7 Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You After He Rejected You (Shocking Facts)

Arguably, no one wants to get left behind in the dating pool. That is to say, everyone knowingly or unknowingly craves a partner. Going by this examination, the problem that is also dreaded most is the issue of rejection and by nature, it goes both ways for males and females.

Although getting rejected by a guy is a bad record for you as a woman, there’s still a chance that the guy in question likes you.

That is exactly what I’m going to be proving in this article and I’d indulge you to read along with me as you discover hidden signs. 

7 Different Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You After He Rejected You

Despite rejecting you, there’s a tendency that likes you. Now, believing this could be easy but the hard part of this reality is finding out scenarios and points that make it so.

These scenarios necessarily have to be his actions and inactions, as they’ll help establish solid grounds that he likes you. This could stem from sublime realities like him still following you on socials or expressing implicative body language around you.

However, I have put together my discovery of 7 ways to find out about this, but they differ from each other. The reason for this is to help provide you with more scenarios as possible that can give us a hint. Without further ado, let’s get into the meat of this portion of the post.

  • If he still wants to keep in touch with you
  • If he still follows you on socials
  • If he recently asked your friend about you
  • If you’ve been having incidental eye contact with him
  • If he recently came through for you financially a couple of times
  • When he starts cracking little jokes around you
  • If he texts you “I am sorry” just after he rejects you

 If He Still Wants to Keep in Touch With You

One of the foremost ways to know that the guy who rejected you still likes you is if he directly or indirectly still wants to keep in touch with you. Perhaps, he could be subscribing to the same newsletter as you, thereby keeping in touch with what you consume literarily. 

If he still has your number and wishes you well during auspicious events or holidays then there’s a chance he likes you but may not have been in the best of forms to accept you as his girlfriend and consequently, getting into a relationship with you.

Subsequently, if this guy recently joined the same club as you in school after rejecting you, or he signed up for the same program after you did, he may also like you. 

All of these signs point to the fact that when it comes to if the guy in question still likes you, no stone should be left unturned. Hence, his actions and inactions widely influence the possibility of the outcome being that he likes you despite rejecting you.

His actions of joining groups or programs same as you and even subscribing to the same newsletter as you indicate his interest in seeing what living in your clime looks like, and trust me when I say I’ve been there as a gu, he’s got to be into you to pull a such stunt.

If He Still Follows You on Socials

One thing couples do after they’re separated is to unfollow each other on various social media platforms to stop each from peeking into their new private life.

Due to this, we can also assume that it is a reflex involuntary action if you hit the button to stop following a guy who just snubbed you across all social media platforms and groups. But if the reverse is not the case with him then it could be he likes you.

I know a couple of guys who wouldn’t give in to a lady just because she asked them to, although these numbers of guys are less than few. They’d want to make sure they’re making the right decision, especially when the chance of marriage is involved.

In this scenario, the guy may turn you down but still stays connected to you in some way to finalize the decision of making you his spouse.

At this juncture, he doesn’t cut you off on socials rather he becomes more active on your page or wall liking and “stan-ning” some of the things you post.

You’d notice his activities of liking your pictures from years back, probably dating 3-4 years ago.

When this starts happening, you should know he’s now digging deep into your personality and what you’ve been over the years, and that right there is a sign he likes you despite the rejection.

If He Recently Asked Your Friend About You

Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You After He Rejected You

This point is another excellent way to determine that a guy likes you even after he rejects you. It may not be an all-inclusive point to make, but it sure does have some droppings of truth in it which he leaves with the person he asks about you.

Perhaps, he was talking to the person about some random piece of information before he eventually asked after you.

Similarly, the tone with which he says his piece about you to your friend can also serve as a determining factor to decide if he likes you or not. In the situation that he does ask about you, it means he’s concerned to know your well-being after he declined to date you. 

This act of showing concern wouldn’t be possible if he doesn’t feel any sort of attachment to you. So, by the virtue of his asking of you, it means there’s a possibility that he’s starting to develop some critical feelings for you.

And this could’ve sprouted from how you managed to comport yourself even after suffering that much rejection from him. 

If you’ve been having Incidental Eye Contact with Him

Body language is another way of knowing if a guy likes you even after he rejects having an affair with you. Nonetheless, this point does not look into the generalization of the term “body language” as it only dwells on the judgment of the sense of sight. 

Therefore, the guy in question who rejected you could still be into you if you catch him stealing quick and unnoticeable glances at you. If you have been having incidental eye contact with him then there’s a chance he likes you.

This is because guys tend to maintain a certain level of eyesight and focus on the one person their hearts leap for. Truth be told, I’m a big culprit when it comes to stealing glances at a girl I like and this is because I am mostly stimulated by sight. 

Having a mental picture of someone I like is not enough in most cases, so I try to either focus on their pictures or videos. Or I could focus on seeing them in the flesh if I could, which is undeniably the best option for me.

If the guy who rejected you lately wounds up stealing glances and meeting your gaze, there’s a chance he likes you. It becomes much more believable if this incidence of eye contact with him goes on multiple times in a row.

If He Recently Came Through for You Financially a Couple of Times

Providing for a woman and family is every man’s default setting. This is partly because it is something nature has on most men, and then it is partly because the man loves his woman.

I can’t recall gifting any woman something of material or monetary value if I don’t share any form of emotional attachment to her. I’ve always come through for my mother and female siblings because I love them, and so will I also do if I like a girl.

This explains the reason why you can say the guy that rejected you still likes you if he tries to act in that capacity of a provider even without you having to solicit his help.

What his actions transmit is the message that he can take care of you even without you asking, and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that that is a man’s card in the sense that he’s telling you that he’s capable and confident around you.

When He Starts Cracking Little Jokes around You

Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You After He Rejected You

If this guy who rejected you some days back eventually starts acting funny whenever you’re around, it could mean that he likes you. There are no two ways about it as you’re getting to see the side of him that he hasn’t been open to expressing. 

This is because by making you laugh and giggle, he’s also trying to make you feel at ease and comfortable around him. This is not usually the case with a guy who rejects you and still doesn’t like you, as he’s prone to become hostile around you.

But if you feel a welcoming aura in the atmosphere each time he’s around with his jokes, it could be a sign that he likes you still.

If He Texts You “I Am Sorry” Just After He Rejects You

I get it…the popular belief is that few guys only say sorry when they have a rift with the opposite sex. However, if a guy texts you “I am sorry” just a few minutes after he rejected you, it is a hint that he likes you.

The logic here is the fact that he’s remorseful, and that only comes with regret. The question becomes, why does he regret rejecting you? Well, that too leads us to the possibility that he likes you, hence his text and its context.

How to Make a Guy Who Rejected You To Regret It?

In the spirit of being spiteful over a failed attempt to have a relationship with a guy who rejected you, you may start thinking of how to get back at him. In this case, the motive does not just lie in making him feel bad but regretting why he rejected you. 

As a lady, you might’ve picked up a few classes on how to do this from your friends but these techniques could lack merit as they can backfire on you. In this section, I’ll be explaining 2 strong ways you can make a guy who rejected you regret his actions.

  • You should become more assertive than you were 
  • You should try not to show any signs of emotional imbalance around him

You Should Become More Assertive Than You Were

Ways to Know if a Guy Likes You After He Rejected You

This is the foremost thing that you should do to make a guy regret rejecting you. A lot of girls suddenly crawl into a depression cave after getting rejected by a guy.

Luckily, you’re not like other girls so you’ll have to stand out in this case. And you can do that by being assertive and complacent after he rejects you.

This will plunge him into thinking about why you seem indifferent despite what he did. At this point, he starts to see the values he missed out on y rejecting you.

Part of what you have to do include ignoring any of his moves on you after he rejects you and being more open-minded after the incident.

You Should Try Not to Show Any Signs of Emotional Imbalance around Him

As part of what you can do to make him regret rejecting you, you should bury desperation, depression, and whatever other forms of emotional imbalance that you might want to show after being rejected by him.

This inexpressive version of you despite the rejection will make him think twice about what he did to you.

Don’t make the century-old mistake of trying to make him jealous by hooking up with another guy as that only dents your reputation in his eyes. Remain resolute and unshaken then watch him live with remorse.


I hope you have been able to discover ways to know if a guy likes you after he rejected you, you should bear in mind that these tips may go unnoticed.

It only takes keen attention to detail to decipher this and when you do, you should also take your time to draw your conclusion. After you do, then you can either decide to push through with him or cut it off completely.

This article also looks into how to make the guy who rejects you become remorseful, and the methods I mentioned are practical so you won’t have a hard time executing them.

I’d love to indulge you to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions to make considering this post. The comment section is open to you, so don’t hesitate.


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