she tells you that she lives to be around you, don’t act like you didn’t hear her. If you like her too, clearly tell her that you get an electrifying feeling anytime you see her too. If you don’t recognize her.

“Why Not Correct Me Before Your Judgement?”

It is possible for a girl to talk down to you when she feels you are wrong about something. She may call you cheeky at that point too because she doesn’t know that you are inexperienced in the matter.

You may get pissed off at her actions, but since getting upset is no solution at all, I will calmly correct you instead of passing judgment on you.

“I Expel Depression. I Love To Crack People Up And Play Once In A While”

Being playful and saccharine isn’t something strange. A lot of people find it very normal, so they make it a regular part of their lives, while others don’t.

Meanwhile, because a girl doesn’t like to be tagged as someone who is playful, she may call you cheeky. In the same vein, a girl may like your humorous ability, and as a result of that, she may call you cheeky.

“I Wish You Could Say Something Better To Me”

Frankly speaking, some girls can be so annoying, especially in a situation when she wants to show everyone around her she is better than you. Apart from the difference in social status, you anytime you want to take action or make a smart move, a girl can call you cheeky.

If that happens, you shouldn’t feel disheartened. Don’t simply walk out on her either; just say, “I wish you could say something better to me.”

“All I Can Say Is That Jealousy Is Written All Over Your Face”

To tell you you are showy or too loud, a girl can call you cheeky. On sensing her jealousy, there are several ways in which you can respond to her comment.

In order not to accommodate her attitude or prolong the issue, you ought to say, “All I can say is that jealousy is written over your face“.

“It’s Impressive To Know I Mean Nothing to You”

When it gets to a stage where a girl treats you unfairly, slams the door at you, and refuses to pick up your calls, unlike before, you might get lost in your thoughts trying to figure out why her attitude toward you has been so negative recently, and she might call you cheeky in the process.

When that happens, it is a glaring sign that she does not consider you important to her anymore. Your comment to her should be, “It’s impressive to know that I mean nothing to you.”

“Do You Expect Me To Trust You? You Say That Again And Again”

If a girl makes a promise to you not to call her ex again, and you figure out that she did, when you challenge her about it, she may try to hold your hand and explain to you that you don’t understand her.

As long as you keep on hammering on that issue, she may get pissed off and her next words to you could be that you are cheeky.

If this occurs, you should be aware that she does not respect you and wants you to fall for her tricks again. Your response should be, “How do you expect me to trust you?” “You say that again and again.”

“I Never Knew You Were Mad At Me. Please Forgive Me”

What To Say When a Girl Calls You Cheeky

If you hurt a girl, intentionally or not, try not to make a big deal out of it. Because she may call you cheeky if you do. And when she does, apologise to her as soon as you can to clear the air.

At first, she may be adamant, but in order to ensure that she feels free with you again, genuinely ask her for forgiveness.


When a girl calls you cheeky, you need to know why she calls you that in order to give her a suitable response.

If it is for a negative reason, you need to adjust because the name has now become a stigma, but if it is for a positive reason, then you are safe.

Do not ignore her if she is misinterpreting you. You should explain things to her in a respectful manner. Make sure she understands that you hold her in high esteem too. I hope this article has given you some ideas as to why a girl calls you cheeky.

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