30 Good Excuses Not To Call Someone(Brilliant Ideas)

Are you in search of the perfect excuse to give to someone you do not want to call at the moment? We have all been there at one point or the other. Maybe it’s because you’re truly occupied or maybe you just don’t feel up to it. Whatever it is I’ve got some brilliant ideas to share with you.

You can start by saying that you cannot talk now because you are engaged or busy or you can say this is not a good time and you will call when it is. 

You can also inform the caller that your network is poor and can’t hear them properly and hang up.

Sometimes you are not in the mood to talk, and someone who doesn’t understand this wants a call. It’s completely understandable. 

The need for privacy or seclusion is a universal thing that happens especially in a world where you are accessible twenty-four hours every day, no matter the distance.

It’s good to check out all of this when you can without explaining personal details or reasons. 

I have created a perfect list containing good excuses not to call someone.

30 Good Excuses For Not Calling Someone

1. I am presently engaged and can’t talk now

An excuse that is good for not calling someone is saying you are presently engaged and can’t talk now. 

If you are engaged, it means something else is occupying your time presently, and the caller has to reschedule. Good excuses like this need a little explaining,

This tells the caller that their call was ill-timed. 

They will have to find a better time to call because they understand you are occupied.

 Making such excuses should be communicated clearly and quickly to the caller.

2. I am in a meeting and have to hand up now

A perfect excuse for a call you want to decline is saying you are in a meeting and have to hang up now. 

We all know how meetings are important, some companies have a no phone policy during these things. 

Inform the caller that you are in one, hanging up immediately.

This shows the caller that you cannot accept their call because it is interrupting your meeting.

Taking calls at a work meeting is on the list of things not to do. The caller realizes this, hanging up before you do.

3. This is not a good time, let us talk later

Sometimes calls come in at the wrong moment. You might go through something personally focused on a project you don’t need distractions. 

Tell the caller that now is not a good time and push the call to some other time. 

If you want to put it on a day, that will be more convenient for you.

An excuse like this is a direct way to get out of an unwanted call. It will dissuade the caller from trying to call you too soon. 

Any idea of also reaching you through other means will be abandoned by them. 

The excuse is vague and ambiguous; they won’t want to guess. They have to wait on you.

4. I am in a noisy place, I can’t hear you

If you are looking for an excuse not to call, you can say I am in a noisy place and can’t hear them. 

Cutting the call immediately too for good measure reinforces the idea. 

Calling in a noisy place is a bad idea and everyone knows this. You hear nothing that’s been said and vice versa.

The caller will understand the situation you are in. They will want to have a conversation where you can hear them. 

When this is not available, the better option is to hang up and call later. This excuse is good enough anytime and day.

5. I have another call I have to answer, please hand up

You have a very busy routine, and people need to respect that. Too many calls can interrupt the cycle of your day. 

You find yourself trying to look for an excuse to drop a call about cats. 

This tells the caller that you have another important call and they should hang up.

Here you let them do the work for you because they will hang up to allow you to receive another call.

If you wish to be detailed, add specifics like who is calling such as your boss, or mom. Nobody wants to interrupt an important call someone has to answer.

6. I am in the office I can’t take a personal call here

One sufficient excuse you can use is saying that you are in your office and can take the personal call there. 

Companies and some firms value their privacy and it’s also a security issue too. Personal calls are not allowed around the office environment.

Any caller will see the mistake they have made by trying to reach you at work. 

They will hang up almost before you do. It will inform the caller that they can’t reach you at a certain time. This saves you from having to explain yourself again.

7. My phone battery is low, I have to recharge

A low battery is a good excuse to get out of answering a call. Tell the caller that your phone is low and you have to recharge. 

I know calls can drain the batteries of a phone and you don’t want to make a call on a low charge. Doing this risk, the phone shuts off.

When you complain about a low battery, the caller immediately goes off. 

They will understand that you can’t have a conversation at all. This excuse is perfect for getting out of those tight situations.

8. I can’t talk here, I have to go

Phones allow us to communicate across long distances almost instantaneously. 

This has brought the community of our species closer over the last three centuries. 

When you have a phone call you do not need, an excuse to get out of this comes in handy. Say I can’t talk here, I have to go.

This response is very vague but it will inform the caller that you are unavailable. 

They can’t guess where you are, but it’s’ clear to them you can’t talk there. You don’t have to wait for them to drop the call.

9. There is a problem with my line, I can’t hear you

Everyone knows that glitches and network failures happen every once in a while, and this reduces the quality of calls. 

This Is true especially when you visit remote areas or during extremely bad weather. 

An excuse for not picking up a call is telling the caller there is a problem with the phone’s lines and you cannot hear them.

What’s the point of a call if you can’t hear what is being said over the phone? 

The caller will be discouraged from further calls because they know your line is faulty. Hang up to ensure that the message is passed.

10. Let’s talk later, I have to go to work

An excuse that never gets old is saying you can talk now because you have work to attend to. 

Any reasonable caller is going to go offline once they hear you say this. 

No one wants to cause another person to be late for their place of work. It’s rude to talk to someone when they have to hurry.

This excuse will inform the caller that perhaps they should only call when they are not in a hurry to work or only when they are free.

It makes the caller more aware of the time they try to call you.

11. My taxi just arrived, i’ll have to go

When you need to get out of answering a call, you say I have to go because my taxi just arrived. 

Making calls while in motion doesn’t suit everyone. It’s distracting to hold a conversation with your phone while navigating the bustle of transportation. 

The caller abandons any idea of having a meaningful conversation after hearing this.

Saying you have things to do or are presently occupied is a free get-out card when you want to avoid calls. The caller is forced to accept your decision.

12. I have to do some chores, I can’t talk now

A good excuse for not calling someone is saying you have chores to do and can’t talk right now. 

Having chores means that you have to focus and complete them. When you make calls your chores are left unattended.

The caller will have to respect your statement and leave you be. This excuse tells them you are engaged and won’t be available for the foreseeable future. 

Telling them this and hanging up is the best way to ensure they understand you.

13. I have to go to the bathroom talk later

Saying you have to go to the bathroom and will talk later is a good excuse to avoid calling someone. 

The bathroom is not a place for phone calls and it’s also a perfect reason for any caller. 

Your time in the bathroom is meant for you, and calling there isn’t ideal, nor is having a call interrupting you when you are pressed.

The caller will sense the urgency in your voice, understanding that they can’t keep you on the call any longer. 

They will have to allow you to get your relief while hoping to get another chance to call you. A bathroom break is always handy when looking for an excuse.

14. I am not available right now

An excuse that is direct and straight to the point is saying you are not available right now.

This way you cannot answer their call or continue a conversation with them. 

You don’t have to explain yourself or what you have to do. The statement is enough to drive home your unavailability to the caller.

This tells the caller that you can’t do anything about their calls because you have other commitments. 

When you become available, they will hope to get back to you, but in the present moment, it is perfect for avoiding calls.

15. It is raining over here I can’t hear you

Have you ever tried making a call in the middle of a rainstorm? 

The beating of the winds and rain can make it almost impossible to hear any conversation over the phone. 

Attempting to start a call is futile like this. It creates a perfect excuse for not calling by saying it’s raining and you can hear them.

The caller will have to end the call because you have declared your inability to hear them. 

This shows them that the rainfall has to end before any kind of conversation can be held over the phone. The best phone calls are made in clear conditions.

16. I am experiencing a feisty weather I have to go

This excuse right here is like the previous one but it doesn’t mention any specific weather. 

It could be sleet, ice, snow, rainfall, thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado, or even cyclone. 

When the weather is rough, everyone is more concerned with their safety and monitoring the weather. 

No time to make unnecessary calls in such conditions.

This tells them they have seriously called during a time of crisis and they can be attended to. 

This is how you can get them to back off easily from you. 

They will apologize and hang up immediately so that you can deal with your weather situation.

17. This is too late to call i’ll have to call back

One disadvantage of a cell phone is that someone can reach you even at odd hours like the middle of the night. 

If you do not have measures put in place, you can be woken up by calls at night. 

This excuse is saying that the time is late and you will have to call another time.

This shows the caller that they have invaded a sacred moment by calling you at such an hour. 

What follows is you hanging up the call because you don’t have to explain more. 

The caller will know that they have to observe their timing before calling you next time.

18. My kids want me, I have to go

When you want an excuse to not call someone, you say your kids want you and you have to go now. 

Ending the call this way is efficient and carries a valid reason. Your kids’ needs and attending to them are prioritized over answering some calls.

The caller is made aware that he may have interrupted a private moment with the family. 

This will make them apologetic and they will stay off your lines. Putting important tasks on your itinerary is a good excuse you can employ anytime.

19. My wife is calling for me, let’s talk later

A good excuse not to call someone is saying that your wife is calling you and you have to respond to them. 

You handle your family time and taking calls during such a special moment is not permitted. The caller will have to accommodate you for this.

This shows the caller that although you answered them, you can talk because it’s family time. 

They will know they have to hang up to try again. When an excuse is good enough, you do not have to repeat yourself.

20. My husband is on the call, I have to take this

A quick excuse not to call someone who is saying your husband or partner is on an incoming call and you have to answer them. 

This means hanging up the phone on them. They can’t be put on hold because they don’t expect to wait for you. This excuse is effective anytime.

This tells the caller that you have a very significant call and can’t talk to them any longer. 

They will respect this because it’s’ our partner that is on the other end of the line. They understand they hold priority over their calls.

21. There is someone at the door I have to go

Saying there is someone at your door is a good excuse not to call someone. 

The caller has to allow you to focus on your activities because they are important to you. You can say you are expecting someone too as an added measure.

It is unlikely they will insist on calling you soon because they have been notified that you have pressing issues.

22. I am having friends over, and I can’t talk

Have you tried making calls at a party or when you have friends over for dinner? 

The noise and chatter are usually a distraction from having any meaningful conversation. 

Also, when you are hosting friends, you must give them your full attention. You don’t do this by being on your phone.

This tells the caller that your time is occupied and they can’t have access to you. 

What they want to say will have to wait. They also would not want to have a conversation when you are not focused on hearing them.

23. This is my study time, can’t talk now

It’s important to study and interruptions during studying hours are not appreciated. 

Calls will break your concentration and thought processes. 

When you need a good excuse not to call someone you say that this is your time meant for studying and you can’t talk right now.

The caller will understand that they have crossed your boundaries. 

They will not want to intentionally mess with your study time. This will prompt them to hang up immediately.

24. Where you are is noisy, I can barely hear you

A good excuse for not calling someone is saying that you can’t hear them because they are in a noisy place. 

The microphones in our phones can be sensitive, picking up on the slightest surrounding noise and canceling out your voice.

This tells the caller that they have to change location if they want to talk to you. 

They will have to find a place convenient and have to hang up for this.

25. I am in the kitchen, I have to go now

I am sure we all have memories of burnt toast or thanksgiving turkey that got burnt because of an extra minute left in the oven. 

A good excuse is saying that you are busy in the kitchen and would have to go now. 

You can’t prepare a proper meal while distracted on a phone call, and the caller will understand.

This shows the caller that you have kitchen duties to attend to. They will have to plan and call you when you are free.

26. I brought some work home I can’t talk right now

Remote work is on the rise, plus lots of people have the habit of taking excess work home to meet up with their workload. 

An excuse for not calling someone is saying that you brought some work home or you are working from home right now and can’t be on the phone.

The caller will understand the sensitive nature of your job and hang up. 

Also, this shows them you are working which is the reason you aren’t allowed to call them.

27. I am tired to talk, let’s do this some other time

You should only talk to someone when you are fit for a conversation. 

A good excuse not to call someone is saying that you are tired and have to go now. Any caller you give this excuse will have to leave you alone. 

You have directly explained to them your conditions and they have to respect that.

This shows the caller that their call time is very ill-timed. You will need your rest. They have no choice but to call later.

28. I have been on my feet all day, I need to rest

After a long day at work, you just want to soak up some bath and put your feet up. 

No talking or doing anything stressful. One good excuse for not calling someone is saying that you have been standing all day and will need time to rest.

29. I am trying to get some sleep, I need to go

A perfect excuse for not calling someone is saying you are about to get some sleep and need to go. 

Sleep is important and I don’t think anyone will intentionally want to interrupt your sleep cycle.

Firmly tell them you can’t talk, because you need some shuteye.

30. Let me call you when I am free

Sometimes you get a call when it isn’t convenient for you. An excuse that saves you from calling someone is saying you will ring them when you are free. 

This shows that your hand is tied with activities and can’t focus on other things.


There are many more excuses you can use when you don’t want to call someone. In the end, you should learn to put boundaries around your routines. 

This informs those close to you when you will be free to take their calls.

This way you are free from making up excuses because they all know the right time you will be available for calls.

Things are not always straightforward forward so you might need excuses from time to time. I hope our well-written lists of excuses come in handy for you.


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