Why Does He Look At Me With Sad Eyes?

There is nothing so discomforting as a guy that looks at you with sad eyes, especially if he is your crush or you are not familiar with him at all. What is he even thinking? 

Is he feeling depressed? Could it be that he is tired of the relationship and doesn’t know how to tell you? Thinking about this can be wearisome for sure. 

However, whatever the reason could be, you’ll get to find out in this article, as it not only includes the 5 common reasons why a guy might look at you with sad eyes. But also the 5 things to do when he does so. 

5 Reasons Why He Looks at You with Sad Eyes

Why does he look at me with sad eyes

Not every guy is good at love language or can express himself in a way that reflects his feelings. And if you are dealing with such a guy, you might find it hard relating with him.

Simply because you are not familiar with his body language. Here is all you need to know when a guy looks at you with sad eyes. 

He Is Simply Shy

Why does he look at me with sad eyes

When a guy looks at you with sad eyes, he may be shy at the moment. It could be that he likes you but don’t think he has a chance.

That could be his way of showing those feelings simply because he may be a man of action, and not words. He feels you have all the qualities he wants in a girlfriend. 

If it’s your best friend or colleague, you may find his action strange because he never attempted to be more than just friends.

He seems to always hide his feelings whenever you are together. But if you went out on a date, with someone else it will be obvious that he is so upset. 

That’s why he tends to always look at you with sad eyes. You can ask him why he looks that way as this could cheer him up immediately. He is thrilled that you noticed and would open up to whatever it is he wants to tell you. 

He Feels You Can Help Him

For most guys, looking at a girl with sad eyes is a way to ask for your help. He probably does not want to bother you with his problems, but at the same time, he does not know how to help himself out as you are his last hope.

To him, you have a great personality that is different from other girls he knows. He feels with you by his side, he can find the solution to his problems.  

Most times, such a guy relates with you based on a platonic relationship and he won’t cross any boundary to get you upset.

On the other hand, he may be going through a tough time at the moment. And if he is a guy you know or your boyfriend, he believes you can find a way to help him out from his problems. 

He Fears Losing You Either As A Friend Or Lover

What does it mean when a guy looks at you with sad eyes? It may simply mean that he fears you will reject him after he tells you something sensitive like a secret.

Can you recall a time in your life when you were loved by more than one guy? In the worst instance, the guy in question, his brother, and his best mate all have feelings for you. So disturbing right? 

Do you know that your male best friend could have a crush on you, even if you already have a boyfriend? You could feel attracted to him without you knowing it.

In this case, you guys never talk about meeting or anything related to your feelings, simply because you are just ‘friends‘. But all of a sudden, you noticed that when he talks to you he looks very sad, regardless of the topic.

And this could make you ponder what he might be thinking while looking at you that way. 

Maybe he was charmed by your personality and thinks you’re the smartest woman he ever knows.

He feels you guys can be more than just friends but if he tells you he thinks he will get rejected and you might not consider him as friends anymore, which is depressing.

He is being sincere and real, and he simply felt the need to look at you with sad eyes.

He Is Flirting With You

Another possible reason could be that he is simply flirting with you and wants to get your attention. He is attracted to you and would do anything to get you to sleep with him. You can be more careful with such guys by observing how he relates with other girls around. 

It is not uncommon for guys like these to act innocent in your presence, buy you expensive items, and take you out only to find out that he is a perverts.

By looking at you with sad eyes, you may be convinced that he has feelings for you while he doesn’t.  

Mental seduction is not a new thing, and it is a tactic that people use to lure someone vulnerable to their dirty games. If you get uncomfortable seeing him always like that, then it is best you completely avoid him. 

He Looks At You That Way Because You Are Hurting 

Why does he look at me with sad eyes

In life, things get rough by not turning out the way we expected it and this could leave us in a depressing state. Maybe you lost your job or a loved one, fell sick, went bankrupt or you failed an exam.

All these are good reasons for one to get hurt within but if you know a guy who understands you when things like these happen, then the good news is that you are loved by him. 

Not every guy can give an affectionate look but when a guy looks at you with sad eyes, he is being compassionate and mindful of what you are passing through.

He wants you to know that he feels what you feel and he is willing to find a solution to whatever problem you are facing one way or another.

At this point, your pain makes him feel bad, and this is a strong indication that he is way past the point of simply having a crush on you.

The guy is seriously in love with you and you can tell it from his eyes rather than from what he says. That is why when you’re hurt or sad, he looks at you with those sad eyes because he doesn’t want to see you sad or hurt. 

5 Things To Do When He Looks At You With Sad Eyes 

Unless he is being sincere or you feel the need to do something about it, then you don’t need to do anything about it. Especially if you don’t know the guy and it is obvious that he is just flirting around you. 

Here are the five important things you can do when a guy looks at you with sad eyes. This will help find out his true intentions so that you can make the appropriate move. 

Be Polite  

Being too rude can be a huge turn-off and could make you misinterpret his eye contact. Remember that not every guy is the same and most guys love women who are compassionate both in words and action. 

The last thing you want is for him to think of you as rude or unaffectionate. Since you are yet to know why he looks at you with sad eyes, it would be nice if you don’t make things more complicated. Instead, make him think of you as an approachable person. 

Being rude is just too personal and unkind. If you present yourself that way, he will hide his feelings from you or you could lose a life-long friendship.

And you won’t have the answer to the question you keep asking about why he looks at you with sad eyes.  

Smile At Him 

You don’t need a relationship expert to tell you how important it is to smile, even in the most painful situation. To be exact, it’s the key to relating with people of different personalities.

It shows you are interested in someone, and your smile will be the first thing to reveal your intentions.

To start with, if you are the victim here who is sad and that’s why he looks sad, with a smile you have welcomed him into your life and he is willing to help you out with solutions to your problems.

If he looks at you with sad eyes because of his problems, then your smile is a way to tell him not to be nervous to say what is in his mind or what seems to bother him.

If you do this you are one step close to why he always looks at you with sad eyes.

Don’t Reject His Empathy

There is nothing more humane than human empathy, I promise you that. You don’t need to act like you are better or fine, just be yourself at the moment.

The key is to find the motive for his sad eyes. If it’s because of you, then it means you have got listening ears and he is simply putting himself in your shoes at that moment. 

If it’s not because of you, show him that you are perfectly aware of his sad looks. Make sure he knows you are not there to judge him but hear what he has to say.

Nevertheless, being empathic is never outdated or out of fashion. If you appear to be unapproachable, you’ll end everything and you won’t be able to find out why he looks at you with sad eyes.

Look At Him With Soft Eyes

What does it mean to look at someone with sad eyes? It simply means not to overthink the situation or become judgmental towards that person.

It could be that he is into you but feels you will take it lightly, not take him seriously, or not talk to him again. Looking at you with sad eyes could be his way of showing those feelings. 

It could be that he has always been hiding his feelings whenever you are together. But he tends to get jealous when he sees you with other guys.

That’s why he tends to always look at you with sad eyes. You can ask him why he looks that way as this could cheer him up immediately.     

Offer To See Him One On One To Talk About It 

Why does he look at me with sad eyes

Last but not the least, of the things to do when a guy looks at you with sad eyes is to hang out with him. And this could be the best approach to dig into the issue. 

An affectionate look, a listening ear, and warm hugs are examples of kind acts that can help one go through tough times. If you happen to know a guy who seems to always look at you with sad eyes, then one of such gestures could make him open up. 

It may be that he thinks you are one of such people he can confide in whenever things get ugly on his side. At this point, your relationship with him does matter, as this can help you know the kind of words to use while relating with him. 


For most guys, looking at a girl with sad eyes is just a way to signal their feelings and nothing more. They don’t feel bad when they approach you that way, and they will continue unless you get to realize the motives behind such eye contact. 

It could be that you are more than a friend to him and you mean a lot to him, even if he is not your boyfriend. As it would make him feel bad to see you hurting because of him or someone else. 

Whatever the reason could be, you can now approach him with the right mindset and ask him why he looks at you with sad eyes without acting weird or making him feel embarrassed.  

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