Why Does My Husband Chew So Loud

Living with a man that chews so loud can be frustrating. I know this because I’ve been there, it can be both annoying and embarrassing. You have to endure every mealtime and try not to scream. 

This person may not be your husband, he may be your boyfriend and you’re wondering why he chews so loud each time a meal is served or when you are both eating out.

This could be trouble to so many people and might as well cause a quarrel between them if not handled with care.

But I’ve come to know that they’re so many reasons why your husband could be chewing so loud and I can tell you a few things I did when my husband was chewing so loud. 

Reasons why your husband chews so loud

Why Does My Husband Chew So Loud

There are some factors responsible for your husband’s chewing habit. Some may be natural while others may be caused by him. Below are reasons why he chews so loud.

  • He may be enjoying the food
  • He may be eating something crispy and crunchy
  • He may be eating too fast
  • He may be eating with his mouth open
  • He’s used to eating that way
  • Over-biting or eating forcefully
  • He may be really hungry
  • He takes big bites

He may be enjoying the food

A good reason why your husband chews so loud when he’s eating could be that he’s probably enjoying the meal.

For some people, a good way to know if they’re enjoying their food is that they begin to chew so loud, or they would lick their lips from time to time or even make sounds. 

In a situation like this, all you need to do is tell him to chew quietly nicely, and funnily. You can simply say, 

Honey, I know you’re enjoying your meal, but could you please chew quietly”? 

By saying this, you are acknowledging the fact that you know his loud chewing is a result of the food. 

He may be eating something crispy and crunchy 

Why Does My Husband Chew So Loud

Another reason your husband chews so loud is that he may be eating something crispy or something crunchy.

Whenever he is eating something crunchy, he can’t help but chew loudly due to the way the food is and how it was prepared. 

Crunchy foods like chips, apples, and biscuits will always make him chew loud. When it comes to crunchy food, you can bear with him for that moment as this usually happens to every one of us.

Crunchy food tends to make sounds that may not be pleasing to everyone, so if you can’t bear with him when he’s eating crunchy food, I suggest you excuse yourself at that moment.

He may be eating too fast

When a person chews too fast, there’s a high chance of chewing very loudly. Your husband may chew fast because, he’s enjoying the meal, or maybe he’s eating in front of the TV or he’s using his phone while eating, or he’s trying to rush off to somewhere or to do something. 

He may be eating with his mouth open

Eating with his mouth open will make him chew loud. Most people that chew so loud, always eat with their mouths open. 

Some other people feel eating with your mouth open is the best way to enjoy your food. But the thing is when a person chews with his mouth open, there’s every possibility of the food falling off which might be gross and disgusting.

Your food should stay closed in your mouth by closing your lips. It is advisable to chew with your mouth closed as it would help stop or reduce loud chewing. 

He’s used to eating that way

He may not be used to table manners that demand that he chews his food quietly. This may be due to his poor upbringing as no one corrected him when he started a bad habit. 

Sometimes, a child may be eating the wrong way or talking with his mouth full, it is the responsibility of the parents to always correct the child to keep his mouth closed or sit upright when eating.

If this is not done, there is a high chance of the child growing up with such a habit. 

Maybe your husband wasn’t corrected early enough and he grew up with it but it’s never too late for a person to change, is it? 

Over-biting or eating forcefully

In a case like this, it is possible that his mouth is closed but he’s still making loud noise when chewing, this is as a result of over-biting the food or eating forcefully.

The only thing you can do in a case such as this is to make him chew a small amount of food and not large ones. 

He may be really hungry

For some people, when they are really hungry they can’t help but chew very loudly. They’ll be so focused on devouring the food that they would barely know that they’re being so loud and creating discomfort for others around them. 

The person may begin to chew quietly towards the end of the meal, but in the beginning, it’s always loud. This could be the situation of your husband. 

He may chew so loud because he’s hungry and doesn’t have the patience to eat slowly or little by little. He may want to eat it as quickly as possible to enable him to subside the hunger he’s in his stomach. With this, eating quietly may not take place.

He takes big bites

When your husband takes big bites of food, his mouth would be full and this may need him to chew his food so loud to finish it.

When he takes small bites of food, there’s a slight chance of him chewing so loud, and even if he makes a sound it may not be as loud as when he takes big bites.

It is advisable to take small bites of food so the mouth won’t be full. Research has shown that taking smaller bites of food aids in digestion.

What to do when your husband chews so loud 

You’ve seen why he chews so loud whenever he’s eating, which may or may not be his fault. Though sometimes he can’t help it, there are a few things you could do in other to help him chew more quietly. 

Now, I’ll share some steps that have helped so many people. These are the steps I took when my husband chewed so loud and these things helped. 

Though it took some time for him to adjust to them, they actually worked. Especially when you are having a guest at home or when you’re invited for a dinner, you can follow the steps below to help him eat quietly.

  • Tell him, don’t criticize
  • Commend him when he makes effort to chew quietly
  • Advise him to chew slowly
  • Taking a small amount of food at a time
  • Let him chew with his mouth closed

Tell him not criticize

You have to tell him about it. Communication is very important in every relationship. Talk to him gently about it but don’t make it feel like a criticism.

It shouldn’t bring a fight or battle between the two of you. People are more likely to comply when a request is presented as a favor rather than an obligation. 

Make him understand that it matters to you and you would love it if he can adjust. You can even tell him that this could be unreasonable to ask but you have to. 

Don’t go about insulting and calling him names. Talk like it’s your greatest concern that would bring you happiness and joy.

You can go further to plead with him so he would know how serious you are about it. A sentence like, 

Please, baby do this for me”

This would sound appealing and easy to understand. This was the first step I took and it was really effective.

Commend him when he makes effort to chew quietly

This was the next step I took after talking to my husband about his loud chewing habit. Though this part wasn’t easy because I had to pay attention every time just to give an encouraging comment, those little comments helped greatly.

Instead of focusing on his loud chewing, I focused on the part where he makes effort to change and I comment on it. This helped him to gradually change. Comments like, 

“Sweetheart, you did well at dinner, keep it up would make him want to improve more”. 

Advise him to chew slowly

This might be difficult but if you did No. 1 and No. 2, then you should be able to do this. You can bring it up as a suggestion. Tell him how eating slowly could help him improve his chewing habit.

He shouldn’t eat in a hurry, the present food in his mouth should be swallowed before taking in another. This is going to be difficult for him because he’s already used to chewing very fast. 

Chewing his food slowly would help him make less noise while eating and apart from the noisy part, it would help him appreciate the food in another way. This is because rather than rushing the food, he’s taking his time to enjoy the meal.

Taking a small amount of food at a time

You can also let him know that chewing little amount of food at a time reduces his chances of chewing loud.

This is because he would take his time to chew the food thereby reducing his chances of chewing so loud and also he may not need to chew for a very long time which can result in chewing very loudly. 

To make this effective because a time will come when he would get tired of eating slow and eat small, you can try to feed him.

Yes, feed him. This shouldn’t sound weird since you guys are married but if it does, it is a good way to help him out so get used to it.  

When he has gone halfway eating, you can pick up the spoon and feed him little by little just the way it should be.

Just seeing you do this for him would make him want to improve because he sees you’re doing all you can to make him better and this is another way to show that you love and care for him.

Let him chew with his mouth closed

This is a good way to help him chew quietly. When you eat with your mouth closed, there is no way you’ll chew loudly. 

It helps you eat silently as no noise can be made when the mouth is closed. Meanwhile, this can only be effective when you eat a small portion of food and not a large one. 

You can experiment with this by putting food in your mouth and trying to chew. You would notice that chewing with your mouth closed would surely make you chew quietly. 

Chewing slowly and chewing with your mouth closed goes together, so if he’s able to do the former, he can do the latter. Moreover, chewing with your mouth open depicts bad manners.


Honestly speaking, no woman would like to sit and listen to the person next to her chew so loud and talk more about the person being her husband.

In this article, we’ve talked about some reasons which could make your husband chew so loud, this may be due to some natural reasons and self-made reasons. 

The article also examined the things you can do to help him chew more quietly. These solutions are valid as I’ve tried them before on my husband and they were effective. 

Though this may seem weird at first, it is worth a try. You should know that the results would begin gradually as he has to adjust to a new way of eating. 

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