How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture?

Men are indeed moved by what they see; what if that’s also true about women? You might argue it but most women are more photogenic and prefer seeing images or videos compared to listening to calls or reading through piles of messages.

Don’t get worked up if you are one of the ladies who love pictures because it’s just normal.

The only issue most of the women who fall in this category face is having the guts to transcend asking a guy for his normal pictures.

A lot of y’all find it difficult to ask a guy for his shirtless picture and this post is here to give you a break.

In the course of this article, you will get to learn how to ask a guy for his shirtless picture, with a high success rate.

10 Different ways to ask him for a shirtless pic

Getting this task done might seem hard, considering the morality of having ladies ask for a nearly nude picture from a guy.

But there is a big catch, and it entails that you have to be confident, technical, and able to use available points to achieve your quest. The following are proven ways with a high success rate.

  1. You can ask by showing interest in his workout sessions
  2. You could ask him by requesting a photo exchange
  3. You can request the picture as proof of honesty
  4. You may even ask him via compliments
  5. You can inquire about the picture via your interest in tattoos
  6. You might ask for a picture after his bath
  7. You can use career opportunities to ask him
  8. You can even ask him to show you a scar
  9. You could get a picture if you bring up a comparison
  10. You can ask him for his beach photo dump

1. You Can Ask by Showing Interest in His Work out Sessions

How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture

This is first on my list of how to ask a guy for his shirtless picture. We all know that most guys who pride themselves on masculine men love working out.

They want to have everything to do with feeling strong and hard-framed, and it finally boils down to hitting the gym. You may not know, but you can ask a guy who you fancy for his shirtless picture easily if he goes to the gym often.

Even when you do ask him to send you some of these pictures, there are chances that he won’t oblige, but it’s not a lie that men who workout like showing off.

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Since our motive is using what is available to get what we want, you can capitalize on this masculine showoff to ask him for his shirtless pictures.

If the young man is into you or has this close familiarity with you, he will send the picture. Your ability to know when to throw him the question is another skill set because the wrong timing might get you nothing.

So you have to keep a record of his workout routine to know when he’s hitting the gym next and prepare to ask your question.

You can keep a record of his routine by asking him frequently about it and you equally throw the question from the angle that you want to see how well his lagging biceps or abs have improved. Remember to be as technical as possible.

2. You Could Ask Him by Requesting a Photo Exchange

How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture

There is this influence women have on men. I don’t know how to explain it, but it goes past a sensual strike. I once heard someone tag it ‘bottom power’; lol that sounds funny.

But this phenomenon can work in your favor if you know how to use it. If you want a guy’s shirtless picture, you can get it if you are ready to trade. Do you mean trade like trade? Yes, trade.

Remember, we’re using things at our disposal to get what you do not have. So you can ask a guy for his shirtless picture if you’re ready to risk yours.

Besides, guys like it when a girl gets naughty and will likely comply with seeing your picture. At most, it doesn’t have to be a shirtless picture of yourself if you are not too confident that he will keep it down.

If he’s a very confidential person, then sending a more sensual picture would do, but on the contrary, just send a sensual, provocative photo without much detail.

After deciding the type of picture you want to trade with, be it a photo of your legs or your beach images. You can proceed to send him a dm requesting a photo exchange. He will probably give in to your request once he sees an alluring picture of you.

3. You Can Request the Picture as Proof of Honesty

You can up your game in the quest of asking for a guy’s shirtless picture by demanding him to show proof of something. there are different things you can ask.

Proof of whether he has a tattoo or not. Proof of if he’s at home or not. You can even ask for it as proof of his broad chest and a lot of other things.

Once you know what to hold him for, you can get the pictures you seek. Again, be technical and know when to throw in your questions.

If he’s out to be sincere, he will send you a shirtless picture to validate his sincerity. If your quest is to know if he has a broad chest, he can quickly send you the picture to show he does have one.

You can use this method if you’re asking this from your boyfriend in a long-distance relationship. This way of asking is pertinent, as it helps you fathom what he’s up to every time.

4. You May Even Ask Him via Compliments

How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture

Just as women love compliments, men do too and it can move them to do things. So you can ask a guy for his shirtless pictures by just complimenting him and also wanting to see more.

You have to try to convince him that you can do a better job at complimenting his biceps if you had the full view of how they look in proportion to his chest or abs.

Although this could pass for a trick, it is not necessarily one. It is a genuine way of asking a guy for his shirtless picture.

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You can even say things like; You have such a wonderful aesthetic from the outside… do you mind me seeing what it looks like without a shirt on?

An understandable guy would know you’re looking for a way to see through him and if he’s having that then he would send you the picture.

To him, it is just a harmless admirer who wants to have the full view for more complimenting.

5. You Can Inquire About the Picture via Your Interest in Tattoos

How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture

Word out there says that a tattoo on a guy’s body improves his masculinity and attractiveness. If you’re a fan of guys with tattooed bodies, then you might be in luck.

If the guy in question also has tattoos, then you can easily break the jinx of finding it difficult to ask him for a shirtless picture.

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You can use the ‘tattoo thing’ as viable leverage to get him to send you a shirtless picture of him. Doing this does not have to be hard, as all you have to do is to instigate a conversation that relates to tattoos.

You can then suggest he should send you a shirtless picture so you can see his latest addition to the body art.

Your enthusiasm for tattoos gives him the impression that you are curious. He will oblige to quench your thirst of seeing his tattoos.

6. You Might Ask for a Picture after His Bath

This is another ‘how to’ for our young couples in a long-distance relationship. I’ve seen love birds do a lot of things and asking their partner for a picture is not excluded.

You can get a guy’s shirtless picture if he’s just out of the bath. This can imply if he’s your boyfriend and you want to see how he looks on the bath towels. While this sounds silly, some girls do that.

They want to make sure he has taken his bath and his picture on towels with a bare chest validates his claims.

You can use this method if there’s some sort of connection that is going on between you two.

7. You Can Use Career Opportunities to Ask Him

Some people would not want to follow the lengthy part of holding conversations that will lead a guy to send his shirtless picture. I devised a way in which you can execute this, and it is simple.

Remember to use the information at your disposal to get what you want. If he has a passion for modeling, you can search for modeling opportunities.

Once found, you can tell him about a model scouting company that is on the lookout for new intakes.

For him to be considered, he needs to send a couple of pictures, including shirtless pictures too. Although this might look like an exploitative way of asking, I think it is good, as you’re also allowing him to live his dream.

So, you can go out there and look for viable scouting opportunities, with which you can have your shirtless picture.

8. You Can Even Ask Him to Show You a Scar

How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture

Many of us have one or two memories of our past that still lives with us in the form of scars. Having one of these does not make us less human, because I’ve seen people become low esteemed due to their scars.

Asides from all this, you can ask a guy for his shirtless so you can see his scar. This works well enough if the scar is on the upper part of his body. It is the perfect diversion to ask for his shirtless picture.

But before you do this, you have to try to hold a reasonable conversation with him, which can lead to the issue of scars. If he trusts you enough, he will show you the shirtless picture which depicts his scar.

9. You Could Get a Picture if You Bring up a Comparison

Bringing up a comparative discussion with the guy you wish to ask for his shirtless picture can lead to getting the pictures from him but without having to look vulnerable.

What this implies is that you should try to compare his physique with another guy in the course of your discussion and see how he reacts. His reaction is going to backfire if the said competitor looks like nothing far from him.

To get the focal point of your quest, you can ask him to send you a shirtless picture for you to see his physique. He will send in the photo, first to prove his claims and second to maintain his integrity as a masculine figure.

This works best if it is someone you have never met in person, but have been in touch with on social media. Once you get the shirtless picture, you can then tone down the heated-up argument and that ends it.

10. You Can Ask Him for His Beach Photo Dump

How To Ask a Guy for His Shirtless Picture

The beach is a free world inside the world and relaxation and a carefree attitude reign supreme. You can ask a guy for his shirtless picture by requesting his recent beach photos.

It won’t be a surprise if he sends you some of his shirtless pictures, because most guys go bare chest on the beach, especially in the summer.

Therefore, you can ask him for the picture by asking him for the pictures he took while at the beach. He will probably send you the picture without much hesitation since the reason for wanting the pictures is to see his beach activities.


This article has provided you with 10 ways through which you can ask a guy for his shirtless picture. Be it your boyfriend, boy’s best friend, or your crush; there is a way to get it done in this article.

Remember the simple tip which I stated initially in this post, which is to make sure you use the information at your disposal to get what you want.

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