20 Things to Say When Someone Says “Good Morning Sunshine”

Having just woken up, you discover you’ve received a “good morning” SMS from someone. Depending on who it is, you might not actually know the answer to this person’s “good morning” SMS.

Why task your brain with several approaches to replying to a “good morning” text when reading this essay would give you precise ways to respond?

We’ll discuss how to react and explain why it is a good idea to react in these specific ways.

Our preferred methods for replying to a “good morning” text are listed below:

It Means They Find You Attractive

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

“Good morning, sunshine” is an alluring word, used mostly by an individual who finds someone attractive.

This is to say that if someone finds you attractive, they make it visible by communicating it to you through both verbal and nonverbal cues.

Hence, they make it an obligation to always be in your face if they come to realize that you want to friend-zone them or that you do not have as much affection for them as they have for you.

As a result, they would ensure that you woke up to beautiful pleasantries, one of which was an endearing “good morning.”

It Is A Sarcastic Compliment

When someone says to you, “Good morning, sunshine,” it is possible they are only being sarcastic. It’s just a cover for some feeling they don’t want to express.

They may be using this alluring word to cover up anger, resentment, disappointment, doubt, and pain. Instead of addressing the uncomfortable truth, they deny it and hide it under sarcastic expressions.

Now, think about really happy people; they do not need to sound sarcastic. Sarcasm is a passive form of anger.

For instance, if you go to work late and your boss says, “Good Morning, Sunshine,” it certainly is a sarcastic compliment to express his dissatisfaction about your late arrival to work. They are simply deflecting from their pain or anger.

It Means You Light Up Their Morning

When someone says “Good morning, sunshine,” they may be trying to relate to the actual meaning of the expression.

Just as the sun rises and lights up the earth, they are trying to imply that you illuminate their lives. This isn’t about the literal meaning but every little contribution you make in one’s life.

When you make someone smile when they are in a gloomy state, you’ve lighted them up. Also, if you possess an alluring aura that makes them happy at all times, they will always desire to be around you.

Hence, when they see you or even think about you, they have a tendency to have a large grin.

Even if they don’t put up a grin on their face, there’s this form of facial expression on them that you’ll know they’re elated by the sight of you.

Therefore, hearing them say ‘good morning sunshine’ to you is just a verbal pronouncement of what they already feel in their mind and body.

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

20 Things To Say When Someone Says, “Good Morning, Sunshine.”

  1. Good day, handsome
  2. Beautiful morning, darling.
  3. Even though the day is still young, this made my day.
  4. How was your night, sweetheart?
  5. You always have a way to make me feel like the world is my oyster.
  6. Despite the gloomy weather, I sure will have a sunny day thanks to your text.
  7. Your thoughts just crossed my mind. Good morning, dear
  8. Blissful Morning! What’s your day going to be like?
  9. Aren’t you the best? Good Morning, Sweet
  10. Lovely Morning, sleepy head
  11. You are so sweet. I always anticipate hearing from you every morning.
  12. Sweet coincidence! I was about to text you.
  13. Oh, babe! You are up so early?
  14. Baby, I could stop thinking about you. Last night was the best night I’ve ever had with you.
  15. Good morning, babe, Did you see me in dreamland? Because I did.
  16. Can we have breakfast together? I can’t wait to see you.
  17. Rise and shine, my love bug!
  18. You were on my mind all through the night. Good morning, darling.
  19. Such an ideal way to wake up. Thanks for your sweet text.
  20. Your girl must be so lucky to have you. Good morning, dear.

Good Day, Handsome

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

This is a simple response that you can give to a guy who says “good morning, sunshine” to you. It is perfect even if he is just a friend, boyfriend, spouse, or colleague.

However, if you are replying to a female, you can simply say, “Good day, beautiful.” This response is not only moderate, but it also means you’re a sweet soul who recognizes the impact of sounding alluring even if there’s no emotional connection between you and the person you’re referring to.

Beautiful Morning, Darling

This is an alluring way you can respond to your partner or friend who tells you, “Good morning, sunshine.” This is a way to reciprocate their pleasing gesture, especially if they have a special place in your heart.

You could direct it to either your spouse, intending life partner, or even your crush. The whole essence of this response is that it carries a degree of emotion that you only get to emit if you were to be in touch with someone you hold in high regard, especially your significant other.

Even Though The Day Is Still Young, This Made My Day

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

When the timing of the “good morning” note is pretty early compared to the time that your partner or crush often gets out of bed, this is a nice response to give.

How Was Your Night, Sweetheart?

This is a good response, which shows that you care about the person you are responding to. It is also a good way to keep your conversation rolling, especially if you want to discuss something with him or her.

You Always Have A Way Of Make Me Feel Like The World Is My Oyster

‘Good Morning, Sunshine’ is an alluring statement capable of melting a person’s heart. A good way to respond is to let them know how their alluring words made you feel.

This gives them a sense of fulfillment and motivates them to do even more.

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

Despite The Gloomy Weather, I Sure Will Have A Sunny Day Thanks To Your Text

This is a flirty response you can give to your partner or crush. It sure will release all the butterflies in their bellies, leaving them grinning from chin to chin.

Your Thoughts Just Crossed My Mind. Good Morning, Dear!

You can use this If you get a “good morning, sunshine” text from someone, just after you thought about them. Just imagine getting to know that you are on someone’s mind.

This response has a way to make them feel so good, just like that made you feel.

Blissful Morning! What’s Your Day Going To Be Like?

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

When someone says, “Good morning, sunshine,” simply ask them what plan they’ve got for the day. If your plan is to see them later in the day, then you can make do with this response.

However, it is not only restricted to if you want to see them. You can use it to show that you are curious about getting to know them. This is simply another way to say, ‘I care about you.’

Aren’t you the best? Good Morning, Sweet

When you share the same energy with someone who constantly says, “Good Morning Sunshine,” then it is just fine to return this alluring compliment.

You can use this response when referring to your partner or a friend to make them feel butterflies in their belly.

Lovely Morning, Sleepy Head

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

You can use this response. If you are replying to someone who loves to sleep for longer hours, And also, if they love to remain in bed after hours of being awake, this response perfectly describes them in a beautiful way.

You Are So Sweet. I Always Anticipate Hearing From You Every Morning

If you are responding to someone who consistently makes sure that you wake up to a “Good morning, sunshine” message from them, this will let them know that gesture has been bugging you all along, but you sent the right message.

Hence, you always look forward to hearing from them every morning.

Sweet Coincidence! I Was About To Text You

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

Instead of calling it a mere coincidence, you can make it more alluring by calling it a “sweet coincidence.”

Afterward, simply let them know that you were just about to text them right before theirs came in.

Oh, Babe! You Are Up So Early?

You can use this response for your partner, who is known to always wake up late. If something changed and they woke up earlier with a beautiful good morning salutation, you simply show your astonishment.

Baby, I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About You. Last Night Was The Best Night I’ve Ever Had With You

Things to Say When Someone Says "Good Morning, Sunshine

If you had contact with the person the previous day, you can simply let them know how they made you feel. This helps to create a stronger bond between the two of you.

Good Morning, Babe, Did You See Me In Dream Land? Because I Did!

When your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse greets you in an alluring way, you can use this response.

Especially if you intend to have a continuous conversation with them, this response helps to keep the conversation rolling.

Can We Have Breakfast Together? I Can’t Wait To See You

This response lets your partner know how much you miss them and want to be with them. This also helps with bonding in relationships and openness on both sides.

Rise And Shine, My Love Bug!

You can use this response. If you wake up next to your partner and they just mutter the words to you, “Good morning, Sunshine,” It is a romantic way to start the day, although both of you are still in bed.

You Were On My Mind All Through The Night. Good Morning, Darling

There is this sense of security and pleasure that your partner feels each time they learn that you are thinking about them.

This response gives them that sense of reassurance. And this may be all you need to light up that spark of love in the big heart of your partner. This sure is a good way to start the morning.

Such An Ideal Way To Wake Up. Thanks For Your Sweet Text

It sure is a delightful experience, waking up to pleasantries. Especially when you feel downcast or stressed out from the previous night.

Hence, one beautiful way to respond is by admitting how their alluring text impacted your morning.

Your Girl Must Be So Lucky To Have You. Good Morning, Dear

You can use this comment. when you get such pleasantries from a friend. This shows that you admire his romantic prowess and wish that you had someone like them.

It is a skill you can use to indirectly shoot your shot at someone you’ve been studying for some time.


There you have it: 20 things to say when someone says, “Good morning, sunshine.”

Although a large chunk of these responses depicts a mutual connection between both parties, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give a comeback when necessary.

It could be that you do not like the person who called you “Sunshine” or you do not like entertaining pet names. Also, it is possible that you are aware that the person who is trying to sound nice is only being sarcastic.

In this case, you can use responses like “Quit using such pleasantries on me.” Or you can say, “Why are you being sarcastic?”

Whatever the case may be, ensure to always employ the right response so as to connect perfectly with your relationship with a person.

I believe you now know what it means when someone says to you, “Good morning, sunshine.”

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