He Calls Me Boo! What Do I Call Him?

When a guy calls you boo there are many interpretations to it. Usually, it would mean he cares for you. But it could mean more. Some guys use it on their girlfriends.

Boo is an affectionate and versatile word. It can be used on both genders, and men usually use it on ladies who are important to them. On rare occasions, a guy may also use it on girls they’re not acquainted with if they’re trying to flirt.

When a guy calls you boo, there are different affectionate terms you can also call him. If he is your boyfriend or husband, you can call him romantic and intimate names.

But if he is a friend, there are also cute and casual terms you can use on them. If he is being flirty, you too can give him what he is giving you, something flirty too.

In this article, I will be giving you 15 different words you can call a guy who calls you boo.

15 Names To Call A Guy When He Calls You Boo

He Calls Me Boo, What Do I Call Him

  1. Bae
  2. Babe
  3. Baby
  4. Cutie
  5. Sweetie
  6. Sweetheart
  7. Honey
  8. Sugar
  9. Baby Boo
  10. My love
  11. Darling
  12. Handsome
  13. Sunshine
  14. Heartthrob
  15. Angel


Bae is also an affectionate word and goes hand in hand with boo. It has its origin in English and is an acronym for “before anyone else.” This slang is a popular endearment, which has been in use for a few years now, especially on social media.

It was first confused as the shortened form of babe, but this term is unique in its way and it will be sweet to call your boyfriend this when he calls you boo.

Bae is also versatile and can pass as a friendly word. Even girls call each other this. So, whether the boy who calls you boo is your boyfriend or not, calling him bae is okay.

Bae is a simple yet sweet nickname that can make your boyfriend and any boy crushing on you happy. If he calls you boo, call him and watch him smile. You can use it at the beginning or end of any sentence.


Babe is a cool name to call a guy. It’s a very strong word to show affection and care. This term is very popular and it can be used on both males and females.

You can use this term on a guy who is not your boyfriend as baby may be too intimate. Calling a guy who calls you boo, “babe” can make him feel special and loved.

And if he isn’t sure of how you feel, that will assure him that you care. Babe is also a strong endearment for partners. If your boyfriend or husband calls you boo and you’re unsure of what to call them, babe is what you’re looking for.


He Calls Me Boo, What Do I Call Him

Baby is another strong and affectionate pet name for partners. But this time around, it’s more intimate. Personally, I feel secure and loved when someone I’m dating and love calls me baby.

You can also call your boyfriend or husband baby if he calls you boo. It’s not only ladies that can be babies. Baby is a very common endearment among partners.

I don’t how it started or why partners choose to call each other infants, but it sure gives a sweet feeling inside. Just like the feeling we get staring at a cute-looking baby.

Calling your man baby will always remind him that you will always care for him. It’s especially sweet when you add it after “I love you.”


He Calls Me Boo, What Do I Call Him

Cutie is another sweet endearment. This one will constantly remind your partner that you like and admire their look. It’s a natural way to compliment your man without just saying the word cute. Cutie is a nice and simple endearment.

You can also use it on a guy who is just a friend. It’s not very intimate or romantic. So, if that friend is cute instead of saying, “you look cute,” all the time, go ahead and nickname him cutie. It passes the message.


Sweetie is another complimentary pet name, sweet like its name. This is a cute way of reminding your boyfriend that he is sweet, in and out.

You don’t have to wait till he does something nice or sweet. If he takes to calling you boo, you can call him sweetie and he will be sweet all the more.

You can also use this term on your husband. It’s romantic and flirty. When you want to ask for something or apologize, you will get to him quickly with this name.

Now, I wouldn’t use sweetie on a male friend, it feels intimate and may pass the wrong message, except if you want to joke around.

Even though he calls you boo, sweetie may not pass as casual as boo. So, use sweetie on your boyfriend or husband. It’s more comforting for someone you love.


Sweetheart is another endearment just like sweetie. It tells your man that he is sweet and you like him a lot. This endearment is not new.

Our parents and the parents of our grandparents have probably used it. It’s a nice way to call someone you care deeply for. So, if he calls you boo, then call him sweetheart.


You know how sweet honey is, this is how sweet honey as a nickname is also. Honey is a nice pet name that doesn’t pass as feminine or masculine. It’s pretty simple but holds a strong meaning when you use it on your boyfriend.

Just like sweetie, it’s a  nice way of telling your man that he is sweet without saying it outrightly. This pet name is as old as its name. It goes far back in history.

It’s not only for married couples or grandparents. You can use it on your boyfriend too if you’re comfortable. If he calls you boo, call him honey.

I also wouldn’t use honey on a male friend, save it for the boy you’re in a relationship with.


Sugar is another nickname like “sweetie” or “honey”. Sugar is sweet, right? So, calling your man sugar translates to saying that he is sweet.

This will make him happy and want to do more. In a relationship, calling each other names that pass a message is not only romantic, but it’s an intentional way of telling each other you appreciate what they do.

When he calls you boo and you call him sugar, you’re telling him you love that he loves you and does sweet things for you. This will make him go all sweet the more he understands that meaning.

Baby boo

This is another nickname you can call your boyfriend. When he calls you boo and you call him “baby boo,” it sounds funny and playful. Combining baby and boo is also romantic and flirty.

So, whenever you feel happy and playful, you can call him this. But be free to call him anytime. You can also call your husband this pet name. It’s simple and casual yet holds deep meaning.

Baby boo can also fit a friend you’re talking to. If you’re not in a romantic relationship, it can pass as casual. So, when he calls you boo, he is not your baby, but there’s no harm if he is your baby boo.

My Love

Now, this is an endearment that should melt every heart and weaken the knees. My love is a cute nickname that holds a deeper meaning.

Most people don’t use it quite often until they’re sure they love the person. This name, just like others, is a good way of reminding your man that you love and care for him.

So, it’s best to use my love on your boyfriend or husband. It wouldn’t go well with just a friend even if they call you boo. Using “my love” when you’re being flirty adds all the spice to it. So, be sure to throw it quite often.


This is another nickname that is as old as its name. It has been common with our parents, but it’s not old-school. It holds very significant meaning, usually translating that you care deeply for the person

It goes both ways, it’s neither feminine nor masculine. So, you can also call your male partner this. Calling your boyfriend darling is a nice way of letting him know he is very dear to you.

If he calls you boo and you call him darling, you’re ensuring he understands that he is special to you.

You can use this term during moments, like taking a walk in the park, cuddling on the bed, or cooking in the kitchen. It’s especially sweeter as it connects more deeply. Be also free to use it any time of your choice.


Now, handsome is cute and doesn’t have strings attached. You can easily call that your cute male friend of yours when he calls you boo.

Handsome is a sweet way of telling your male friend that you think he is handsome and appreciates his look.

Handsome also can fit into your relationship. You can call your boyfriend handsome and he will be reminded every day that he is good-looking.


The sun chases away the rain and brightens the day and makes everyone happy. So, sunshine is a cute nickname for both males and females.

When you call your guy sunshine, this will remind him that he makes you happy and he will wish to do more, he will definitely shine bright like the sun.

Sunshine is also a cute casual nickname you can use for a male friend- that male friend that is nice and cares a lot for you.

This will make him know you also care for him and he is important to you. It isn’t too serious or flirty, it shouldn’t make anyone catch feelings.


If your heart beats for him, call him heartthrob. This one is cute and simple. When he calls you boo, call him heartthrob, he will know that you love him.

This endearment is cool for your boyfriend or husband. It doesn’t take effort to use this one. Just throw it at the end or beginning of a sentence, it has its sweetness.

It’s especially sweeter when you use it at the end of “I love you.” Your man will constantly know that you’re his. It gives that kind of assurance.


Now angel is a pretty nickname that’s not only meant for ladies. Guys too can be angels. If he calls you boo, take it a bit seriously and call him something that will make him feel good.

Angel doesn’t necessarily mean he is perfect, of course, no one is. But calling your man angel will let him know you appreciate the good things he does.

However, this name is a bit sensitive and not all guys will appreciate it. So, if you think he won’t like it, save it for something else. You wouldn’t want to call your man something he isn’t comfortable with.


Sweet and cute names are necessary to spice up a relationship and keep it going. Even though action speaks louder than voice, words are also essential to pull off the action perfectly.

If your boyfriend calls you boo, he is letting you know that he cares and loves you. Calling him something cute and sweeter will reciprocate the feeling.

However, if he is just a friend and he calls you boo, you should try to understand the context in which he is calling you. Try to read his body language so you don’t get your feelings mixed up or probably catch feelings when he is just being friendly.

Call him something nice and casual that wouldn’t bring mixed feelings. So, you can use any of the terms listed in this article, on the appropriate person of course.

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