She Never Calls Me, I Am Always Calling Her! Why?

For a romantic relationship, the bedrock for its success rests on the level of communication between the parties involved.

Communication in this regard could include everything from face-to-face meetings, texts, video calls, and sometimes gesticulations.

All of this is essential for a blooming relationship. Any attempt to disrupt this balance would meet the relationship crash.

Sadly, most guys who are either in a relationship or about to be in one confess to the fact that failure in communication is the reason their relationship may never work out.

For example, a guy who often calls his girlfriend regularly may have doubts as regards the health of the relationship if every time he calls, she cancels on him. The same thought he would harbor if this same guy is the only one doing the calling without the girl ever calling.

Situations like this however bad need some level of reasoning to decipher if this action is deliberate or otherwise.

To the guys, this article would cover everything you need to know as to why a lady never calls you even when you always call. To the woman reading this; well your little secret is being exposed.

So let us dive right in:

Six Reasons Why She Never Calls You

So we delve into the six reasons why your love interest never calls you yet you always do the calling.

  • Her schedule
  • You probably aren’t the only one
  • To test you
  • If she finds you boring
  • Doesn’t wants to feel clingy
  • Personal preference

1. Her Schedule

A lady with an extensive work life would rarely pick up calls let alone place a call that is not work-related and to you bro who goes about calling at such time, do you expect her to forfeit what she’s got before her to attend to your calls?

“Isn’t she supposed to be able to multitask?” You might be asking yourself

While it is true that a woman’s ability to multitask is priceless, the way they multitask does not include bringing up tasks from an order different from what they are working on.

This is what it means: A woman’s multitasking skill is pronounced when at work she is required to sort out some clerical duties, attend to customers and yet file a report.

The order of these activities is related and multitasking for her would be easy.

Compare this to where she is required to do the aforementioned activities while at the same time answering your questions if she is willing to go for a date and questions not related to her task at hand.

Since the order of activities isn’t related, she is liable to flop when she tries to multitask during an event like that.

So if as a guy you think it is smart to call her at a time when she could be attending to clerical duties with a false hope that she would pick up your call? Good luck with that.

2. You probably aren’t only the one trying to reach her

It would interest you to note that a beautiful woman has many admirers who, like you, are trying to win her heart.

If she is not picking up your calls, know that she has received calls from these men and grown so weary of them that she would not want to pick up another call coming from a man again

Women with a comely look know that men would make advances on her and though she might not be interested in any of them, she finds it fulfilling to have so many men calling her at different times of the day, and the thrill would make her select or discard whichever she deems fit.

Aside from that, there might be some mutual benefit she gets from them such that the only reason she picks up their call isn’t that she enjoys talking or calling them but for what she stands to gain when she calls them.

If as a guy you don’t fall in that league, it might be difficult for you to get a response or a call back from her.

If you’ve been calling her contact and the only day she has ever picked up your call was the day she gave you her number, then you should know that you aren’t among the list of those contacts she would want to speak of.

3. If she finds you boring

She Never Calls Me I Am Always Calling Her

Sequel to the second point, if she has placed you among those whose calls she is never going to respond to, she probably did that because she found you boring.

Some women love being around funny men, men who are likely to be around, Guys who after a hectic day at work they could talk to or listen to and have their mood lifted and their face spreading in a smile. The guy that could ease the stress she has felt.

Ask yourself if you are funny. Do you create humor out of mundane instances, do you feel comfortable sounding silly over the phone, and do you think you are worthy enough to have her smile?

If your answer is positive you may want to give yourself another shot at her, this time expressing the funniest part of you.

If your answer to the question is negative, my advice remains the same: forget about her ever calling you.

4. Doesn’t want to feel clingy

Though a lady loves you dearly and sees that you’re that one she would want to spend her life with, she still may never call back no matter how much you call ( for the time being though).

A woman with a sense of pride wouldn’t want to feel like an easy-to-get kind of person and so would play tough on you till she’s sure to let down her guards.

Think about how you’re likely to take her if she’s always at your Beck and call. The seconds you call come through she picks up almost immediately, when you make a request she hurries to attend to it.

You probably wouldn’t want to associate with such a kind of lady as they may look too easy to get. That exactly is what she is preventing by not calling you back

Although she loves you passionately, she still believes in partners having their own space and would assume that each time she might try to call you,  you might be busy, hence the reason she may never call.

5. Personal preference

“Anything but calls” is the mantra for ladies of her kind.

This kind of woman would never call you despite the nature of the emergency, she feels that other ways of reaching out are preferable (texts or physically meeting)

There are many reasons why she chooses to go by this preference.

A bitter experience could account for this decision of hers (something from her previous relationship, where she got a breakup through a call or a death threat)

As a guy, it would be improper to judge her unfairly but instead find other means to reach out to her.

6. To Test You

She Never Calls Me I Am Always Calling Her

Are you that guy she feels like you are worth settling with(even if she has not said so to you), do you by instinct think that she is willing to settle with you, and yet you wonder why she doesn’t call you back whenever you’ve called? She could be testing you.

Ladies are cautious and would do anything they can to assess your personality (especially if they have had a very unpleasant past relationship) before letting down their guards.

They assess you by the number and the consistency of your calls even when they do not reciprocate. A slight decline in the frequency of your call could make them lose interest in you. They would go any length to test you

Dear men, that she isn’t responding to your advances by calling you in return does not mean she hates you, she only wants to know how genuine you are.

She is also testing your patience in how you would put up with her shenanigans should you two finally be together.

There we have the Six reasons why she never calls you even when you do call her.

The next outline we shall be elaborating is on what you should do if she never calls you but you always do.

What You Should Do If You Always Call Her And She Never Calls You

Below are outlines of four things you should do if you keep calling her and she never calls back:

  • Check-in with her schedule
  • Let go and move to someone else
  • Understanding her preference
  • Be genuine in your intention.

1. Check in with her schedule

In what way have you tried checking with her when it comes to her not calling you, never expect a very busy lady to call you when she’s busy. Either you drop a message to have her call you when free or you continually do the calling.

2.  Move on Let Go

If a female sees you as boring to be with, the best you can do is to move on with your life as she is never going to fall for you no matter what you do to win her over.

It is obvious to you yet you keep stalking her with the hope that one day she is going to call you, how weird. It is time for you to move on.

3. Understanding her preference

Though not what you’d want, but for love’s sake and peace’s sake, if the girl you often calls says she does not fancy receiving calls or making them, looking for an alternative way that would enable her to reach you should be your paramount goal.

Try texting or try meeting her person, think of having her reach out to you in the hall you could also make it easier by inquiring her what she would prefer.

4. Be genuine in your intentions

A woman knows when you are lying to her and can sniff out a fake person like a hunting dog sniffing for a game.

She knows if your profession is genuine or not and when she tests you, there is no telling if she knows if you’re fake or real.

Backing down because she barely calls you may just worsen the situation. Be consistent with your intent, make her see that your chase isn’t negatively motivated and whether she calls or not, you would do anything to win her heart.

When she discovers how despite her initial resistance to calling you, your persistence, and yet how you give undivided and honest attention to her, she would be convinced that your chase is sincere and would time come to start calling back.


The Lady needs her space, probably finds you boring, has a schedule, etc. How have you tried to check in with her schedule,  how have you tried to understand her preference, and have you been genuine in your intention?

This article has done well to clarify, expatriate, and demystify the myth surrounding why she never calls you even after you have called her severally.

It is up to you to know what to do with the information needed.

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