Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me To Be Clingy?

Clinginess in a relationship is used to measure how much one person wants to be with another person. 

Your boyfriend wanting you to be clingy with him is a sign that you are lacking in this department or not doing enough.

There are abundant reasons why your boyfriend would ask for this. Stick with me as I delve deeper and expose some secrets about why our boyfriend would want you to be clingy.

7 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Wants You To Be Clingy?

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me To Be Clingy?

  • He is having doubts about your love,
  • He wants more physical intimacy
  • He doesn’t have other friends
  • He always desires your company.
  • He depends on your emotional support; 
  • He notices your distant attitude,
  • He’s afraid of losing you.

1. He’s having doubts about your love

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me To Be Clingy?

The reason your boyfriend demands you to be clingy is that he doubts your love for him. This is a strange reason but when he feels you don’t love him anymore he will ask you to get clingy.

This is how he gets assured you will not break up with him. You may find this strange but I will tell you how to get closure. He has to see your commitment, to feel safe in the relationship.

Your boyfriend’s fears may be irrational. Simple tips that can help is assuring him of your love for him. Quell any reason or doubt that you are leaving the relationship with him.

2. He wants more physical intimacy

If your boyfriend wants you to be clingy, one good reason is that he wants to get intimate with you. Depending on how your love life is, your man may not be getting enough action. The physical parts of a relationship are an important aspect of it.

You should not limit the number of times you are doing it with your boyfriend. Maybe you have been holding out on him, and he has been having the hots for you. He will demand more clinginess to facilitate a good session in the sheets.

You should easily make time for the both of you to make more use of the bedroom. This is one way you can let him know you love him. With this improvement, your relationship and bonding would significantly increase.

3. He doesn’t have any other friends

 One reason your boyfriend wants you to be clingy is that he doesn’t have friends. His social life comprises himself alone, and you. If your boyfriend is anything like mine, it means he doesn’t mind spending all his time with you.

His lack of friends and any social life translates to him wanting more time with you. Your boyfriend doesn’t enjoy being lonely, he enjoys the time you both spend together and craves this opportunity.

By wanting you to be clingy, your boyfriend hopes you will find more ways to be with him. Your free time should be spent with him. Also, you can introduce more activities and hobbies to him. Encourage him to find more friends.

Communicate with your boyfriend about your work schedule, and let him understand when you are free. This will adjust him, knowing that you have other things to do. He will take your advice and find new friends.

4. He always desires your company

Your boyfriend’s reason for wanting you to be clingy is that he always desires your company.

Though you might not have noticed, you may have been spending less time with your man. This is something that you are probably not aware of, but your boyfriend sees less of you around him. By doing this he gets his wish of keeping you around.

Clinginess is easily achieved when two people are in each other’s space very often. It’s obvious that your boyfriend has felt neglected by you, so he tells you to become clingy.

If you are already doing your best to spend time with him. You should have a conversation explaining to him how you are doing your possible best. His understanding of your situation will bring about a better and more suited solution.

5. He depends on you for emotional support

A valid reason why your boyfriend would ask you to be clingy is that he uses you as an emotional support system. Your boyfriend is experiencing some difficult things right now and being with you helps calm the situation.

He wants you to be clingy to him because when you are around he depends on you to remain strong. There are up and down in every relationship, your boyfriend is going through a rough spot and sees you as an anchor point to reign him in.

One thing you can do is to ask him what is going on with him. This will help keep you informed of what he is going through while ringing you close to him for emotional support.

Your boyfriend may find it difficult to share what he is going through, so by asking you to be clingy he can get comfort from you being close.

6. He notices your distant attitude

One factor that handles your boyfriend asking you to be clingy is that he notices you are becoming distant. When a relationship deviates from the normal dynamics, a partner notices this.

Your boyfriend hopes to use his constant presence to overwhelm you. This will help him keep you in check, as you will have less time to think about other things or another person. When you act distant, he becomes scared you will leave him for another guy.

This action or request of clinginess from him is done to ensure that you understand what you mean to him and also pass a message to others that you are his.

The action of your boyfriend can be overwhelming or uncomfortable. He only does this as a reaction to fear and to keep himself safe from thoughts of you leaving him. He might do this subconsciously and is not trying to manipulate you.

It’s important in times like this for you to reassure him you are not being distant on purpose. Explain your situation and gradually quench any kind of stray thoughts he will have.

7. He is afraid of losing you

 Your boyfriend’s irrational fear of losing you is the reason why he is asking you to be clingy. This is a very common reason for making your boyfriend act this way. When he feels scared that he is going to lose you. He reacts by asking you to become clingy.

The reason your boyfriend wants you to be close is to assure himself that you are not losing interest in him. In the relationship, such fear may have been familiar to you too. What you can do is to help him see the reasons why will not leave him.

Constant reassurance from you and your presence will go a long way in helping you out. It will also help you to have patients take time to dissipate completely.

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Be Clingy, How Do I Achieve This?

When such demands come from your boyfriend in a relationship, it can be surprising

When your boyfriend wants you to be clingy and you need some help in achieving this you can start by

  • Talking to him
  • Texting him frequently,
  • Planning regular dates,
  • Spend time together.

 1. Talking to him 

A simple way to achieve this is to talk to your boyfriend. This is a very easy thing to achieve. By having a regular conversation with your boyfriend, he will have no choice but to feel you close to him always.

Conversation brings closeness to a relationship. You will both understand each other’s thoughts process, share relevant ideas, discuss active and present issues and grow together.

This sort of activity is very important in achieving clinginess with your boyfriend. You can also use this moment to ask him how he feels you can do more. Getting into his mind is the best way to know what he wants from you.

You may not be great at keeping in touch and this affects him, by talking to him you will find easier ways to become clingy with him.

2. Texting him frequently

You can achieve clinginess with your boyfriend by texting him frequently. This is a very common method that has a significant impact on relationships. Phones are a great way to communicate, I can reach almost anyone in the world with them.

If you text your boyfriend often, at least multiple times per day, he will feel loved and cared for by you. This will bolster his confidence in the relationship and also make him feel you are close to him.

It costs almost nothing to text another person, texting your boyfriend often is a safe habit to develop.

Your boyfriend asking you to become clingy because you don’t reach out to him enough when you are apart.

Take time out from work or your daily task to send a simple text. Text is short and doesn’t take as much time as phone calls.

3. Plan regular dates

What you can do to achieve being clingy with your boyfriend is to plan regular dates for you both. This is an often neglected activity in many relationships. It is easy to forget that dates should be a part of your routine as a couple.

When you go on dates with your boyfriend, you create special moments that leave lasting sweet memories. You get to know each other more and enjoy your time together. This is one way you can let your boyfriend know you understood his request for you to be clingier.

If you are planning dates, keep them simple and regular. A date night at the movies is nice, dates at the park or seeing an art gallery, these activities will help strengthen your relationship.

It’s easy for your date night to enter a rut. This can be revived by making a conscious effort in securing your relationship. When your boyfriend realizes how much help these regular dates are improving every aspect of your life, he will be glad you took his advice.

4. Spend time together

Why Does My Boyfriend Want Me To Be Clingy?

If you can spend more time together with your boyfriend then you can achieve his request of being clingy. This should not be neglected as doing this reduces the strength of your relationship. Spend a significant amount of time with your boyfriend.

It is easily done by simply planning with your schedule and his, when you take out time to be with him he won’t feel any absence from you. Lack of your presence leaves him wanting you more and asking you to be clingy.

When you spend more time with him, these feelings of his are quenched. Also, it helps to discover new meanings for both of you and how you both make things work.

Do Men Like Clingy Women?

Yes, men like women who are clingy.

When a woman is clingy, it is easier for a man to know what they are doing and also estimate how much time this woman will be there for him.

Clinginess for men translates to emotional availability. A woman who is not clingy to a man and is considered not available for his emotional need.

Take steps in deciding how much clinginess is healthy and always practice safe methods. Excess of anything is bad, so keep your feelings and actions on a moderate level.


Your boyfriend asking you to be clingy is often because something is missing in your relationship.

He wants to feel closer to you on a more emotional level. When you cling to him, your presence makes him feel better, and he cherishes what you both have.

We have touched on some reasons why your boyfriend would want you to be clingy. This reason can happen in combination or alone, so it’s important to carefully understand this. 

You will also take any of the actions that can help you achieve this. With our four simple steps, you have no worries. 

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