Why Does My Girlfriend Always Have an Attitude? (8 Interesting Reasons)

Women naturally have the tendency of being dramatic over little kinds of stuff more than men. They can pick on you over the slightest of things, and it gets messy if you’re dealing with your girlfriend on this.

Hence, the question of why your girlfriend always has an attitude becomes valid. If you’ve given it much thought, you’ll notice a kind of repetitive pattern in her actions.

However, you may require answers so quickly if this show of attitude comes in almost every time. And this is so much that you now ask where things went wrong.

In this post, I’ll be discussing the various reasons why your girlfriend always has an attitude including plausible things you can do in this type of situation.

8 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Has an Attitude

Having a girlfriend that has a severe case of showing attitude is a hellish engagement. That is, she throws tantrums at you for issues that should’ve been resolved amicably.

And most times, you can’t help but wonder what the whole drama is about.

Nevertheless, it’ll interest you to know that there’s no smoke without fire and therefore, no drama without a reason, cause, or trigger. The question remains, what could it be?

Without much ado, let’s look into the different reasons why your girlfriend always has an attitude.

  1. It could be because she’s excessively insecure
  2. She might’ve had a bad or traumatic childhood experience or upbringing
  3. It could stem from a place of impatience on her part
  4. It could be a result of her inability to dominate
  5. It could be that she’s just being overdramatic
  6. It is because she’s not a good listener
  7. You failed to set boundaries for her in the relationship
  8. You placed too much importance on her

It Could Be Because She’s Excessively Insecure

The insecurity that exists in a relationship could be a viable reason why your girlfriend always has an attitude.

It would be a near-truth statement to say that most partners in a relationship are jealous of having people around their spouses at some point in time.

And while this remains debatable, I’ll also add that the greater number of those who wield jealousy as an actual tool in a relationship lies with the ladies.

If you recently employed a stunning secretary at work or have just made a diva your personal assistant in your gym house, your girlfriend can get jealous and consequently, insecure.

At this point, she’s like a ticking bomb that can go off at the slightest provocation. If after a series of talks about your choice of coworkers or employees, you still choose to pay deaf ears to her demands, she can get excessively hostile to you, hence, her frequent show of attitude towards you.

She Might’ve Had a Bad or Traumatic Childhood Experience or Upbringing

I would’ve left it to be considered as guesswork, but it is slowly becoming a fact that kids brought up in catastrophic homes end up being bad relationship partners.

And if your girlfriend experienced any of these traumas of childhood upbringing, she can become addicted to it.

Who knows? She could still be reliving the memories of all the shouting and no sane dialogue, the verbal and even physical abuse, including the neglect shown by either parents or guidance.

While all of these remain in the past, they have a way of creeping back into her mind which can make her lose control over her emotions sometimes, resulting in a show of attitude.

If we’re to see things from a different angle, then it would be safe to say that she already built walls over herself, and showing a bit of attitude now and then serves as her defense mechanism against exploitative relationships.

In this light, she could’ve been the victim of abuse, but transferring it to you is an unwise line of action that you shouldn’t put up with.

It Could Stem From a Place of Impatience on Her Part

Being overly impatient can also be a reason why your girlfriend always has an attitude. Patient folks are known to be reserved and articulate.

On the flip side, impatient people do not have it in them to be able to put up with hard times or even slight setbacks.

If your girlfriend is currently showing you attitude on a regular, just at the same time when you have a setback in your career, it could be that she’s just impatient.

Her impatience reflects her level of acceptance and perseverance. If this is the problem, then she has a big problem to deal with, because impatience can ruin a lot of things for your relationship with her.

It Could Be a Result of Her Inability to Dominate

Are you dating a domineering girlfriend? Or does your girlfriend like being in charge? If any of this is so, then it can explain her incessant show of attitude towards you.

In soccer, a coach doesn’t take it likely with anyone who reduces his position to a player and manipulates or turns him into a player. Funnily enough, the same thing goes for a person who likes to dominate.

The moment you take her hands off the steering wheel, she starts acting up and giving you reasons to doubt her love for you.

It could be that you stopped her from making rules on which friends have to come over to the house or you cut her off from monitoring your activities on social media.

Whichever one it is, she can communicate her dismay by giving you rounds after rounds of attitude.

It Could Be That She’s Just Being Overdramatic

If you’re dating a drama doll, then you’re sure to be getting a handful of her attitude daily. If she sees your decline of her request as an opportunity to shed tears or make you feel like a tormentor, then she’s overly dramatic.

And if this persists, it can graduate to something more disastrous than just getting her daily dose of attitude.

Putting up with a dramatic person is not easy, but when it becomes excessive to bear, it gets even harder. Therefore, being overdramatic could be the reason why your girlfriend always has an attitude.

It Is Because She’s Not a Good Listener

Communication is key in most relationships, and that’s a type of spice that sweetens the whole set-up and makes a relationship sustainable. But communication is never complete if there’s only talking and not listening.

If your girlfriend is not a good listener, she can be giving you attitude on a regular. And this is because she neither listens nor understands any of your talks, suggestions, and bits of advice during a dialogue.

It is more like you do the talking and listening all by yourself, and when trouble erupts, she gives you an attitude rather than finding a way to salvage the situation.

You Failed to Set Boundaries for Her in the Relationship

Failure to set boundaries is another promising factor that could’ve prompted the incessant show of attitude from your girlfriend.

Relationships are meant to be a building ground for individuals, but some rules enable the growth to be evenly spread and encountered.

If you fail to set these boundaries as a man, you are liable to get attitudes from your girlfriend. Because there are no rules, she’ll act on anything, with anyone, and get away with it. So much that if you try to caution her, she’ll turn on you.

You Placed Too Much Importance on Her

The last but not least reason why your girlfriend always has an attitude is that you place so much importance on her.

Most of the successful relationships I know thrived because there were highs and lows, arguments and makeups, toxicity, and submission.

If you prioritize your girlfriend’s convenience over your growth in the relationship, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if she finally starts giving you some dose of attitude, especially when she’s fed up with your pampers and excessive caring.

Sometimes, these ladies need you to switch things up and make relationships sit on the cliff for them to take things seriously and stop the games.

6 Things to Do When She Starts Giving You Attitude?

These are the following things you can do if your girlfriend starts giving you attitude. I’ve tested and I trust these steps to give you a desirable result if you implement them. They include.

  1. You have to recognize her triggers and avoid them
  2. Set reviewable boundaries
  3. Talk about things over a heart-to-heart dialogue
  4. Isolate and keep a healthy distance
  5. Try to get her professional help
  6. Reconsider your relationship with her

You Have to Recognize Her Triggers and Avoid Them

The first thing I’d suggest you do as your first line of action when your girlfriend starts to show you attitude is to recognize her triggers and avoid them.

Her triggers are supposed to be the actions, words, or even sights that can throw her off balance and then ensues into serving you with an awful show of attitude.

It could be how you say her name which she doesn’t like or your refusal of wearing the same brand as hers while you two go out.

Whatever it is, you should figure them out and stay away from them.

Set Reviewable Boundaries

Just as you find out her triggers and avoid them, you should as well set boundaries. I call them reviewable boundaries because they won’t have to remain in one standard for the longest of time, as change is constant and is bound to take its full course.

Talk About Things Over a Heart-To-Heart Dialogue

You should also endeavor to talk things through with her. Unless she’s not a good listener, talking about how to resolve your differences remains a great strategy to salvage the situation.

Isolate and Keep a Healthy Distance

If things heat up badly, then there’s a need for you to keep a healthy distance away from her. This is because a lack of it can downplay your composure.

Try to Get Her Professional Help

As a caring partner, you can try to seek counseling sessions for her and possibly get professional help because that could help her get better.

Reconsider Your Relationship with Her

Why Does My Girlfriend Always Have an Attitude

When all tips fail to yield plenty of results, you should reconsider the continuity of your relationship with her.

5 Best Replies for A Girlfriend With Attitude

Here are the best replies that you can use on a girlfriend that is addictive on showing your attitude.

These replies include:

  1. Your insensitivity is high on steroids
  2. My bills are already problems enough, don’t add to them
  3. Get yourself together or rehab will become an option
  4. Learn to be calm for yourself and not me
  5. Your drama is too much, that I doubt you’ll make a good actor

Your Insensitivity Is High on Steroids

Throwing up attitudes now and then is highly insensitive and with this line of response, you’re just stating the obvious.

My Bills Are Already Problems Enough, Don’t Add to Them

A man already has too many problems as both a provider and protector and having to also deal with an attitude girlfriend shouldn’t be added to that hard list.

Get Yourself Together or a Rehab Will Become an Option

There’s no harm in being blunt and true. It’s just sad that oftentimes, being blunt is mistaken for being sassy.

With this line of response, you’re trying to explain to your girlfriend of her expected destia6if she continues to behave wild and overly dramatic.

Learn to Be Calm for Yourself and Not Me

You can as well utilize your power or response to admonish your girlfriend on what and what not to do to stay sane.

With this line, the advice centers on learning how to be calm. There’s power in silence and there’s strength in solace. If she can understand this, she’ll scale through, even if she’s traumatized by past experiences.

Your Drama Is Too Much, That I Doubt You’ll Make a Good Actor

What a good comeback that comes after a piece of interesting advice. This response is a good one that can give your girlfriend a run for her chance as an actor, but as you know already, she’s going to overdo it and get sacked.


If you have a girlfriend who gives you attitude excessively, you might be plunged into deep thoughts, especially if you love her.

However, I guess your inquisition brought you to this post and you can now point out the reason for her actions.

Similarly, my tips on what to do in such a situation also afford you the chance to act on an informed decision concerning her show of attitude.

The replies in this post are also premium, hence, I can wrap up fulfilled too. You can kindly leave your comments below and share this post accordingly.

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