Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me?

Your ex-boyfriend’s friends staring at you is not a strange thing. Before the breakup, you must have hung out with them too.

After a breakup, too many dynamics are in play, so don’t give too many thoughts to these happening.

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me

His friends are going to keep sending looks your way from time to time, especially if the breakup was a bad one.

They may feel the same way as your ex and try to project this unto you.

Other reasons include curiosity as they are only wondering how you are faring at this point.

In this article, we are going to highlight some reasons why your ex’s friend is staring at you.

10 Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Friends Stare At you

Below I have mentioned 10 reasons why this can happen.

  1.  They are talking about you
  2. They want to confirm that you are alone
  3. They are watching you for signs of moving on
  4. One of them wants to move on you
  5. They know something about you
  6. They don’t know they are starting
  7. They are trying to get your attention.
  8. They are creeps.
  9. They are spying on you.
  10. They are in love with you.

1. They Are Talking About You

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me

A relationship that ended with some skirmish is going to be whispered about in your circle of friends. If you find your ex-friends staring out at you, they are talking about you.

These friends of his are looking at you because you are a topic of discussion.

If your ex has loyal friends and your breakup was not mutual, they would stare at you in public spaces.

They are talking about your relationship and telling other people how it went down with your ex-boyfriend.

You don’t need to give in to such stares, they can only talk so much. Talks do not define or change you, so it’s best to avoid and ignore them totally.

You can find peace by hanging out with your own friends and avoiding places where you will run into them.

Relationships are tricky and you can never be certain for sure how a breakup may have affected your ex.

His friends are most likely taking his sides, so getting frequent stares from them is common. You are going to be the topic for a while until everyone has moved on.

2. They Want Confirmation That You Are Alone

Relationships are tough, and breakups are even tougher. Your ex-boyfriend’s friends were part of you at one point when you were still dating.

So it isn’t so surprising that they would stare at you when they see you. It may be in class, in the mall, or in a restaurant.

This stare may be because they are keeping tabs on you to know if you are alone.

This would not seem like much of a big deal, but it is. If you are alone, it signifies that you haven’t found a new boyfriend yet and they can judge for themselves.

But if you are with someone else, their thoughts would be different especially if you are found with someone else.

They may think you have a new boyfriend or a potential one. A friendship pact between men is strong, and it should be something that you shouldn’t worry about. They will stare at you just to see if you are alone.

I find it safer for you to hang out in new spots, away from your ex’s friends. Don’t allow anyone to intimidate or make you feel small because of how they are looking at you.

3. They Are Watching You For Signs Of Moving On

Body language can tell a lot about your present relationship status.

Your ex’s friends would stare at you because they want to know if you have moved on from their friend. If you are still stuck up on your ex, his friends would know this by looking at you.

The opinion of your ex’s friends is not supposed to be your concern. They are all in leagues with your ex and this energy is not for you.

If you have a place, you can easily visit without their stares. You should go there.

There is a chance that your ex hasn’t moved on from you and his friends know about this.

They stare at you at any opportunity to confirm if you are still holding a torch for your ex. Keep in mind that these friends of your ex may not be so friendly.

The feedback they send to him may not be what you would be interested in knowing.

The ideal thing to do is not to put yourself in situations where you are vulnerable.

Avoid instances where you have to encounter his friends. Find your own space to do your stuff without having to run into your friends.

4. One Of Them Wants To Move In On You

You cannot be certain why your ex’s friend always stares at you, but one reason is that one of his friends is interested in you.

Check out who amongst them stares at you the most, does he do it alone?

This will tell you what his intention is. Because you and your ex ended things doesn’t mean other of his friends will not find you interesting. Looking at you is a simple way for him to communicate his intentions and show you how he feels for you.

Many people are not thrilled with a friend moving in with their exes, so he is reluctant about being straightforward with his intentions.

But looking is free, you are not compelled to reciprocate this gesture.

My opinion is to stay clear of anyone that has something to do with your ex, such relationships are filled with too much wrong history.

Also, if someone looks at you and does not tell you expressly their intentions you are to assume they have said nothing. Verbal confirmation is the best assurance you need.

5. They Know Something About You

There is a chance that your ex has told his friends some secrets about you both shared whilst dating.

This happens all the time and is common for friends to confide in each other about their partners.

Now that you are broken up, his friends would stare at you, because of this secret they know.

They may not even know how unruly their stares are, and only are fascinated by the secrets they know about you.

Most folks are not good at hiding secrets and his friends constantly looking at you is a sign that they don’t know how to keep one.

Act normal and how you usually do and try not to stress much about what you think they know.

Reasons such as this don’t last long, the vibe and thrill of what they think they know washes away in time and you can go back to living normally.

The important thing to do is to make sure you stay clear of them and also learn to ignore them.

Thinking about them too doesn’t help with anxiety, so live a free life and learn to be less bothered by what they think.

6. They Don’t Know They Are Staring

If you notice you get stares from your ex-boyfriend’s friends, chances are they are not aware they are staring at you.

His friends are smitten by you and can’t help staring at you at any opportunity that they have.

You may feel uncomfortable with them staring at you all the time. But his friends are also not aware that they spend that much time looking at you.

They may just want to take a glance at you and end up staring. Looking back at them sternly is one way to communicate that you are also aware of them staring at you.

They will back off once they notice you are unto them. If you still experience such stares, then avoid them at all costs.

7. They Are Trying To Get Your Attention

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me

Friends of your ex-boyfriend would still be interested in you after your breakup.

Not all of them are supportive of his actions, and you may find that a lot of them still want you to be friends with them.

The end of your relationship doesn’t mean that you have to end what friendship you had with them.

The circumstances of being friends with your ex’s friends may not sound nice, but there are always exceptions.

While dating, you became friends with one or two of his buddies. The breakup may be awkward and then staring at you is because they are undecided on how to approach you.

They stare at you because they are mustering up the courage to talk to you and grab your attention.

The end of your relationship should not mean you have nothing to do with his friends especially if they are yours too.

One major reason for them doing this is because they want you to catch their eyes as they wave you a hello.

Unless you have nothing to do with his friends, you can easily return the gesture by telling them It is safe to be with him.

8. They are creeps 

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me

Breakups are quite hard to get over especially if they had a terrible ending, your ex-boyfriend may have told them what conspired between the two of you.

This can cause them to stare at you creepily, their friend may be poor in social skills which is the reason they creepily stare at you.

The way they stare at you can cause you to be uncomfortable, it’s not a reason not to go out and stay indoors because of the way they stare at you.

Tell a good friend who wants your best interest or your therapist about what is going on with you and your surroundings.

It’s okay to feel scared or worried but you also may have your peace and fun like everyone is doing.

I would advise that when you are out, it is best not to be alone, call one or two of your friends to accompany you when going out.

This serves as a deterrent to creeps who might just want to act funny around you or make sure that they ruin your outing for you.

9. They Are Spying On You

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me

After a break up it can be deafening hearing all the different stories flying around after your breakup.

The reason your ex-boyfriend’s friend may stare at you is that they want to spy on you.

Your new life may be interesting or at peace, and they want to come in and snoop around to know what you are up to.

This stage is a quite sad stage after a breakup, everyone has their own opinion and would spy to get a story to spread.

Most times after a breakup you would hear one-sided stories after a breakup, causing stares when they see you.

You no longer give them access to your life so the only way they can get to know what you are up to is by snooping in on you.

But this shouldn’t be a cause to worry, tell your friends and family what is going on if it sees uncomfortable and suspicious.

Better still tell your therapist about this new development, then you can report to the authorities this act if it persists and feels creepy.

10. They Are In Love With You

Why Does My Ex Boyfriend’s Friends Stare at Me

Your ex-boyfriend’s friend may just be hitting on you, it is so very possible that they have feelings for you.

They are happy because you were strong enough to leave a boyfriend that makes you feel insecure.

They may be drawn to you because of your courage and may not know how to tell you about this.

That is why they cannot help but stare at you when they see you.

Your ex-boyfriend would have narrated the story to his best friend, they know their friend adequately, and would know who is at fault.

He can be thrilled for you as you have broken up, knowing that you deserve someone better to treat you right.

Your ex-boyfriend friend has feelings for you and may not know how to go about this, they want to tread cautiously with you to avoid looking like they have an ulterior motive.

If you always catch your ex-boyfriend’s friend looking at you, it is because they admire you and are in love with you.


You should not be worried if your ex-boyfriend’s friends stare at you.

I hope this post has informed you of the reasons why this may happen. It’s best to ignore and move on from them.

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