40 Things To Say When Someone Is Copying You

Did someone ever steal your shine? Did you find them practically taking the words out of your mouth.

If you can relate to this then you must wonder what you can do to let them know you know what’s going on.

Unique people often find themselves being copied by their admirers. It can be annoying to have someone around you who mimics the way you talk, walk or write.

You can just laugh it off by saying something smart or mildly sarcastic to let your mimic know you are actually on to them.

This article presents 40 things you can say to someone who copies you.

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1. You Know, You Are Off Just Being You

Using a tone that is not condescending but compassionate you can let the person know they don’t have to copy you.

This one appropriate thing to say especially if the person hasn’t been malicious in the act of copying you.

Tone matters a lot in speech transmission. If you feel rotten about the act, you don’t have to project this on the person too.

2. Am I That Original?

Saying this helps the person realize you don’t mind that they copy you since you have an idea of your own worth, and modestly so.

Then again this throws the light on being oneself. You advertise originality by saying this.

If the person copying you is a deep thinker, they’d surely take a step back and question their actions and pursue self-development. When you say this, tone is important as well.

Say it with a hint of surprise in your voice. Hopefully, the person will be honest and tell you what they love about you. You can then encourage them to be more original too.

3. You Remind Me Of My Twin Brother/Sister

Because, you know, your twin brother and sister are the only ones you know who do the job of copying you better, or who has the right to.

This is especially a great way to let the person copying you understand just how obvious their acts have been.

You see the way they copy you as a mere shenanigan. But you want them to stop so you address it.

The difference, as you see it, is that they remind you of someone. They are not really good at it.

Things To Say When Someone Is Copying You

4. I Didn’t Know I Have A Twin

This is a fun way of complimenting someone who copies you for doing it so well. You are someone who likes to make light of stuff like this.

It isn’t really a big deal that this person is able to mimic how you talk, and walk. That is, they have an entire block of your mannerisms down pat.

Telling them you didn’t know you have a twin, is you letting them know they are welcome, you are indifferent to the mimicking.

5. There Can Only Be One Me

You say this with a poker face so only your target knows what you’re talking about. Sometimes you just have to assert yourself when someone’s trying to cripple your game.

Likely, this copying is happening in the presence of other people and you don’t want it to continue. (Not that it’s a problem if you don’t mind.)

You can also say this if you no longer find the copying funny. And if it seems the person doing it is being disrespectful about it, trying to take over your friends in the process.

6. Hello, My Copy

Here you are giving the whole shenanigan a second look, a lighter look. You say this when you don’t really want to stir things up other than just a few laughs.

So this person copies the way you speak, walk or even tries to match your statements.

If you noticed he copies you and the similarities are now unmistakable, this means he’s someone you know well.

Maybe an acquaintance or a friend. The point is you have caught on to him, a little introduction can wake him up to scam.

7. Can You Be More Boring?

Here you say this with a touch of sarcasm in your tone. Let it also be accompanied by a small smile, a wink, or something that helps along with the fact that you are on to him.

You should say this when he’s just done something that shows he’s copying you. It can be in public too.

Of course, other people may not know what you’re talking about, but this person surely does.

8. How Original Of You To…

This is a statement for every time the person copies you. This is a template for a sarcastic ending to every conversation you have where the person is caught duplicating what you do or say.

So, you can just say, ‘how original of you to say that,’ or ‘how original of you to do it exactly like I did it.’

If you get the tone and circumstances right, it would help expose just how unoriginal the person copying you is.

9. You Are Alright, You Know…

Here you are letting your humanity take over you. You recognize there are millions of people on earth who aren’t comfortable with who they truly are.

They’d rather be someone else, hence they copy whom they idolize. You have to be careful this is the situation here though.

And you can tell if this is so by how the person copies you, the times he does it, and the sort of expression they give you when you find out.

10. Keep My Fire Burning

Of course, someone is here burning your fire instead of theirs. What a world we live in, right?

You wonder how some are able to do this, keep the image of someone else brighter than theirs.

So in this person’s case, they are engrossed in living your life by copying you. To say the expression above it has to be an emergency situation. Everyone can tell.

Others have told you too that this dude copies you. So saying they can keep your fire burning is you telling them you don’t mind living through their actions.

It’s nothing serious though, you’re just having fun.

11. Did We Switch Personalities?

Ask this question right after the person copying you does his thing. Let it be obvious to all that this person just finished copying you on something.

Possibly, direct someone else’s attention to the instance. Ask a close friend, ‘did you see what X just did?’

Hopefully, someone else other than you saw or heard it. And if the person copying you is within earshot, say, ‘did we switch personalities, because you sounded just like me now.’

This is a neat way to hold them responsible for trying to steal your identity.

12. This Is How My Clone Would Sound Or Act

Sarcasm all the way. Once again you are registering the fact that this person does a perfect job of copying you.

You decide your tone here depending on how you’re feeling about the whole thing. If the whole act is getting on your nerve you may let a little of that tone get through. Nothing violent though.

It’s just a copycat. And who knows, this person may not wish for bad blood. At any rate, a clone would probably have your mannerisms down pat.

13. You Sound Like You Need To Have Some Confidence In Yourself

You can say this in a sympathetic tone and mean it. Here you are admitting the fact that he copies you because the person needs some work on how they feel about themselves.

This response is one you give if the act has continued for a long time and you feel the person has an already great personality.

Things To Say When Someone Is Copying You

14. You’re Enough

Another sympathetic take here and it is also along the line of helping the person copying you realize they don’t have to.

You let them know this in a tone that shows you care. So you’re taking the focus off your own awesome personality. We agree you’re a great person alright.

Telling someone who copies you for a living they are enough is a heartwarming response. Humanity sometimes needs to prevail.

15. Do You Need A Masterclass On My Personality?

Here you’re bringing the sarcasm back. This response is apt since this person who copies may be leaving out some details.

A masterclass will likely update and upgrade their knowledge of your life. The more they know about you, the better and more accomplished they will be mimicking you. This response can go with a playful tone.

16. How Does It Feel Like To Be Fake

This is a response you give when you aren’t flattered anymore. Things have gotten to a head and you’d like to put a stop to the charade. Your tone is not brash, however, just firm.

And you can look into the person’s eyes when you say this. At this point, everyone knows what the person is doing.

He knows too because you have confronted him before about the matter.

17. Hola, Doppelganger

It’s charming that this person copies you so well that he can stand in for you at important functions.

He imitates you down to the sound and inflection in your voice. If you both share certain aspects in appearance, then the similarities can be almost uncanny.

For this reason, if you refer to the person in a conversation as your doppelganger, they’d surely get the hint.

Will they stop copying you? Do you want them to? Time will tell.

18. Why Not Consider A Career In Acting?

Whether this response will come out as a compliment or a sarcastic bite will depend solely on you.

You have the prerogative here. The point is you are letting the person know he’s a good mimic.

If you were a character from a movie script, this person is playing you in a stellar way.

19. Have You Worked In A Circus Before?

Here you want to know where they learned how to copy you so well. Clowns are known to perform mimicking each other in certain routines.

This is a reference to the act, not exactly to the nature of being a clown. Calling the person a clown may come off outrightly disrespectful.

20. You Are Me, In A Different Body

You’ve got to love the look on the person’s face when you say this.

Especially if it’s been established that the person copies you, that is, they have accepted the overwhelming evidence of this great subterfuge.

This calls to mind the story of the body thief. In this case, the said copycat has stolen your personality and they’re wearing it well.

21. You Make Me Feel There’s Being An Alien Invasion

Here too you’d love the expression of confusion on the face of the person copying you. They’re likely going to require clarification.

They will ask what you mean by an alien invasion and you’re going to let them know they’re the alien you speak of. They’d further ask how they’re an alien.

It is at this point you’d let them know you know they’ve been copying you. You can mention specific ways they’ve been copying.

22. If I Got Lost You Can Easily Replace Me

Comedic acting legend Peter Sellers was once mistaken for Casino Royale co-star Woody Allen. Chair of Columbia Pictures once made this mistake and Peter Sellers rolled with it.

So if this person copying you is as good at mimicking, then this statement would be apt.

23. I’d Feel Weird If I Was You

This is a statement you make because you want to elicit a response that would spun a discussion about how this person copies you.

You wonder how someone else enjoys copying you, not because you aren’t worth being admired to the point of being copied.

It is because you feel this person is a bunch of awesome who is already all he needs to be. So, you’re letting him know it’s weird they copy you at all.

24. Is It So Hard To Be You?

This is also a great question to ask when you don’t want to approach the matter directly but still want to preserve some of the acid of sarcasm.

This person is clearly now a version of you. You want them to consider why they’ve chosen this path.

Is it something about their own personality they don’t like? Can you both talk about it? Such a discussion would certainly be fun to have.

25. How Much Of Yourself Do You Have Left?

This is also a very apt question for someone who copies someone else so well. You must wonder how much of their original self remains.

You must feel other emotions about them, but let’s leave it at this for now.

26. You Put In So Much Work Into My Image

Here’s you taking things a little further in the psychoanalysis of your doppelganger.

You say this in a curious tone. You are genuinely marveled at how he does it. Not that you are looking to pick up this hobby too. Just pure curiosity.

27. You’d Look Better In Your Own Skin

This is an encouragement to be better than a copy. This is even altruistic of you to consider encouraging someone to dump playing you and pick up their own version of life for a change. Perhaps this person has never considered being original.

28. Do You Hate Yourself That Much?

You’re recommending some more self-examination with this question. Your tone and facial expression should show you mean well.

No sarcasm here except you want it that way. The question makes the person think about his perception of himself.

29. If I Ever Need To Write An Autobiography, I’d Be Needing Your Input

This copycat has to be useful for something.

You can make this statement right after the person copies you in a major way. Who better to consult for tips about your personality other than someone who has mastered you so well?

30. So You’re Going To Watch Yourself Fade Into Obscurity?

A soul-searching question for anyone to ask themselves. If you copy someone long enough you certainly stand the risk of losing your own personality.

It’s a question of whether the person is doing anything about this danger. Obscurity isn’t a great place to slip into.

31. Would You Like To Have My Name?

Because, quite frankly, you have everything else. You talk like me, walk like me, and breathe like me. Did I leave anything out?

You can ask this question smiling, or you can ask it with a serious tone. Either way, you are letting the person know you are on to just how much they’ve gone far in impersonating you.

32. Impersonation Is Still A Crime In This Country

With this statement, you remind the person of the law. Of course, it’s only a statement to show the intensity of their act.

At this point, if the person dressed in one of your clothes and commits a crime with it, you’d get picked up by cops.

33. You Don’t Need A Degree In Acting

Because quite frankly also, you’ve managed to do the job too well without one. Graduates of acting institutes have nothing on you. Al Pacino would be green with envy.

You say this statement to the person’s face without preamble. They’d probably ask you what you mean and you can then hit them with the other gems of truth you have for copycats.

34. Dude, It’s Becoming Creepy…

Yeah, the similarities between you are creeping you out. You just wanted to let him know. You have to say this as you mean it. No sarcasm.

Just pure emotions that show you are uncomfortable about what the dude is doing.

35. It Feels Like Walking About With A Mirror Now

This is a sterling statement to someone who copies you if said person is always around you. If they’re a partner on a project it would be one of the best things to say.

The person talks and acts like you making them appear like a perfect reflection of you.

Things To Say When Someone Is Copying You

36. Now I Believe In The Multiverse Thing

You’d love how this statement can quickly ignite an interesting discussion about the subject of the multiverse and copies of us who inhabit those alternate worlds.

In the end, this person would have gotten the message, which is: stop copying me.

37. I Wish You Were My Soulmate Because Then I Would…

A classic one here. If this person is same-s^x and you aren’t into that lifestyle or orientation, this would be a great statement to make.

To some, the more you guys are able to reflect on each other in a romantic relationship, the better and healthier. Now here is someone who copies you, but he or she isn’t the opposite s^x.

Saying the above words registers you to regret that their efforts lead nowhere with you.

38. Can We Work Out Some Compromise?

Yeah, since it seems like someone is being robbed of their personality here, and that person is you.

In the end, you don’t want to get the short end of the stick of whatever this copycat got going on.

A discussion about who stands in for the other and at what times are fair. The person copying you would likely consider this funny. You can choose to laugh along or not.

39. I Hope You Never Have My Phone

We live in an age when we open the lock screen on our phones just by positioning our faces before our phones. The above statement is an allusion to this. It is sarcasm.

This person possibly doesn’t look like you. But they’re so good at reflecting you all that’s remaining is for them to look like you. Your phone’s privacy is at risk.

40. I Wonder What My Parents Would Have To Say About You

Maybe this dude is a lost brother no one ever told you about. Maybe he is a child your parents had long before they married.

At any rate, this statement is how you let this person know they have copied you so much they could pass for your brother or sister.

Bottom Line

Yeah, bottom line is, you have an emergency on your hands. Someone is trying to take your identity.

You can be lighthearted about it, use any of these statements or questions in your defense. Or you can get creative with your expressions.

Tone matters a lot. Any of the replies on this arsenal can work for you at any time.

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