Why Do I Feel Like Life Is Not Worth Living?: 6 Possible Reasons & What You Should Do

One of the worst feelings one can get is a feeling of giving up. And this is because life doesn’t always offer us what we want. Consequently, we struggle to get the basic things of life.

These life struggles, hardships, and unexpected events are some of the things that can make you feel that life isn’t worth living.

This feeling is usually a moment thing, however, it can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

So, it’s important to pay attention to these feelings and know when to seek help.

In this article, I’ll help you understand why you feel that life isn’t worth living and what you should do.

In addition, I’ll explain the things that make life worth living and you’d know whether or not life ever gets easier.

6 Reasons You Feel That Life Is Not Worth Living

There are countless things and reasons that will make you feel that life isn’t worth living.

Once you’ve lost passion for what interests you, or you’re weighed down by guilt; these situations can provoke this feeling in you.

Also, when things keep turning out in ways you don’t plan, or you’ve given up on life or fallen into depression, it’ll ignite the feeling that life isn’t worth living.

Below I’ll explain 6 Things that Makes You Feel Life Isn’t Worth Living:

You Have Lost Passion for What Interests You

One of the things you should check out when you feel life isn’t worth living is the passion you have always had for a particular thing. Is it still there?

The passion and zeal for something you love are one of the things that can keep you going in life. If you love something a lot, you’ll go for it and keep going for it.

It could be a job or a vocation. What is that thing you love doing, is the passion to continue still there?

Once you don’t look forward to waking up to these things, sooner or later you’d begin to feel that life isn’t worth living.

It could be someone you love. If the passion or interest is no longer there, it may bring you down so badly, especially if it’s a bad breakup.

Things Are Not Turning Out As You Want

Another thing that makes you feel that life isn’t worth living is if things keep turning out in ways you don’t expect.

When you set out to do things or achieve a goal and it keeps turning out badly, with time you may begin to feel that life isn’t giving you what you want.

Tough people will be able to go through and withstand the challenges that life throws at them. These sets of people don’t give up easily even when things don’t turn out in the way they want.

However, people who act tough are those who easily feel that life isn’t worth living when they don’t keep getting the things they want.

You Are Weighed Down By Guilt

Why Do I Feel Like Life Is Not Worth Living

Guilt is like an unattended disease. It slowly eats you away until you feel worthless. It’s like cancer cells that spread if not removed.

When you are heavily weighted by guilt, it can rub off on your mind so badly that you may begin to think life isn’t worth living.

When you’ve hurt someone, especially someone you love and they’re yet to forgive you, it’ll affect you badly as you’ve hurt yourself.

So, if you don’t deal with guilt, and seek forgiveness and redemption, you’re prone to think life isn’t worth living at all times.

You Have Lost Trust Completely

One of the things that can make you feel life isn’t worth living is when you’ve lost trust in people.

Losing trust completely in people and life as a whole can make you give up on life and see it as nothing.

When you have lost trust in humanity, it’s easy to say you no longer believe in anything or look forward to doing anything. Here you’re merely existing and not living.

In addition, it’s very easy to believe you can never get anything good from people or in life.

This situation is a very quick way to fall into depression if one is not careful because these feelings will make you withdraw into yourself.

People in this condition find it easier to stay alone, giving them enough time to think about life and why it isn’t worth living.

You Have Fallen into Depression

Why Do I Feel Like Life Is Not Worth Living

One major thing that makes you feel life isn’t worth living is if you’ve fallen into depression.

Depression is the last state that people can fall into when they’re constantly unhappy about life generally.

There are so many things that lead people into depression including a bad relationship, a lost job, emotional abuse, and many more.

When one feels depressed, they’re constantly led to believe that life isn’t worth living.

You Have Become Suicidal

Depression can lead to suicide. Once you’re constantly thinking that there’s no need to be alive, if you don’t take care, the temptation to end it all will creep in someday.

The feeling that life isn’t worth living is one sign that shows that you’re becoming or have become suicidal.

What to Do When You Feel Life Isn’t Worth Living

When you feel life isn’t worth living, there are several steps you can take to take away the negative feeling and live more positively.

Below, I’ll discuss some of the steps you should take when you feel life isn’t worth living.

Talk to People

Talking to people should be the first on your list when it seems like life is not worth living.

These people can be anyone: a family member, a friend, a colleague, your spiritual leader, or even a stranger.

A stranger can give you a listening ear and help you find your foot again. However, first, you should look for someone you can trust and tell them how you feel.

Talking can help you release all your feelings and help you see things in a better light.

If it’s the case that you can’t find anyone you can trust and talk to among your friends or family members, then you can seek out a neutral person.

Someone, you don’t have any connection with. The important thing is talking to someone and sharing your feelings.

Find an Interest

When you’ve got an interest and something you’re pursuing, you wouldn’t even have to think about life.

So, look for that thing that you love. What killed the passion? Can you find it again? Have you thought more about that thing you love doing?

Is it painting? Writing? Photography? Whatever it is, find an interest, that thing that speaks to your soul and makes you happy.

When you’re doing what you love doing, you would be happy and look forward to it every day.

Develop a Healthy Routine

Routines can help you deal with life’s situations and give you no room to dwell on your problems. It can reduce stress and make your life a lot easier.

Healthy routines can help you plan your life and promote a more stable mental state. In addition, it can help promote a healthy physical life.

So when you feel life isn’t giving you what you want, plan your day and fill it with healthy activities that won’t give you any time to think about what you’re facing.

In addition, ensure you get enough rest and sleep, including it as part of your routine. Moreover, good sleep will promote your brain health and will make you feel good.

Furthermore, a healthy daily routine can help fight and deal with depression and prevent suicidal thoughts.

Engage with Families and People

Why Do I Feel Like Life Is Not Worth Living

Another important thing that you should know when you feel life isn’t worth living is to always engage with families and people.

Build a good relationship with your family and people you trust. This is a good way to live a positive life.

When you surround yourself with people who love you, they’ll help you think healthily, and in this way, you won’t have time to dwell on life and why it isn’t treating you well.

So, when you’re down and sad about situations surrounding you, resist the urge to stay alone and ruminate on your problems. Rather, surround yourself with people you love.

Engage in Exercise

Exercises have a way to build your mental health along with your physical health. When you exercise daily, it’s part of a healthy routine that can help you develop healthy thoughts.

There are healthy exercises for the mind: yoga, Kripalu, Kundalini, and many other local exercises that’ll help free your mind.

Seek Expert Help

Why Do I Feel Like Life Is Not Worth Living

A feeling that life is worthless can stem from many situations and problems. It can be different for different people.

However, when you can’t pinpoint the exact thing that makes you feel like giving up on life, then you should seek professional help.

An expert can guide you in discovering what exactly the problem is. These people are trained to see things with a neutral eye.

In addition, they’ll help bring you out of depression if you’ve fallen into it to prevent suicidal thoughts.

What Makes Life Worth Living?

Different things make life worth living. These things would make you count your blessings and help you see the need to live every day with positivity.

Below are some of them:


There’s this popular saying that once that’s life there’s hope. Once you’re alive and not dead, there’s always a chance to be better.

There’s always a chance to fight for what you’ve lost, a chance to pick up from scratch, a chance to do things differently, and a chance to make something out of life.

This is the hope that makes one look forward to the next day because something good can come out of it.


When you’re surrounded by people, especially those you love and those that love you, you’ll find purpose in life.

These are the people that’ll stand by you, encourage you when things are bad, and can help propel you forward.

So the people around you can help you realize that life is worth living after all.


One thing that many people, if not all, are scared of is death.

While death seems like evil, it’s also something or a reality that can trigger your subconscious mind that living a fulfilled life should be your goal.

Knowing that you can die anytime is something that’ll make people realize that every second counts and so they’d want to live a life of purpose.

So, death is a reality that makes every day worth living.

Finding a Purpose

When you find purpose in life, you’ll find joy, fulfillment, and peace. Even when things look bad or are bad, you always have something to look forward to.

So, having a purpose makes life worth living. It makes every effort count. That’s why finding your passion or what interests you is very important.

It’s a step in discovering your life’s purpose.

Does Life Ever Get Easier?

This is not a “yes” or “no” question. Life is what you make of it. Your life can get easier if you want or it can remain difficult. It’s up to you.

It’s true that there are challenges in life. But an easy life isn’t one free from challenges. An easy life is solely dependent on you to make it so.

Being able to face your challenges and find solid ground can make life easier. Constantly running away from your problems and acting tough will never make things easy for you.

Rather it’ll make it appear fine for only a period. So to make life easier, engage with people, and live a life of purpose.

End Note

It’s very easy to feel that life isn’t worth living when you’re constantly facing difficult times, and having physical and emotional problems.

Emotional problems could be a feeling of guilt, lack of trust, and depression.

If you feel this way, you should talk to people, develop a routine, exercise daily, and talk to an expert.

In addition, life can get easier for you when you don’t run away from problems, when you build healthy relationships, and find your purpose in life.

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