My Crush Avoids Eye Contact With Me: 7 Possible Reasons!

Have you ever caught your crush dragging their face off of yours, just when you were about to establish strong eye contact? How did you feel about it? Stressful, right?

Well, that could be the feeling you get when your crush fails to join you in the eye contact connection. So, the question that pops remains; why did he or she do that?

Is it a deliberate way of saying I’m not their type? All of these questions and more are likely to crowd your mind at a time like this.

However, I’m always charged with relieving your stress. Therefore, I’ll be discussing in detail the intricacies of this subject matter. Keep reading on to learn more!

7 Reasons Why Your Crush Avoids Eye Contact

There are a staggering number of reasons why your crush would avoid any form of eye contact with you, even when the circumstance is so clear enough that it shouldn’t elude them.

Could it be that you’re not doing things the right way? You may even think that you have a problem with either your lashes or brows which puts them off, but that’s barely the case.

Without much ado, let’s look at the reasons why your crush wouldn’t fancy a cool eye contact connection with you. In this article, we’ll be looking at 7 points of reasoning. The basis for this action of theirs includes.

  1. It could be that they’re shy
  2. There’s a chance they’re not interested in you
  3. It could be they’re hiding something from you
  4. They may be a subject of social anxiety
  5. It is possible that they like you
  6. There’s also a chance that they’re unaware of you and your crush on them
  7. It could even be that they don’t notice you’re looking at them

It Could Be That They’re Shy

Shyness could be a viable reason why your crush avoids eye contact with you. I get it, being shy can be a real demon for a lot of people menacing them from having a proper relationships with others.

This feeling is often accompanied by a lack of self-esteem, impostor syndrome, and other personally induced social disorders.

While shyness is a different set-up on its own, you should know that it is not a social anxiety disorder.

Shy people can turn out to be good in conversations, as all they need to get started is a safe space where they can live in their skin, without feeling awkward.

Your crush could actually be shy, which is why they stay away from any form of eye contact with you.

However, if you eventually set things up with him or her and get to discuss things with them, you’ll notice how good they are when it comes to conversations.

In addition, shyness is a dominant trait in introverted individuals, so if he or she is one, it explains further why they avoid eye contact with you.

There’s a Chance they’re not interested in you

My Crush Avoids Eye Contact With Me

It makes no sense for someone who’s not interested in you to get stuck in eye contact with you from time to time.

And this could be the case with your crush who shies away from eye contact with you. He or she is simply not interested in you and it’ll be a waste of time if they maintain any form of eye contact with you.

To see things from a different light, if he or she is not interested in you but keeps up with eye contact, it only makes them tease.

A tease is a term that describes someone who likes to lead another person romantically but has no intention of substantiating their affair with the person.

If your crush is to keep up with the eye contact with you, without any true feelings, you’ll live to hate them more.

Therefore, in a bid to save you the stress of later disappointment, they figure it’s better to avoid any form of eye contact with you.

It could be they’re hiding something From You

Yes, your crush could be avoiding eye contact with you because they’re trying to hide something from you. I discovered that you can have a peek into a person’s life through their eyes.

Sometimes, a person’s eyes say more about them than their mouth. That is why the eyes are regarded as the windows of the mind and subsequently the whole being of a person.

On that note, there’s a chance your crush avoids eye contact with you to keep you at arm’s length regarding some things about their life.

It could be the sadness in the heart, the spells of their fears, or even their deepest regrets. If they’re to continue eye contact with you, it could get to the stage where they’ll have to spill the beans and that’s what he or she is avoiding.

They don’t want to let you into their personal life, so they make sure there’s no eye contact whatsoever with you.

They May be a Subject of Social Anxiety

There are many types of social anxiety disorders out there, and most of them prevent their subject from fully socializing with people.

While socialization for most people starts from the talking stage, it could be from the spot of eye contact in this type of situation.

Given his or her status with anxiety problems, your crush may find it hard to keep up with the eye contact initiated by you, so they drop off of it.

In this case, the dominant factor playing out is the fact that they’re subjects of social anxiety disorder which mentally repels them from trying out socialization with people.

It Is Possible That They Like You

For what it’s worth, there’s even a chance that your crush likes you and is just too overwhelmed to either accept that or even look you straight in the eyes.

The possibilities available at this point are huge because I have seen people like others but get star-struck when they see them in actual person.

So, it could be that your crush likes you but finds it awkward to have their eyes fixated on yours, just about the same time you do the same to theirs.

There’s also a chance that they’re unaware of you and your crush on them

What you see when you look at your crush and he or she is not looking back makes it seem like they’re avoiding you.

How about you see things from another angle? In the real sense, it could be that they’re not avoiding you because they don’t even see you.

Yes, your crush may have no idea in the world about you or your infamous crush on them.

So, what looks like negligence when you look their way and they’re not looking back, could actually be that they do not have the slightest clue that you are looking their way.

As awkward as this sounds, it is a good reason you can count on it.

It Could Even Be That They Don’t Notice You’re Looking at them

Real life doesn’t work out the way it does in movies and TV shows. When you think it is right to run eye contact with your crush may not always be the right time, hence, it looks like he or she is avoiding it.

In the real sense, it could be you’re bad in your timing and that plays out in how you perceive the outcome.

You might’ve tried a couple of times with the same failure-stricken strategy, that gets you nothing from your crush.

5 things to do when your crush avoids eye contact?

Having known what could’ve caused your crush to avoid eye contact, it’s about time we discuss what you ought to do when your crush avoids eye contact with you.

Due to the delicacy of this subject, it would be in your best interest to act upon an informed decision to avoid coming off as s creep or pervert.

However, these are the following tips on what you can do in this situation.

  1. You should not push it
  2. You shouldn’t appear creepy or get desperate
  3. You can try out a new way of communication
  4. You don’t have to ever feel petty
  5. You have to know when to walk away

You Should Not Push It

This is the first tip on this list, and it has got to be a watchword for you if you find yourself in this type of situation.

In all you do, say or assume, do not force things on your crush. This is because it is not a good move to make.

The more you try to push the idea that you like someone in them, the more they tend to naturally repel your efforts.

Instead, you should find a way to stay aloft with the situation without it seeming like you want to force your way into having an affair with your crush.

And one way to remain neutral is by cutting down on eye contact. If you noticed that eye contact is unrequited, the best thing is to reduce or entirely stop it.

It saves you your prestige as a person and also adds respect to your name in the mind of your crush.

So, don’t push it rather let the connection and chemistry work out naturally until it becomes something substantial.

You Shouldn’t Appear Creepy or Get Desperate

Appearing either creepy or desperate would be a blow to your face when after all the stress, you then don’t get to have anything to do with your crush.

Desperateness is a chief destroyer and it can drive you nuts if you don’t keep it in check. If you know the dangers of being desperate, then you should know better to cage it up and put it to the side.

Regarding the creepiness; if not controlled it can present you as a freak and total creep not only in the eyes of your crush but also in the eyes of every other person who knows you.

You Can Try Out a New Way of Communication

I also think it will be a good idea if you ditch eye contact and make use of another communication strategy for your crush.

You can begin by starting up a conversation with him or better still try to join any organization or forum which you think can bring the both of you together.

You Don’t Have to Ever Feel Petty

Another tip on what you should do when your crush avoids your eye contact is to desist from feeling petty. Feeling petty can make you undermine yourself even in situations that are worth it.

It will make you feel even worse about the condition of your unrequited feelings by your crush. So, the best thing to do which works in line with other tips on this list is to resist the thought of feeling petty.

You Have to Know When to Walk Away

My Crush Avoids Eye Contact With Me

The final action you should take is where you make an informed decision of either striving to get your crush’s attention, which is obscene, or having to walk away from the whole drama.

However, before you take this final line of action you should’ve done your assignment on the likelihood of having an affair with your crush.

Therefore, if it looks like a far-fetched dream, then you should drop it dead and move on with your life.

Do Guys Who Secretly Like You Avoid Eye Contact With You

Yes, they do. A guy who likes you secretly long enough without saying anything to you will not have the courage to stare you in the face for a long period.

To even think that he likes you secretly also hints at him being shy or having any form of social anxiety disorder that prohibits him from making his move on you.

The same lack of courage that held him from saying anything to you will also hinder him from any possible eye contact with you. He will try to avoid it until he gains the courage and core to say anything to you.


When your crush avoids eye contact, you may be pushed to feel bad about it. This follows the questions and doubts, yearning for answers.

In the course of this post, I did a very good job in giving a detailed analysis of the possible reasons why your crush doesn’t engage your eye contact.

Also notable is the section dedicated to highlighting things you can do if you find yourself in this kind of situation.

You can kindly let us know your thoughts on this post in the comment section.

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