200 Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

There are only a few other things in life as devastating as finding out that you’ve been cheated on.

This could be the guy you’ve been committed to, living with, or planning the future with. So, it is natural to be utterly disgusted even at the mere thought of infidelity.

Now that you’ve chosen to give him a piece of your mind over the text, it would be best that you put some thought into what you say and how you say it.

Do words fail you? That’s why I’m here with this article.

I have gathered a list of perfect heart-rending messages to send to your cheating boyfriend.

Rest assured, you will find a befitting message in this article to use.

List of the best painful messages to send a  cheating boyfriend

Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

Keep in mind that the goal of the message you want to send is to express your grief and let your partner (ex, I hope!) know what it feels like to be cheated on.

At the same time, you want him to know how much you hurt him, and make him regret it — all with one message.

I’ve gathered this list from the avalanche of my repertoire and from different web sources to help you with the right words to use:


  1. “You’ve shattered my heart. The love and effort I gave you meant nothing. Our relationship was meaningless.”


  1. “I once believed you were my forever, but now see you as a coward. Unworthy of the title ‘man,’ you cannot keep your vows or promises.”


  1. “Disgusted and betrayed, I can’t look at you. Our supposed special connection was a lie to cover up what a pig you are.”


  1. “Love means being faithful. Can’t forgive your infidelity. Moving on now. Goodbye, this is final.”


  1. “You’ve pushed me to my limit. No more fights, tears, or betrayal. Leave our house and life. You’re dead to me. We’re through. No fixing this.”


  1. “I’m done building a life with you. Your behavior is unbearable. You cheated and hurt me. A pure heart stays true and grows together. I want you gone for good.”


  1. “I’m ending things. You don’t deserve my love, honor, and commitment. You lack respect for yourself and others. It’s your loss.”


  1. “You’ve thrown away our time together. Your unforgivable actions revealed you as a lying cheat. I cannot believe I loved you. Good riddance.”


  1. “No love will be like ours. You caused indescribable hurt. Shame on you for breaking us. I hope your affair was worth it.”


  1. “Had you been decent, you’d have been honest. Instead, you acted like a scared coward, betraying me. Thank you for making love and joy from my life.”


  1. “I trusted you and loved you but that doesn’t make me a fool. You’re the fool for betraying me, losing something real. You made a fool of yourself.”


  1. “Now that I’m single, I see why it’s better than being with a cheater like you. It’s a liberating feeling to know I don’t need that.”


  1. “I thought you were good, trustworthy, and loved me. I was wrong. I should’ve known better. Now, I know you’re a liar and cheat. Goodbye, and good luck deceiving someone else.”


  1. “You’re not as smooth as you think. Cheating on a good woman is wrong. You don’t deserve loyalty or love. You disrespect yourself. Enjoy the pain you caused.”


  1. “Real men are honest, loyal, and have integrity. Cheaters are cowards who don’t deserve love or time. Sorry, you’re a cheater, not a real man.”


  1. “No regrets, but I’m moving on. Glad I found out what a jerk you are. Never worry about being played by you again.”


  1. “You could have avoided this shame by telling me you aren’t interested from the onset. But you were greedy and lost us both. Goodbye.”


  1. “You broke my heart, and it disgusts me to think where your hands have been moments before you touched me. You’re no real man.”


  1. “Don’t ask for forgiveness. I realized love cannot be deceitful, half-hearted, foolish, or inconsistent. I won’t settle for less than real love.”


  1. “I’m hurt, broken, sad, angry, and disappointed. Yet, I’ll smile bigger because I deserve happiness – whether it’s with or without you.”

To say goodbye

Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

  1. “I’d rather cry alone than cry on the shoulders of a man I no longer believe. Betraying me was the worst. I forgive many things, but not this.”


  1. “Our breakup is bittersweet. It’s bitter because you humiliated my love, but it’s sweet because I’ll never have to see your face again.”


  1. “I long to speak with you, but the thought of your deceptions lingers, and I know it’s best to move on. Don’t contact me again, go your own way.”


  1. “A person with no principles or values betrays the love of their life. There was never any great love between us; only empty words.”


  1. “After knowing you for most of my life, I thought I had found the love of my life. But I was wrong. All I saw was a cheating, lying ex-boyfriend, and I’ve been questioning your faithfulness for a while.”


  1. “You belong in my past, and I’ve gone past that already. The greatest disappointment is not knowing who you truly are after all the time we shared.”


  1. “I hope you meet someone like you – someone who thinks cheating is acceptable until it happens to them. Actions have consequences and you need to learn that.”


  1. “So all these while, you were only waiting for your approval. Well, goodbye, find the one who makes you happy since you were too cowardly to tell me what you wanted.”


  1. “I’ve forgiven you so many times, but this time it’s too much. You’ve hurt me beyond repair, and I can’t give you another chance because I know you’ll repeat the same mistakes.” 


  1. “Our relationship failed due to broken promises. You pledged loyalty and love but cheated. Now it’s over, in case you didn’t know.”


  1. “Apparently, you have someone in mind. So do what you think is best. But I don’t know your plan. You don’t deserve me. You’re a player, and I’m done.”


  1. “You’ve surpassed all our previous problems with this act. It’s awful to think that when you update her on your location, you’re probably cheating. Shameful.”


  1. “How will you explain to your family that we’re over? Be honest about your betrayal and admit that you gave up first.”


  1. “You’re a cowardly liar and cheat who doesn’t deserve my love. You threw away everything I gave you. I deserve better than you.”


  1. “You’re unworthy of me. I’m done with you. A dishonest partner is beneath me, and I deserve better. Goodbye, time to move on.”


  1. “I’m ending things with you. I can’t tolerate your infidelity and dishonesty. I hope you seek help for your behavior.”


  1. “I thought we had a special connection, but I was wrong. I feel hurt and betrayed, but I deserve better. Goodbye.”


  1. “I believed in us and our unique connection, but I was wrong. I won’t pretend to feel hurt or betrayed. So I’m moving on and wishing you luck in your search for happiness. Goodbye.”


  1. “I obtained evidence confirming my suspicions long ago. Your recent actions are unbelievable. I refuse to see you again.”


  1. “Apologies should come with change, but you didn’t learn. Now single, take time to learn words and their meanings.”

To make him regret the action

Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

  1. “Our relationship was a lie; you cheated on me with another girl. I trusted you, but you lied and made me feel like everything was okay.”


  1. “People can’t change, only hide who they are. Thanks for revealing your hypocrisy and proving this true.”


  1. “You had a choice, but you lied about it. You could have told me about your temptations or avoided the situation altogether.”


  1. “I desire to erase you from my world, as if you never existed, a fleeting illusion leaving no impact.”


  1. “You deceptively disregarded our time and memories. I trusted you but now realize my mistake. You hold no importance to me.”


  1. “You acted without scruples, trashing my feelings and causing me tears. I love you deeply and would never do this.”


  1. “I tried my best to be a good girlfriend, but you thought I didn’t deserve an explanation. If not enough, leave!”


  1. “Life taught me to forgive but never forget. I may seem okay now, but nothing will be the same again.”


  1. “I can’t be anything to you, best we stay apart. Maybe you’ll realize your mistake of prioritizing “macho” pride.”


  1. “With a single word, you erased the beauty of our relationship. I hoped to grow old together, but won’t forgive betrayal.”


  1. “I never thought I could hate you this much. Thanks for making me fall in love; this hate feels satisfying. Hate you endlessly!”


  1. “Glad you’re gone. I’ve learned to value myself and being alone is better than with someone who doesn’t care.”


  1. “Asking for forgiveness won’t make up for cheating; it’s not that simple. You caused me great harm.”


  1. “So you eventually became the person you said you won’t be. I’m disappointed and disgusted. But I’ve moved on, loser.”


  1. “I’ll be lying if I say I’m not hurt, broken, and disappointed. But I’ve moved on because I choose happiness”


  1. “I’m tired of expecting anything modest from you. So don’t be surprised about my cold treatment. I don’t deserve you”


  1. “I don’t blame you. I blame myself for choosing to trust you all these while not knowing you’re a coward.”


  1. “I hate you for what you did. But I’m more disappointed that you couldn’t stay back to fix your broken promises”


  1. ” I’ve pulled the plug and detached you from my life. So don’t bother coming back. Such a shameless disappointment”

To sound savage 

Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

  1. “don’t you think it’s time for an introduction? I’ll be at your new boo’s house with all the other woman you cheated on me with, loser”


  1. ” You are nothing but a cheat, liar, and backstabber. The only kind of love you deserve is the one you ended with me.”


  1. “Just know that I’ve removed you from my life in a dramatic way and deleted my number from your phone. Everything about us is now past”


  1. 64. “It will be a complete waste of time and effort to have deceived your spouse for a short fling. So I hope you and your new chic spend forever together”


  1. “Now that you’ve cheated on me, it says a lot about how you lack good values. My apologies but you suck”


  1. “You are a selfish person because that is the true identity of cheaters. I’m pained but I’ve moved on.”


  1. “I blame myself for blindly trusting everything you said. But I’m glad you made this move. You’ve revealed your true identity”


  1. “You must be wondering why I’m cold about this. I’ve been gathering my suspicions. I hope that the garbage you chose over me is serving you well.


  1. “You’d be surprised at the severity of how you ruined your future. kudos to you anyway. I wish you the best”


  1. “Don’t think that you are still relevant to me. Just like a text written with pencil, I have completely erased you from my life”


  1. “I have thought of a thousand ways I could have ignored we if we could go back in time to the day we met and you approached me”


  1. “Immediately I figured you were cheating  on me, even with someone I know, my feelings for you plummeted.”


  1. “This is just a telltale that you don’t have contentment. There’s no better explanation and I feel bad for that garbage you chose over me.”


  1. “I’m trusting your cheating conscience to do its job tonight and not make you sleep until you realize how great pain you caused me.


  1. “At times, I doubt the reality of my experiences, as if it’s a nightmare I’ll soon awaken from.”


  1. “Ironically, I gave warm hugs to the coldest person. Your love was fake, my hatred towards you is real.”


  1. “I doubted your faithfulness for a while but dismissed it as paranoia. Sadly, you, my lifelong love, proved to be a cheating, lying ex-boyfriend.”


  1. “Realising the change in you, I can’t forgive the betrayal of your past, and prefer to withdraw.”


  1. “I won’t punish you, but know that life will hold you accountable for the hearts you’ve broken on your own.”


  1. “I wish to freeze time during our happy days of love and smiles before you betray my love.”

To make him feel guilty

Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

  1. 81. “Ironically, my warmest hugs went to the coldest person, your love was fake and I hate you now.”


  1. “I doubted your faithfulness, thinking it was just me overthinking. Sadly, it was not the case. “


  1. “Karma is finishing her drink and asking for your address. She’ll be in touch soon. Best wishes!”


  1. “I miss the person I thought he was, not who he is. Call me foolish!”


  1. “I won’t be part of your lies, mind games, or drama. You can’t manipulate or control me. I’m done with you”
  2. .”Your infidelity was not only against me but against us. You shattered our future, not just my heart.”


  1. “Your words are meaningless, your actions speak for you. Thanks for being the person I never want to be.”


  1. “Thanks for being the person I never want to be. You’ve disappointed me, but I’m grateful for the lesson.”


  1. “Meeting you showed me evil, and now I’m glad I’m more prepared to face it.”


  1. “Promises are worse than lies as they give false hope along with belief in what’s said. I’m done with you”


  1. “Perhaps it’s best to let you find someone better if you think I’m not good enough for you.”


  1. “I’m leaving and never looking back. You meant nothing, I hope you realize cheating on me was a mistake.”


  1. “I’ll find true happiness with someone who values me. Settling for less isn’t an option. I was enough, but you weren’t.”


  1. “I deserve faithful love. I believe I’ll find it. Don’t settle for less than loyalty.”


  1. “Cheating is a choice, not a mistake. Who’s at fault: cheater or cheated? Seeking clarity.”


  1. “Your lies and games won’t control me. I reject your manipulation. I won’t be part of your drama.”


  1. “I’ve let go of our relationship with you. Your mistakes hurt, but I don’t regret our time. Moving on from a jerk.”


  1. “I may forgive, but won’t trust you again. Cheating was a choice, not a mistake.”


  1. “Shocked, you thought I was gullible. You destroyed trust in one instant. Disgusted by you.”


  1. “Life isn’t a fairytale; it may reveal harsh truths. A cheating husband proves you weren’t the true princess.”

To make him feel bad

  1. “I believed you were the one, forever. Didn’t know things had a cap until the woman who caused the conflict.”


  1. “You’ve hurt a woman’s heart, but it doesn’t make you a real man. Your touch repulses me.” 


  1. “Betraying my trust doesn’t make me a fool. You cheated on us, damaged our future, and broke my heart.” 


  1. “I quit. Leaving it all, won’t reminisce. You meant nothing, cheating was unforgivable. Hope you comprehend.”


  1. “Speaking with you again is impossible. Your lies make me want to avoid you. Please go away and leave me alone.”


  1. “Though I adore you the most, I fear betrayal. Can’t endure more pain, won’t risk it again.”


  1. “No reason found for your infidelity. I wrongly assumed your happiness and our love was enough.”


  1. ” “I loved you selflessly, expecting no reciprocation. Though your fate is unknown, justice will prevail. Farewell.”


  1. “If I’m not enough as your only woman, it’s time to let you find someone better.”


  1. “I hope you meet compassionate people and not those who cheat, and condone adultery but cannot handle its consequences.”


  1. “I cannot handle relationship regression, space needs, or infidelity in a partner. I’m done”


  1. “I can’t believe I thought you were forever or considered a lifelong commitment with you.”


  1. “After giving my all, I’m furious with your cowardly, deceitful treatment. I can’t tolerate your presence any longer.”


  1. “What happened between us will linger, making it hard to trust anyone else in the future. Are you happy now?


  1. “You made me doubt my beliefs about us and feel foolish for trusting you. I’m finally done with you”


  1. “Apologies cannot undo the pain you caused me; forgiveness is not easily given nor forgotten.”


  1. “Your deceit and infidelity have left me depleted and repulsed. The sight of you triggers nausea. coward”


  1. “The agony of having my heart shattered is what I feel when recalling your actions towards me.”


  1. “I can’t trust you, you lied, kept secrets, and said hurtful words. You’re a liar.” 


  1. “I feel foolish for believing the good things between us were genuine; now I see they were a big lie.” 


  1. “You have demonstrated to me that love can be insincere and used as a means of manipulating another person’s emotions and feelings.”

Messages to toil with his emotions

Painful Messages To A Cheating Boyfriend

  1. “You have destroyed everything dear to me, leaving me with shattered emotions and a broken heart that may take time to mend.” 


  1. “I once believed that you were the man who would adore and value me, but your treacherous actions proved me wrong in the most painful way.” 


  1. “Without any consideration, you snatched away my aspirations and goals, leaving me solitary and stranded with shattered fragments to piece back together.” 


  1. “Every memory we created together has been stained by your deeds, and I can never perceive them with the same fondness and appreciation.”


  1. “The foundation of our relationship was constructed on untruths, betrayal, and deception, and I find myself unable to pardon or overlook these transgressions.” 


  1. “I am filled with regret for having believed your deceitful promises and affectionate words; now I see that you are nothing but an untruthful individual.”


  1. “I hope you come to understand that the temporary gratification you sought isn’t worth the suffering that our separation has brought, and the sadness it has caused.”


  1. “I can’t believe you’re claiming you never intended to harm me. You were aware of your actions and still proceeded; don’t try to deny responsibility now!” 


  1. “Perhaps you don’t realize it yet, but the decision you made to cheat on me will be a source of regret for the rest of your days.”


  1. “This has been your true colors all along and I have to give it to you that you’re a good pretender. I would have run away sooner if I knew from the onset.”


  1. “It’s disheartening that a person who professed their love for me could exhibit such cold-hearted and self-centered behavior, leaving me feeling hurt and betrayed.”


  1. “How do you reconcile with yourself, carrying the knowledge that you caused pain to the individual who entrusted you the most? It’s heartbreaking and unfathomable.”


  1. “You opted to shatter my heart rather than risk your own. It’s a cruel act. Have you considered the pain you’ve caused me?”


  1. “When you gaze at yourself in the mirror, do you not feel shame or guilt for your actions? How could you do such a thing and not feel remorse?”


  1. “You deceived me. I trusted you, but you’re a liar and a cheater. I was wrong about you, and you’re not the one for me.”


  1. “You’re a coward who can’t own up to your mistakes or take responsibility for your actions. There’s nothing more to you.”


  1. “The pain and misery that you have caused me are immeasurable. Do you have any idea how deeply you have hurt me?”


  1. “You lied. You were never the one, just another liar who didn’t care about me at all.”


  1. “You demonstrated that you cannot love. You only know how to shatter hearts, and that is a lesson that will stay with me forever.”


  1. “Your relentless actions have shattered my sense of self, leaving me unrecognizable myself. I am lost, struggling to reclaim my identity and rebuild my confidence.”


  1. “Your treatment of me and the impact it had on my self-worth is something I cannot forget or forgive. I will always carry the pain you caused.”


  1. “It’s unfathomable to realize that I willingly remained with someone who proved themselves to be a dishonest person. I regret my decision to be with you.”


  1. “Your actions have led to a point of no return. There’s no turning back from what you’ve done. You’ve gone too far and the consequences are irreversible.”


  1. “I was oblivious to the fact that you had been living a double life until it was too late. I should have seen the signs earlier.”


  1. “Your actions revealed your true character, which is not compatible with the type of people I want in my life. I must distance myself from you.”


  1. “Your actions have shattered my trust and respect for you. I can’t regain trust in you after what you have done.”


  1. “Despite your apologies, my feelings of pain and anger persist. Your remorse cannot erase the emotions I am experiencing.”


  1. “What I believed was a special connection between us turned out to be a fleeting moment for you. It was not as meaningful as I thought”


  1. “Betrayal is not the basis of our relationship. We ought to support and not deceive each other”


  1. “Your lies destroyed any chance of us having a healthy relationship.”


  1. “Your true self and lies have made me want to cut ties with you completely”


  1. “I’m surprised I didn’t see through you earlier. You weren’t the person I believed you to be.”


  1. “Just looking at you makes me feel disgusted and betrayed. I regret the day we met”

If you still love him

  1. “I’m torn between hating you for hurting me and loving you for making me feel good in our relationship.” 


  1. “Despite your betrayal, my faith in you remains strong, and it brings me to tears.” 


  1. “Something went wrong. Despite loving you, I value myself enough to let go of the one who didn’t choose me.” 


  1. “Convince no cheating intent, we’ll give it another shot.”


  1. “I’m gutted at the thought that you cheated on me. But I’m willing to give us another chance if you are ready to regain my trust. Keep in mind that I’ll be a little harder this time”


  1. “Why did you do this to me? Could you tell me where I went wrong and I’ll consider it. If not, I just hope someone doesn’t treat you the way you just did to me”


  1. “You have no idea how painful it is to deal with this heartbreak after committing myself to you but I can’t just bring myself to hate you”


  1. “I am more than unhappy with what you’ve done. But I still consider you imperfectly imperfect and I’m willing to give you another chance”


  1. “For the love we shared, let’s meet at a coffee shop tomorrow. I want you to look me in the eye and explain why you did it”

So, what’s next?

I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. Now that you’ve sent a heart-rending message, you must take some time to process your feelings and figure out what you want. 

If you decide to end the relationship, be clear and direct with your boyfriend about why. If you want to work through it, consider couples therapy. 

Regardless of what you choose, prioritize your emotional well-being and surround yourself with supportive friends and family. 

But if you’ve been searching for the perfect text message to send to your cheating boyfriend, I hope you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Remember that you deserve love and respect.

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