Why Does My Ex Cry When He Sees Me? 4 Reasons We Know!

As it goes, romantic relationships usually involve different connections. It could be emotional connections, intimate connections, and intellectual connections or attractions.

It comes with involuntary and voluntary actions displayed by each partner as time goes on.

Apart from the mutual connections shared with your ex, there are a lot of lessons shared while getting to understand or know your partner from your perspective. Somehow, the relationship comes to an end.

Do you wonder why your ex sheds tears when he sets his eyes on you?

There are a lot of underlying reasons why your ex sheds tears when he sees you. There is a reason why this action is displayed.

Reasons Why Your Ex Cries When He Sees You

You can experience emotions you weren’t expecting when you see your ex with somebody else. Although you have no plans to get back again, it hurts for several reasons, as per romance and love professionals.

  • He needs you back
  • Table of Regrets
  • He feels remorseful
  • He still loves you.

1. He needs you back

Relationships usually come with misunderstandings causing rifts and probably bridging the relationship to an unexpected end.

Most times, those tears turn out to be the words he finds difficult to say to you. He does not know how to express how he truly feels about you, even after the breakup.

In some relationships, it is usually after the termination of the relationship that brings birth to wisdom and of course, senses. This means he had a whole turn of realization after the break-up and he still wants to be with you.

2. Table of Regrets

Relationships at some point surpass some expectations. Expectations of some expressions, character displays, or actions.

He sheds tears when he sees you because he fell out of what he expected. And that is the issue of the relationship not working out.

Realization troupes in as he has seen the loss he has carried, the good thing he misplaced all due to the consequences of his actions. All this which contributed to the end of the romantic relationship will lead to regrets.

3. He feels remorseful

Why Does My Ex Cry When He Sees Me

This is another reason your ex will cry after seeing you. It is more painful knowing the bad result or consequences you’re getting are because of you.

He could be bad mostly if the relationship came to an end because of him. He either took decisions or acted in a different way that did not match his partner’s end. He is sorry. Probably for the things he did while still in a relationship with you.

This brings in a choice had but could not make use of, it reminds him of the right things he would have done to avoid a rift in the relationship.

It could mean that seeing you reminds him of his ugly actions in the past which showers remorse on him, bringing in an emotional shift.

4. He still loves you

Romantic relationships have more to offer. Most times, while still deeply in love with you, the relationship can take a whole different turn – A negative turn. It becomes difficult when he is emotionally attached to you.

Regardless of the way, he acted while in a relationship with you, he still loved you. He loves you enough to find it difficult to live his life happily without you in it. He valued you, even when the misunderstandings were difficult to resolve.

He cries because despite still loving, it is quite difficult to realize he can’t spend his time with you, share his life with you, or be with you. It brings a ton of emotions and those emotional connections begin to rush back in the form of tears.

Why Do You Cry When You See Your Ex?

When you encounter your ex, it’s appropriate to cry since you still have powerful, intense feelings for him. The circumstance of your breakup, however, is what you should keep in mind and give attention to.

Grab hold of every bad thing that happened as a result of your disclosure if you split up with him or her because your relationship was toxic or unhealthy.

On the other hand, if you ended things with him due to a sudden change in the situation, a change in your circumstances, career prospects, lack of maturity, a challenge in assuming your love and admiration, guessing a relationship, etc. and you feel guilty about it.

Now, that you’ve matured a bit and have had other interactions and that dude didn’t depart from your emotional core and thought for a moment.

Then, go talk to him again, get to know him, and let time decide whether you could be together as pals, lovers or better off as strangers.

Apart from the knowledge and realization, knowing you are no longer sharing any mutual connection, there are other reasons you cry when you see your ex.

Reasons Why You Cry When You See Your Ex?

While going on in the process of being understood, your emotions are still after the way you felt for him even after breaking off the relationship.

You find it difficult to stay happy as you already planned your future with him in it. You have difficulties living a day without pondering on the happy moments you shared while in a relationship with him.

  • You still love him.
  • Your ego is suffering.
  • You haven’t forgiven him.
  • The friends you hang out with
  • You lack self-sufficiency.
  • You’re making choices based on several erroneous priorities.
  • You are not in a brand-new relationship.

1. You still love him

Why Does My Ex Cry When He Sees Me

You’re very much still in love with your Ex. It sounds too bad to be true, but action speaks louder than words. Why else should you be crying after seeing your Ex? I hope you get it. You have not gotten over him.

Crying when you see your ex brings an apt realization that you still have feelings for your ex you thought you’ve gotten over.

This could be quite different from still being in love with your ex. You haven’t gotten over the fact that you will no longer get to share your life with him.

You also have a lot of memories harbored within your reach. I guess this explains why some people delete messages, pictures, and videos of themselves after they have broken up. Well, not all.

2. Your ego is suffering

Sometimes, the hurt you experience when your ex finds new love has little to do with your continuing affection for them. It can just be a case of your ego getting hurt.

Feeling wounded can be greatly influenced by ego. Even if they don’t feel the same way in return, some people enjoy the idea that someone feels something for them.

They feel cherished as a result. It’s consoling to believe that there is still someone out there who is preoccupied with you. The illusion you gave yourself can be destroyed if you witness your ex with someone else.

Human nature also leads us to compare ourselves to the new partner of our ex, which can lead to self-doubt. How do they differ from you?

Are they more attractive? superior in bed? Are their personalities more compatible? They seem to get along better with your ex’s pals.

It’s simple to lose yourself on social media while following your ex’s new spouse and develop negative self-esteem in the process.

3. You haven’t forgiven him

Whether you were the one who ended the relationship or he ended his relationship with you. You still have him wrenched in your mind and you are probably waiting for an apology.

Not an apology per se, maybe you’re waiting for him to realize what he did wrong and for him to admit it. But, as it always goes the longer you wait, the harder it gets and the more you will start to resent him.

4. The friends you hang out with

Your friends can determine if your ex will always pop into your mind or if you will be thinking of anything but him. After being shattered so many times, our best friends serve as the glue that keeps us together.

It’s natural to turn to your peers for support and guidance. But a lot of the time, our friends only give us advice that we desire to hear rather than what we need. If necessary, you might correctly address them on it or by yourself.

5. You lack self-sufficiency

It’s difficult for you to stay alone. Every day, your loneliness haunts you. You believe you require someone to fully enjoy you and make you happy.

You’re accustomed to having that one somebody who is constantly available to vent, gist, call or express yourself to.

Recognize that person is no longer there, and you must discover to rely solely on yourself. Make your solitude more exciting by scheduling more “me” time.

Get to spend time alone. Get to know yourself so that you don’t lose yourself in your next relationship.

6. You’re making choices based on several erroneous priorities.

Sure, the cuddles and intimacies were wonderful; it was everything you realized you’d missed in a relationship. That’s a shame because a relationship requires more than that.

Imagine how blisteringly hot it can be with the right person if you can maintain strong connectivity with the wrong person.

Refuse to settle for less, be honest in your relationships, and improve your life.

You can’t make somebody somewhere love you, and pleading with your ex to come back will only push him or her away. Needy, clingy, and desperate physical features are not alluring.

7. You are not in a new relationship

You haven’t gone out with anyone new.

You might need to start dating again to move past your ex. It’s crucial to explore your options rather than rushing into a committed relationship or searching for your soul match.

Make new relationships and, or at the very least, a few new friends by meeting new people. When you put yourself out there like that, anything may happen.

What To Do As An Ex That Cries Over An Ex?

Here are some things to consider when you find out your ex cries over you. It is simple to say move on, but it’s rather difficult to carry out. Still, be assertive. Say this to yourself often. If you have the chance, you can say it to your Ex.

If you’re not hearing yourself, remind yourself daily you need to move on. Focus on the best part of leaving the relationship, no matter how good it was.

There was something you missed while in. Focus on your personal growth. Remember, when it’s about you, it would be a whole complex.

A better way for you to get it and move. Finding your ex crying could make you feel almost the same way. It depends but there’s always this nostalgic feeling you will get.

  • Dedicate time to your loved ones.
  • Take Time
  • See a Therapist
  • Speak to your Ex
  • Block him
  • Pick Good Music

1. Dedicate time to your loved ones

How did you know your Ex is crying over you? Focus! Change the direction of your focus.

We often feel lonelier when we are isolated. Take the initiative of visiting your friend after your breakup.

While you’re out after your “final cry,” try not to bring up your ex in the discussion. While you should surely share your feelings with your closest friends, dwelling on your breakup will only make you feel worse.

Ask that person to come over and bring you a comedy show. You could also brighten up and go out to dinner with a crowd of friends.

You will squeal less if you are in public. You can begin to feel better once you remember what joy and laughter feel like.

2. Take Time

Give yourself a limited time or limited space to toil, to dwell. This makes you feel better as fast as you can.

It solely depends on you, give yourself a comfortable time and space. Make sure you are comfortable with your decision. Do not procrastinate on it, on the time or the date.

Stuck to it no matter what. Even while feeling bad about the way things turned out, don’t forget you are still in charge of making things come out better for you. It’s all in your hands.

3. See a Therapist

This has to be on the list because losing a partner can be like mourning a dead person.

Set time and find a good therapist. Set an appointment, and get serious with it.

They can help you by fitting through your feelings in a very robust way. It’s their duty after all to help you with the grieving process and help you move ahead with their lives and prospect connections. They make you more optimistic.

You could become depressed and if you are depressed and having a hard time moving on, you still cry over him, then seeing a therapist is greatly recommended.

Some good therapy options include a lot of benefits, or you can have a group of friends who are supportive throughout this journey. Advise your ex to do the same.

4. Speak to your Ex

At some point, second chances are real. It’s not a bad idea to listen to him. It’s not bad to plan a dinner, or not just some part of your time to listen to what he has to say.

Who knows? You could get better or you both can clear off the differences you had. You can make it clear to him there’s no coming back or you’re good the way you are.

You could make him realize that you both have a separate path to focus on now, and he should do that.

5. Block him

Why Does My Ex Cry When He Sees Me

Crying gives off that negative energy. That is not what you’re going to vouch for. If you can still access his social media handles, or you still get to have some updates about him especially when you are trying to move on, blocking is an option.

Peace is primary, that is a top priority and you should not mess with that.

6. Pick Good Music

Choose a good playlist to lighten up your mood. Sing along and grow the vibe of the song. You can read books or learn a skill.

Appreciate all the good things he offered, including his time. Be good. Be hearty. You have more priorities now.


There is more to that. Put your priorities on the most important things, on yourself. Write yourself a bucket list.

Go shopping, sleep, or visit your favorite place where you can have no attachment to your Ex. Remind yourself it only gets better and you have to be thankful for that.

At some point, there’s always that expectation. It could be from something or someone. When it seems to fall out of place or fall off, it hurts.

In the end, it all depends on you, all on you. It’s your choice, so, make the right one.

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