I Made My Boyfriend Cry! What Should I Do?

The ideal thing you need to do is to apologize to your boyfriend. For you to have made him cry means you have done something so terrible that you have got him offended.

So sit back and ask yourself, what have I done? If I was the one, how would I feel? In a nutshell, apologize first before any other action follows.

When you apologize, it shows that you are truly sorry about what you did and you are remorseful.

10 things to do if you made your boyfriend cry

Apologizing is just one aspect. There are other things you need to do if you want to resolve the issue after you have made your boyfriend cry.

Maybe he just needs a listening ear or he just needs a hug or he just needs you to show remorse that you truly regret what you did to him to the extent that it made him cry.

I have listed ten things you can do if you make your boyfriend cry. It is best to use the one most applicable to you and your situation.

  1. Apologize
  2. Listen and stop talking.
  3. Try hugging him.
  4. Let him relax.
  5. Let him feel his emotions.
  6. Show remorse
  7. Listen to understand him and not listen to reply.
  8. Advise him to get 3rd party help if need be.
  9. Admit your fault-understand that your words cannot be taken back.
  10. Tell him you love him and let him know you are willing to listen to him.


I Made My Boyfriend Cry

Apologizing is the first and most ideal thing that you should do when you wrong someone.

Even if the person is not close to you at all, it is good that you apologize to show that you did not do it intentionally and for the person to forgive you.

That is the purpose of apologizing. So, if you do something that makes your boyfriend cry, which he will not normally do, this is a sign that you need to apologize to him.

Tell him you are sorry and you really did not mean to hurt him that way. Once he understands that what you did was not really intentional, he can find a place in his heart to forgive you.

When you wrong a person, it is always good for you to accept that you wronged the person.

That way, the person understands that whatever you did was not intentional and that you are truly sorry and wish it never happened.

Listen and stop talking

I Made My Boyfriend Cry

This is specifically for women who love to talk too much. You must have said or done something to your boyfriend that made him cry.

At that point, when you notice your boyfriend crying, your default action should be to stop talking and listen to him if he has something to say to you. Some men, when they get so upset, choose to not even say anything.

They want to first understand the whole situation before they utter a word. So, if your boyfriend is crying because you said or did something to him, he definitely has something to say to you at that point in time, so what you should do is quit talking and listen to whatever he has to say.

Some ladies will never stop talking, and that alone stirs up the anger and even makes the situation worse.

Let him tell you what made him cry and how he feels about what you did or said to him that made him cry.

Try hugging him

I Made My Boyfriend Cry

To an extent, when you see a man crying, it has to be something really serious that must have made him cry, especially if the fault was yours. What your boyfriend may just need is a tight hug that will make him feel warm and loved.

That is the first thing that you need to do. But if you notice he is so upset that he does not even want a hug from you, you should not hug him so that he does not react in a bad way.

First, observe and see if it is right to hug him at that point in time. If, after your observation, you discover that it is the right time to hug him, do not hesitate.

That hug can go a long way to help in that situation. When you hug someone or get close to someone you love, oxytocin is released in the body which is referred to as the “cuddle hormone” which helps to relieve stress, and anxiety and helps you relax.

That may just be what he needs to help him relax.

Let him relax

When some men cry, they can become so tense or even pissed off. So do not go ask him immediately what went wrong or why he is crying.

Just let him be and let him relax so that he can get himself together before he even says a word. If he is your boyfriend, you should be able to know him to the extent of being able to know when he needs to be left alone and when he wants to be talked to.

Watch him and see if he needs time to relax before you go ahead and talk to him. Some men prefer to talk or let out their emotions after they have relaxed and thought about the whole situation.

After relaxing, he will be in a better state to talk about what made him cry.

Let him feel his emotions

What I mean by this is that you should let him cry if that is what will make him feel better. Simply put, let him feel his emotions.

Perhaps those tears will help him get better. It happens at times. Some people need to actually cry so that they can feel better.

Perhaps that is what he needs too. So, instead of trying to know why he is, you should be able to decipher the right moment to talk to him or to let him be till he is in a good state to talk.

You should know this because he is your boyfriend. Let him just cry and let out his emotions. Personally, at some point in my life, I remember things that happened that made me cry.

I got better and became more emotionally stable after I cried. This is also the situation with some other men that may cry.

Show remorse

Showing remorse simply means telling him that you are truly sorry and that you are sorry for what you did that made him cry.

When you show remorse, you show that you are deeply sorry for what you did and that you are willing to right your wrongs.

When you show remorse, he will even be forced to accept your apology because you were remorseful and you were able to show that you did not really mean what you did.

That made him cry. It is also important to note that when you are showing remorse, you should not fake it or pretend that you are remorseful when you actually are not remorseful. It even makes the situation worse because.

Listen to understand him and do not listen to his reply

This happens a lot in relationships when there is some sort of conflict between both parties. If you have done something that made your boyfriend cry, you need to hear him out.

Stop talking and listen to what he has to say. You need to hear him express himself and let him tell you how he actually feels about what you did to him that made you cry.

What I mean by listening to understand and not listening to reply is that when he is talking, do not listen because you have something to say or because you have a reply in mind, do not even consider replying, just listen to understand what he has to say about the situation.

Advise him to get 3rd party help if need be

I Made My Boyfriend Cry

If you guys have talked about what happened and what you said that made him cry, and it seems like it is not even helping matters, then you have to consider getting third-party help.

What I mean by the third party is, that you need to look for a certified therapist that he can talk to in order to help solve the issue. While searching for a certified therapist, always go for the ones you can afford and the ones that have a track record of success.

This is usually better because you do not want to fall into the hands of someone with no experience or someone that will not be able to help you.

Note that this third-party help is usually best if you both have tried to resolve the situation and it seems to not yield anything. That is when you can go ahead and invite a third party.

Admit your fault

It is usually difficult for some people to admit their fault that they are actually wrong. That is a bad thing if you are trying to resolve an issue with your boyfriend. You need to admit your fault.

After apologizing and all that, you need to tell him you admit you are wrong and you will try your best to not let it repeat itself again.

Another thing you need to do is understand that your words cannot be taken back. It is just like when you drive a nail into the wall. Even if you take out the nail, it leaves a mark on the wall that indicates what something was there.

That is how it is when you hurt someone to the extent that it makes him cry. Admitting your fault shows him that you understand the gravity of what you have done and that you would not like it if it were done to you as well

Once you do this, you are one step closer to solving the issue.

Tell him you love him and let him know you are willing to listen to him

This works best if your boyfriend’s love language is words of affirmation. Guys whose love language is words of affirmation usually love to hear nice and sweet words.

As simple as “I love you” may be, it goes a long way to resolving the issue. Tell him you love him while hugging him closely and whispering in his ear that you love him and you are willing to listen to him.

This will help calm the whole situation as well. Sometimes, that is all he needs to calm down, even after you have made him cry.

If you happen to say or do something that made your boyfriend cry, try to sit him down when he is calm.

Let him know that you love him, whisper it to his ear, and he will love how it made him feel. That is a stepping stone to resolving the issue.


What I mean is that if you say or do something to your boyfriend that causes him to cry, it means that what you said must have hurt him so badly that it caused him to cry.

For it to have made him cry, that means you need to do something out of the ordinary for him to forgive you or even accept your apology. It hurts if someone you love makes you cry.

It hurts more than when someone you do not really cherish makes you cry. As a man, it is even more difficult to forgive when someone you really love makes you cry.

However, with these tips that I have shared, you will be able to make your boyfriend forgive you.

It is best to look for the method that best fits the situation you are in; if you believe your boyfriend does not require an apology at that point, you should try another method listed here; it will undoubtedly work for you.

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