What To Do When A Woman Keeps Calling Your Man

This happens often and I’ve seen women fight as a result of their man taking undisclosed calls often. Most times, it is as a result of the man’s irresponsibility. It’s actually embarrassing to see two women fight because of a man. 

Sometimes, it may not be what you are presuming. Other times, your suspicions may be true. You only need to find the best way to react to this situation. 

After all, your man has a right to whose calls he takes and those he doesn’t. You’re about to find out what exactly to do when your man keeps taking that call from a certain woman. 

6 Things To Do When A Woman Keeps Calling Your Man

What To Do When A Woman Keeps Calling Your Man

Ask Him Why She’s Calling Him And Why He Keeps Taking The Calls

There are two sides to this. One, the woman keeps calling your man and he’s not taking the calls in front of you. He might be taking the calls when you’re not with him. 

Two, the woman keeps calling and your man takes the calls even in front of you. The first one shows that the purpose of the call is not something you will like and your man doesn’t want to upset you by taking the calls. 

The second one shows that he doesn’t mind you listening into their conversations because he doesn’t really have what to hide from you. 

Either way, you only need to ask him why the woman is calling him and why he’s either taking the calls or not taking it. There’s an explanation to either of the two. 

You can talk about anything in your relationship, remember? So, there is nothing stopping you from talking about these very incessant calls from another woman. It could be good, it could be bad. You only need to ask to find out. 

Whatever he tells you, you can decide to take further actions from there. 

If You Trust Him, Don’t Take It Serious

What To Do When A Woman Keeps Calling Your Man

I believe that trust is the most important factor to a happy and successful relationship. It is expected that you trust your man and you trust that he’s doing the right thing. 

If he’s taking the calls where you are, then that should tell you he’s not doing anything bad behind your back. Trust is a sure way to show that you love your man. 

Study His Calls And Behavior For A While 

This does not necessarily mean that you have to secretly check his call log. You just have to watch the pattern in which he calls and answers phone calls. If he always hides to take his calls and doesn’t tell you who’s calling, you need to be observant. 

His behavior might also change when he notices that you are always asking or giving him suspecting looks. So just be on the look-out and be extra observant.

Just know that if he is actually doing something bad, he might start to feel guilty and start to give you crazy reactions.

Take note of how he doesn’t allow you to have access to his phone or messages.  He might be very smart in hiding or deleting their call log or chats.  Don’t fret,  the truth will always come out in the open. 

Any man that’s cheating will fidget when he’s cheating or he’ll be defensive and that will make you feel uncomfortable because he’ll make you feel like you are making it up. So let your eyes and ears work for you.

If He’s Cheating, Decide On What To Do

It will definitely break your heart to find out that he’s actually cheating. If he’s cheating, don’t take any rash actions.  Keep calm, go somewhere calm, cry if you want to. Take a few days off everything because you have to make some decisions. 

Think far and well about your relationship, check if he has always been that way or not.  There’s no excuse for cheating but decide if you want to give it a second shot or you want out.

It’s soul wrenching when you realize that the person that you love is cheating on you. Remember to take your time to decide, even if it means to shut everyone including the man who cheated on you out.

It’s okay to cry. Let go of those emotions. Scream, if it makes you feel better. Afterwards, make your decision.

Don’t let him throw you around or play with your feelings. Don’t feel like it’s your inability to do one thing or the other that is making him cheat on you. 

Girl, it’s not your fault whatsoever. Know this and know peace.  Don’t let him abuse you emotionally. That’s not right.

Don’t Blame The Woman, Talk To Him

What To Do When A Woman Keeps Calling Your Man

It is absolutely easy to apportion blame on the woman that he cheated with but she’s not the problem. If a man decides not to cheat, believe me, no enticement from other women would work.  

If he’s cheating, don’t go after the woman or blame her.  Talk to him.  Tell him how much you are disappointed in him.  Remind him of everything both of you have been through. Don’t shout or holler,  say it mildly. That’s how communication works. 

He might come up with several excuses for his bad behavior or he might even start to plead.  He might get angry at you because you manned up to talk to him. 

Don’t be affected by what he said. Just make sure you talk to him. It’s likely that he’s tired of the relationship or he’s not just content.

I can’t say that it’s easy to take this all in at once but you have to try.  When you have a talk with him, you’ll know what next it is that you have to do. Be patient enough to hear everything he has to say, don’t interrupt and make sure he doesn’t interrupt you when you are speaking too.

Act like mature adults and whatever decision you make,  it’s your choice.

Do Nothing And Let Him Handle It

It’s not your issue, so let him deal with it. Don’t try to call the woman in question, acting like an over ambitious detective. Watch him and do nothing about it.  If there’s nothing between them, let him be the person to cut it off with the woman. 

I’m telling you again, it’s not in your place to take care of the issue.  Avoid putting yourself in the middle of a situation that isn’t yours because things might get very messy and your boyfriend won’t be happy about it.

Poke-nosing in his affairs would only show that you don’t trust him enough and you don’t trust his ability to take care of the situation. Don’t worry yourself, sit back and let him handle the situation. 

It might just surprise you how well he would handle it. Don’t do something that you might regret later. Men like having the upper hand in everything, it’s their nature.  

If you get impatient and do something risky or rather, stupid, he would be downcast because you have bruised his ego. As I have said before, be calm and be patient. Whatever is happening would make sense one day.  No matter if it’s positive or negative.

What To Consider Before Making Any Decision

They Might Be Good Friends 

What To Do When A Woman Keeps Calling Your Man

You might find this hard to believe but there’s every tendency that they might be good friends, either from work or from childhood. Maybe the woman is going through a rough phase in her life or at work and your man is the only one that she can turn to at that point in time. 

Just don’t jump into conclusions, do your findings well and right too. See things positively first,  it will help you more than you can imagine. Jumping into conclusions will help you over think and you would start to give your man different negative vibes.  

And he won’t even know what’s going on with you. It doesn’t hurt to see the situation in a good light.Just think of how you would want him to behave if you were in a similar situation. 

Think it through, don’t be too suspicious. Don’t be quick to nag or complain about the way she calls him. Who knows, it might just be a harmless friendship. Think about these before jumping into conclusions.

His Position /Attitude On The Issue 

You should actually consider how he reacts to these phone calls. If he stays or leaves your presence when she calls, you should ask him about it, especially when it’s becoming regular. You need to ask these questions in order to avoid assumptions.  

Check his position on the issue. If he just brushes it off,  he might be hiding something. If that’s the issue, you need to be vigilant. But if he’s assuring and free to talk about the whole issue, there might be nothing between them. 

He might hold on to some things because of confidential purposes. Just take note of how he responds to getting called a couple of times.  

Consider this well, it doesn’t necessarily mean that if he brushes it off,  he’s cheating. And also, he might be assuring and still be cheating.  You can’t just figure it all out, that’s why I advised that watch him a couple of times.  

Don’t fret and hurt yourself over what might not be relevant or harmful to your relationship. There might be other issues. That’s why you have to be attentive and vigilant. Consider this and weigh it before jumping into conclusions.

Your Feelings 

In spite of everything, your feelings are paramount. Are you actually okay about how she keeps on calling him or not.  If you aren’t, don’t wallow in silence.  That’s why you should take communication seriously in your relationship. 

Sit with your man and discuss how you feel. Let him assure you over and over again. It’s very hard to just take it easy when a woman keeps calling your man, especially if you are someone who has insecurities. 

You just get frustrated, sad and angry at the same time. Tell your man and let him help you out. If he loves you, he would not take your words and feelings for granted. Having effective communication makes it way easier than you can ever imagine.

Most men don’t know how to react when their woman starts to cry. But they are deeply moved when she’s sad and moody.  They want to make everything right for her. Just discuss with him.  

Don’t use your emotions to speak.  As much as he might want to know what’s wrong, if you keep being moody,  he might just leave you till when he thinks you would feel better enough to talk. Don’t forget,  Communication is key. 


To bring this to conclusion, just know that no matter what the outcome is, be it positive or negative, you come first. You are the most important person.

Don’t wallow in silence and pain. Speak out when you don’t like something. Don’t be afraid. Don’t jump into conclusions or make assumptions. 

Consider the pros and cons before jumping into assumption and conclusion, it might not  be what you are thinking.

Not only communication but effective communication is a very good way of clearing all your doubts. So discuss with him,  watch him,  think and decide on what you think is best. 

If he’s cheating, it’s pretty hard to know what to do at that particular moment and time but let your instincts guide you. Don’t make rash decisions too.  Take a long break if you have to, your mental health is more important. If he isn’t cheating,  it’s a win win for you. 

You never know what’s happening to the woman in question and what she’s passing through. Put yourself in your man’s shoe.

I repeat, don’t assume or jump into conclusions. Above all that happens, Love yourself first and more. You come first, in anything and everything.


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