How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend?

“Men are Flirts, Men are Flirts”, blah blah blah blah blah. These are words of a lady who eventually discovers that the guy she’s been doting on or in most cases in a relationship with has a girlfriend or side chick.

The bad news is how often they fail to see the red flag before giving out their precious heart to that “FLIRT”.

Telling if a guy is lying about having a girlfriend however complicated it seems is something most ladies would want to have on their wish list of superpowers as ladies being emotionally driven knows how it feels to be heartbroken especially if they cherish this person.

This article would do well to reveal ten clear signs that that man is probably lying about his having a girlfriend:

10 Ways To Tell If  A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

So let’s dive straight to it: Ten Signs to Look Out For that Dude is Lying About Having a Girlfriend

  1. Check His Reaction when asked.
  2. Check how he limits information about him
  3. His Self-esteem
  4. Check His Social Media Activities
  5. Presence of a Female Close Friend
  6. Defective  Accusation
  7. Body Language
  8. Time out with you
  9. Ask his Friends
  10. Check Out His Choice of words

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

1. Check His Reaction When Asked

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

Guys hate it when they’re being quizzed and the reason you get a nod or just a scoff is as an affirmation whenever you may attempt to ask him any question.

Notwithstanding, a guy lying about having a girlfriend tends to be more overactive when he is being questioned, dear ladies, look out for this sign.

Such a person tends to play pretend to the question and even when pressed further grow to look for ways to sideline the question.

The emotionally immature would probably lambaste, pick offense at the question and display an exaggerated emotion when you ask.

2. Check How He Limits Information About Him

A sequel to the first point, a con guy who is also an expert liar would prohibit you from knowing too much about him(his phone is having a password, you don’t have a spare key to his house, etc). To him, his mantra remains:” only as much as I tell her or show her”.

If this dude is opposed to introducing you to his family, and associates or even letting you know his residence, dearest beloved that dude has a skeleton in his cupboard.

Guys who lie about having a girlfriend friend tend to be overly protective of their space, especially with the female folk, the Reason is not far-fetched, they would not want to be caught unaware when any of his side chicks show up and meet him with another side chick.

3. Check His Self-worth

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

Most guys who in their childhood experienced trauma tend to be discreet in exposing their relationship life just to any lady.

A guy who grew up in a very religious home where he is taught that dating and being in any romantic relationship is a sin is likely to grow into adulthood with this belief system which would cause him to be very secretive about his relationship life even if truly he was single.

Another scenario is when a dude who having being despised and turned down by many females finally finds a lady who gives him the green light, but with her character, nothing to write about.

Then he incidentally meets another lady who unlike the first respects him, though not in any serious relationship with her asks him if he has got a girlfriend. What do you think is going to be an answer from the dude?

Bearing in mind that he has an already deflated ego and how long it took him to finally find a lady who would accept him as he is, this dude would do anything to defend his broken ego.

In that state, may deny having a girlfriend (either to protect the one he’s got should this one asking decides not to give in to him despite the disrespect from his current lady).

If you notice that your dude is battling with insecurities, that is a big sign that Mr. Lover boy isn’t telling the truth.

4. Check His Social Media Activities

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

What better way is there to know if a guy is lying about having a girlfriend than through his social media account(s)?

This not only avoids the suspicion that arises when you try to sneak into his phone without his consent but also makes him unaware that he is being observed.

Dear ladies, posts in his timeline and his status update(this includes his recent and old pictures), and his friend list on social media can be a subtle hint about him telling the truth or not about having a girlfriend.

Do his pictures on his account show him with a particular lady? Do the posts on his timeline come from only that particular lady?

How often is he tagged by that particular lady and when does he get to chat with you? Believe when I state that knowing

These details would go a long way in protecting you from being served a very hot breakfast(knowing if he is lying or not about having a girlfriend).

One caveat though is to ensure that you don’t comment on anything he posts if you still want to be able to see his posts.

5. Does He Have A Female Bestie

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

The best friend trend is a new method both males and females tend to use in concealing their stance on their relationship status. How exactly does this work:

A bestie is just that special someone other than your love interest you can share your deepest feelings with.

Most Playboys have successfully crafted a fantastic but tricky way of lying about having a girlfriend via this method and here it’s how they do it:

Often, this dude picks up calls, sends text messages, and even invites these so-called besties(especially if this bestie is a female) to his residence in your presence and then introduces them to you as besties with a long tale of how this lady has been a supported way back in your childhood. So how do I get to know he is lying? Relax!

How you get to know is in how much attention he gives to this bestie of his, the passes he makes at her when their eyes meet, and also how much of her he brings up in conversation when you two are alone.

If the amount of attention he showers on this bestie outweighs what he does for you he is possibly lying about his not having a girlfriend.

If he begins to gradually begin to introduce other besties who are females as well, I would suggest you take to your heels before he soon starts to introduce you as a bestie to another lady.

6. Deflective Accusation

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

How often does he fire back at an accusation you’ve alleged him of? Deflective Accusation is one tactic some guys used to lie about having a girlfriend.

Deflective Accusation is a situation when a person who is accused of a crime throws back the accusation to the accuser with the aim that such allegations be swept under the carpet.

In most relationships or intending relationships, it could start with a lady who suspects that her man is cheating on her or hiding something confronting him as regards her suspicion.

Upon the confrontation, the dude beats around the bush babbles, and eventually teases you, sometimes outrightly accusing you of the same thing he’s been accused of.

The result leaves you the lady trying to defend yourself from the allegation leveled against you and eventually having you two shoving the matter to allow for peace.

One thing to note is that, no matter how many times even after this incident you try to bring up the matter again, there is always going to be an altercation regardless if you were only joking about it.

7. Body language

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

“The answer is right on him”.

Dearest Damsel in Distress, knowing if a guy is lying about having a girlfriend has never been so complicated: The answer is right on him.

Body language is the art of communication using our bodies (gesticulations, facial expressions, and particular body movements).

If this definition is as simple as it’s described, then why don’t you see and understand the message that the dude is saying from his bodily expression? Simple. You’ve been looking in the wrong place.

Those eye contact, distancing and subtle withdrawal when very close to you are signs not to ignore. Avoid guys who tell you that they are not in any relationship yet when you try to make passes with the body expression he ignores you.

8. Time out with you

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

No matter how busy a guy is, he will always find time to be with the one he loves. If this doesn’t ring true to your relationship or even the shots you’ve been shooting on this guy, suffice me to tell you that he is lying about having a girlfriend.

We all know how busy and tight his schedules are, the endless meetings he has to attend, and deals he’s got to seal at his office but does that give him the guarantee to skip dates countless times with you? I leave you to ponder on that.

When a guy tells you that he is seeing no one and yet makes no attempt to make out for the times he’s missed when he should be with you, it is obvious that he is lying.

9. Ask His Friends

How to Tell If A Guy Is Lying About Having A Girlfriend

Still not convinced that your Baby boo or your crush is telling you the truth about his having a girlfriend? Do you know that asking his friends could be a sure way to fish out the truth?

If you by chance know a few friends of his, inquiring from them would save you the stress of giving your heart to a heartbreaker, the thing is you don’t just go all out asking like one who’s desperate. Here is how to do it:

During a get-together, casual hangout just when he steps out briefly, chipping in as a joke the question is likely to be more rewarding than coming out blatantly to ask.

Amidst the jovial tone of the question, you could get clues to the truth about whether e has a girlfriend or not.

10. Check Out His Choice of words

Of the human gender, no gender follows precision and exactitude in speech more than the male.

Being pragmatic and analytical, concise statements devoid of embellishment(even when flirting), long repetitive statements do not go down well with this gender. While this

maybe a strength for the dude out in the street, but this also may be the Achilles heel of most Playboys.

Say you tease him about him having a girlfriend, look out for the diction he uses when responding to your tease (men are so precise in their statements that even when words are unconsciously said, they still mean what was said).

Check how often does he use the word “WE and US”, when referring to a Jane Doe? The more often he uses these words, the more likely he’s been lying to you all along.


There are a few key signs to look out for if you’re trying to determine whether or not your guy friend is lying about having a girlfriend.

If he frequently avoids talking about his relationship or changes the subject when it comes up, this could be a sign that he’s hiding something.

Another red flag is if he suddenly becomes very secretive about his phone and computer usage – oftentimes, people will hide their relationships from those they’re not ready to come out to yet.

So, my Queens, it’s up to you to either remain and get your heart shattered or preserve that golden heart of yours for the prince charming who you would one day meet.

Till then avoid guys who are insecure, and irrational when it comes to questioning, those who keep female besties and look out for those with exceptionally sweet tongues.

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