250 Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife

Arguments are inevitable in every relationship. However, during a heated argument or misunderstanding, you might have said some hurtful things to your wife and now, you’re pondering on the magnitude of impact that word could have on her.

Or maybe, you are reading this as the wife and ruminating about something your husband said to you out of profuse anger.

That is normal because, even though action speaks louder than words, the latter has the power to hurt us in ways we could not imagine until it’s said.

In this post, we have enumerated the various worst things a husband can say to his wife. This will help you recognize when he has gone overboard and needs to retract his steps.

This list will also serve as a guide to help you know what to avoid saying when arguing with your wife so that you communicate respectfully while settling your differences.

250 worst things a husband can say to his wife

Women have always been told to develop thick skin. But the truth is that some words can be so hurtful that it is better for husbands don’t say them at all than to use them and apologize later.

This list will touch on the various worst remarks a husband can utter, especially about love, marriage, life in the bedroom, motherhood, career, self-esteem, and appearance.

These are remarks that you should steer away from as a husband, no matter how furious you are at that moment because the impacts of these remarks have led to many divorces and broken homes.

The worst thing a husband can say to his wife (Love related)

Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife

  1. I don’t even love you as much as you love me. 


  1. You don’t deserve love


  1. I loved my ex more than I do you


  1. Why should I tell you  “I love you” all the time?


  1. You mean nothing to me


  1. You’re impossible to love


  1. I thought I loved you but I was mistaken


  1. I thought I loved you. Now I know it was just lust


  1. I’m not sure about my feelings for you


  1. I can never love you


  1. I don’t have the strength to love you


  1. No one can love you


  1. I don’t even love you anymore


  1. I never loved you


  1. I’m slowly losing the feelings I have for you 


  1. I don’t know why I ever loved you


  1. I love someone else


  1. No one can stand loving you

Worst things a husband can say to his wife (Body shaming & appearance)

Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife

  1. Is it my fault that I cheated on you? I mean, look at yourself!


  1. Anyone who tells you that you’re beautiful is lying to you.


  1. You look ugly when you cry


  1. Plastic surgery is your only hope


  1. You can’t even dress properly like a respectable woman


  1. You look so tired these days


  1. The sight of you makes me sick


  1. You have the worst fashion sense


  1. You’ve let go of yourself


  1. Why are you shapeless?


  1. You’re too masculine


  1. You don’t need protection, I mean who would think of harming you


  1. I don’t want my kids to look like you


  1. If you tried as much as my friend’s wives do, you might look attractive


  1. Don’t you care about the way you look?


  1. You’ve gotten too big/ too small


  1. You look much better in photos


  1. You better lose weight – I can’t have my wife looking like this


  1. Can’t you see yourself? Are you gonna eat all that? 


  1. You have nothing going for you as far as beauty is concerned


  1. You look much older than women the same age as you


  1. You should concern about your shape by now

Worst things a husband can say to his wife (on lovemaking and intimacy)

  1. You no longer turn me on


  1. We are only making love because you ask for it


  1. The idea of sleeping with you just makes me sick


  1. Can’t you get any better in bed?


  1. You’re so intimate with your exes but can’t make intense love with me


  1. Who on earth doesn’t know how to seduce their husband?


  1. You’re such a bad pecker even after all those years


  1. I wish you were more attractive


  1. My high school sweetheart was better in bed than you


  1. When I want to be turned on, I think of my ex-girlfriend


  1. I don’t find you as attractive as I used to.


  1. You’re not to my taste, I wonder what in the world I was thinking about marrying you


  1. I feel disgusted when I look at your naked body


  1. You’re no longer the sensual girl I met


  1. It’s a marital obligation that makes me sleep with you.


  1. You’d have been much better in bed if you were slimmer


  1. Why are you always asking for intimacy? Are you never satisfied?


  1. Lovemaking has never been so bland with anyone else before 


  1. How can you expect me to not cheat with the low intimacy we have?


  1. You’re too hungry for lovemaking 


  1. You are no longer looking attractive


  1. I get hot off strangers on the internet more than I do you


  1. You’re a killjoy in bed

The worst things a husband can say to his wife (Dent to her self-esteem)

Worst Things A Husband Can Say To His Wife

  1. You bring me shame 


  1. You’re disgusting


  1. You’re useless to me


  1. You were nothing until I married you


  1. No wonder you’re depressed, I mean look at you


  1. Isn’t it obvious why my family members don’t like you?


  1. I don’t want people to see me with you


  1. I deserve a better woman


  1. You’ve failed as a mother/wife


  1. You’re so full of flaws


  1. You should have never been born


  1. You’re the most terrible woman on the planet


  1. I’m better than you


  1. If I hadn’t married you, you’d have succumb alone 


  1. You wouldn’t have had any future if I didn’t marry you 


  1. You’re insignificant


  1. You’re a waste of space on this earth


  1. You deserve the bad things happening to you


  1. There’s nothing special about you. You’re such a wretch


  1. I should have listened when everyone told me not to marry you, you’re such a loser


  1. Can you just tell me one single value you have?


  1. You’re just worthless


  1. You’re not worthy to be my wife


  1. You don’t deserve to be the mother of my children


  1. I think You’re cursed


  1. You carry a bad omen/spirit


  1. You’re such a lowlife


  1. No one likes you


  1. Name one good thing about you


  1. Prove you’re good enough for me


  1. Can you just be normal?


  1. What’s wrong with you?

Worst things a husband can say to his wife (Derogatory remarks)

  1. You hang out with quite a few brilliant friends yet you’re so dumb


  1. Keep quiet. What do you know?


  1. Why is everything so hard for you to understand


  1. How come you’re so dumb?


  1. You wouldn’t get it even if I told you


  1. You’ve never been smart


  1. How can you think like that? That’s stupid


  1. You’re an easy target to fool


  1. Does your brain ever work?


  1. That’s the most foolish thing I’ve ever heard


  1. Are you mentally challenged?


  1. You’re so naive


  1. You have the mind of a chicken


  1. I can’t believe I fell in love with a stupid person like you


  1. At least what you lack in brains, you compensate in beauty


  1. Nothing you say makes sense at all


  1. I don’t even need your advice


  1. What do you have to tell me?


  1. You know nothing


  1. Do you ever think?


  1. Use your brain for once


  1. Is it so hard to understand such a simple thing?


  1. Why do you think like a child?


  1. At least you’re pretty even though you’re dumb


  1. No one smart enough can trust your judgment


  1. You should listen to the stupid things you say.

Worst things a husband can say to his wife (relating to the marriage)

  1. You’re simply convenient to be with


  1. You’re the worst nightmare in my life


  1. The pain you’ve brought me. No one’s done that before.


  1. I wish I could go back in time and never marry you


  1. A stressful day at work is more fun than spending time with you


  1. I only married you because I pitied you


  1. You tricked me into marrying you


  1. You should be grateful I haven’t divorced you


  1. You should be grateful I haven’t cheated on you


  1. I’ve wasted my life living with you


  1. This marriage is a sham


  1. It’s not my problem you’re infertile


  1. I didn’t marry you because I loved you.


  1. I feel like I’m in bondage 


  1. I only married you because you were stupid enough to get pregnant


  1. If it weren’t for you, I’d be so much happier


  1. This marriage is never going to make it


  1. My life is worse than the scariest nightmare


  1. My life was much better when I was alone


  1. I only married you because I had no better option

Worst things a husband can say to his wife (relating to the kids)

  1. I don’t trust you with my children


  1. I guess your mother didn’t teach you how to be a mother


  1. Of course, you don’t know how to raise kids. It’s obvious your mother didn’t anyway


  1. Do you think taking care of the kids is a job? Ask those who have a real job


  1. You’re not the first mom to get twins, stop being a drama queen


  1. The last time I checked, no one told you to be infertile


  1. Why aren’t you strong like other moms


  1. Why do you have to nag me just because you’re pregnant


  1. What kind of mother are you?


  1. I wish I never had children with you


  1. If I had the time, I would do a better job raising the kids than you


  1. Why does the house look like this? 


  1. You clearly can’t take good care of my kids


  1. You’re such an awful cook


  1. Did I tell you to get pregnant?


  1. Why did you get pregnant so fast?


  1. The maid is a much better mother to my kids than you are


  1. My kids deserve a more educated mother


  1. Can’t you balance work and taking care of the kids? 


  1. Do you expect me to do chores while 


  1. all you do is stay at home and take care of the babies?


  1. you need to get a real job aside from cooking and cleaning and taking care of the kids 


  1. No wonder the kids love me but hate you


  1. You’re not the first woman to get pregnant


  1. You’re not the first woman to give birth. Stop overacting.


  1. My friends’ wives are better looking  than you


  1. Other women face worse experiences, yet they do better than you


  1. Your sister seems to be a better wife than you. I wonder why


  1. My ex loved me more than you do


  1. My family comes first


  1. You’re such a liability in my life


  1. I deserve a better person


  1. How dare you


  1. You’re so boring


  1. Your fashion sense is worse than my 


  1. grandmother’s 


  1. You’re dead inside


  1. I wish you could die so I could be free


  1. Why can’t you be like Scott’s wife?


  1. My mom cooks/cleans better


  1. My life as a bachelor was so much better


  1. Do me a favor and get lost


  1. Your family is wretched


  1. Nothing good comes from your family


  1. Your family is worse than mine


  1. Can’t you see how beautiful your friend is despite having kids? What’s wrong with you?


  1. Why can’t you be more like your friend


  1. You bring bad luck into my life


  1. All your friends look much better than you


  1. Do you think you matter to me? No!


  1. You’re using me


  1. You’re such a jerk


  1. Your family has too many problems


  1. I can’t stand how goofy your family is


  1. Didn’t your parents teach you good manners?


  1. Your family members are parasites

You’re an idiot


  1. How can you possibly survive without me


  1. Since we met, all you’ve brought into my life is chaos.


  1. Everything is just wrong with your family


  1. No one in your home was raised right


  1. Your parents were too stupid to raise you right.

Worst remarks from Husband: How to fix things in your marriage 

Despite the extensive list of worst things a husband can say listed in the above article, it is not exhaustive.

There are many other ways to say the worst things a husband can say to his wife but the bottom line is that they are derogatory remarks that could leave scars in her heart because every word has meaning behind it.

If you have hurt your wife with any of these words, the first leap for reconciliation is to genuinely apologize and try to make things right.

In addition, talk to her about it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. She will be willing to forgive you. 

If you are reading this as a wife and currently ruminating on a hurting statement your husband said to you, then you should be focused on healing from the words.

First, acknowledge your feelings and tell your spouse how you feel about the remark. Then listen to what he says attentively and consider the situation from his perspective. If he genuinely shows remorse, consider forgiving him.

We are humans and we are not perfect. Sometimes, emotions get the best part of us and we use hurtful words to express ourselves

After forgiving him, I’d encourage you to Focus on improving your self-worth, self-esteem, and self-love.

If it’s a whole lot to process and deal with, or he keeps using these derogatory remarks in every situation, consider talking to a relationship coach or therapist before making any major decision about the relationship.

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