20 of the Best Responses to I Want You Back

Could it be another beginning of an end? Or is this one of those ploys to get me out of my little mental fortress?

These are thoughts that can creep into your mind when someone you thought you lost or they lost you, rings your phone out of nowhere asking you to give them another chance.

This could be an overwhelming moment for you, especially if their exit took a huge toll on you.

However, the person who tells you “I want you back” needs an answer so you might want to respond to him or her. In this article, I will be walking you through 20 of the best responses to “I want you back”.

Best 20 Responses to “I Want You Back”

It takes quite a good amount of courage to tell an ex that you want them back. I have been there, and I’ll tell you the facts…it sucks.

The chance of the person obliging my gesture is high on the negative, and this could be the same situation for you. This is because you might’ve ended things with the person on a bad note and I don’t want to stand such cruelty again.

Therefore, you might be looking for a witty and sarcastic way of saying NO. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

On the flip side, I also curated a few lines for you just in case you want to offer the person in question another chance to prove themselves. 

To cut down time wasted; let’s get right into the main contexts of this post by highlighting the best replies to “I want you back” below.

These responses will be divided into 2 different scenarios. Scenario 1 aids you reject the gesture, while you oblige it using scenario 2 lines.

Scenario 1

  • Sounds like an invite I really can’t oblige
  • Beat it already; you lost me
  •  I don’t think that would be necessary
  • Well, I don’t want you back
  • Now, this conversation is getting weird
  • Sorry, but I already closed that chapter of my life
  • What exactly do you want from me?
  • You really think you can undo the pain that you caused me?
  • My goodbye won’t turn into a new hello
  • What changed? I thought you walked away!
  • I am dumbfounded right now, but don’t take it as an affirmation
  • You don’t want me back; you’re just lonely
  • I heard you got dumped. Is it what this is about?
  • I love someone else now
  • Was I supposed to fall for that? You need to get serious and smart

Scenario 2

  • I think it’s high time we stopped with the pretense; I want the same thing too
  • I knew you’d finally come back
  • I don’t need you to promise me this would be different. Prove it to me
  • Well, I lied when I said I don’t need you anymore
  • Why did it take you too long to realize that?

Scenario 1

Sounds like an Invite I Really Can’t Oblige

This is one of the best ways to respond when someone says to you “I want you back”. With this line of response, you’re treating the person’s appeal for reconsideration as an invite.

This shows that you no longer consider the person as someone of interest…romantic interest. Rather he or she is now a mere event planner who just gave you an invitation. 

If you notice, there’s a slight spice of sarcasm in this line, which makes it a line you can say without hinges. There’s also a noticeable use of a feminine tone in this line, making it a lady-preferred reply strategy.

With that said, you might want to exit from the scene where you said this response to the person. 

Beat It Already; You Lost Me

If you’re feeling pissed by what the person said to you, then you can use this line of response for them. This line doubles as a comeback to the person for probably dumping you or acting too toxic until you had to leave.

If you’re looking for a line of response that is not entirely formal, but combines a bit of street sauce in it then this is the response you shouldn’t do without.

I’m sure the person you’re responding to will get the message loud and clear because this response doesn’t look like you’re mincing words.

You’re just being as blunt as possible while trying to capture how hurt you felt with the person’s exit and now…they want in. Tell them to beat it already!

I Don’t Think That Would Be Necessary

On a normal day, I don’t find it interesting to roast anyone. It is usually all about the good feeling for me, so I stay cool even if I’m perturbed by a statement from my ex who “wants me back”.

Who knows, you may share this sentiment with me and if that is the case, I indulge you not to miss out on this line of response. 

This line is so cool that I can say it up to 3 times to the person who says to me “I want you back”. You can do that too because you’ll be sounding so reserved and less hateful with this line.

Again, this line sounds a tad feminine but that doesn’t stop the guys from making use of it. I’m sure the recipient won’t have any other counterstatement to that, as their defenses will look like they got caught up with a punch from Thanos. 

Well, I Don’t Want You Back

This will be you responding to the person using their own words. It’s more like paying someone off with their money.

I know it sounds corny, but it doesn’t matter after all you won’t be going back to the person in question. Therefore, their judgment on what is corny or not about your attitude doesn’t even count.

With this response, you’re being firm in your resolve to decline the person’s appeal that you come back to them. 

Now, This Conversation Is Getting Weird

Let’s say you went on a friendly dinner with an ex who just got into town and wanted to catch up with old-time friends. The food is great and the conversation is building up interestingly.

If he or she attempts to coy you into a relationship with them by telling you “I want you back”, you can rebuke that by telling them this line of response. 

Although the meaning behind this line is not pronounced as to whether you’re either rejecting it or obliging it, it sends to him or her an instant message that you don’t want to hear any of that. And I’m convinced the person will catch the joke there.

Sorry, but I Already Closed That Chapter of My Life

Best Responses to I Want You Back

I know a lot of people that treat their love life like a book; preferably a fantasy paranormal storyline.

However, the same way they pick up a book to read which is likened to picking a partner is the same way they close after they’re done with such a partner.

If you’re this type of person, you can employ this line of response to discourage the person who said to you “I want to you back”, from pushing forward with their intentions.

What Exactly Do You Want From Me?

Most times, people who run back to their ex or try to reignite the fire between them and a long-lost love affair do so without even having defined motives.

All their actions come from a place of impulsion as they find it difficult to analyze the situation before they appeal to go back to the other person.

This could be the fate of your ex or a fling who says they want you back. Since the person may be blind to this awareness, you need to make their mind work by using this question-like response on them. 

You Really Think You Can Undo the Pain That You Caused Me?

Moving on with the questions…this is another great response strategy you can employ when someone says to you “I want you back”.

However, this line portrays the message of hurt and hate; one which you find difficult to contain. Perhaps, the person in question left you hanging when you needed them most and all you could think of is how they comfortably betrayed your trust.

With this line, you’re questioning the person’s appeal as it would do little or nothing to help you heal.

My Goodbye Won’t Turn Into a New Hello

I know a couple of people who went from strangers to friends to lovers, back to strangers and the cycle repeats. To this set of persons, their goodbye often turns into a new hello, and then all the beautiful memories all over again.

But that won’t be the case with you, as you’ll be making your goodbye the last one with no new hello.

What Changed? I Thought You Walked Away!

If the person who now wants you back was the one who left first, you can challenge their appeal to have you back with this line of response. Asking them what changed their mind is a good start to knowing their intentions.

I Am Dumbfounded Right Now but Don’t Take It as an Affirmation

As I mentioned earlier on, you are prone to be overwhelmed when an ex you loved so many wounds up telling you he or she wants you back. Amid the temporary confusion, you can use this line as a response.

You Don’t Want Me back; you’re Just Lonely

Best Responses to I Want You Back

The truth has been revealed and this line of response is its anchor. The commonest reason why your ex would want you back is that they’re lonely.

Many will not concur, but that’s just the reality because I’ve been there a few times. Without them realizing it, you can throw this reality to their face using this line of response.

I Heard You Got Dumped. Is It What This Is About?

This line has that masculine flair in it, and it is certainly answering to a girl who comes back to you after she got dumped by the guy she left you for. Asking her this question will disintegrate her for some minutes.

I Love Someone Else Now

Be plain! Don’t mince your words. Say it already!

Was I Supposed to Fall for That? You Need to Get Serious and Smart

Tricks do come in different shades, and telling you they want you back could be one of them. Well, you can use this line of response to mop the person up and move on with your life.

Scenario 2

I Think It’s High Time We Stopped with the Pretense; I Want the Same Thing Too

We’re right here, at the point where you want to stop lying to yourself that you also want the person back. If this is what your heart desires, don’t make it yearn too long as you can set everything up again with this line of response.

I Knew you’d finally Come Back

Best Responses to I Want You Back

Did you second-guess the person’s exit? Maybe you felt the nudge that they’ll be back definitely. If that’s the case, you should let them know using this line.

I Don’t Need You to Promise Me This Would Be Different. Prove It to Me

Promises seldom hold grounds for someone like me, and I guess you don’t entertain them as big deals too. With that said, you can appeal that the person proves themselves to you and not come with empty promises.

Well, I Lied When I Said I Don’t Need You Anymore

You must’ve told the person that says they want you back that you don’t need them anymore, probably in a heated up argument. But you now realize you still need them regardless. Judging by this, you can say this to them as a response.

Why Did It Take You Too Long to Realize That?

Here we are, questioning the speaker why it took them long to realize they want you back. While this looks like a discouraging question, it is more of a saying “yes” having longed for this reunion for a long time now.


It’s not always easy when you try to process the possibility of you getting back with an ex after the person says to you “I want you back”. But that doesn’t stop you from providing them with a response as you’ve got to give them one.

In this article, I discussed in detail plausible response strategies you can use in this circumstance while citing two different scenarios. 

My conviction is that this post meets you right and brings clarity of purpose to you concerning how to respond to the person.

I guess you might have some questions or suggestions regarding the context of this post. If so, the comment section is open for you to drop your thoughts. 


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