10 Reasons Why She Blocked You(FIND OUT)

She must have blocked you because you offended her and you have not apologized. You may have been wondering and thinking to yourself so deeply as to why she has blocked you and you can’t just figure out why.

There is always a reason for everything but firstly how did you discover that she has blocked you?

In most cases, the fault may be from you, and while on a few occasions, the fault may be from her but either way, she blocked you still which is something you have to find out so you do not make the same mistake with another girl in the nearest future.

It can also be an unintentional act that you might have done that led to her blocking you, without her telling you “what you did was wrong”. 

Girls are complicated in a lot of things and this is one of them except you had been warned severally before such actions due to so many factors she might have deemed unpleasant around her or you have done something that warrants her to block you without warning for effective change.

There are so many reasons why she blocked you and in this article, I will explain to you

10 Reasons Why She Blocked You.

  1. Your bad manners
  2. She feels insecure 
  3. Your way of texting
  4. Poor communication skills 
  5. Her presumed idea of you
  6. Too much pressure 
  7. Your social media way of life 
  8. You offended her and have not apologized 
  9. She has lost interest in you
  10. She has a boyfriend or she is married 

Your bad manners

Reasons Why She Blocked You

You have certain manners that make her want to stay away from you which is why she blocked you.

She does not want to get involved with you because you might have displayed some toxic or rude manners which she would have felt insulted and she would not want to feel that way again so her best action is to block you.

Sometimes, the said “bad manners” is not bad manners from your point of view but you did not do something to satisfy her entitled overbearing requests while you compromise yourself and your discipline and she would end up blocking you because she is frustrated about the way things played out and it did not favor her.

She feels insecure

A lot of girls sometimes feel insecure about how they look and their insecurities make them do unreasonable things like blocking you because they think you would not want to have anything to do with them. 

When they get insecure about anything in particular and want to save you from the stress of worry or constant complaining or they do not want to get reminded by you about that thing, they can give you some space which most times involves blocking you.

Maybe she is scared of you and regrets giving you her number so she has to block you so you do not come in contact with her again.

Your way of texting

This is funny but true, she can get irritated by the slightest thing during the early stages of conversations or texts.

If you want to be attractive enough not to get blocked as an acquaintance you should not text in absurd manners and you should learn to hold conversations that would be beneficial for both of you. 

The wrong way of texting can be shortening your words and making it difficult for her to understand while having a conversation or spelling words wrongly and thinking it is cool.

When she tells you that you need to improve in such aspects and you reply uninterested or nonchalantly, she can block you because you are someone who is not interested in your own development.

Poor communication skills

When you want to have her, you should be able to tickle her fancy with your way of communication.

If you want to have mutually beneficial conversations with her daily you should be able to do so and as such, she would find enough value in you that would make her never think of blocking you. 

When you communicate correctly, which involves: balance in emotions, understanding expressions, and engaging in conversations, it would be difficult for her to block you. 

In another instance, she may be the one who has poor communication skills and that is why she has blocked you because she fears strongly she might hurt you if she tells you a certain truth she knows or she thinks it is better to block you than let you know she doesn’t want to be friends with you.

When the communication from any party is poor, it is a strong reason why she  blocked you.

Her presumed idea of you

 If you are quite popular or she heard about you through her friend and whatever she has heard about you does not sit well with her or make her feel safe and comfortable then it is a reason she has blocked you. 

She thinks she knows you from maybe the little incident or scenario she might have experienced with you and now she has assumed the worst about you that it makes her not want to have anything to do with you, so she has blocked you from everywhere you can reach her.

 If you want to avoid things like this, you should have some certain form of discipline, you should be able to stay calm even when experiencing the worse event and you should try not to do things that Spoil your image on a first impression, this tips would help you so you don’t get blocked even before saying “hi”.

 You could have done the worst and you notice she has blocked you but you want to reach out and make amends.

You can reach her through a close friend to let her know that you never meant any of what happened and you sincerely apologize and would want to talk about it with her; in that way, she knows you are not the villain she pictured you to be.

Too much pressure

 This is one of the many reasons she has blocked you. When she has a lot she is going through and so many things she has to do, she might block you just to make sure she does not get distracted.

When there is too much pressure on her it means she has a lot of responsibilities to channel all of her energy to and she needs space to execute every activity involved in the progress of such responsibilities.

 When she blocks you because of this reason it means you have nothing to contribute or to over to make her increase in productivity and reduce all of the pressure.

She is attracted to goal-oriented people and she thinks you are not one of them. It is a good thing for her to block you at this point even if you feel insulted but putting herself first is the goal and that is what has been attained. 

Your social media way of life

You have a very different way of life on social media than your physical presence or you have a very strong social media engagement and profile and because of that, you become every girl’s choice which is fine.

The only problem is the fact you welcome every girl into your arms and you always entertain any and every form of conversation from them. 

When you do this as often as it comes you tend to diverse attention from her which she wouldn’t be happy about she may or may not have let you know how she is feeling about everything but she is always not happy about it.

This constant sadness would give her the perfect idea of blocking you and moving on with her life since you do not respect her and appreciate her worth as much as you are supposed to.

 Your social media way of life if not enjoined with modesty, decency, and discipline can affect your relationship with her and would eventually make her block you out of frustration or to maintain her peace of mind.

You offended her and have not apologized

You might think you are maintaining your masculine frame when you offend her either by insulting her, hitting her( physical abuse), making fun of her in front of your male friends, or making her feel less of a human being but you are not.

There is just so much she can take till she is tired of it all and she leaves you and blocks you so you would not be able to reach her again. 

Most times the offenses may not be as heavy as those but you would have slightly offended her and never bothered to apologize even after she had told you that what you did hurt her and it offended her but you never did apologize for it. 

She would never want to put herself on that spot again of getting offended by someone without any emotional intelligence, so she would cut off everything with you and block you just to stay happy.

She has lost interest in you

You are someone she enjoys her life with and there is nothing she can do without you but every day you keep messing up and causing big problems out of the slightest issue there is.

 You always want to publicly correct her or unintentionally make her feel less of herself which she can not stand anymore. Through this gradual process, everything piles up and she begins to lose interest in you. 

In another scenario, she has started talking to someone else even while she is with you and she enjoys the new-lit spark and always sees everything you do as a fault and that makes her gradually lose interest in you. 

When she loses interest in you, she would want to move on and end everything with you so quickly and very effectively that she could block you just so she has nothing to do with you.

Her selfish gain is a reason she would lose interest in you so as to get all she thinks she deserves from another person.

She has a boyfriend or she is married

You have just met with someone faithful to her significant other and you exchange numbers or social media handles because of values seen. When you become acquainted and you start going below those values, it can make her block you. 

If you want to remain friends with a lady in a relationship you should not try to force her into conversations she does not want to have or you should not try to put her in positions where she regrets becoming acquaintances with you.

If she has warned you consistently and you keep pressuring her into something she has clearly stated no interest in, it would make her block you unapologetically. 

She wants to be faithful and loyal to her significant other and understands what genuine relationships are built on, so if she senses threats to her relationship or sees anything that wants to jeopardize it she would eliminate it and that is very simple, she would make sure you are not able to reach her by any means.

If this is the reason why you have been blocked then in most cases you would not be able to become her friend again.


In conclusion, blocking you is not always her original agenda but due to some circumstances and the unfolding of events she had to block you. With these given reasons, I know you have been able to understand why she might have blocked you or threatened to block you.

You should also try not to be the kind of person that would not be able to understand moods, and expressions or correct mistakes when made. 

Her choices which would have made her block you clearly show you have no form of value to her and you have to be of value to her without compromising yourself.

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