What Does It Mean When A Woman Says She Wants To Freshen Up

I’m sure you’ve been out with your girlfriend or your wife and she at one point tells you she wants to *freshen up*. She’s going to do something which she wouldn’t like to say direct but would rather say *freshen up*. 

Have you ever wondered what she could be doing there when she says she wants to freshen up? Would you like to have a clue? This article will open your mind to what she might be doing and call *freshen up*.

What Does It Mean

What Does It Mean When A Woman Says She Wants To Freshen Up

When a woman says she wants to freshen up, it means she wants to use the bathroom. It could be that she needs a private moment to herself to take care of herself. 

If a woman tells you she wants to freshen up, it means she wants to put one or two things in order. She wants to adjust her look or needs a break to pull herself together.

Some people can be very nervous, especially on a first date, and may be too conscious of their looks, such that they can’t help but want to freshen up after a few minutes.

Freshening up is a way of reenergizing herself to be presentable throughout the date. 

Don’t be too surprised by this because she might come out feeling more confident and looking more beautiful than she was. She may want to keep the same nice look she had on when she came in at first.

Freshen up may not necessarily mean using the toilet, though that may be part of it but not totally about that. We would now talk about what women do when they want to *freshen up*. What exactly do they mean?

What Do Women Do When They Say Freshen Up 

    • She wants to pee or poop
    • She touches her makeup
    • She fixes her hair 
    • Use deodorant
    • Remove her shoes
    • Take a pill
    • Go social media


  • Take birth control

1. She wants to pee or poop

When she tells you she wants to freshen up, it could be that she wants to pee. Probably she had too many drinks or took too much liquid and needed to ease them out. 

She might have been feeling pressed for so long and needs to pee. She may feel it awkward to say or may be feeling a bit embarrassed to tell you that she’s having the call of nature. 

The best way for her to excuse herself and do her business is by telling you that she wants to freshen up.

2. She touches her makeup

What Does It Mean When A Woman Says She Wants To Freshen Up

You might have guessed this already. Saying she wants to *freshen up* would mean she wants to retouch her powder and make sure her lipstick is still in place.

She would need to dab a shiny lip gloss to brighten up her lip and use some powder to brighten up her face. 

This could be what she’s talking about when she says she wants to freshen up. Make-up has a way of making a lady feel confident about herself and her look. After touching her makeup, she would feel better and more confident about her look.

3. She fixes her hair 

This is a *must-do* for women whenever they go into the bathroom. She might need to brush her hair a little and apply some oil. 

Maybe she feels it might be out of place or her bun is no longer as tight as she did it before leaving the house. She might want to pull up a few strands of hair that she noticed have fallen. 

So don’t look too surprised when she comes out looking more beautiful than when she went in. Fixing her hair is part of what she means when she says she wants to freshen up.

4. Use deodorant

I’m sure you’ve been out with your girlfriend or your wife and she at one point tells you she wants to *freshen up*. She’s going to do something which she wouldn’t like to say direct but would rather say *freshen up*. 

Every woman loves to smell nice, especially when they’re out on a first date. If you both have been out for too long, it could be that she’s feeling a little discomfort and would like to use her deodorants.

She would like to *freshen up* so that her underarm won’t get smelly and disrupt her date. 

Though most men love women’s natural scent, deodorant isn’t a bad idea to hide the sweaty smell.

5. Remove her shoes

High-heeled shoes are s*xy but can be very uncomfortable. She might want to excuse herself to freshen up so she could allow her feet to breathe and also relax them. 

Even though it is usually beautiful and nice to wear heels, every woman at some point would want to take them off especially if you’ve been in them for a very long time. the few moments she spends *freshening up* would help her feel a little relaxed.

6. Take a pill

You never can tell, she might be having a headache and would need to take an aspirin or two.

She might not want to bother you with a slight headache and might just excuse herself to *freshen up*. She’s probably on medication and doesn’t want to skip it.

7. Go on social media

It might be that she’s expecting a message on social media.

It could be that she wants to make a post on Instagram or Facebook but didn’t want to seem rude by doing it in front of you, so she had to excuse herself to freshen up.

So don’t be shocked if you’re tagged in her post while still on a date with her.

8. Take birth control

She wants to freshen up to prepare for the intimate session you both are going to have that night. She might be checking if she’s well-stocked with condoms. She wants to remain safe, protected, and childless. 

How To Freshen Up Before A Date 

Below are six ways to freshen up before a date.

  • Take a bath
  • Brush your teeth
  • Use deodorant
  • Dry your hair and style it
  • Use light makeup
  • Use minimal fragrance

1. Take a bath

Have a shower, not just to look nice for your date but also to feel clean for yourself. Use nice shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Wash your face gently and ensure you smell clean.

2. Brush your teeth

You wouldn’t want to go on a date with bad breath. Ensure you brush your teeth as you’ll be doing a lot of talking and maybe k*ssing. Use mouthwash for extra fresh breath and you can also use gum or breath mints.

3. Use deodorant

Deodorant would make you smell nice and keep you fresh even when you smell. Always use deodorants when going for a date especially if you sweat a lot.

4. Dry your hair and style it

You might need to wash your hair and also dry it. Ensure that your hair dries up before you leave for your date, you won’t like to go on a date with messy hair.

Also, style your hair to give your face a different look from your everyday look. For instance, if you normally keep your hair down, try to style it up in a simple way. 

5. Use light makeup

Make-up lightens up your face but you shouldn’t scare your date with it. Use light and natural makeup, to give you a casual and nice look. Except you’re going to a fancy dinner where you can use bold makeup to ensure you always keep your makeup simple. 

6. Use minimal fragrance

You should be very mindful when selecting your fragrance, especially on a first date. Some people are really sensitive to some smells, you wouldn’t want your date sneezing all evening. Ensure you don’t bathe yourself with your perfume, use it moderately.

How Do You Freshen Up In Public 

Below are ways to freshen up in public

  • Use baby wipes
  • Use gum or breath mint
  • Reapply deodorant

1. Use baby wipes

Baby wipes are necessary when you want to freshen up in public. You can use it to wipe your lips if they’re food particles or your lipstick got smeared.

You might need it to wipe dirt off your dress if need be and it can also be very useful during minor accidents. It wouldn’t look good to use your bare hands to clean or wipe. 

2. Use gum or breath mint

You can use gum or breath mint to freshen up in public. It would help to prevent bad breath and keep your breath smelling nice throughout your date.

Ensure you don’t chew too loud. You can chew it quietly without making smacking and chewing sounds that would not only disturb your date but also others around you.

3. Reapply deodorant

If you’re a sweaty person, always go about with your deodorant. When you’re on a date, you can excuse yourself to apply for it. It may not be compulsory to take perfume but deodorant is good when you need to freshen up.

When A Girl Tells You She Wants To Freshen Up, What Do You Do 

There is no necessary step to take than to let her go. However, you can make the moment more fun for both of you. It depends on how you feel and how close you are to the girl in question.

There are a few things you can consider doing but you have to make sure you are not doing them at the wrong time or to the wrong person.

  • Tease her
  • Threaten to follow her
  • Sit back and wait
  • End the chat

1. Tease her

When a girl tells you she is going to freshen up, you can choose to tease her. This works much better if you are sitting together. When a girl tells you she wants to freshen up on an online chat, that has a quite negative meaning which will be addressed later.

When she says she is going to freshen up, you can make a joke about it and why she is going to freshen up. You can ask her why she wants to.

You can ask her if she is trying to impress you. You can even do this to waste her time if you know she’s just going to pee. Worry not. She will walk out anyway. Do not do this if you are not close to her.

2. Threaten to follow her

This is another way to tease her. When you ask her why she’s going to freshen up, you can threaten to follow her and freshen up too. Just make sure to keep a wry smile on your face so you don’t look too serious.

You will still have to wait behind. Do not try this if you are not close to her or if she is an obscure person.

3. Sit back and wait

This is what virtually everyone does. You don’t have to do anything. It is the best option if you want no trouble. Also, if she is not close to you, you don’t have to contemplate another option. Wait for her to get back.

4. End the chat

If you have been on a chat with your girlfriend and she says she has to freshen up, there is a tendency to end the conversation. Just go ahead and do it.

However, if she starts your conversation with this, there is a tendency that she just wants to flirt with you. Then, you may have to tease her so you don’t ruin the fun.

Which Is Correct Freshen Up or Fresh Up 

The correct phrase to use in this context is Freshen Up. Freshen Up refers to the act of grooming or washing oneself to look more attractive.

It can also be used to mean the act of rejuvenating something or making something look fresh and new again. In this context, it is mostly used by girls when they want to use the bathroom.

Fresh Up has no meaning. Not only is it incorrect in this context but also incorrect in any context so Freshen Up is the right phrase to say when you have to wash.


You don’t have to be surprised when your date tells you that she wants to freshen up. This is because freshening up can mean different things to different women. All you need to do is give her a little time to do her business. 

However, you as a woman should know how to freshen up before going on a date and in public so as not to embarrass yourself or give a bad first impression of yourself.

Always ensure you take care of how you smell, and how you look. Be simple and don’t let your fragrance choke your date,


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